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"Everything that has existed, lingers in the Eternity."

0 · 630 views · located in Earth, Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Clocks”, as played by InfamousParadox




♠ Theme Song ♠
Fix You || Coldplay

♠ Emotional Song ♠
Time || Hans Zimmer

♠ Fighting Song ♠
Time is Running Out || Muse


Image♠ Race ♠
♠ Role ♠
Clock Fixer #2, Second in Command
♠ Gender ♠
♠ Nicknames ♠
Seb || Simply a way to shorten his name, spoken by many.
Sky || A more personal name he's received from his fellow Clock Fixers, mainly due to his hair and eye color.
♠ Age ♠
Ageless || To the human eye he appears to be in his mid-twenties.
♠ Sexuality ♠
Asexual || Lack of sexual attraction and sexual interest towards others. However, he may engage in purely romantic relationships and still feel his own sort of deep love for a person.
♠ Love Interest ♠
Shield || "Eternal love for an eternal being. She taught me what it meant to love all those years ago, and that has forever changed who I am. However, since the death of the Clockmaker, Shield has completely changed and become shut-off from every Clock Fixer. I will forever hold onto the hope that the girl I stood with at the beginning of time is still a part of her now."
♠ Face Claim ♠
Karoku Arumerita


Image♠ Height ♠
♠ Weight ♠
♠ Build ♠
♠ Hair Color ♠
Sky Blue
♠ Eye Color ♠
Sky Blue, mixed with flecks of bright, neon blue; giving his eyes a sense of curious wonder.
♠ Body Markings ♠
He was never a fighter; he left that to the other Clock Fixers. Being this passive, he does not have scars or battle wounds. The rest of his skin is clear of piercings, tattoos, and other markings.
♠ Physical Description ♠
Sebastian has short, messy sky blue hair and matching sky blue eyes, which contrast highly with his fair skin. He has angular eyes, high and defined cheekbones and a sharp jaw. His slender body is lean but not so skinny as to be considered unhealthy or underweight. His muscle tone is evident due to a lack of body fat, but the muscles aren’t well-defined as they would be in a fighter. Because of the long, thin nature of his limbs, fingers, and body, he often appears taller than he already is. With great effort, his movements are usually steady and controlled. His usual clothes usually appear wrinkled but are still very clean. A notable feature is his accent, mostly due to the amount of time he spent in London a few decades ago. His voice is smooth and calm, but still able to get someone's attention when he needs it. His preferred clothing consists of a white button-up shirt, usually with the top few buttons undone, exposing his collar bones, combined with dark dress pants, usually wrinkled and slightly loose-fitting. He normally has no other accessories and dislikes wearing shoes and socks and avoids so when he can. He prefers simplicity and comfort, but if an occasion calls for it, he will choose an outfit accordingly.


♠ Skills ♠
ImagePatience || Next to the Primary, he is the most patient of the Clock Fixers. Being patient doesn't mean to just sit there and wait, he waits for a purpose. For that purpose, he does whatever he can to control his emotions and to fight his first impulses. In other words, patience implies a huge dose of doing what he actually doesn't want to do and implies hurting to some extent.
Documentation || His years as the informant of the Clock Fixers quickly formed him into an expert at documenting events. Whether it be significant world events or individual events, he records it. At the Center of the Universe is where he keeps his information, the Library. He's devoted all of his life and effort to maintaining the Library. Although most of it appears as book, the words can appear and wisp through the air like golden threads, in the same way as he can write these golden threads into the air and they transfer into books. He's advanced his documentation ability so much so that he doesn't even have to be present in the Library itself. While he is absent, the Library appears to be recording history on it's own, like an entity. It is a gateway into all the information he knows, though nothing personal to Sebastian's thoughts and feelings is stored there. Just like the Universe, there seems to be no end to his Library.
Researching || With all the information he has collected, he is able to find and report specific information to his fellow Clock Fixers, especially information concerning the Clocks that are on Earth. He takes special interest in their lives and carefully keeps watch on and over them. He is able to assist anyone seeking information.
Memorization || Excellent memory, yet disorganized. He always has so much going on in his head, and it can be difficult for him to completely differentiate one event from the next, especially with older events. However, he still knows his Library thoroughly. After all, he created every single part of and in it. While his own recollecting can be a disorganized mess, he knows exactly where to find any sort of information within his Library.

♠ In Common Clock Fixer Powers ♠
Doorway Teleportation, Fixing "Clocks", and Lifespan Detection

♠ Individual Power ♠
ImageClairsentience || He obtains historical memories or sensations concerning beings and objects he can observe by his senses, specifically touch. With objects, he gains the knowledge including the makers, users, and even those who have on passing used the object, and what has been done with it. With living beings, or parts of the body, he learns their general life history, but doesn't gain anything of what they were thinking or feeling. He must be able to observe the object by touching them, none of his other senses work with this power. Users of various psychic shields are either immune of highly resistant.

