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Raiden Mikado Ryugamine

"I don't care about you. My only concerns are my friends and I, the rest of the world can burn."

0 · 591 views · located in Earth, Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Clocks”, as played by libidinosus





Clock #4

Male (Changeable at will)

Ryu/ Rai/


║Love Interest║

║Face Claim║
Koyomi Araragi

Asexual | Panromantic



5'8" (Changeable at will)

170lbs (Not constant)

Swimmer's (Changeable at will)

║Hair Color║
Black (Changeable at will)

║Eye Color║
Blue (Changeable at will)


If you were to ask two different people what Ryu looks like, you'd get a different description from each person. Neither would be wrong, but neither would be necessarily right. They both would be describing what Ryu looked like at that moment. This is due to the fact that Ryu can, for lack of better words, shapeshift.



  • Ryu tends to play with a strand of his hair when deep in thought.
  • Ryu does occasionally tend to get a bit too invested when transformed, occasionally forgetting that he's not the creature/person he's changed into.
  • Ryu has a small obsession with time and how it works.

Manipulation- Manipulation is, to say the least, a cliche skill. Still, it is one that Ryu is very well versed in. He can, if you're not careful, make you believe that the person you've hated most is your best friend and that the person you've loved most is your worse enemy. After all, it only takes a few carefully placed half-truths to get rumors spreading, and we all know what rumors can devolve into.

Eidetic Memory-
Although this may not be considered a skill, it will be listed as such. Due to his increased healing ability, Ryu's mind does not lose the cells that control memory. He can and will, regardless of whether or not he wants to, remember everything that happens to him. This does however, have its own cons. For one, he cannot choose what he remembers. This means that he'll remember nightmares. There's also the fact that his dreams are much more vivid than those of others, but that's not the point. Second off, he remembers things as he experienced them. For example, he may remember seeing someone stealing something, but he wont know why they did so unless he can correctly deduce their motives or he's told himself. This means that his knowledge can be incorrect.

Mixed Martial Arts- Self-protection is a very important thing. Ryu understands this perfectly well. He has taken classes in different forms of martial arts and can protect himself in hand-to-hand combat easily enough. In all honesty though, this is probably useless against monsters and superpowered beings.

Weapons Usage- Ryu knows how to use a gun, theoretically that is. He hasn't actually shot one before and would most likely make amateurish mistakes, but he could most likely pick up how to use one easily.

║Power║ - Shapeshifting
His form of shapeshifting, although versatile, is limited in some aspects. For one, he can only change should he have enough energy to do so. For example, he cannot change into a fifty foot monster without having enough energy to do so. To his luck however, he can take in thermal, electrical, and chemical energy. Should he take too much energy at one time however, he may overload and temporarily loose control of his ability.

Superhuman Healing-
Ryu can, due to his shapeshifting ability, heal his body from wounds that would be grievous to normal humans. Or rather, his body heals him as it sees fit. There are however, cons to this. For one, he cannot consciously control this. His body will, regardless of context, heal him should it be harmed. This means that a person can, if they have him subdued, hurt him enough that his body uses up most of his energy to heal him. This would make him unable to shift his body. Second off, sedatives don't work on his body. This may seem, at first glance, a pro. This does however, mean that he cannot take medicine for pain. He will, whether or not he likes it, feel any and all pain inflicted on him unless he manages to somehow get around it. And lastly, his body has a safelock. If he takes too much damage in a shifted form, his body will revert to its 'default' state and he will be asleep. Ryu can, in fact, die. To get him to die, you'd have to exhaust him and get him to have low amounts of energy. If you manage to do so, he wont have enough energy to regenerate wounds and will most likely die.

Changeable Speed- Ryu does, due to his shapeshifting ability, have the capability of making his body great for speed. As such, he can make his legs powerful enough to carry him at high speeds. He cannot however, go faster than 40mph or risk losing control. There are obvious cons to this. For one, it is hard for him to stop once he has reached high velocities. This means that he may and most likely will crash into buildings if he isn't careful. Second off, he must have finesse. If he is running fast and even trips once, he'll go tumbling at high speeds and will end up bruised. Lastly, it takes energy to keep up a constant pace. He will most likely not get tired quickly, but running for too long will inevitably tire him.

Changeable Strength- Ryu can control his muscle mass and in turn, how much strength he has. At most, without intense damage to his body, he can exert 2,000kgs of brute strength for a short time. Normally however, he's simply strong enough to carry 200lbs easily. The cons of his ability are simple. For one, his body can and will break if put under too much stress. Overexerting himself is a very possible thing. Second off, he cannot increase his strength by too much for too long or risk losing energy very quickly. Lastly, he will get heavier the more he makes himself stronger. This can and will make him slower, making him an easy target.

