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Wulfric Enns Lockwood

"I cannot refrain myself from giving life to creatures of my imagination."

0 · 808 views · located in Earth, Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Clocks”, as played by aarondalea




║Theme Song║
Paranoid Android | Radiohead

║Emotional Song║
Gray Skies | Radical Face

║Fighting Song║
The Kill Ring | John powell



“Ever since I was a child, I was refused the right of calling myself a ‘human’ by my own parents. I do not see how I can associate with something that has been denied me since young.”

Clock #3


Wulfric | Wolf | En | Ennis


║Love Interest║

║Face Claim║
Takashi Natsume- Nastume Yuujinchou

“To be frank, I am not sure if…I can ever really find someone willing to be by my side…”




173cm || 5'7

64kg || 141lbs

Wulfric has a rather short, slim build. He is relatively sickly, and barely has any muscle build on his body. Many people have claimed that Wulfric is almost pretty much skin and bone- and that’s pretty much true, since Wulfric is extremely thin. It’s not that Wulfric is malnourished, it’s just that no matter how much he eats, he just cannot gain any weight at all.

║Hair Color║
Tan || Light Brown

║Eye Color║


Wulfric has light brown hair and light brown eyes, something he thinks is somewhat of a mixture between his Chinese mother and British father. He wears anything he can get his hands on, and these mainly are composed with hand-me-downs from his father. Thus, he tends to walk around with clothes that are at least two sizes too big. He tends to just wear formal wear that his father cannot wear anymore, tattered white shirts and black pants that are held up by pins and belts. He never really does have anything on him besides his clothes.

When walking, Wulfric tends to have a slight slouch, and keeps his head down as if avoiding the gazes of others. His hair has grown to cover his eyes partially, and is particularly shaggy at times. Wulfric tends to have a few wounds on his white skin due to little accidents he constantly runs into while daydreaming while walking.




  • Talking to ‘imaginary friends’|| This has been one of Wulfric’s main oddities ever since he was a child. When he walks around, when he’s in his room, when he is outside, he is always seen talking sporadically to an invisible figure, or so it seems. Obviously, some people think him to be mad because of this behavior- even his parents, until they found out he was a ‘clock’.
  • Flinching|| He can’t really stop his flinching when touching others. Even with his parents, Wulfric always flinches when they touch him. Otherwise, he is absolutely normal and rarely ever flinches. Contrary to what others think, he is not afraid of human contact nor does he have any sort of antisocial disorder.
  • Birthmark|| Wulfric has a small birthmark on the left side of his hip. However, the weird thing is that every three years or so, the hour hand moves by one increment. This has caused a lot of panic within the Lockwood family, but no matter what method they use, the birthmark always reappears on Wulfric’s hip, black and pronounced.

Hiding- Over the years, Wulfric has managed to perfect his ability to hide away from anyone and anything he doesn’t wish to see or meet. From running away fast to finding the best spot to hide in, Wulfric has expanded his skills in hiding to the point of near perfection.
It’s extremely easy for Wulfric to suddenly just disappear from large groups of people, small groups of people of the like. If he doesn’t wish for people to find him, it’s extremely easy for him to just up and walk away without anyone noticing. Only after a while will they finally realize that he has left and that they have almost no means of finding him, by phone, mail and even emails.
Drawing- Wulfric is extremely good at drawing, painting and even sculpting to some extent. He tends to follow along the more realistic portrayal of the subjects of his art pieces, though he sometimes roams into the realms of surrealism and cubism. What Wulfric has recently developed is to take his brushes and paint out onto the streets and just paint a small piece on a random wall, leaving his signature in white paint right beside the painting itself. His love for paintings stems from the fact that his father has only praised him once, and that was for one of his earlier paintings.
Writing- After many years of floundering with formal essays, Wulfric finally chanced upon the idea of placing his thoughts into writing instead of just paintings. This has caused a huge explosion of literature pieces to burst forth from Wulfric’s hands, though he doesn’t show it to anyone but rather hides it in his rooms. He loves to write sonnets, and tends to just pen a few poems over a period of a week, slowly working towards what he thinks is the best piece he can write.
Cooking- Since young, Wulfric was forced to learn how to cook for himself, especially since his mother tended to be too busy to cook for Wulfric. Now, he can make near anything he wants, or when he opens up a recipe online. All he needs is his supplies and his utensils and then Wulfric can whip up anything within a matter of time.


