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Rhiannon Kaufman

"Is everyone okay"?

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a character in “Clocklock”, as played by Princess Silkiesoft




Don't get so worried everything always works out in the end.

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♔ || Name || ♔
Rhiannon Kaufman

♔ || Nickname(s) || ♔
Ray, Rhia

♔ || Age || ♔

♔ || Gender || ♔

♔ || Sexuality || ♔

♔ || Face Claim || ♔
Suzume Yosano||Hirunaka no Ryuusei


♔ || Height || ♔

♔ || Weight || ♔
110 lbs

♔ || Weapon(s) || ♔
The rapier is the weapon of choice for Clocklock, but Rhiannon is not that proficient with it it kind of frightens her a bit.

♔ || Secret || ♔
⊱ She grew up in a home haunted by the spirit of a young girl.
⊱ She wonders if the spirits that have used Ghost Touch are truly spirits of a malevolent nature.
⊱ She wonders if the work that Clocklock does is hindering or helping the spirits.

♔ || Personality || ♔
{Kind-Hearted} | {Gentle} | {Motherly} | {Worrisome} | {Forgetful} | {Happy} | {Open-minded} | {Dislikes being alone}


Rhiannon is very loving and kind hearted she does her best to help any and everyone, even if the person might not be the nicest person in the world. When someone is sad or hurt, she has an amazing ability to empathize with them. She feels what they feel, Rhiannon even feels for the spirits that Clocklock works with. She feels that even though they are just ghosts, that they were once living people that deserve respect just like those who are living. Now this may grate against the beliefs of some people, but she tends to do this because she was brought up to respect her fellow beings, alive or dead.


Rhiannon has a way of getting people to do what she wants, now that might sound kind of negative out of context but the truth goes along the old adage "You catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar". We can all suppose that this is due to her mother, her mother was the type of person to sit down quietly with you and talk about something she would like you to aspire to be. A very positive reinforcement upbringing, she picks her battles chooses what really should be a concern and what can really just be let go and not stressed about. In this people tend to do what she asks cause she reasonable and just all around nice about asking you to do it. Please, and thank you, are always said even if its something as simple as passing a pencil.


Growing up in a large family, being the oldest of five children definitely can make you be a very motherly type of person. Especially when one of the children turns out sickly. Rhiannon's youngest sibling was that child, so she worked hard to help with her other younger siblings while her mother worked hard to care of her sister. Things were not always easy, especially since their father worked allot to pay the bills. So naturally Rhiannon thinks of other's in much the same way as her siblings when she's at home. It can get on her friends nerves especially when she starts to worry over them, like an old mother hen. Despite this they know that she means well by it, and it shows that she truly does care for them.


Like any motherly type of person Rhiannon worries about everything, whether its someone else's health, or if someone is upset. She constantly thinks of someone other than herself. Now this can be a positive and a negative, the positive being is that she shows that she cares for someone when she worries about them. But the fact that she often times over looks her own needs, while worrying about someone else, is not healthy for her.


Rhiannon is one of the most forgetful people you could ever meet, and it can be a bit annoying especially on investigations when she's asking to borrow equipment because she forgot hers. It doesn't seem to matter what she does to try to remember something, she still doesn't manage to remember. Whether it's miles of sticky notes that tend to get lost, having a calendar to write down everything, even going as far as tying a string around her finger and then forgetting what she tied the string on her finger for. She just can never manage to remember, so it's always best if someone doesn't ask her to bring something cause she'll probably forget it.


All around Rhiannon is a pretty happy person and she does her bet to make those around her happy to. She can be a bit silly at times, and even a little eccentric, but it's all in good fun. She loves to see people smile and laugh especially if they had been feeling upset or sad before hand. She strives to try to cheer her friends up, and if that doesn't work she tries to find something else. To the point it might get annoying to some people, but all in all she means well, and they can always rely on her to try to brighten the day.


Rhiannon has always been open to the possibilities of just about anything. After working with Clocklock nothing really surprises her any more, but also growing up in a very open and accepting home, makes her willing to accept anyone for whatever they might be. She wants to be friends with everyone, even if they may not want to be friends with her. She does her best to try to include everyone even someone that typically might be outcast.


Rhiannon definitely doesn't like being by herself, this probably stems from the fact that she has four siblings and is just used to always having someone else around. It's a security sort of thing for her.


♔ || Likes || ♔
✓ Cats
✓ Tea
✓ Reading
✓ Children
✓ Chocolate

♔ || Dislikes || ♔
✗ Forgetting something
✗ Bullies
✗ Seeing someone she cares about ill.
✗ Large dogs
✗ Messing up a meal.

♔ || Fears || ♔
✄ Being alone
✄ Something bad happening to someone she cares for.
✄ Breaking a bone

♔ || Talents || ♔
â˜ŧ Observant
â˜ŧ Strong moral code.
â˜ŧ Ability to empathize.
â˜ŧ Ability to see spirits.
â˜ŧ Ability to hear spirits.

♔ || Flaws || ♔
✎ Forgetfulness
✎ Worries too much.
✎ Inept in sword fighting.

