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Masami Raiden

"The world is so much stranger than in your dreams."

0 · 245 views · located in Class 4-A

a character in “Class 4-A: Stranded”, as played by Malfunction



Raiden Masami

"I prefer Rai; some people like to call me Ma-kun though."


"Ahh, I can't wait to be eighteen."

Boy 1

"As embarrassing as it is, some people do see me as number one..."

- Video games
- Movies
- Socializing
- Furry animals
- Music and lyrics
- Poetry
- Art
- Stories
- Outdoors
- Poetry (sometimes writes his own)

"I like warm and gentle things."

- Snakes
- Being inside for too long
- Airplanes
- Boats
- Spicy food
- Being made fun of
- Losing
- Hurting others
- When his girlfriend is with other guys
- Manipulative people

"Snakes just creep me out so bad."

Rai wears all types of clothing and isn't the type to be picky about the things he wears. He is mostly the type of person who puts on the first thing that he can find in his closet. He is mostly comfortable with jeans or pants though, only opting for shorts when the situation calls for it. He never says it allowed but he likes Earth colors more than any others (any shade of brown, green, blue, etc) and prefers tops with designs rather than a simple solid color. Suits are something that he hates though and avoids having to wear them constantly. He isn't the type for jewelry or accessories but will wear hats now and then. You will mostly see Rai in whatever he is comfortable wearing for the day. In a warm day he will most likely have a T-shirt. In a colder day, he will be in a sweater or jacket that covers him from the cold. Some of his cloths seem a little big on him because a lot of his closet consists of gifts or things that his family has bought for him; they have gotten his size wrong more than a few times but he still wears the cloths to show the appreciation.

"The less picky you are, the more options you have!"

Best Friend:
Boy 5

"Kalin is the closest friend I have."

Girl 1

"My heart hasn't been able to rest one moment since the day I met her."

Girl 1

"The idea of falling even more in love with her than I already am... It's kind of scary."

- Kyohei Masami ( Father / 41 )
- Yuki Masami ( Mother / 36 )
- Yuuma Masami ( Older brother / 23 )
- Jin Masami ( Younger brother / 1 month )

"My family is great! They made me who I am, really."

- Figure out what he wants to do when he grows up
- Make his family proud
- Graduate with good grades

"I think I want to figure myself out more than anything."

- Very protective and jealous (he tries to hide this though).
- Selfless
- Push over
- Stubborn

"To be honest, I don't like the way I am now."

- Playing sports
- Cooking
- Endurance
- Charming others
- Playing video games

"I'm not good at anything with really important but it's something, right?"

Rai is a friendly, observant, overly-kind, and protective guy. He loves to talk to different types of people and likes to learn things about them. He isn't pushy though and allows things to go with the flow more than anything. He is compassionate and hates doing things that upset or hurt others. Because of this, he usually says yes to just about anything and constantly tries to help people. He can interact with strangers quite easily and can be a bit of a charmer at times (he has a tendency to compliment people when he notices something he likes about them). He is a very emotional person and his feelings tend to get the best of him most of the time. He usually only keeps in check the emotions that he believes can upset someone (anger, jealousy, irritation, etc). Rai is responsible, selfless, impulsive (usually just when it comes to others), and a bit gullible at times. When people get to know him, Rai can be lazy, playful, and childish. He loves joking around and teasing his cherished ones. He is quick to worry about people and he can become absent minded at times.

"I try my best."

Rai grew up with a humble and tight-knitted family. His father taught him the value of hard work and pushed him to strive for better while his mother taught him about compassion and kindness to others. To impress them and make them proud, Rai worked hard on his studies and was as nice to people as he could be. He passed through school with ease with the good grades and social skills. He knew all kinds of people but not many stuck around him that often for him to get close to them. The only person who was always been with him since he was young to where he is now, is his best friend Kalin.

He has had little relationships with girls because he hasn't had much interest in it. The only thing he doesn't agree to right away is a relationship because he doesn't want to play with other people's feelings. [Girl 1's name] began making advances toward him when he got into high school and he found himself growing to like her. In a matter of time, the two were going out. Although [Girl 1] doesn't know it, Rai has noticed that she had been unfaithful and flirting with other guys. He keeps his jealousy in check and hides his pain in order to remain with her though.

"I don't have the most exciting life but I like it just like it is."


So begins...

Masami Raiden's Story