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Leonard Arin Denn
"Honestly, just call me Leo or Arin."

"Not too old, and not too young!"

Male Number Five

"Just look at these guns, so manly!"

"Mama told me the milk would help!"
"It helped too much.

220 lbs.
"I'm more on the lean side, if you're wondering."

Despite his height, Leo tends to curl up constantly in wherever he can manage, otherwise, he likes giving random people
piggy back rides and picking really short people up, especially children. He also has a piece of sweet food on him at
almost all times, like candy or a piece of wrapped up cake.
He's been scolded multiple times for such things but doesn't show any sign of stopping.
Another thing is that he sometimes talks like a child, although the message could be totally dark or sarcastic.

(1/2 German) + (1/4 Japanese) + (1/4 Filipino) = Leo!

"People are pretty much all the same, I really don't base love on gender."
(honestly he's going to be oblivious or at least trying to ignore most advances, so you're going to have to be persistent.)

Romantic Interest:
He doesn't really think about love too much, but that may change~

Leo works part time at a bakery and a video game store, and he's both equally enthusiastic about both, as
they represent his passions in life.
He'll occasionally help out his mother at a daycare.


(Sweets) - (Shorter people, which is about everyone) - (laughter) - (Music) - (Fruit) - (The cold) - (Autumn) - (smiles)
(Holidays) - (Parties) - (Children) - (People in General) - (trust) - (Video Games) - (Sarcasm, honestly it's all he speaks nowadays) - (puns)

(Anger) - (His past in elementary and middle school) - (romantic advances, although he's open to them I guess) - (disease) - (Lies)
(Things he doesn't understand) - (emotional masks) - (Summer) - (Narcissism)

(Death) - (Disease) - (Loneliness) - (Being hated)

(Really likes arcade and console games) - (Is pretty athletic, and was in a few sports before A-2) - (Is a really good, practiced liar)

(Does not how to do a math at all) - (Doesn't know when to tell the truth and when to lie) - (his sense of justice is a bit skewed)




"Mother" - Mihiko Koyouta
(A day care lady, and an independent artist and baker. Aged 45.)

"Father" - Reynolds Denn
(A distant man who works with his wife in the bakery. Aged 50.)

Younger "Sister" - Aaron Denn
(One half of a set of twins, fairly tomboyish. Aged Ten.)

Younger "Brother" - Micheal Denn
(The other half of the twins, likes to play sports with Leo. Aged Ten.)


Character Thoughts On Others:
To be added as story progresses


Theme Song:

So begins...

Leo Denn's Story

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Hinata was forced to wake up a whole two hours before his usual time where he'd get out of bed. Of course it was tiring, but he couldn't help it since his mother literally tore the sheets off of him and forced him to get up, "Hinata, dear! Rise and shine! Today you've got a job to be running to!" She shouted before slamming the door shut behind her, making sure the loud noise work her son up.

She said she had a reason to do so, and that was for her son to go to the orphanage to talk with the children since he didn't get much time in. And so he did so, since it was his family begging him to go. Hinata loved his family too much to not listen to their request.

Along the way, though, he got into some trouble with another gang, like usual. Of course he had his bat in his hand and was swinging it around, trying his best to cover his face for his identity to remain unknown, but in the end, like always, he won.

He then finished his fight with that gang, his face being shielded the whole time, and headed for the orphanage, even though it was a school day. Like every time, the children swooned over him and kept on asking him to play with them, while he continuously shook his head and said no, even though, in the end, he obviously played with them, reading them stories, tossing them in the air. Hinata always got along with the children, despite how cruel he was.

Finally, he ran his way back to the school club, using up most of his breath, and for once, he didn't run into trouble. While he entered the school gates, a bunch of students began to avoid him, usually knowing him as the trouble maker. Hinata walked casually into the hallways, then burst the door into the club room, asking, supposing to be a sort of introduction though he was never really good at those, "And what kind of supernatural stuff are we going to learn about today, huh?"


Era woke up later than usual, again. She had watched one of the latest horror movies, and one of the jump scares made her scream so loudly she got a lecture from both her parents and even her younger brother. Because it frightened her, she didn't get much sleep the night before, so she was sleeping in a little more than she usually would.

But what did wake her up was the loud alarm clock she set up for herself. Tiredly, Era raised her hand and slammed it down onto the alarm clock. Although her personality hardly changed, waking up was always the tough part for her. The bags underneath her eyes were pretty much darkened because of how little sleep she got, which was only three hours, and her hair was messy. She didn't even change out of her formal clothing.

