Clockwork Destruction

Clockwork Destruction


Things start to turn to trouble when the princess disappears...and then a completely different time!

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Somewhere, years into the future, there is a large castle. The royal family in this castle holds a lot of power, and do their best to keep the rest of the world in peace. Many of the others, though, don’t seem to see it that way.

Someone wants the royal family to end, and to get rid of the princess and, if possible, her older brother, who has refused the throne, but will have to take it, once his sister goes missing. So he throws the princess into a newly-developed time machine, sending her years into the past. He hopes that she will die, or be incapable of finding her way back to the future.

However, when he finds that things are suddenly changing, things that the princess must be messing with. He tries to send several others to capture, or kill, the princess.

Back in the past, though, she has run into a gang of thieves, who she quickly falls in with, since she has nothing to help herself survive in this time. There, she falls for one of the thieves, without realizing at first, and despite knowing that her father had already been looking for a suitor for her (though now she isn't so sure, with everything happening), and knowing that she’s in a different time.

So how will they get her back to original time? And what will they come back to when they do? This is what your character must go through. The “past” in this rp is present time, and the princess’s time is years into the future. You can make characters in our time, or in the future, since there will be stuff going on in both times, and when they do return, it won’t be exactly the same time as when she left.

Characters needed:
-Some sort of villain trying to take control
-Guards of the castle
-Close friends of the princess
-Close friends of the prince
-Any others you can think of that would fit

Character Skeleton
Name (Full):
Nickname (If any):
Physical description (Including the character’s general attire):
Personality (Including fears/skills [which weapons your character is good with]etc.):

Toggle Rules

1) As usual for most rps, no godmodding. (Though you all should know that by now...)

2) You can play more than one character, and play characters from each the future and the present.

3) Make sure that you can keep up with the amount of characters you create.

4) Don't make a character if you don't intend to post.

5) There will be no magic in this rp; only technology.

6) ...Umm..I may have forgotten something, so I may edit this later, when I can think of more to put here.

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Character Portrait: Allynna Rivleam
Character Portrait: Adamar Rivleam


Character Portrait: Adamar Rivleam
Adamar Rivleam

Allynna's older brother...who is very irritated that she is missing.

Character Portrait: Allynna Rivleam
Allynna Rivleam

A princess caught in a time machine...and not on accident!


Character Portrait: Adamar Rivleam
Adamar Rivleam

Allynna's older brother...who is very irritated that she is missing.

Character Portrait: Allynna Rivleam
Allynna Rivleam

A princess caught in a time machine...and not on accident!

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Adamar Rivleam
Adamar Rivleam

Allynna's older brother...who is very irritated that she is missing.

Character Portrait: Allynna Rivleam
Allynna Rivleam

A princess caught in a time machine...and not on accident!

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Re: [OOC] Clockwork Destruction

Hmm...was anyone even really going to make a character here? ...

Re: [OOC] Clockwork Destruction

Alright; sounds good to me! :P I'll just look for the character later on. I have school to deal with, anyway. :P

Re: [OOC] Clockwork Destruction

I like the sound of this! I'll submit a thief character later, gotta go on a long car drive first. :P I reckon I'll go for a thief.

Re: [OOC] Clockwork Destruction

Okay, just letting people know; probably be going to bed soon, but I will have a look at applied characters in the morning. And, if we have enough, I will start the rp, as well. Please don't make the first post in front of me, ok? :P

Re: [OOC] Clockwork Destruction

I suppose you could...though it doesn't matter, as long as i get at least one friend, and at least a couple of thieves. :P But I should let you know...if it wasn't the princesses friends, I mean her friends in her own time, trying to find a way to get her back. ...Just in case that much wasn't clear. :P

Edit: But any friend of the princess will end up working with the prince, who refuses the throne, and will aslo be trying to find a way to get his sister back. The king and just gave them dead, or something...can't see them as much use, so they'll probably be mostly inactive characters, anyway...

Re: [OOC] Clockwork Destruction

Well! That's wonderful, Crystal! I look forward to your roleplays. They always seem to catch on.

I don't suppose I could reserve a spot as one of the Princess's friends, could I?

Re: [OOC] Clockwork Destruction

It has been a while, hasn't it? :P Somehow, I doubt this will be the last time, either... :P

Re: [OOC] Clockwork Destruction

Wow. It has been FOREVER, Crystal. I though I'd seen the last of you....

That sounded terrible of me. Allow me to rephrase...


[OOC] Clockwork Destruction

"Clockwork Destruction"

If you have any questions, or suggestions, you can make them here. I'll check back here as often as possible, and will send you a pm when and if I accept your character.

Or, if you want, you can send me a pm. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.