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Hisoka Yukimura

"What more can we do but continue fighting until we are too old? Let these powers to waste and wither along with time?"(MWIP)

0 · 755 views · located in London

a character in “Clocklock”, as played by aarondalea



I cannot let anyone be hurt in the multiple missions we accept- I cannot let anyone be sacrificed due to folly and miscalculations.

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♔ || Name || ♔
Hisoka Yukimura

♔ || Nickname(s) || ♔
Hisa | Yuki | Sokka
"Do not use these. If you do... Just call me by my actual name, okay? Anything else reminds me of...her..."
"Out of all the nicknames she gave me...this was the one that was exclusively hers..."

♔ || Age || ♔
18 |
"Hardship can really...force people to grow old faster than usual..."

♔ || Gender || ♔
"I hope you did catch that look of utter exasperation that I just shot at you, a few seconds ago. Five seconds ago, to be exact."

♔ || Sexuality || ♔
Heterosexual |
"But we do not have any time to think about this- not yet. Especially not I."

♔ || Face Claim || ♔
Hei | Darker than Black


♔ || Height || ♔
75kg | 165lbs

♔ || Weight || ♔
182cm | 6'0

♔ || Weapon(s) || ♔
Rapier || This rapier was specially made for Hisoka, taking into consideration his height, weight and even arm strength by the sword smith. The rapier itself weighs no more than 1.4 kilograms (3lbs), heavier than usual rapiers only due to Hisoka’s large arm strength, and is around 1.1m (3’6) long. Its width is around 2.5cm (0.98 inches) all the way to the extremely sharp tip that is as sharp as a surgery knife. The hilt itself is made out of meteor rock, fashioned in extreme heats to retain the dark, near black color of the original rock itself. To soften the grip of the sword, the hilt is wrapped around with black-dyed leather, once again enhancing the contrast between the dark hilt and the bright blade. The blade is made of pure iron, made specifically for the ‘destruction’ of ghosts. The sheath is also made of a black-painted wood, unique only due to its blunt end. There are no engravings on the sheath or the blade. Hisoka especially treasures this sword, for reasons most people do not know; Hisoka has never told anyone why exactly, either, as he would rather it be a secret that he takes to the grave.

Back-up Rapier || Hisoka’s back-up blade, especially when he wishes to use dual-sword fighting techniques. The dimensions of the rapier are nearly exact as Hisoka’s main rapier, though he sometimes shows a bit of discomfort while using it. The hilt is made out of iron coated with melted gold, and fashioned in a way that Hisoka believes too gaudy and showy. The hilt is wrapped around with brown leather, soft to the touch and obviously underused. On each side of the blade, engravings are expertly carved onto the blade, though the engravings, by now, are too blurry for anyone to really decipher. Once again, this is a secret that Hisoka would rather keep to himself, and he rarely ever talks about the origin of this back-up rapier as well.

♔ || Secret || ♔
His ‘Girlfriend’ || Yuki’s death occurred when Hisoka was 16 years old, still a young boy just starting out as the co-Leader for Clocklock. With her ghost-sensing abilities in mind, Hisoka had dragged Yuki into Clocklock without a second thought, believing that she would somehow benefit from the experience- and that the two of them could be together longer and for extended periods of time. The two had been extremely close, constantly working as a team; Hisoka’s laughter could be heard anywhere, though he always made sure to stay serious and on-task. However, when Clocklock was still two months old, Yuki went on a mission herself- to find her long dead parents who had died in a freak accident. Though Hisoka had persuaded her to not do so, she followed her gut instinct, believing that the two malignant ghosts would not harm their now grown up daughter.

She thought wrong- and Hisoka had arrived late. All that he could find of Yuki was the ribbon he had given to her when they had first started dating all the way back when they were just 13-years-old, defiant and young. Yuki was not heard of afterwards; Hisoka also disappeared thereafter, hunting Yuki across the globe in an attempt to find her- and then she appeared in front of him as a Ghost.

⊱ Death Wish || Hisoka has been, for the past two years, slowly planning his death. He wishes no more than to join Yuki in the afterlife, but something is holding him back. This is not just his responsibility towards Anthony and Clocklock…but something else.
"I feel as if...I must live on just for her. I feel as if she wishes that I continue on without her, to move on. But I don't know if I can..."

♔ || Personality || ♔

Stern | Strict | Pragmatic | Controlling | Capable | Intelligent | Dutiful | Meticulous | Authoritarian | Determined
“What more can a person do besides close themselves off, especially when they loose something that they so dearly keep close to their heart?”
Hisoka was not born, nor did he grow up, the way he is today. At the time, Hisoka was a generally joking, optimistic teenager that had a heart filled with love- both of his own to others, and from others to himself. But when that happened, Hisoka closed off to everyone around him, even Anthony. He shoved off his old image, shirking it with haste as he fell quickly into the pits of depression and anger, mourning his loss of Yuki.

Hisoka’s temper turned from easy-going to extremely taut and tense; now, an error in the tiniest of details can elicit a snap or a nagging by Hisoka, as it can drive him to the limits of anger as well. His patience is close to a near minimum as well, causing him to rarely wait for anyone at all if they are not on time. Anything related to time is, in Hisoka’s eyes, a extremely important- especially large project that Anthony accepts for Clocklock. He would rather put his own life on the line than allow someone else to sacrifice their own during a mission. Many have attributed this sort of behavior as “impatience”, claiming that though Hisoka is determined, he does not have the ability to control his need to finish tasks- that he does not have time for others in his life. But what Hisoka truly feels is a fear, a duty to protect others due to his enhanced powers in the ways of hearing, seeing, and feeling ghosts and due to his trained battling skills.

While on missions, though he has bad research abilities- something he is trying to cope with- Hisoka is extremely careful with whatever he does. He makes sure that no mistake passes through his eyes, and that his group overlooks no clue or hint. When he sets himself on a plan, Hisoka rarely ever deviates from it, the same as to how he regards his relationships with other people. This is also what he expects from others as well, though he knows that few can do what he believes should be done.


♔ || Likes || ♔

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♔ || Dislikes || ♔

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♔ || Fears || ♔

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♔ || Talents || ♔

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♔ || Flaws || ♔

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♔ || Bio || ♔

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So begins...

Hisoka Yukimura's Story