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Ryuuji Takanata

"Sayyy... You wouldn't happen to have any fireworks... would you?" WIP!~

0 · 335 views · located in Arata High ; Japan

a character in “Classroom A-2”, as played by Rinn


Full Name: Ryuuji Takanata

Nickname: Ri

Age: 15

Role: Mischievous. Curious. Scraping loon?

Gender: Female…

Height: 4’10
“I’m not short…You’re just unnecessarily tall!”

Weight: 94bs

Oddities: Her oddity would likely be the fact she has DiD. (Dissociative identity disorder, Or more commonly known as Multiple personality disorder. ) When she splits. She refers to herself as Ryuu. and When she turns into Ryuu. She becomes very violent. and losses her playfulness almost altogether. Though while in this state she is also over protective. and acts much more like a guy.


Sexuality: Bi-curious?
“Uhh…haven‘t given that sort of thing much thought!”

Romantic interests: Hasn’t given it much thought at the moment~~

Job: Causing mayhem.

Personality: Ri is quite the wild-child of sorts. Constantly battling the war of ‘boredom’ with her devious tricks. Taunts and the like. Grinning like a kitten most of the time. Given a box of matches and gasoline. One shouldn’t even expect the house she was in to be standing by the time they would return. Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But the idea is the same. She loves causing trouble.

As expected. Ri often gets into fights. And she isn’t the type to back down from one. Despite her ‘smaller’ stature. Perhaps she’s not the strongest person. But her attitude would defend otherwise.
With this attitude. Devious pranks. And cat like mannerisms aside. Ri is a generally good hearted person. And would protect her friends when it counted.

Likes: She ( Obviously ) Enjoys pranks and mayhem. But with that aside. She enjoys almost -all- music. Manga. Peach’s. FOOD! Almost any kind of sweets. Kittens and most animals in general. And her favorite thing of all… Rainstorms and fireworks!

Dislikes: Brain freezes. Rug burn. Boredom. Bland food.

Fears: Silence. Attachment. Isolation. Powerlessness.

Talents: Great ability to balance objects and on things. Oddly flexible. Outgoing. Usually energetic. Quite Fast. World experience.

Flaws: Not exactly very strong. She’s kinda.. tiny. Sharp tongue. Sometimes obliviously rude.

Brief appearance: Short red shaggy hair. Bright brown eyes that appear to be gold at times. Short and pale. Wears a red collar on her neck most of the time. If wearing her beloved black jacket could easily be mistaken for a male.

Bio: Ryuuji as pre-stated. Has split personality disorder. Due to some severe transactions from when she was younger. Back than she didn’t talk much. She was often bullied and life at home wasn’t easy. But oddly enough. after found comfort in her ’brother’ Ryuu. She began to challenge herself constantly. Putting herself in as many awkward social interactions to overcome her social stigma. Sometimes it may seem like she’s a bit too confident to be sincere. Perhaps that’s because she hides her insecurities with a cocky grin and mischief. Ryuuji isn’t exactly the richest person. In fact with the way she dresses and the way she carries herself. it might seem otherwise. But she doesn’t mention it much to anyone.
She currently is living with her much older sister. Madoka.
She joined the club out of a boredom spur that grew into a interested curiosity. also perhaps she wanted to be around certain people.

Family: Father: Hiroto Takanata. Deceased from a car accident.
Mother: Kasumi Takanata. Alive: Currently Hospitalized.
Older Sister: Madoka Takanata : Alive and well.

Characters thoughts on others: Seen as prey for her schemes for now~~ (Not much of an opinion for her.)

Theme song: Sick Puppies - You're going down

Define your meaning of war
To me it's what we do when we're bored
I feel the heat comin off of the blacktop
And it makes me want it more
Because I'm hyped up, outta control
If it's a fight I'm ready to go
I wouldn't put my money on the other guy
If you know what I already know

Ryuu’s Them songs: My own worst enemy- Thousand-foot-Krutch

This anger changes me, it effects the way I see, effects every part of me,
and makes you my enemy,

But when it falls apart, its like a brand new start, and I cant remember why
I ripped everything apart

I’m still my worst enemy, the world around me all can see what they want to see,
I need some help,

because I’m still my worst enemy, no matter where I am, I’ll still get the best of me, I’m my own enemy!

