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Laubby Rode

Suus 'qui ego sum.

0 · 188 views · located in Class 4-A

a character in “Class 4-A: Stranded”, as played by dudedude889


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Name: Laubby Rode
Age: 17
Role: Boy Two

Likes: Well, you see. I like many things, like chocolate and yummy pastries-including cinnamon buns! I also like the Latin language, and piano and violin. My point on nature: It's okay. I like it, but I'd rather be reading, writing, playing the piano or violin. So, yeah, these are what I like.
Dislikes: I dislike guitar. It's just...idotic? But my father said that I had to, because I'm just that musically gifted. I also dislike the Russian language. On to video games-what's the point when there's a good book to read or some sports to play...? I hate sports. All types, maybe 'cept hockey!!
Style: I love to wear my PJ pants, only because there warm and soft. I only wear bright colours also. Dark colours just creep me out a bit.

Best Friend: Anyone and everybody!!!!!!
Relationship: Understand this; I'm up for grabs.
Crush: Girl Four maybe...
Family: My mother, who taught so many languages, her name is Darlene Rode. My father, who's a music freak taught me many intstruments, his name his Joseph Rode. Then my sister...Bre Rode...

Goals: My goal is to write a best-seller and nothing more.
Flaws: I have many flaws, like talking too much and not knowing when to stop. And my being oblivious.
Talents: My talents are...wide. From music to languages. Guitar, piano and violin!! Latin, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German and Spanish.

Personality: I'm...very outgoing. I like when people smile and not frown or pout, so I try to be cheerful, with a never ending trail of awesomeness behind me. Also, I can be very dangerous...I never used to be like this. Before I came here, I was dark. A loner some would call it. But, that was in the past, right?
Biography: I was born in Coronation, Alberta, Canada. I grew up in a grand house with my good family. When I could talk, my mother taught me The languages I know today. And when I could play piano, my first instrument, my dad kept teaching me more. Years passed on like that. But when I was fourteen, my sister...sorry, it's too painful to talk about, but I'll tell you this; an accident happened, and I became dark. I have a split personality. A darker me. But I've kept him at far.

So begins...

Laubby Rode's Story