Since her parents were at work and her brother already headed to his school early, Era was left alone to make her own breakfast and do things she'd usually get her mother to do since she was laziest in the morning such as also make the breakfast (Since Era is terrified of fire she always finds something like cereal to eat instead and maybe everything else in the pantry) comb her hair and drive her to school.

But that wasn't the case, so she lazily wobbled out of the house, her glasses laying atop her head despite how much she chose not to use them, and her bag slung over her shoulder which had keychains of little bears and other animals she favored. Although the school required uniforms, Era always stuck to her own formal clothing, often getting in trouble because of such, but not caring nonetheless since after two years of being at the same school, the teachers got used to ignoring her bad habit.

Though honestly, Era kind of looked like a zombie. She slouched a little as she walked, she looked tired as heck, and seemed to have been moaning for food. Cereal never really fed her in the morning, and without her mother, she pretty much went hungry. Sometimes she'd cry over how little food she'd get, and she felt like she was on the verge just that morning, but sucked it up, telling herself she'd probably ask someone at school for food and hopefully get what she had been searching for ever since she woke up.

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Why does the sun have to be so ... Bright?

Uma grimaced, her hand lifting to fall over her emerald eyes. Her mind would logically explain why the sun was, well, bright, but in her sleepy state, she didn't really care. She was grumpy and tired, and really couldn't find the energy to care to explain to herself the answer to her question.

"Uma, get your ass out of bed before I come in there and kick it!"

Ugh ... Anya, please, for once, just be quiet ... Besides, I'm the older sister ... You shouldn't be able to order me around ...

Of course, those were the inner Uma's thoughts, and not the Uma that her friends knew.

She jerked awake as those thoughts intruded her mind, and hidden under the dark warmth of her covers, she shot up onto her hands and knees. Her hair was in a tangled mess around her head, and it was quite obvious that that would occur every night during her slumber.

With a toss of her hands, she threw back the blanket and let out a puff of sleepiness. Her hand lifted and rubbed at her right eye, riding herself of the last bit of slumber, and with a tiny yawn, she clambered out of bed.

Only to get tangled in the bed sheets and flop face-first onto the hardwood floor. She let out a soft groan, half on the bed and half off, which is what her sister saw when she slammed the door open, her bright orange hair matching her fiery temper.

"God, can you be anymore of a klutz? Vampires are supposed to be extremely agile and lithe, and you're the complete opposite! Jeez, why can't you just take that stupid rosary off for good and let the real Uma out?"

The door slammed shut again, and Uma laid their for a moment, staring after her sister and rubbing at her red chin.

"Can you be anymore of a mean little brat, Anya? Jeez ..."

She finally managed to push herself up from the cold floor and untangle herself from the sheets, somehow managing to strip off her pajamas in the process. She crossed her room in her underwear and bra only, her feet patting quietly on the floor, and made quick work of redressing herself in the school uniform.

She had been working late at the hospital the night before, having had to fill in for one of the nurses, who was out sick that night. She had been placed in charge of ensuring that each and every person got their medication and at the correct time, along with caring for and entertaining the sick children that were in too much pain to sleep, and who were not allowed sleeping medication due to their conditions. She hadn't minded, of course, but that didn't mean that she wasn't exhausted now. That occurred more often then not to her, however, so she grown used to it.

She was just slipping on her shoes when Omoshi cracked open the door, a hand over his eyes.

"Are you decent, dear sister?"

"I'm dressed, Omi."

The door opened further and Omoshi stepped in, devilishly handsome with his snow-white hair, the exact same color as hers in her true form. His eyes were bright red in that moment, due to his refusal to wear contacts at home, and they studied her as if looking for something that wasn't currently there.

His head dropped a little before he shook it. "You should be leaving, Uma. You and Anya both, lest you be late for school," he said softly, retreating back into the hall. Uma stared after him for a moment, before nodding a bit. "Yes, big brother," she mumbled. She snatched up a brown leather jacket and her messenger bag, before rushing from the room and down to the kitchen. It was there that she grabbed her and Anya's lunch, along with the second one that she always made in case Era was hungry - which happened more often then not, once again. Immediately afterwards, she removed several cans of tomato juice, which she poured into three water bottles and stuff into her bag, one of which she kept out. She drank it as she walked, her stomach growling and her jaw aching with hunger.