  • H.P. Lovecraft
  • Literature
  • Money
  • Control
  • Monsters

  • Religion
  • Raisins
  • Anarchy
  • Crowds
  • Apathy

  • Martial Arts
  • Disassembling machines
  • Reading
  • Psychoanalyzing People
  • Writing

  • Myrmecophobia - fear of ants - Ryu does, believe it or not, fear ants. He does not fear them enough to run away at the sight of them, but having one actually touch him does terrify him.
  • Merinthophobia - fear of being bound or tied up - Ryu does have a very acute fear of being trapped or locked, to the point of attempting escape out of any situation that may hold him down. He doesn't like not being in control.
  • Agliophobia - fear of pain - It isn't necessarily pain itself that Ryu fears, but its more of the idea of pain. You could get a better reaction if you taunt him with the idea of pain than if you'd actually inflict it on him. After all, he heals from most wounds and could be subjected to hours upon hours of gruesome pain.

"Self preservation and enjoyment trump all."

Manipulative, Logical, Human, and Loyal

Ryu is by no means a hero, but he isn't necessarily a villain either. He'll slaughter a million innocents if it means saving his own life and he'll save a million villains if it means saving his own life. He's a selfish person, to say the least.

Ryu is by no means an idiot, he may just be one of the most intelligent beings around. His mind is a trap of knowledge and a way for him to process it. He can, not that he would, recite all of Shakespeare to you. To actually convince him to do so however, is a challenge in it self. He will not go out of his way to help someone he does not care about. He is loyal, but only to himself and his friends. If he ends up helping you and you do not know him, you can either assume that you have something he wants or that he's bored.

Ryu is not however, an apathetic person. He has emotions. He is, although not physically, mentally human. He can hide his emotions well, but he still has them. He'll cry if something makes him do so, he'll get angered if pushed too much, and he'll feel fear. While on the topic of fear, he isn't a very courageous person. If something scares him, his 'fight or flight' instinct will kick in. Most of the time however, he'll fight blindly out of fear. As such, it is inadvisable for you to scare him as a joke, seeing as you may end up with a broken nose.

Ryu does have a tendency to suddenly get serious. If he sees something as a threat, he'll block off all emotion and begin thinking of ways to neutralize said threat. If you dare to lay a finger on one of his friends, you may find that your hand is now gone. He operates on the system of 'an arm for an eye.' After all, they cant take your other eye if they're missing an arm.

He understands the unspoken rules of fighting perfectly well. Do not injure an opponent if they're already down. He does just that, hit a downed opponent. People fear monsters, not humans, so he'll have to become a monster. It's simple and effective logic, albeit a bit sadistic and pessimistic.



║Relationship Status║

Izaya Ryugamine | Father | Alive |- Izaya Ryugamine is, to say the least, a very volatile person. He holds most people in contempt and holds family above all else. Ryu does talk with his father, but he doesn't hold any particular loyalty.
Nagisa | Mother | Dead | - No relationship nor attachment.

║Personal History║ ♪Torinoko City | 40meterP ♪
Logic, solitude, and knowledge

Those were the three things that ruled Ryu's life.

He was born to Izaya Ryugamine and Nagisa in Japan, his mother dying shortly after he was born. Izaya, his father, was the CEO of a scientific company that focused on creating new and efficient machines. As such, Ryu was expected to be a genius and to be able to work directly with his father's company. He was forced encouraged to study and to focus on memorizing theorems, equations, numbers, and the such. Studying was made a focal point of his life at an early age.

Ryu entered school easily enough, but he didn't necessarily do good socially. He had been, to say the least, a shy and introverted kid. He preferred to stay to himself and comfort himself with numbers. He did exceptionally well in his studies and was easily at the top of his school, but this did not help his social rank. To be frank, he wasn't very popular, but he wasn't conspicuous enough to be made a target. He simply blended into the background of the school, not being bothered nor often spoken to.

Ryu didn't make very many friends. He, most of the time, simply stayed back and watched. He was, to himself, an observer. He noticed how people were, memorized them, and managed to use their predictability to his advantage. He stayed inconspicuous and, as such, never had his 'ability' revealed to people other than a very select few.

It wasn't necessarily a bad life, but it wasn't particularly endearing. It was, to be frank, bland. He ended up climbing out of his shell, getting into fights, and changing his outlook on life. If you were to have known him before, you'd be surprised at how he is now.


So begins...

Raiden Mikado Ryugamine's Story