♔ || Bio || ♔
How to describe, Rhiannon's life if is fairly... typical at least when it comes to the interactions between the family it's self. They all are very close and love each other very much, not exactly the most wealthy family but with her father working two jobs they managed to get by. Her mother had no choice but to quit her job in a factory after the birth of Rhiannon's baby sister Lilly. Being the eldest of five children has not always been the easiest, but it has instilled in her a feeling of love and affection for her younger sibling that many other girls her age don't have.

The home in which the family occupies was inherited by her father when his aunt passed away, this at first was a God send to the growing family but as time went along it became apparent that everything was not... right. Eventually, Rhiannon came face to face with what was making her uneasy, she was awoken in the middle of the night by a tug on her arm. Thinking it was one of her brother's or sisters, but what she saw the ghost of a little girl standing next to her bed. Rhiannon was in so much shock she could even speak or move she just laid there looking at the ghost for a moment. No face, completely transparent, it was definitely unnerving for her, till finally the girl turned around, floated out of her bedroom through the wall. The next morning, her mother worried asked why she looked so tired, not sure of what to say Rhiannon just said she had a nightmare. Eventually other strange occurrences began to happen around the house, so much so that her parents began to notice something was off. Rhiannon was frequented by the ghost, in much the same manner as the first night, a tug on the arm, a moment of silence, and then the spirit would leave. She still was afraid to say something to her parents about it until one day, Rhiannon's mother made the comment that Lilly, must have developed an imaginary friend. Lilly was a sickly girl, with a weak heart, that spent allot of time laying in her bed, or quietly playing in her room, so to most this would not be too much of a surprise, the other children kept their distance just to try to keep Lilly as healthy as possible. But with the visitations from the ghost, Rhiannon worried that the 'imaginary friend' was the spirit that frequented her room so often at night.

Rhiannon sat down with her little sister, asking her about her new 'friend'. Lilly just smiled.

"It's a little girl named Emma, she likes to come through the wall at night, we play games, and with our bears. She says she's looking for her Mommy and she's lost. I told her she can stay here until her Mommy comes back for her, that our Mommy and Daddy are very nice and would take care of her too, and you too sissy!"

That was a nail in the coffin for Rhiannon, she immediately went to her mother and told her of the things that had been happening to her at night and that now the little ghost was interacting with Lilly. Rhiannon was surprised when her mother sat her down, and told her that she had been experiencing very much the same thing at night as well, except that she could not see anything after there was a tug on her arm. She also explained that the nights that Rhiannon's father was home, he was experiencing something similar as well, and that there have been other things like, things going missing and turning up later somewhere else, coming into the kitchen one minute with everything in order, then returning the next to find all the lower cabinet doors open. But the most sad thing that Rhiannon's mother told her was this, the aunt that her father had inherited the home from, had a young daughter that had died very young in an accident falling down the cellar steps, and that the little girls name had been Emma. Rhiannon was determined that the next time the ghost, came to her in the night that she would tell the little girl that her mother had passed on... and that she should join her mother on the other side, in hopes that the child would no longer be in limbo between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

The night came as predicted, the same as every time before, the tug on the arm and the faceless child appearing before Rhiannon's very eyes. Except this time Rhiannon wasn't as scared, she had to think to herself that this child was a member of her family, her father's cousin, and she deserved to be with her mother Rhiannon had no idea whether it would work or not, but it was worth a shot.

"Emma.... sweetie, you're dead honey. I hope you're old enough to understand what that means, and you're mommy isn't here anymore cause.... she died too. You have to go to the other side to find her, don't be afraid, I'm sure you're mommy is waiting for you there. Thank you for being Lilly's friend, she had lots of fun playing with you, but you need to go, you'll be allot happier there with your mother".

In an instant the blank visage that Rhiannon typically saw on the spirit child's face melted away and her features formed on her face, it was amazing to Rhiannon how much she resembled Lilly in that aspect. The little girl smiled and nodded, and said nothing but a simple "Thank you". After that, there were never the problems that they had before, there were still some nightly visits but never in the frequency as they were before. The family just became accustomed to Emma's occasional visits, and would just smile and say that she had come to visit and check up on the family.

These experiences fueled something in Rhiannon, a feeling that she could help other spirits like she did Emma, and she was curious if their were other people in this world that experienced the same sort of things that she had. This led her to Clocklock, and that as they say is history, however Rhiannon questions allot of their methods. She has never had any experience with a malevolent spirit and wonders if something like that truly exists. She hasn't had the same experience that she had with Emma, where she communicated and the spirit did so in return. However she can see and hear them, which is an asset within Clocklock.
♔ || Other || ♔

Lawrence Kaufman

Olivia Kaufman

-Eldest Brother & second child-
Andrew Kaufman
Age: Fifteen

-Sister & third child-
Miriam Kaufman
Age: Thirteen

-Brother & fourth child-
Ethan Kaufman
Age: Nine

-Sister & youngest-
Lilly Kaufman
Age: Five

So begins...

Rhiannon Kaufman's Story