Along with nursing the night before, she had been out hunting once again with her brother, and had managed to take out three rogue vampires in the process, two of which were in mid-kill, and the third was merely stalking out prey. Her shoulders slumped as she walked to school, her eyes half-closed with sleep, and her face showed how exhausted she was. It wasn't long before she reached the bus station that she and Anya would take - who was quite a few feet ahead of her in an attempt to avoid walking with her - and they both boarded the bus after flashing their passes to be on it. Uma chose a seat near the front while Anya chose one near the back, giving a snake-eyed look at two young men who eyed her up and down.

When they reached the school, Uma was the first one off, but Anya shot up and ahead of her like a freight-train. Uma made her way to the club-room, though, and walked inside immediately after Hinata, who she slapped lightly upside the back of his head as she passed, her expression that of someone who had gone through the same process for far too long.

"You really need to get better people skills, Hinai-nai," she said, using the nickname for him that she'd had since child-hood, and the same nickname that managed to rile him up and piss him off. She turned to the rest of the room, her grumpy, tired state obvious by her actions and words.

"I was wondering the same thing, though. What are we covering to-"

She cut off on the last word as her eyes fell on the papers that were littered across their study table, which held all information on the creature or creatures that they would be covering that day.

"Vampires? But ... Why vampires? Vampires are so overrated. They've been overdone way too often ... We should cover something else, okay?" she said with a slightly-nervous laugh, already straightening the papers together in an attempt to organize and put them away.


She held up her index finger as a thin line of blood appeared. It bled for a few milliseconds, but she quickly shoved her hand behind her back, the skin mending itself almost as quickly as it had begun to bleed. She let out another nervous laugh before turning back to the papers.

"Let's cover ... Um ... Fairies! Yes, fairies! Fairies are a good idea!"

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A bundle of blankets twitched and suddenly in the middle sat a girl with long wavy red hair.. Her expression impassive, and her body frail. She remained still as if she waiting for something- RING. The alarm. Slam. With that, She slipped out of bed and began to get ready for school. They had clubs after all. Slipping on her uniform and washing up, she sat down to enjoy some breakfast- A whole loaf. Yes. She was a huge eater, but for some odd reason, she never gains anything. Its like a black hole.. Lucky her~
Anyhow, after a few surprisingly short seconds, she left an empty plate and started off to school. It was a short walk, and she got to her destination rather quickly. A few waves here and there, but she made it a priority to get to the club first. Once she made it down the hall, she peeked out from behind a couple of people standing near the doorway. Looks like they just got here too.

"Good Morning." She greeted quietly, wondering what the fuss was about. Something about changing topic? Fairies? She looked at Uma and blinked. She was always like that, and Miyuu felt like she was hiding something. She wasn't sure what it was, but she was sure enough to know that it isnt anything that would hurt her or anyone. They were all friends after all.
Holding the normal, impassively soft expression, she glanced at everyone who arrived. Hinata, Era, Uma, Ryuuji, Letty, and finally Quincy. Few more have yet to arrive, until then however.. She sat down and brought out a box of choco pocky. One of her favorite snacks~ It was sweet, crunchy and cute. Plus she can share.
As if it was natural, she ate with such delicacy and lady like manners. A habit she supposed. As she chewed, she held the box out for anyone to take.

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"Hey Leo! You're gonna be late for class!" a young voice called out,
"Hold on Mama, I-- Ouch!" Leo bolted straight up as a shoe hit his forehead,
"I don't even sound like Mom!" Michael stood at Leo's door, his cheeks puffed up and an annoyed expression on his face, "Honestly, Leo, it's been way too long since you've hung out with everyone, just go to the Club and out of this house."
"Jeez, if you weren't so condescending all the time, this moment's be endearing. Fine, I'm up. It'd be impossible to go back to sleep now with the ruckus you all are making." Leo stood up and watched as his younger brother rolled his eyes and padded out to the silent household. The sweet smell of pancakes wafted throughout the hallways, his mother'sfavorite breakfast, and no doubt the rest of the household's.

It took a glance at the clock to tell Leo that he was late.