So begins...

Ryuuji Takanata's Story

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#, as written by H3R0

It was going to be a good day. Quincy was sure of that being fact ever since yesterday turned into today, about seven or so hours ago. He'd managed to get a lot done in that time, like getting groceries around two in the morning for him and his mom that he hoped would last them the week, and buying some cat food for the stray neighborhood cat that he secretly adopted. His mother told him to leave it alone but it was small, and black, and fluffy despite being stuck outside for hours and hours on end for who knows how long, with little white paws and a white tipped tail. His mother told him never to name anything that he didn't plan to keep, and that he shouldn't give anything a name because naming inanimate objects was something stupid people in the country did and that he couldn't keep any animals because they didn't have the money for it. But he named the cat anyway. He named him Zombie because it was cool. At least, he was pretty sure the cat was a "he." He never really investigated it.

He named his video camera too, even though his mother told him naming those things were dumb. It was old and beat up and kept together with so much duct tape that it was hard to tell the difference between the gray of the duct tape and the gray of the recorder, but it was his and he paid for it with his own money and Quincy loved it just the same. He named it Vague because most of the things it recorded were blurry, distorted, or just vague in general.

...But he was getting a little distracted here. Today was going to be a good day because he went out last night (or was it more like early morning? sometimes he got these things mixed up) and caught something on film that he was absolutely sure the others were going to love! He knew they were considering talking vampires today, so it only made him extra excited to think that the thing he caught on film was a real, actual, living, breathing one! It had to be. It totally, totally had to be. There was absolutely no way anyone could convince him that that thing on his camera wasn't a real, live vampire.

Quincy made sure his mother had already left for work before leaving his room with his video camera in plain view. He made a little makeshift holder for it since the last one had been ripped off by something by its previous owner. He kept it firmly gripped in his hand as he swung his bag on the opposite shoulder and headed out the door without bothering to grab anything for breakfast. He made himself lunch earlier after he got back from shopping, so all he had to do was grab it out of the fridge and stuff it into his bag before heading out to school. Although, it would probably be rational that someone who has hours and hours to prepare before getting to school should get there on time, Quincy still seemed to have a tendency to be a little later most days. However, today was not one of those days. He was actually congratulating himself on being a little early once he made it on campus.

There was no way he was wasting any time. Quincy arrived in classroom A-2 with a large grin on his face and his recorder baby out in front of him, as if it would automatically show them exactly what he wanted them to see. Obviously, it couldn't, and didn't, so he walked with it to the middle of the room, pushed the nice stack of papers out of the way--accidentally knocking them on the floor with a bright "I'll clean that up later"--and laid his recorder on the table to address the ones already in the room. "You'll never believe what I caught on tape last night. And I mean it for real this time!" His grin only brightened as he ejected the tape from the recorder and held it up proudly. "Guys, I swear I got a vampire on tape. Just wandering around like nobody's business!! It's the coolest thing ever! You're never gonna believe--oh wait. Yeah! You are! I have proof right here!"

He pursed his lips and looked around the room. One of the janitors had given him the rights to use this old, crappy projector that none of the teachers used any more ever since the school got a bigger budget to buy better equipment. His recorder was so old that it didn't even connect well with the computers. It was better to just take out the film and stick it in the projector. He swore he dragged it in the room the other day, but he guessed one of the janitors must of put it away somewhere. Oh well, he'd just look for it. "Wait, wait, I'll be right back. I have to get the thing." He was just about to head out again, when he realized he hadn't even greeted any of them. "Oh! Good morning, by the way!"

