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Clashing Chords

Clashing Chords


Two metal bands on the rise of a ruthless musical scene, formerly competitors, are now forced to tour and work together against a backdrop of rivalries, romance, and changing relationships. How it goes and how it ends...that remains to be seen.

1,408 readers have visited Clashing Chords since :Nagato: created it.


This RP is co-GMed by :Nagato: and InfernWolf.

Tampa, Florida--long regarded as one of the world's most vibrant and productive metal scenes, the city has produced some the foremost metal bands in the world, from Death and Deicide to Savatage and Morbid Angel. It continues to do so today, but the regional metal scene of Tampa and Florida is one that is unforgiving and difficult to succeed in. Bands arise, showing promise and potential to survive and create in the world of music, only to fall apart in the face of the pressure of competition against countless other bands with the same potential to prosper. Many will try to make it to success in this merciless rat race, where groups must compete against one another for the best record deal and the best performance slots. In the end, only a select few bands will make a name for themselves in this world, while the rest fade into obscurity, joining the hordes of other attempts in the pages of history, the sagas of bands that could have been--and ultimately never were.

In this ruthless scene two bands are on the rise, garnering both critical acclaim and popular fame on the regional metal scene. These two groups have competed against one another for the entirety of their existence, right up to the point that they signed on with two different metal labels and began performing professionally on a large scale. While they've never outright seen one another as directly in opposition, in this setting, the general idea is that all other bands on the metal scene are competition--maybe even direct rivals for some.

Thus, it is a surprise when, in a sudden move for publicity and financial gain, the two bands' labels forge a contract to have both rising bands tour together for a string of performances throughout the region. In other words, for the next month or so, two bands that previously saw one another as competitors are going to have to travel together, get along with one another, and play music together, against a backdrop of rivalries, conflicts, and new relationships, both within and outside their respective bands.

The Bands


Killjoy is one of the more recent additions to Tampa's flourishing technical death metal scene, fronted by two siblings who double as the lead guitarists of the group. Killjoy plays a progressive form of metal that focuses on a blend of aggression and high speed distortion combined with complex rhythms, time signatures, speeds, and techniques, infused with influences of progressive jazz. Examples of similar technical death metal can be found here.


Lead Guitarist/Singer: Izzie 'Cynic' Haniya - :Nagato:
Lead Guitarist/Back-up Singer: Jesse 'Wolf' Alexander - Infernwolf

-----Second Band-----

The sound, genre, and various details concerning the second band will be decided by those who sign up for roles in the band. Changes can be made to the set up as well; this is just a basic set up that can be solidified once more people join.

Lead Guitarist/Singer: Jane Jones - Krisuvial
Lead Guitarist:

Character Skeleton

Birth Name [quite straightforward]:

Pseudonyms or Stage Names [essentially any name they have adopted in lieu of what their actual birth name is, whether it is a nickname, stage name, or something they had their name legally changed to]:

Birthdate [they should be over eighteen at least]:

Role [what instrument they play in the band; include other instruments they play as well, but bear in mind that I will be quite sceptical if your character professionally plays lead guitar, but in his spare time is a maestro with the violin, the trumpet, the bass, the drums, is quite excellent with the flute, the clarinet, the piano/keyboard, and the trombone, and has some experience with the kazoo]:

Appearance [include a picture, anime is acceptable but a real image is far more preferred and will make you more likely to be accepted :P Also include a description of your character's appearance, including tattoos or piercings that may not be in the image provided, and what clothes they can typically be seen to wear]:

Personality [can be a brief run down or as detailed as you like, but it should give the other RPers a good idea of how your character is. Remember, they've been in a band together for some time now, so they know one another's personalities quite well]:

Likes and Dislikes [Include favourite music genres or music genres they avoid, if any, as well as major things they like and dislike]:

Playing Style [basically, whether they're super technical--probable if you're in a technical death metal band :v--or rely more on speed and aggression, or emotion, what kind of sound they use--that kind of thing]:

History [if you want, you can include only what your character tells of their history, or any 'twists' they make of their own on their life story, or you can just straight up write their life story. Just avoid having your character having been an orphan whose parents died right in front of them when they were children, cycled through various abusive foster parents, managed to break out of it through inhumanly strong will, and simultaneously became a maestro musician in the process]:

Instrument [simple, a description of the instrument they play for the most part in the band, an image would be good as well]:


- Infernwolf and I are the GMs of this RP. While we won't lord over this RP like iron-fisted dictators, we will enforce the rulers and ensure everyone has a say in the direction of the RP. When we tell you to adjust your behaviour or posting, then you're going to have to do it...we won't do so without a good reason, however.
- Swearing is, of course, permitted. This is a realistic, modern RP, and people in modern times swear. So if your character just can't lay off the f-bombs, well, that's how your character is, and that's how you're gonna write for your character :v
- Romance is permitted as well, obviously. It adds drama, makes for good plot, builds interactions, all that fun stuff. Just remember to keep it realistic--so don't have two characters who meet for the first time and, the next day, are madly in love and dating one another. And, this should be a given, know when to utilise a handy dandy time skip :v
- We don't expect to have to break out a dictionary at every other word, nor do we expect monolithic posts that dwarf the Lord of the Rings with every post. But we do expect literacy. So if your profile and posts are so grammatically broken we can't read any of the sentences, every other word is misspelt beyond recognition, and you apparently have yet to hear of the concepts of capitalisation and punctuation...steer clear of this RP :v
- Everyone's voice should be heard in this RP, and everyone has a say in the direction and general plotline of the RP. If you have an idea, don't be afraid to put it out there.
- Be sure you're having fun. If we find out you're not, we'll hunt you down.


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Character Portrait: Jesse Alexander
0 sightings Jesse Alexander played by infernwolf
Lead Guitarist/Co-founder of Killjoy.

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Character Portrait: Izzie Haniya
Character Portrait: Jane Jones


Character Portrait: Jane Jones
Jane Jones

Lead guitarist/singer

Character Portrait: Izzie Haniya
Izzie Haniya

Known by the stage name of Cynic, singer and one of two lead guitarists and founders of the technical death metal band Killjoy


Character Portrait: Izzie Haniya
Izzie Haniya

Known by the stage name of Cynic, singer and one of two lead guitarists and founders of the technical death metal band Killjoy

Character Portrait: Jane Jones
Jane Jones

Lead guitarist/singer

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Izzie Haniya
Izzie Haniya

Known by the stage name of Cynic, singer and one of two lead guitarists and founders of the technical death metal band Killjoy

Character Portrait: Jane Jones
Jane Jones

Lead guitarist/singer

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Re: [OOC] Clashing Chords

Nergal....I like his voice.
I'm not really one for death metal anymore. Deicide, Behemoth, Testament(They may have started as thrash, but I count Chuck's later stuff as Death.), Nile, Bolt Thrower. Used to be my type'a thing.

Re: [OOC] Clashing Chords

When it comes to death metal I prefer either just straight up death (ie Deicide, or Morbid Angel), or, of course, techdeath. Love techdeath.

Haven't listened to Behemoth before, though. So I wouldn't know what a Behemoth spin-off would be like.

Re: [OOC] Clashing Chords

What'chu got against the melodic? True, most bands over do it or start straight ripping off of Bach..But, keyboard aside, old school Bodom wasn't to bad.
I'm wondering, (If anyone does join) how long it'll take for a Behemoth-spinoff.

Re: [OOC] Clashing Chords

That's usually because band RPs (at least as I have seen them) tend to just have two bands and then no set storyline, no set place for it to go. We've got a basic foundation set and intended to get ideas for a more advanced overall plot once people joined...but no one is >.>

Also, Alexi Laiho is off Children of Bodom, which is melodic death....I'm not a fan of it >.>

Re: [OOC] Clashing Chords

I still say some M.Pike style Doom would be sexy beside it. Something else to object to if the other band turns out Death as well, 32+ year old guys with eyeliner. -Cough- Alexi Laiho-cough-. They just need to grow up a bit. :c

I don't have anyone to direct here, sadly. These types of roleplays are hard to get off the ground, and tend to die in a blink, unfortunately..

Re: [OOC] Clashing Chords

Doesn't seem you'll have much to lurk on at this no takers so far...

And I won't so much mind a thrash metal if someone tries to pit some kind of alternative rock band against a death metal band shit'll get kinda weird...

Anyway, if you know anyone who would be interested, direct 'em to this RP :P

Re: [OOC] Clashing Chords

Interestin' RP you got here, Nagato.
If I wasn't so damned lazy I'd probably jump up..
But instead, G'luck, and I shall lurk :3

That second band better turn out as something awesome.
If it's just generic thrash, pffft.

Doom, anyone?

[OOC] Clashing Chords

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