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Richard Rayberg

Better known by his stage name "Rick Thunderstorm" - the eccentric and all-American Bassist of The Otherworld

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a character in “Clashing Notes”, as played by Cypher


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Name: Richard Margot Rayberg
-Stage Name: Admiral Rick Thunderstorm

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Nationality: American
-Place of Birth: Five Ponds, Indiana

Position: Bass, slide bass, basitar (a modified guitar, in that it has the G and B strings from a bass attached to it instead of guitar strings.)

Richard's appearance as the sole entirely non-Japanese person in "The Otherworld" is something of a shock to those who see the band in concert for the first time. Aside from being the senior member of the band - and therefore having an older, more grizzled appearance than his bandmates - Rick is tall (6'3"), tan and muscular. His black hair usually comes down to chin-length and is parted down the center of his head, where it is swept clumsily back from his long brow. He generally dresses in motorcycle boots, baggy, worn-out jeans, a white dress shirt with pearl snap-buttons and a brown Stetson, which has been beaten and worn to the point where it appears that is held together entirely by Richard's faith in its ability to not fall apart (and some amateur stitch-work).


Personality: Rick is the epitome of the chilled-out, "I-don't-give-a-damn-if-the-world-is-going-to-explode" rocker. He is perpetually laid-back and calm, much to the annoyance of his more incendiary critics - the bassist once stated that "if [someone] came to him looking for an argument, [they] may as well argue with the furniture". He has an almost fatherly demeanor towards his bandmates, looking after them through thick and thin. He is perpetually in an optimistic, positive mood (although not upbeat or energetic by any stretch of the imagination), and this mood seems to trickle into anyone who spends too much time around him - an aspect of his personality that earned him the nickname "The Defuser" because people can't seem to stay hostile around him without actually trying to be hostile around him.

As for the whole "Otherworld vs. Army Asia" thing, Rick is passive about the record deal. He may not like Army Asia's playing style, and the people in the band may lead a different lifestyle from him, but they're stuck in the deal - that's all that matters.

A note: The most agressive you will ever see Rick is if you ever denounce the name of Mark Sandman around him. Rick treats the late bassist of Morphine, The Hypnosonics and Treat Her Right as some sort of major deity, and cites him (alongside Les Claypool and Chris Ballew) as the greatest influence on his playing style. Indeed, the only reason Rick has a basitar is because "Mark Sandman invented it, so I learned it".


- Rick's custom-made Rickenbacker Model 4003 bass guitar, nicknamed "Big Daddy" (or "The Compensator", to Rick's critics). It has an extended neck to accomodate 32 frets, whereas most basses have 26-29 frets.

- Rick's "basitar", a (heavily) modified Epiphone Casino strung with two bass strings.

- Two 600-watt Mesa Boogie bass cabinets
- A Mesa Boogie M3 Carbine 300-watt tube amp

- 16G Sandisk Sansa MP3 Player
- Several changes of clothes
- Guide Gear outdoor coat in cognac
- Wallet containing money, driver's liscence, liscence to carry a handgun, rewards cards for various chain stores and several McDonalds' Monopoly pieces


Rick was born and raised in Five Ponds, Indiana, a little town remarkable for absolutely nothing at all, the son of a carpenter and an insurance broker and the eldest of two brothers and a sister. In high school, Rick was known for having consistently average grades, playing wing right on the high school football team for two seasons, and playing lots and lots of bass.

When he graduated, Rick decided he would stick with music as his primary source of income and therefore signed on with a local garage band, where he perfected his unique style of playing bass with a slide. After a while (and a petty squabble over who got a bigger cut of the band's final gig payout), Rick left the band and wandered solo for a while, working several odd jobs and eventually deciding to travel abroad. The first place he decided to hit up - having chosen it when a dart landed on that particular country on a world map - was Japan. So, after garnering enough fundage to make the trip, Rick struck out to Japan...

... Where he quickly found himself bankrupt and, again, in need of a job. Instead of working small-time jobs serving lunch at a McDonalds like he did stateside, Rick signed himself on as a freelance bassist with several bands. In this respect, he is unique to The Otherworld in that not only was he not attending school with the three founding members, he had already graduated high school. In a chance encounter, Rick took up the bass position with The Otherworld during its formative days and quickly became its first and only bassist.

So begins...

Richard Rayberg's Story