║Power║ - Imagination
Wulfric’s powers all lie within his mind; he can give life to objects or concepts within his mind. Obviously, his power can be pretty limiting at times, as he cannot affect the laws of physics or the existence of real people. However, it is also extremely powerful when he needs it to be. The only limitations lie in the flexibility of his own mind and the sheer amount of energy some of his powers require.


Wulfric can, basically, create any living organism he wishes to create. From animals that exist to legendary animals that he forms within his head, he can create them and make these 'animals' appear in front of him in real life. In fact, his cat, nyanko, is the same as these imaginary animals. Without much thought, Wulfric can summon them from the depths of his mind and let them roam the world. These creations have their own minds and can think, speak, and act without Wulfric's help. It is almost as if they are, to an extent, a new sort of species, and Wulfric the grand Creator- but Wulfric does not like to think about his power in this sense at all.

However, they are invisible to everyone besides Wulfric; no one can see them except himself. Some also turn around and harm Wulfric, rather than help him with what ever adversary he faces. The stronger they are, the harder they are to control. But, for some such as nyanko- whom is actually an extremely powerful demon-, Wulfric can control extremely well, since there is a different bond between the two- not just the bond between creator and created, but also of long time friendship and love.

With a snap of his hand and differing levels of concentration, Wulfric can control anyone’s emotions. However, his power tends to only allow him to manipulate people's emotions so that they are happier, more positive, rather than towards negative emotions. When Wulfric does try to make his targets sad or angry, he tends to just leave them extremely confused and unsure of exactly what they feel.

However, Wulfric has noticed a different facet of his power. It only developed recently, especially after an experience that left Wulfric in a comma for two full weeks. This power is directed strictly towards driving his opponents mad, twisting their fear, anger, sadness and depression into an ephemeral figure within their minds, slowly driving them to a self-harming form of senseless madness. This tends to tire Wulfric out both mentally and physically, and he himself doesn't know the extent of this power just yet. He has only used it once and stopped almost immediately when signs of mental strain occurred both in him and his target.
Only recently has Wulfric discovered this part of his powers as well. He can banish certain nonliving objects from around him, but only small objects such as clocks, stones, and clothes. Though this skill seems powerful, Wulfric has not unlocked it yet, and it stays relatively weak. He cannot control it at all except for activating the power. Where the objects go, which object is banished, Wulfric will never know.

Something else that has been happening is that others have been starting to see Wulfric’s creations. His parents can now see nyaanko, though they have been persuaded to be cheerful and ignore the fact that the cat doesn’t look much like a cat. The main thing is that, Wulfric can only give ‘existence’ to imaginary figures that he has called upon many times before- he cannot arbitrarily make his imaginary ‘friends’ appear. This leaves his summoned demons to stay invisible to others, harming them without the targeted human knowing exactly where they are.