By touching an object, he is capable of having visions about the past of the object. When he was first created, he initially had difficulties in controlling his ability; he involuntarily saw flashes of this own creation, over and over. The intensity of such visions can vary, ranging from "mental images" and "dream-like visions" to a realistic "out-of-body" experience. Nowadays, Sebastian seems to have complete control of his ability and is capable of having a vision while maintaining consciousness outside of his vision. He is capable of collecting the "surface memory" of an object, or with a little more concentration, searching deeper into the object's past. While he can not read into feelings or emotions of the people he touches, he can experience physical pain inflicted on them in the past.

    History absorption || While he can absorb history of objects, he can also clear the object in question of it's previous history, though he rarely does. All that history and memories can give him a major headache. The excess of history he has accumulated over his entire life has slowly been causing him to have more visions and hallucinations when he is not in contact with an object or person.
    Linguistic Assimilation || To decipher and obtain the language of others no matter how very old or new it is. He may posses an object who belonged to those that spoke the language or a living (in some cases non-living) being that speaks said language.
    Psychometric Reflexes || To learn skills and abilities from objects or people. This extends to "Weapon Mastery": to have full mastery and knowledge on any weapon in on hand or contact. When using guns, bows or long-ranged weapons he can reach in to the previous users, thus gathering previous information and allowing him to aim accurately. However, this is only temporary, in order to obtain the skill or ability once more he needs to touch the object or person which holds said knowledge again.
    Temporal Replay || To mentally and visibly project moments in time for observation. He does this through his books: projecting images and writing words through the air and then converting them into books in his Library.

♠ Likes ♠
Pocket Watches || Although his interest is clocks is self explanatory, he really does admire them in all their forms. Aside from the Clockwork themselves, his favorite variation is pocket watches. He has a strange and diverse collection of them in the main lobby of his Library. When he started learning to control his Clairsentience, pocket watches always seemed to have his favorite histories. It has been years since he's touched any items in his pocket watch collection.
Storms || Whether it be a lightning storm or a cosmic storm, he finds beauty in such immense natural, uncontrollable power. He also admires contrasting stillness.
Music || Anything instrumental, mainly cello and piano, which are his favorite instruments. Whenever he has the time, he plays his own music in his Library.
Butterflies || They randomly flutter throughout his Library. He's been in love with their beautiful delicacy ever since he first saw them. He's made a point as to collection ever single butterfly species that has ever lived on Earth. They vary in size from a pea to larger than a hand, and colors even more so, from black and grey to neon pink and blue and everything in between.
Books || Holidays || Languages || Strawberries || Tea || Reading || Ice cream || Sushi || Opera || Cleanliness || Piano || Cello || Red tulips || Gardens || Rain || Spring || Travel || White hot chocolate || Chocolate || Dogs || Thunderstorms || The scent of lilac || Sea || Nature

♠ Dislikes ♠
Solitude || He spends most of his time alone, since the other Clock Fixers aren't usually spending their time in his Library and have their own duties to complete. He keeps himself "company" through music and his butterflies. Complete solitude with nothing to focus on causes his relatively recent hallucinations to become worse and even more frightening.
Physical Contact || No matter who the person is, they all have a powerful history, often filled with suffering and pain. If he is to touch someone, it's not the memories that bother him, it's the physical pain. Also, so much information is stored into one individual that it can often be much more overwhelming than an object.
Cats || He finds their superior attitude to be quite annoying, and they would often chase and harm his butterflies before he brought them to his Library.
Watery Hot Chocolate || It's the worst, and he really likes his sweet hot chocolate.
Arachnids || Fear || Liars || Darkness || Being angry || Fighting || Death || Halloween || Violence || Polluted air || Soda || Red meat || Cold || Deserts

♠ Hobbies ♠
Calligraphy || The art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner. With all the time he's spent in his Library and all the information he's gathered, he's learned to have very elegant writing, and can also replicate anyone's writing or documents.
The Arts || Because of his constant pursuit of knowledge, he loves learning from all sorts of people, often recorded as famous or significant throughout history, specifically Earth's. His skills can range from painting and sculpting to languages and cooking extravagant meals and desserts.
Composing || Branching from his Clairsentience has come his knowledge and love for music. Because he can learn to play an instrument so quickly, and through repeated contact, he has mastered his favorites; the cello and the piano, both of which he has composed music for.
Chocolate || Chocolate making and chocolatier; he loves making his own sweets and crafting his own creations, all sorts of sweet and interesting combinations of chocolates.
Sculpting || Often as a way to document people, objects, or places, he enjoys sculpting and decorates his Library with all sorts of figures. He's even carved all the details throughout the Library including railings and pillars.

♠ Phobia ♠
ImageAgateophobia || Fear of insanity. Occasionally, and more often then he will admit, Sebastian has "episodes" where he suffers a significant loss of contact with reality. He may see or hear things that don’t exist. With such a blurred line between the real and the imaginary, it has become difficult—even frightening—to negotiate the activities of daily life. He often has hallucinations: sounds or other sensations experienced as real when they exist only in the mind. For him, auditory hallucinations and visual hallucinations are most common. Sometimes, these hallucinations are meaningful, others, are nonsensical. Many times, the voices are those of someone he knows, often that of the Clockmaker. Hallucinations also tend to be worse when he is alone, so he's developed a strong attachment to his fellow Clock Fixers who have lived with him throughout eternity.

