Nina the Illusion (Illusive Nina)

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a character in “Claymore: Rise of the Abyssal Ones”, as played by HiddenNymph


Name: Nina
Nickname: Nina the Illusion (Illusive Nina)
Age: 22
Rank: 30
Type: Offensive
Sexuality: Asexual
Height:5ft 10”
Weight: 9 stone 2 pounds (muscle weight)

Abilities: She can greatly, but briefly, increase her speed too have exceptional agility to evade attacks while using her special ability leaving her after-images to confuse opponents

She does this by increasing the Yoki within her legs too give them power. This skill allows her to be able to move fast enough to make it seem as though she is about strike an opponent from one direction through an afterimage but is actually attacking from another.

-Recovery/regeneration: D- (III)
-Yoki Tolerance: F+ (II)
-Yoki Sensing: F (I)
-Yoki Manipulation: F-
-Power Rise: D+ (IIII)

Appearance: Large silver eyes they are the first things that draw your attention somewhat distracting you from the scar that runs in a line across her left cheek. Her hair is dull blonde boarding silver running in waves down to the small of her back as she has fringe cut not very neatly. Her body is slim along with her arms however her legs are incredibly well toned due to her technique. She also has slightly pointed ears a rare side effect to being a claymore.

Personality: Nina always carries a look of indifference with her large empty eyes; she doesn’t have much of an opinion towards others and also has a high tolerance for them only careing about getting the job done. She doesn’t agree with cruel treatment and walks away from others personal fights most of the time; however she also doesn’t treat people by their ranks and prefers to wonder alone rather than becoming absorbed with trivial things. What people wouldn’t guess is the turmoil of thoughts that lace through her mind as she questions practically everything around her, if something were to interest or bug her so much she would speak up probably shocking most of the people that know her since not much interests her. (more to be found out in RP)

Reputation: Nina is known to be tactful as she simply moves to complete a job, however her silence to most of the claymores she meets has them wondering who she is since she never mentions it. Sometimes her presence is almost like an illusion, this makes her difficult to communicate with. However recently the organisation has been recognising her leadership qualities since she carries a high tolerance and quick thinking, so now people are wondering what it is that makes her special since nearly no-one has ever seen her fight up close, those that have normally didn’t survive against the Yoma. But if her nickname is known people tend to hush at her presence in awe of her skill and respect for her tendency to not be prejudiced to lower ranks with her indifference.

Strong opponents
Flowers – Daisy’s
Warm food in an Inn
Fighting alone but works well as leader
Eating apples for pleasure

Awakened beings
Team mates dying under her command

Nina like practically all Claymores lost her family, she lived in a village where snow fell and an awakened being attacked her family though she did not know what one was at the time. Being the only survivor she was taken in by the organisation, and developed a hatred for awakened beings along with snow since it reminds her of her past.

So begins...

Nina the Illusion (Illusive Nina)'s Story