  • Nature|| Wulfric's love for nature stems from when he was a tiny little child, as even then his parents tended to neglect him for their work and other pastimes. Now, Wulfric loves to take small walks in parks, forests, amongst the like, and just enjoy the scenery of these places. Sometimes, Wulfric just lies down and falls asleep, as he feels as if nature is his one and only true abode.
  • His 'Friends'|| Though sometimes he does hate his powers, Wulfric has to admit that sometimes he creates companions whom he just loves. He is happy that they can keep him company whenever he doesn't have company and craves companionship. They also provide a separate source of entertainment and tend to stick around and raise Wulfric's spirits. Sometimes, they don't- but that doesn't matter much to Wulfric, anyways. He is just glad that he can give life to something vague and intangible, giving it a new life with it's own accord.
  • Solitude|| Wulfric sometimes craves companionship, at others, he'd rather not have too many people around him. This happens when Wulfric is at school a lot, as he dislikes the rowdy, pushy, hormone-filled environment of high school. During times like these, Wulfric just wishes that he can go back to his own room and rest for a while, away from human contact and noise. However, this doesn't mean that Wulfric dislikes human companionship, it's just that sometimes he feels at a loss about what to do, and his general need to please people tends to tire him out faster than other people.
  • Drawing|| Whenever Wulfric feels the need to, just, release his feelings, he tends to do so on paper in the form of drawing and painting. Wulfric himself does not believe that he can really divulge his problems with anyone besides nyaanko, and if he still feels as if it isn't enough, he tends to draw his feelings down. This has caused Wulfric to pick up drawing as a main hobby and pastime, and Wulfric loves seeing his ideas and emotions form on a blank sheet of paper.
  • Pets|| Wulfric has always wanted a Golden Retriever, but his parents' busy schedule and the fact that the Lockwood family lives in an apartment has constantly dashed Wulfric's hopes of ever getting a puppy. To make matters worse, his mother is allergic to cats, and his father thinks that gerbils look horrifying. So, Wulfric can only spend his time imagining pets and making them keep him company. Currently, he has nyaanko as his main source of companionship, not just because the cat is extremely funny, but wise, and extremely protective as well.
    Reading | the Lord of the Rings series | Shakespeare | Quietness | Shoji | Tatami | Tea | Flower Appreciation | Chinese culture | Flowers | Spring | Summer | Warm Days | Rain | Storms | Relaxing | Loose Clothes

  • Confrontations|| Wulfric doesn't like to argue. If someone tries to start a fight, Wulfric naturally tries to back away, even if he feels as if his point is right compared to his opponents' argument. This sometimes also extends to just talking in groups- Wulfric doesn't like the idea of cutting over other people to speak, so he rarely ever does talk when he's in large groups of people. Some say this is a huge weakness for him, but Wulfric thinks that it's a normal part of humans to feel this way.
  • Obnoxious People|| Wulfric tries to live by a "if you don't bother me, I won't bother you" sort of lifestyle. Whenever people do try to pry into his personal life, Wulfric tends to grow extremely self-conscious and retreats into himself, as he doesn't like to divulge much about his personal life to others, especially to students at his school. His dislike does not equate to hatred, however, but a slight bit of mistrust and disconcertion. Otherwise, if these people let up within a few minutes, Wulfric doesn't mind at all.
  • Bullying|| "What sort of person...would be okay with bullying...?" Bullying is one of the only things that can actually push Wulfric into anger, or at least slight irritation. He has been bullied before, so he knows the pain and agony that comes along with each taunt, name and fist. His past memories help facilitate the heavy sense of anger he now holds towards any bully that resides within his school.
  • School|| This doesn't mean that Wulfric is bad at studying. Rather, Wulfric is a good student and tends to be within the top 10 students within his grade, which is an extremely hard thing to do. He just generally doesn't like how he is restricted to a seat for around eight hours a day, listening to a teacher talk about subjects that he is both interested and, well, uninterested in. His sense of dislike for school also arises due to his inability to contact his 'friends', in fear of other people making fun of his 'talking to air'.
  • His Power|| Wulfric holds a sort of love and hate relationship with his power. At the same time, he loves his power, especially since it produces the best friends he think he'll ever have within his whole life time. However, at the same time, his power has also produced some of his worst enemies, including him. Not only this, Wulfric was incessantly bullied when he was a child because he kept on talking to nothing at all, since other children could not see his 'friends'. This has caused Wulfric to sort of close off his abilities and limiting his usage of his powers to a bare minimum.
    Sports | Running | Self-conceited People | Rudeness | Anger | Slush | Calling | Texting | Eating Out | Chocolate | Being Interrupted | Large Crowds | Nonfiction Books | Waking Up Early | Cars | Annoying Children | Airplanes | the City