"Let's see, do I do the anime thing and run out with a piece of bread or do I bring pancakes with..."
"Don't tell me you're actually considering leaving without food for the club." A monotone voice entered Leo's ears, and he turned to his door again, only to his sister, Aaron. Her eyes were the usual half-lidded, sleepy eyes that studied Leo, trying to understand where he got energy at all. I swear, these two are polar opposites. Ironic. Leo just grinned and threw a shirt over the tank he was wearing, and shoved his sister out of his room,
"I'll be down in a minute." He muttered, watching her make her way downstairs and into the dining room. Leo shook his head and rummaged through a pile of clothes that were mixed with his laundry, "Anything that doesn't smell used..." He muttered, a small tune humming through his lips. A satisfied sigh escaped as he held up a pair of jeans that still smelled like "meadow's breeze" or whatever his mother used with the dryer.

A few minutes later Leo was running down the steps, backpack banging noisily against his back, the contents rearranging themselves in it. His mother didn't skip a beat as she held out a piece of toast and a covered tray of pancakes and various sweets that were leftover from last night's baking spree. Leo gave a satisfied grin in his mother's direction and continued on his way outside of the house, tray held firmly in both hands and piece of toast held securely in his mouth, Wait why am I doing this? Leo stopped dead in his tracks and took a bite out of the bread, savouring the margarine that was slathered over it.

After swallowing the last piece of sweet bread, he continued on his way to the school, a decent jog of two blocks. Thankfully, the gates weren't closed yet, and he bartered with the teacher on duty that morning,
"C'mon, pleaseeeee? I'll ace today's test and give you a croissant~" Leo sang to his math teacher,
"You and I both know that's impossibly and that I hate croissants." The man scowled at Leo and slapped a pass onto Leo's tray, not hard enough to damage any of the pastries. "Just don't fail it and I might consider not failing you this year. Lord knows I need a break from you."
Leo grinned at that, and bowed, thanking him profusely before running to Classroom A-2, the tray balanced carefully on his head, he used both hands to open the door. "GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! I brought breakfast!" He burst through the door and dipped his head, catching the tray with both hands before it fell below his waist. He grinned, counting the heads, his face falling to a frown,
"Where is everyone? Only, like, half of us are here." Leo just shrugged, "More for us then." He took a seat next to Letty and grinned, his head bobbing a hello, "What are we talking about today? Fairies? Huh." I was hoping for something more... Uh...
"I was hoping for something a bit more man-... Uh. No, fairies are cool enough, yeah! Fairy dust! Peter Pan! Yeah!" Leo voiced his thoughts as he placed the tray a good distance from the papers, closer to the windows. He moved back to his chair and watched as the usual chaos spread through the room...

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"Okay ... Oh I almost forgot, good morning Hinata, good morning Uma. I guess we are going to learn about fairies."

Uma paused in her hasty sorting of the papers, looking up at Letty. She stared at the girl for a few moments, before turning back to the papers with a small grimace.

"Good morning, Letty," she mumbled, straightening one of the stacks that she had succeeded in finishing. She dropped it into the drawer of the filing cabinet nearby that was labeled with 'Vampire'. She took the stack that Letty had put together and placed it in along with her stack, before shutting the drawer.

"Good Morning." Miyuu's voice slipped through her frazzled, nervous state of mind, and she turned to face the small girl while gently biting down on her lower lip.

It was then that Xanther chose to enter Classroom A-2, his arm over his face. "Sorry for my horrible appearance today." Uma straightened away from the filing cabinet and, with a small smile, she crossed the room and to his side. "Xaney," she sang, going on her toes and grabbing his arm. She tugged on it a little before using just a bit more of her strength, a small, tiny piece from her vampire side, to pull it down. [color=]"You look fine, so stop being mean to yourself,"
she said with a smile, her emerald eyes sparkling in the light that streamed through the windows.

"Eh, people skills...? Meh. A-and honestly! Stop calling me that! Seriously, that was way back in elementary school or something, we're not kids anymore!"

Uma released Xanther's arm and dropped to the flats of her feet, turning to face Hinata and feeling tears threatening. "Bu-But Hinata ..." She sniffled a little, rounding away from him.

"W-what's your problem! Jeez, next time you do that I'll probably really fall back- Next time pay attention, moron." He was obviously referring to when she had cut her finger, and she looked down for a moment before turning back to face him.

"F-fairies....?" Hinata asked, slowly though, "S-seriously? Fairies? You're kidding right? You can't seriously be agreeing to that? Man... where's the other guys in this! I can't be the only male to learn about some fluttering females!" He complained.

