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Sofia Nerine

The deepest and darkest waters are the most dangerous

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a character in “Clash”, as played by Duchess-Zombie



Name: Sofia Nerine
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 17 June
Se'xu'al Preference: Straight


Human Appearance:
-Eye Color: Blue
-Hair Color: Dyed Black
-Hair Style: Short, choppy layers around the face and a sweeping side fringe.
-Height: 5'2

Sofia often wears jeans and simple strappy tops with a leather jacket. She doesn't like to over complicate her wardrobe preferring simple comfort to anything outlandish. She wears a lot of eyeliner which makes her look slightly Gothic but she doesn't favour black as a colour. She wears a blue rope bracelet with seashells woven in tied around her right wrist. It was a gift from her younger sister and she doesn't ever take it off. She likes to wear black heels to give her a bit of height but that's the only fancy thing she owns.


Affinity Appearance:
-Eye Color: Bright Blue
-Hair Color: Turquoise
-Hair Style: Long and wild (like the sea)
-Height: 5'2

-Other Features: Two grey blue marks that extend out from under each eye.
Her clothes change drastically when she summons her water powers. Her outfit is the the blue grey colour of a stormy ocean and is made out of the sails of sunken ships, sewn together with rigging. It's ripped and torn just like the sails were when the ships sunk.

Occupation: During the day and her normal life Sofia works in a telecoms office dealing with the daily 9-5 grind.

Hobbies: Swimming, Drinking, Visiting the aquarium

Likes: Vodka, Cake, Her cat Winston

Dislikes: Being sober, her job

Abilities Sofia has the ability to manipulate and move water using her mind and body. She also has the extra ability to call forth the souls of the drowned to aid her in her battles. All those who die in the water are bound to her dark element.

Weaknesses: She is weak against anyone possessing electric powers and struggles in heat as there is no water in the atmosphere

Sofia is quiet and reserved during the day where she spends much of her time trapped in a small office dealing with the constant stream of morons who need her help just to use a phone correctly. She has lost faith in the human race and feels them slipping away from any kind of evolution. She is sarcastic and shape tongued to anyone who speaks to her. When she's been drinking she gets a lot louder and more outgoing though still maintains a frosty exterior. People find it hard to approach her and she likes it that way. When she's been drinking she can often be caught talking to her cat Winston.

When she was 10 years old there was torrential rain in the area where she lived. This caused a massive flash flood in the area and many people lost their homes but Sofia lost her sanity. She took her 8 year old sister out to the balcony of their family home and pushed her over the edge of the railings into the water. It took a moment to realise what she had done and when that moment came Sofia screamed for help from her parents. Her father, a brave man, dived into the water to try and find his youngest daughter but was swept up in the currents. Neither father nor daughter survived the ordeal and it broke Sofia's mothers heart. Sofia couldn't understand why her mother was so upset. Whenever she wanted her sister just appeared and sometimes her father was there too. This was the moment Sofia realised she had control over the spirits of the drowned. Her sister had knowledge from the after life and helped Sofia to hone her powers.

Weapon of Choice:
Sofia uses throwing knives and a small dagger to fight using the water in the atmosphere to heat the metal of the blades to boiling point

So begins...

Sofia Nerine's Story


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Whisper sat at the airport, reading a magazine. She was waiting for her plane to arrive. She was getting lots of stares at her attire, not that she minded. She never really cared what people thought, after all she was pretty different. She liked it though.

She reached into the cage she held on her lap, her small grey kitty inside of it. She stroked the cats soft fur. The cat was mute aswell, so there wasn't any purring nor meowing, but she knew the cat loved her, she felt it.

Jason was waiting outside in the taxi. He knew Sofia pretty well and loved pulling pranks on people. He planned to drive her to the airport without her seeing him and then surprise her last moment. Then again, it had been awhile. He doubted she even knew he still lived here. Of course, he didn't care, he knew she would remember him.


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Sofia flung her heavy suitcase into the boot of the taxi and slammed the lid down on top of it. What the hell was in there? It wasn't like she'd packed all that much stuff. Moving round to the side of the car she pulled open the door, slipped into the seat and fastened the belt as she closed the door behind her.
She slurred and gestured wildly to the driver. If she'd been paying attention she might have noticed that the drive was a lot more quiet than usual. The man in the front kept his head down and both hands on the wheel instead of the loud obnoxious chatter that they usually spouted but Sofia's attention was solely on her rapidly emptying bottle of vodka. She took another swig and watched the city fly past the window, a monochrome blur. She didn't like big cities. There was never enough water. She had been born in an area where there was water all around. The sea was in walking distance from her house but here in the city the sea was miles and miles away. Sometimes she wondered why she'd even moved here to a world of concrete and shadows but deep down she knew the answer. The people. There was a bigger sense of despair as men and women failed on a daily basis. The hurt, anger, fear and desperation tainted the air in the city and to Sofia it was addictive. Of course she preferred to be the bringer of suffering so every once in a while she had to hurt someone herself. It gave her a little sense of satisfaction knowing that she could.

The minutes ticked past and finally the taxi arrived at the airport. Sofia freed herself from the car and retrieved her case from the boot before stopping by the drivers window. The window was open so she leaned down and glared at the man inside.
'How much...?'
Her words trailed off as he looked at her. A flash of recognition crossed her face.


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Slight breeze was caressing Harmony's face as she was waking up from her sleep. She slowly opened her gray eyes. The girl didn't see any ceiling. Nor did she see any walls. A waltz between clouds and light beams on the sky scene filled her sight. The young woman got up in a sitting position and stretched. "I fell asleep on the airport's ground." she thought. Harmony got up, took her small amount of baggage and started walking. Later she got in the private jet gate.

"Which seat will I take?" she thought. Carelessly Harmony walked pass Sophia and Jason without noticing their darkness and sat next to Jenson. She took out a package of biscuits. A loud opening noice cut the silence away, followed by a carefree crunching. "Biscuit?" the girl offered to Jenson with her mouth full.


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Jenson smiled at this girl with the biscuits. She wasn't the warm presence he'd detected earlier. Seems like she'd hidden herself rather well. Still, not wanting to be rude, Jenson politely accepted the biscuit. It wasn't a steak...but it'd do for now. He thanked the stranger next to him and kept his head focused on the ground. Still braced. There were now three Light here, and two Dark, plus that evil essence heading towards them now, even faster than before. If only that other Light could find their way here, then Jenson would feel a lot better.

A pleasant female voice rang out through the tannoy system, announcing that the plane was ready to board. So, avoiding eye contact, Jenson stood up and yanked his bag from between his legs. He braved a glance back to the two Darks and then looked down at the girl with the biscuits. He could tell she was a Light. But why of all places were they all at an airport? It seemed like fate itself was playing a cruel game with them all.

"You coming?" Jenson asked the girl next to him, who was still seated. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name...."