  • Daydreaming|| Wherever he is, Wulfric falls naturally into his world of daydreams- except for when he's in class. This really cannot be counted as a 'hobby', but Wulfric treats it as so because he believes he daydreams a bit too much.
  • Drawing|| Wulfric tends to have a notepad or a drawing book on him wherever he goes, and he just jots down whatever is on his mind at the time on the paper. He only paints at home, but he does cart his other drawing supplies around the place with him. When he sees something that interests him, Wulfric quickly takes it down with his pencils, and if he wishes to repaint it, he does so at home. This takes up much of his time both at school and at home, as it is one of the main things Wulfric loves doing.
  • Writing|| On the same books Wulfric draws on, he tends to jot down little poems and short stories whenever he wishes to- even diaries-, not just for aesthetic pleasure, but also for another way of expressing his emotions through a different modem.
  • Reading|| Wulfric loves to read, though his main favorite genre is fantasy fictional novels. He doesn't like to read nonfiction much, as he thinks that it is dull and boring- though useful in some contexts. However, if he isn't drawing or writing, Wulfric has his nose buried in a book, be it thick or thin, fictional or nonfictional. Wulfric makes sure to read as many different types of books as possible, even if he doesn't like them at all.
  • Observing the Skies|| "Cloud watching is peaceful, sometimes...especially when I'm tired of the general daily hustle and bustle at school. The stars as well, it just, well, it just makes me feel so calm inside."

  • Amnesiphobia | Fear of Amnesia|| Wulfric fears the idea of losing all of his memories. Though his life has been pretty hard, and though he doesn't have many good memories, he still doesn't wish to forget what he has done in the past. He takes his memories as a sort of identification of his existence, that he has done something. To lose his identity would mean that Wulfric would, in his own eyes, not be himself anymore- and this thought scares him.
  • Enochlophobia | Fear of Crowds|| This is not so much of a fear, but more of a great dislike towards crowds. Wulfric would just rather stay away from large groups of people, as he believes the more people that congregate together, the higher the probability that there might be a fight.
  • Melissophobia | Fear of Bees|| Wulfric is deathly afraid of bees. Whenever one gets near him, he either freezes or tries to run away as fast as he can. When he was still a kid, he commonly broke down into tears whenever a bee came too close to him; now, Wulfric holds back the tears, but the deathly fear still persists.


{Shy | Kind | Taciturn | Open-minded | Serious | Caring}
Wulfric was never one to speak up, nor was he ever really mean towards anyone. He, himself, tends to reserve himself and tends to be unwilling to speak up depending on the situation. With everyone, Wulfic tends to- and tries to- be extremely kind, though his formal demeanor and lack of smile sometimes push people far away from Wulfric. He is the silent type of kind person, and most people just forget above this particular facet of Wulfric's personality, as his gloomy appearance tends to overshadow what he has inside. This itself has further pushed Wulfric into himself and away from others. Now, Wulfric is deathly shy and tends to just disappear from large groups or rooms that contain a large amount of people. He rarely ever speaks anymore, unless he is with his 'friends', during which he is extremely talkative and cheerful.

Though taciturn and quiet, Wulfric has an extremely strong sense of responsibility, and tends to make sure to keep his emotions in check at all times. Wulfric tends to exert a lot of care onto whomever he holds close to heart, ranging from his parents, friends and 'friends', making sure that their wellbeing is better than his own. Also, Wulfric tends to be extremely serious and rarely ever jokes, as sometimes he feels as if he is unable to really joke about much- and, well, he feels complacent enough inside even without laughing and talking with others much. One other major factor that describes Wuflric is that he is, almost, never angry. He rarely ever shouts or yells at others, and tends to talk in a very quiet tone when communicating with others. However, his generally happy countenance tends to be marred with some degree of sadness which he can never really shake off. Though he sometimes claims that he's an optimist, many people who know him say that his personality leans more towards that of a pessimist.




║Relationship Status║
Single|| Wulfric has a hard time interacting with people (besides the other clocks), not to mention people who he likes. He has never even tried to start a relationship, and has only had one crush throughout his whole life- and that is a secret between Wulfric and nyanko.