♠ Personality ♠
Curious || Intelligent || Kind || Honest || Empathetic

Sebastian is marked by a desire to investigate and learn, a naturally inquisitive nature, and the optimistic belief that there is always something more to be learned. When others see problems or inconveniences, he sees an opportunity to gain knowledge. His curiosity can make him adventurous at times, spurring him on to do things others wouldn't do. He is very knowledgeable, both in a general way and something specific: the Clocks. He can occasionally involve himself in things he shouldn't. Despite the rest of his nature, he is often impulsive, acting without thinking when an opportunity arrives. He can range from being single-minded to a fault, focused on his pursuit, or hopelessly distracted, following whatever rabbit trail appears before him.

He is an intellectual; he has a lot of knowledge, and can therefore offer information when it's needed. Sebastian is a good problem-solver, which is always helpful in a pinch. He has a lot of experience researching, mostly due to his curiosity and constant pursuit of new knowledge, and therefore is good at getting to the root of things. He isn't often led astray by slant or biased viewpoints.

Since Sebastian has a strong sense of kinship with his fellow Clock Fixers, he has and inclination to offer help and lift their spirit: to be kind. He is genuine and forthright, and his giving nature and positive attitude draws people in. Observant and a great listener, he uses his intuitive sense and provides an uplifting word or act when another needs it most. Most kindhearted people see it as their duty to help when and where they can, even when it requires a sacrifice of some sort. However, he also commonly refuses help or doesn't let others know when he needs it, with the critical exception of reporting to the Leader serious matters that cannot be handled alone. Along with this, Sebastian is known to be forthright, truthful, candid: and overall honest person. He is seen as trustworthy and without dark ulterior motives--if they did they would be viewed as manipulative, not honest. He can be heavily relied on during tight situations and stressful times.

Sebastian is capable of great love and acceptance. Naturally empathetic, he will often do whatever he can to alleviate the suffering of others, and is capable of a deep level of understanding and connectedness that is rarely found. As such, he makes a strong confidant, a true friend, and does well in supportive role as Second in Command. The necessity for survival is the adaptation of strong emotional armor that protects him from being continually hurt. If he is bombarded by stimulus and feels overwhelmed, he can 'shut down' mentally; such was the case when the Clockmaker sacrificed himself in order for the continuation of the Grand Clock.


♠ Relationship Status ♠

♠ Family ♠
The Clockmaker, his creator. Sebastian always had a hard time considering himself "family" with anyone, since it seemed like such a mundane term. He does, however, consider himself interconnected with his maker and the other Clockwork.

♠ Personal History ♠
ImageImageUnlike a human, Sebastian had no childhood. When he was created by the Clockmaker, he became what he was, is, and always will be. He remembers the beginning of it all, it was his favorite memory, and one of the few he could remember clearly. At the Center of the Universe, he stood on a glass lake, looking outwards to the stars and cosmos that blasted colors of purples and blues all over the sky and reflection of the lake. Glowing particles rose from the ground, hovering up into the air like tiny stars themselves. Along with that perfect picture in his memory, was the person who stood beside him: Shield, his fellow Clock Fixer. She was there at the beginning of time, and forever remains. For that silent moment, they stood there, watching the beginning of the Universe unfold before them. He even has the faint memory that he saw her smile.

For eons, Sebastian traveled throughout the universe, documenting it's history even then as he always has. He took a special interest in Earth; it was like no other planet he had ever visited before. His favorite time period was Earth's relative recent history, when it was inhabited by Humans. Their lives were so fleeting, and yet they did some amazing or terrible things to each other in such short periods. Events ranging from genocides to buying a loved one flowers, and he was stunned by each event. As fleeting, as significantly short, as was the Human life span in comparison to his own, he always found himself attached to the Humans. Even if he made the foolish decision to have a personal relationship with a Human, it soon ended, for they are bound to mortality. Sebastian's thoughts always turned back to Shield, to that day on the glass lake, and how they were both forever trapped in a timeless life.

Although he spent much of his early time traveling, Sebastian spent just as much time crafting his Library. He would also return to the Center of the Universe when he was summoned by the Clockmaker or the Primary. While he was away, the tragedy occurred. The Primary had forgotten to wind the Grand Clock, leading to the Clockmaker's sacrifice. Although he was not at the Center, he could feel the even resonate through his entire being. The ticking, everything, slowed. A seemingly endless gap of time froze him before everything burst back into motion. His first thought was to the Grand Clock, and he feared what he already knew had happened.

"Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time
to describe that tiny instant of all eternity
when you put your arms around me
and I put my arms around you."



So begins...

Sebastian's Story