"You should stop being a big jerk, Hinata. You've been really mean to me lately and it's really starting to bother me ..." she said softly, her voice almost a whisper at the end. She moved over to her bag, pushing past Hinata, her emotions getting the better of her as she shoved him, and she nearly sent him hurling into the wall. Instead, she grabbed his arm before he could lose his balance, steadied him, and then dug through her bag, her rosary heavy around her neck.

Why are you friends with that asshole? He's only going to keep on hurting you, so why do you even bother?

He's not that bad ... Honest ... Hinata's just going through a stage ...

What if it isn't just a stage, and he's going to continue acting like this towards you? You need to stand up for yourself and tell that prick off for once!

No, it's my fault that he acts this way ... I'm just annoying, that's all ... It's my fault he's so mean to me ...

You're hopeless ...

"You'll never believe what I caught on tape last night. And I mean it for real this time!"

Uma was jerked out of her inner argument, and shot up with her bottle of tomato juice in her hand. Of course, it would appear just to be water or something, due to the fact that the outer part of it was so dark it was incapable of being seen through.

"Guys, I swear I got a vampire on tape. Just wandering around like nobody's business!! It's the coolest thing ever! You're never gonna believe--oh wait. Yeah! You are! I have proof right here!"

It couldn't be ...

But if it is, I'll have to destroy the tape, or even worse, the camera.

No, I couldn't do that to Quincy. That's his camera. It's his baby, practically. He even named it!

Now is not the time to be acting this way. If he really caught you or me on that camera, you need to destroy the footage - no matter what it takes. I can't believe I was so clumsy as to let a mere human catch me on tape ...

But you don't know that it's us on that tape!

Nevertheless; if there is even a remote a possibility that that tape holds footage of a vampire, you need to get rid of it. We cannot afford for the human world to interact with the vampire world in such a matter as discovery of our race!

... I know ...

Image"Interesting, but unfortunately, we can't learn about violent creatures today because little Uma-san is afraid of them, so instead, we're learning about pretty little fairies!"

That was what Uma entered back into the real world on. Hinata insulting her again. The words stung, and she stared at him for several long heartbeats, before crossing the room in two strides. With her free hand - for the other one held her water-bottle in it - she struck out, her hand cracking across his face in a perfect slap.

"... I don't care who you are ... But you don't have the right to continuously insult me every second that we're together ... I'm not afraid of them, and I have my own reasons for not wanting to discuss them. So before you walk around making accusations about people, maybe you should think over how your words are going to affect them," she said, her voice soft and oddly cold, an extremely out-of-the-ordinary thing for Uma to become.

She turned away and moved over to the camera. She knew that Quincy hated it when other people touched his most prized possession, but she needed to know what he had seen.

The footage was short and blurry, but it was painstakingly obvious to her what she was seeing.

He had begun recording at the end of her transformation into her inner self, her rosary having been removed by the human that she was defending from a Succubus that planned to prey upon him. Knee-length, snow-white hair, combined with blood-red, piercing eyes were seen of her, but on the bright side, it wasn't the Uma that her friends would recognize.

As soon as they watched this, she would destroy the footage, with hopefully no damage to Quincy's precious camera.

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Letty sighed heavily as she fuzzed out what the others were saying around her. Taking her seat she started browsing over a paper that had information about fairies. When she was little she believed in a lot of supernatural creatures, but fairies were never one of them for some reason.

Then something happened to Letty that was very rare. She was actually bored, and she started resting her head on the desk. Sometimes people had drama over the smallest things. 'Why can't we just learn about fairies and get it over with.' Letty thought and closed her eyes.

Barley listening she heard Quincy saying something about getting a vampire on tape. She didn't know to believe this or not so she stayed out of it.

"GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! I brought breakfast!" Leo said.
Sooner or later someone sat next to Letty. Luckily it was Leo who was always super nice to her. "Where is everyone? Only, like, half of us are here." Leo stated. "More for us then." Leo grinned.

Letty smiled lazily, and reached for a croissant. "G-good morning." She stammered.

"What are we talking about today? Fairies? Huh." Leo said. Letty could see some disappointment in his eyes.
"I was hoping for something a bit more man-... Uh. No, fairies are cool enough, yeah! Fairy dust! Peter Pan! Yeah!" Leo said.

Letty had always liked Leo for his honestly, and how is always so friendly. She envied the self in him that could speak out openly to others.

"If you really think about it fairies are really cute and small, so they could be interesting." Letty smiled as she explained her reasoning.

After letty finished talking she finished the rest of her croissant, and mindlessly started doodling a picture of a chibi fairy.