John "The Sin" Alexanders

He wishes to be left alone, but longs for the company of others.

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John "The Sin" Alexanders is 6'7'', with lean muscles covering all of his body. His hair is dark brown, wavy, and shoulder length, but it plasters to his skull no matter what he does. His eyes are covered in a thin piece of black silk, and he rarely takes it off. His facial features are sharp. Bandages are wrapped tight around his chest and back, as well as his right arm and hand. He wears a heavy black trench coat, to hide the bandages from sight. He wears only dark blue jeans, and black steel toed boots.


John is cold to others, but he secretly cares for those around him. He does not enjoy showing others that he cares, and snaps at them, pushing them farther away if they get too close.


John only carries an insulated backpack filled with blue-black orbs.


John Alexander had a rough childhood. He was constantly bullied because of his appearance to them. His family kept him around, only because of the pay check they got for keeping him, but that didn't mean that they loved him. As a child, he was emotionally starved and abused. His abuse was increased when he became a young man, because many found him desirable above most. He had fallen in love with a young girl, a human named Clara, but she never loved him. At a beach party, one night in the summer, he saw Clara kissing and finding pleasure with another man. Angered and hurt, John ran from the party, feeling the laughter of the others at his back.

He cried as he ran, and when he could run no more, he collapsed to the ground. John then began to beg, beg that his pain be taken away, that he would give anything for it. Unfortunately, he was answered. Something came from the shadows of that night, and offered him power in exchange for allowing it to live within him. John hastily agreed, wanting his pain to go away. After that night, he can no longer remember his past, nor does he wish to remember.

He is called "The Sin", because of the demon that resides within him. The demon, of whom John calls Sin, speaks to John constantly, directing him towards his ultimate goal. Which is, to love and be loved. Because of The Sin, John ages much more slowly than he should. To all around him, he looks 25, but only a select few know of his true age.

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