Marissa Lazuli

"I will go down. But I will go down swinging"

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a character in “Classifications”, as played by GuardianOmega


Name: Marissa Lazuli
Appearance: Medium blue hair and soft eyes, a slender form.
Other Names: Laz, the Feared One, Omega
Alternate Forms: None

Classification: Omega

Secrets: Believes that the classification system is wrong, and the reason she is classified as an Omega
Quirks: Foot tapping.

Hobbies: Random deeds of good/evil, sitting in her Omega cell and hoping to escape

Ability:Power disabling, self-impregnation
Strengths: beliefs, her power disabling.
Weaknesses: her temper, her trust in no one.
Restrictions: The whole Omega thing makes it kind of hard to live a normal life, and she'd never want to self-impregnate.

Equipment: A bag filled with various things
Wardrobe: Dark cloaks and long coats, Laz does her best to

Species: Powered human
Skin Color: pale white
Hair Color: blue
Hair Length: medium
Eye Color: orange

Gender: female
Orientation: asexual
Significant Other: nobody

History:As a child, Marissa Lazuli was born as a Mu. She was happy with the lifestyle, but the government recognized her power at her adult classification level. Laz was then an Alpha. Saving the lives of people, having a good time. Until she got the letter. The letter was a list of all the bad things the government had done. And Laz didn't like it. She began saving lives, but she did it her own way, not the government's. This got her into trouble, and now she is an Omega.

So begins...

Marissa Lazuli's Story