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A bundle of blankets twitched and suddenly in the middle sat a girl with long wavy red hair.. Her expression impassive, and her body frail. She remained still as if she waiting for something- RING. The alarm. Slam. With that, She slipped out of bed and began to get ready for school. They had clubs after all. Slipping on her uniform and washing up, she sat down to enjoy some breakfast- A whole loaf. Yes. She was a huge eater, but for some odd reason, she never gains anything. Its like a black hole.. Lucky her~
Anyhow, after a few surprisingly short seconds, she left an empty plate and started off to school. It was a short walk, and she got to her destination rather quickly. A few waves here and there, but she made it a priority to get to the club first. Once she made it down the hall, she peeked out from behind a couple of people standing near the doorway. Looks like they just got here too.

"Good Morning." She greeted quietly, wondering what the fuss was about. Something about changing topic? Fairies? She looked at Uma and blinked. She was always like that, and Miyuu felt like she was hiding something. She wasn't sure what it was, but she was sure enough to know that it isnt anything that would hurt her or anyone. They were all friends after all.
Holding the normal, impassively soft expression, she glanced at everyone who arrived. Hinata, Era, Uma, Ryuuji, Letty, and finally Quincy. Few more have yet to arrive, until then however.. She sat down and brought out a box of choco pocky. One of her favorite snacks~ It was sweet, crunchy and cute. Plus she can share.
As if it was natural, she ate with such delicacy and lady like manners. A habit she supposed. As she chewed, she held the box out for anyone to take.

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Oh, no. Really? This can not be happening!

Xanther cried in frustration as he opened his wardrobe. There was a feeling in his gut telling that a few clothes were missing; this never happened unless someone had tampered with Xanther's clothes or if he just had a bad night's rest. The former didn't happen and Xanther squinted his eyes at his bedroom door, which was opened just a tiny bit when he had woken up.

"Mother," yelled Xanther, returning his focus to the rack of clothes in front of him. "Did you mess with my things?

No response from downstairs. Xanther grunted and forced an outfit out of his wardrobe. The bright light of the sun stirred even more negative emotions in him as he got dressed. There was no time for any hygiene processes; Xanther's alarm had broken the previous night and he now only had a few more minutes to hightail himself out of the house and into school. Why is everything going wrong? Xanther sighed, grabbed his backpack, and swiftly left the house without saying a word to his parents. He climbed onto his bike and rushed towards the school, miserable that he didn't get to pamper himself at all.

Once Xanther arrived at school, there were a few students chatting away by the front door. He rolled his eyes and sauntered up to them, not in the mood to deal with anybody. "Move." he blurted out, pushing through his classmates that he rarely ever talked to. He strolled over to Classroom A-2, the only place in the whole school that didn't get on his last nerves.

"Sorry for my horrible appearance today." mumbled Xanther as he entered Classroom A-2. He shielded his face with his arm, not wanting anybody in the room to see it. Why can't I just die now?

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"You really need to get better people skills, Hinai-nai,"

"Eh, people skills...?" Hinata asked as one of his friends, Uma to be exact, came into the classroom after playfully patting his head, "Meh." He shrugged before realizing what she called him and stood up, since he was about to take a seat, "A-and honestly! Stop calling me that! Seriously, that was way back in elementary school or something, we're not kids anymore!" He shouted out of embarrassment.

"I was wondering the same thing, though. What are we covering to- Vampires? But ... Why vampires? Vampires are so overrated. They've been overdone way too often ... We should cover something else, okay?"

Hinata, after finally sitting down, stared at the pink haired girl, as if he was studying her in some way, noticing her unusual behavior about the subject they were going to study, 'She's really afraid of vampires? The dang things don't even exist...' Were his first thoughts.


The yelp of the girl nearly made him slip from his chair since he felt a little more calm today. Hinata probably choked on the very air he was breathing, "W-what's your problem! Jeez, next time you do that I'll probably really fall back-" He paused when he saw the blood and sighed, "Next time pay attention, moron." He rolled his eyes and grabbed a tissue from the table and handed it to her, though she didn't seem to take care of the blood since she simply stuffed her hand into her pocket apparently, which Hinata took note of.

"Let's cover ... Um ... Fairies! Yes, fairies! Fairies are a good idea!"

