Clockwork: The First Chapter

Clockwork: The First Chapter


(I hope to make this a series, details inside, good roleplayers who want to keep up a good, long roleplay.....)

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Clockwork. The date is 1964. People have discovered the true power of clockwork, and it revolutionized the world. It turned into a giant revolutionary state for technology. It revolutionized the world. It seemed like during this, when whole cities ran on clockwork, there was this limitless power coming from somewhere. But no one questioned where or why. Everyone was happy and fine. And things went on as this clockwork technology progressed. Clockwork became entire cities, that looked, and still looks, perfectly beautiful in its clockwork glory. Technology advanced. London was at the heart of it, and that's where everything happens. People from other countries, the brightest minds and most imaginative thinkers. they came to help, and to get fame and glory. However, there is a dark secret less people talk about.......

People have been disappearing. Entire families vanishing overnight. Children snatched while playing in the dark. Parents who take a midnight stroll and vanish. People who just take a wrong turn into the dark, and are never heard from again. But with all the big news of innovation, no one ever really notices their disappearance..... Those who do try to find out what happened. And they either get thrown in jail, disappear as well, or end up dead. And its never one of those celebrities you hear on the news. And the weird thing is, it looks like they never existed.

The police and the guards have investigated before, but their standard investigations are either ordered stopped by a unknown authority, or end up leading nowhere. The families get the same results, unless they too disappear..... Some people just pretend it never happens now, too afraid to speak up. However, perhaps, that will change soon.....

The beginning of this revolution is Harvey Noble, who after 10 years of his innovations disappeared. It is rumored he had a son, and a grandson, who not only had his exact knowledge of Clockwork, but had this "Gift" like him. This gift allowed him to manipulate clockwork with his mind. However, no one knows who or where his bloodline is. Not even the bloodline itself. But its rumored it was where he lived, London.

Now, 3 orphans, who don't even know their last name because their parents disappeared when they were young, became friends. Although they may get into a little trouble, it will be nothing compared to what they will find. Can they unlock the mystery behind it all, or will they simply disappear too?

They grow up and are looked after at an Orphanage. Well, mostly. They share one room, since, as you can guess, its really crowded. They are best of friends, and are very loyal to each other.

Orphan 1: The Gifted one: Taken

Orphan 2: Male: Open

Orphan 3: Female: Open

(If needed (as in if you can submit a good Charrie Sheet), i can add one more Orphan and one detective role maybe....)

Charrie Sheet:


Age: (Keep it between 10-16, unless your not an orphan)

SKills: (Keep this reasonable, one or two for each Orphan)

Description: (Please, try to put in as much as possible)

Fear/s: (at least one basic one)

Interests: (you know, something you would actually do in the future that your good at now, like medicine or an Engineer)

Personality: (Please, keep this as detailed as possible. Minimum 4 GOOD sentences)

History: (optional)


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Matthew was running across town. Once again, he was being chased by someone, and laughing while doing so. He found it fun. Which is probably a bad thing. He quickly went down and slid under a guy, then quickly continued running. He jumped up and grabbed a flagpole, using that to swing to another small metal canopy, and then climbed onto the roof. There were some Clockwork police spiders after him as well as some of the police now. He ran into a building and ran up to the roof, chased by the police. He ran to the edge of the roof, and the Clockwork spiders and police just came onto the roof. One detective in particular, who was after him for some time, then yelled "Hault".

Matthew only replied with "Geronimo!", jumping off the roof doing a small flip. They ran to the roof to look, but they didn't see him. There was just a small part with a pond down there. They looked in disbelief, and then saw him get out of the pond. Matthew just waved them goodby, and ran back to the orphanage. He, still soaking wet, managed to get to the room without being seen. He began taking off his wet clothes, laughing somewhat at what he just did. He kept the key around his neck however. They key, instead of a ring the chain goes through, has a sort of gear. He hanged his clothes up to dry, and then laid down on his bed, looking at his key.

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#, as written by Cazuki
Edward sighed, it wasn't that his day had been boring or anything, in fact it had been quite good today. He was just tired from it all. In his tiredness he started to think and remembered something from his past.

First thing in the morning, after breakfast a couple of years ago, he had been challanged by one of the older orphans. His name was Steven Hill, nicknamed 'Brick Wall' because of his strengh and rumoured invunerbility. By what Edward had heard from rumours, Brick had been dropped off at the age of 6, abandoned by his mother and father who could no longer take care of him. It had been said he had waited a week straight for them to come back, but they never came and quickly Brick had become a manic depressive, sometime crazy and other times crying out loud for no reason.