Ralph Lockwood-Alive | Wulfric is on okay terms with his father. Though his father has said harsh words from time to time- especially with his not allowing Wulfric to call himself ‘human’- Ralph still acts as a fatherly figure for Wulfric. Obviously, there is a barrier between the two, especially since Ralph thinks that Wulfric is mad, to an extent, but they are obviously still on speaking terms. Wulfric only thanks his father for trying to act nice for the last 17 years.

Jenna Lin | Lin Meilan-
Alive | Jenna is an extremely strong woman, living by her own agenda with a general lack of care about what others say. This extends to Wulfric as well, whom she cares with all of her heart. Whenever he is bullied, she makes sure to help him ‘extract revenge’ through drawing his mind away from the event. Wulfric is her little baby, and she gets in quite a few fights with Ralph about how he treats Wulfric. However, this doesn’t mean that Jenna spoils him. She treats him like a normal human child, contrary to many others around Wulfric.

Death- Unsure/Indeterminate | This boy suddenly appeared in Wulfric’s life after an extremely bad nightmare when he was 4. Wulfric dislikes ‘Death’, as he calls the boy, and feels as if Death is out to kill him and take his place in the real world. Why did Wulfric call the boy death? Because within his dream, Wulfric was killed by a boy that looked exactly identical to the boy that now haunts his living life.

║Personal History║
Wulfric was born a pretty normal boy- nothing seemed off about him, except for the fact that he was an exceptionally quiet child. What did worry his parents was the dark, black clock shaped birthmark on his hip that, really, did not look like a normal birthmark at all. Things started to change when Wulfric hit his third birthday, when the hour hand of his clock-shaped birthmark moved by one increment. Since then, Wulfric started to interact with his friends- imaginary friends, or so his parents said- and was generally a pretty happy child. Sometimes, though, he would cry and say that his 'friends' hurt him, or threaten his family. However, Jenna and Ralph tended to ignore him- or tried to, since they couldn't explain the randomly smashing plates and the shoves they sometimes felt while walking around in their house. By the time Wulfric was 7, however, Jenna and Ralph were fully scared of their child- especially Ralph, till the point that he forbid Wulfric consider himself human at all. The random 'ghostly' occurrences around the house were too much for them to take, and so the Lockwood's moved, but the 'supernatural' activities still persisted.

During this period of time, Wulfric retreated into himself, rapidly growing up mentally to the boy he is today. He did not have any friends, as all of them could also feel the 'weird' aura that flowed off of Wulfric. His parents also slowly immersed themselves in their work, away from Wulfric and the weird shoves they felt from time to time. Due to business reasons, Ralph uprooted his family and moved to Tokyo, and there they settled down for the next decade. Due to the weird road systems in Japan, Wulfric got into a total of two car accidents. The first accident caused a sudden growth of another skill Wulfric had suspected he had- it allowed him to gain his manipulation of emotions. This incident occurred when he was 8 years old, new, young and uneducated in the ways of the Japanese. The next incident occurred when Wulfric was 10, causing him to develop his manipulation of a person's sanity. These few years were extremely turbulent within the Lockwood household, though Wulfric and Ralph seemed to patch up the broken relationship they had. By the age of 13, his parents had long since forgotten the weird occurrences that had plagued them back at London, and now stayed at home frequently, their laughter echoing through the whole house- and Wulfric exerting his powers to influence to be so. He believes that this is for his parents' good, since they should lead a happy rather than sad, lost, agitating lifestyle.

When Wulfric was 15 years old, he finally was able to allow his 'friends' to show up in front of others, starting with the materialization of nyanko and then his adoption into the Lockwood household. Wulfric currently leads an extremely happy life, though obviously, his memories will never leave him. He knows that there are others in his school that have the same ability as him- but till now he has stayed comparably far away from others, as he doesn't really know how to interact with others.


So begins...

Wulfric Enns Lockwood's Story