"F-fairies....?" Hinata asked, slowly though, "S-seriously? Fairies? You're kidding right?" He asked, nearly holding in a loud laugh that would soon burst, his hand covering his mouth.

"Okay. I guess we are going to learn about fairies." Said Letty, who was already in the classroom before the other two.

"Ehhh, you can't seriously be agreeing to that? Man... where's the other guys in this! I can't be the only male to learn about some fluttering females!" He complained.

"Oh I almost forgot, good morning Hinata, good morning Uma."

Hinata, giving his usual sigh, sat back down tiredly, leaning back his head and nodded, saying with a lazy tone to his voice, "Yeah... morning you two..."

"You'll never believe what I caught on tape last night. And I mean it for real this time!"

At the sound of another male's voice, Hinata leaned forward so he was sitting in a normal position and seeming to exclaim, "Ah thank goodness! Oi, Quincy! Make sure not to make me the only male sitting in this room to learn about fairies!" He said, "And what now huh? Catch another goblin or whatever?" He said sarcastically.

"Guys, I swear I got a vampire on tape. Just wandering around like nobody's business!! It's the coolest thing ever! You're never gonna believe--oh wait. Yeah! You are! I have proof right here!"

"Interesting, but unfortunately, we can't learn about violent creatures today because little Uma-san is afraid of them, so instead, we're learning about pretty little fairies!" He said, making little signs with his hands to stress what he was saying, seeming a little childish in some way, even though it was an 18-year old young man actually doing such.

"Wait, wait, I'll be right back. I have to get the thing."

'Aaaand he left it at home or something.' Hinata face palmed a little at the thought, since he always seemed to be a sort of bully, in some way, though it was really just his regular personality. While some people found it rude, it was obvious to his friends that he didn't really mean it.

"Oh! Good morning, by the way!"

"You too kid." He said, usually calling everyone younger than him a kid, despite gender or height or whatever else you'd think would matter.

And just afterwards, another one entered the room, Miyuu, "Good Morning."

Hinata, getting a little weary of saying the same thing to people, simply nodded, and saw that she was handing out pocky sticks. He couldn't say he got much breakfast anyways, so he took one from the box, putting it in his mouth, though not eating it all the way since he'd rather savor it than have to take one after another, "Arigatou.*" He said.

"Sorry for my horrible appearance today."

Hinata turned his head and gave a wave before saying, "Calm down, you're going to stress yourself by worrying so much about clothes." He sighed, thinking how the guy's life was, having to pick out precise clothes while Hinata, on the other hand, hardly cared about his choice in anything. Most times, that is.

(*"Thank You" in Japanese)



Era jumped at the sound of this, and the sight of nothing but darkness and literally screamed like a little girl in a haunted house. Although Era did have a sort of deep voice, not being too high, or normal, but also not too low, she sounded like one of those girl's in a clichéd horror movie. Plus, one of her greatest fears was the dark, so it only made sense for her to shout so loudly.

When she quickly removed the hands from her eyes, she saw Ryuuji, the tomboy red-haired girl who was also one of her friends. At the sight of this, Era fell to her knees and murmured, "I-I give up... I-I'm going to get a heart attack one day... L-Like that one guy in the movie-" She paused as she was making another reference to the horror movie she watched the night before and so she cut herself off from thinking any further than that.

Era finally stood up to her feet, coughing a little from her little freak out, and before she said her greeting, she found a lunch bag on top of Ryuuji's head. To most people, it was probably like regular food of hers, but to Era, it was like prey in front of the hunter. Mostly that was because she was such a glutton and starving from only getting a little breakfast. A little to her was like a whole breakfast to a regular person.

Immediately, the girl began to jump for the bag, chasing at Ryuuji and shouting, "F-food! Hey Hey! Can you lend me some? Please! Please!" She begged, "Lend me some here and I'll pay you back at the clubroom, yeah? Yeah?" She asked, walking backwards in the direction of the school since she also loved her friends and didn't want to be late for any of the supernatural meetings, but then again, food was also centered in her life.