Eventually he had come back but he was now a person who wanted supriiorty. He wanted to be the boss and the strongest one in the orphanage. What was stopping him was Edward, or 'Tank' as most people called him. He had been walked up to by the 13 year-old and was told to meet him in a few hours. Eddie had done so not because he was always looking for a fight like Brick but because he had nothing to do that day. Later on, when both the fighters had appeared, the kids made a circle around them which they called 'The ring of Death'.

The fight itself had been fairly short. Brick had come at him first and Eddie had simply conveyed the charging energy to lift energy, throwing Brick over him and hard onto the ground. He then sat on top his back, tugging his Brick's arm behind him until Brick had sqeuled surrender. It had been short but nice, it was rare Edward got a challange nowadays.

Eddie was interuppted from his though process when he heard laughing and then saw Mattie walk in, sopping wet. He didn't notce Eddie though as he took off his wet clothes and sat down on his bed, examinging his key again.
"You're gonna cacth a cold if you don't warm yourself up" Eddie said nonchalantly.

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Isabella laid down after coming from the showers and putting her clothes on, just her panties, bra, and a dress. As Isabella laid down fell into a short nap, dreaming of her past in the orphanage, first off she dreamt of when she first got here, dropped off at the age of 4, but she had no idea why, but she was one of the first, and one of the most beautiful. Then she remembered one of the first guys that try to date her, Steven ‘Brick’ Hill, but he was all over confident and thought he was better, well until he challenged Eddie, one of her friends, to a fight and lost. Since then not many fights have happened, sadly since it was funny how fast it would end, but with fights, people make enemies. And the people being them.

Now Eddie was one of the toughest guys in the orphanage, and luckily for her, protective of his friends like her and little Matt. Now Mattie was the youngest of her group of friends, Mattie, Eddie, and herself, and one of the smartest with clockwork. Now Isabella was basically kind of the tactician of the group, knowledge in lock picking. She learned how to lock pick when matt and Eddie wanted to sneak out one night and she tried her luck and got it after a while, but now she is really good at it. Now Isabella mainly unlocks the door for Mattie who likes to sneak out a lot for whatever reason, and now Isabella is getting curios about how people are just going missing.

Isabella sat after hearing the door shut, and someone coming in and laughing. Mattie… See Matt all wet and then changing, another thing about the orphanage, no separation between boys and girls. Matt then went over to his bed and messed with the key he always had. "You're gonna catch a cold if you don't warm yourself up" She heard Edward say to Matt. “He’s not going to listen Eddie, let him catch a cold if he wants.” Isabella said getting up and walking towards the door to the hallway then turning around to talk to her friends. “You guys want any snacks? I’m going to get some from the kitchen.” Said without realizing she was about to bump into a new kid in the orphanage, and that she did, making him drop whatever he had.

”Hey, watch it little bitch!” Isabella turned around. “Hey, call me that one more time, and watch what happens.” Isabella said as she walked around him and muttering dumbass. But then the new kid grabbed her by the back of her dress and pinned her against the wall. ”What could you do to me?” He said, and then Bella laughing. “What about this?” She said as she elbowed him in the stomach, but that just angered him, and him throwing her across a bed and onto the ground. Isabella laid there for a second, reaching into her bag and grabbing her small knife, waiting for the kid to walk over, and he was about to walk by her again, then she would strike.

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"Not my fault, they pulled out the spiders..." he noted, getting up and finishing changing. He then added "And I needed to break into that place because, remember the Smithies? Last night, without a trace. Tried to find something to figure this all out. No luck...". He then pulled out a map, and marked the area of disappearance. You have any ideas?". He then looked at his key. It was marked on the side "REED". He then asked "So, I take it the fi...." he started, but heard a thump outside. He ran out only to see Isa on the ground and another kid looking at her. As he took a step forward, a clockwork rat ran at him for some strange reason, causing him to fall.

"Well that seemed fitting. And lucky, or is it Karma....". He looked as the rat seemed to act normally again. "So, I'm hungry....". He then added "Let's get something to eat". He then walked to the kitchen and got a sandwich and an apple. He looked out a window, and for a moment, he thought something was looking at him from the bushes. That's when he heard another thump and looked away. It was Allen. Matt was never sure why, but Allen hated him. Matt took a bite of his apple, and asked "What is it now?". Which resulted in Allen punching Matt in the face and taking his apple.

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#, as written by Cazuki
“He’s not going to listen Eddie, let him catch a cold if he wants...You guys want any snacks? I’m going to get some from the kitchen.”

Eddie looked over at Isabella. In the orphanage girls and boys had never been seperated and so everyone was used to everyone, well except the newbies but they grew used to it with time. This was a normal sight for Eddie.
"I would, but then i'd have to look after him, and heck if i'm doing that again... yeah i want some food, food then a nap maybe" he rolled off the bed , landing on the floor and started walking towards the door when Izzy suddenly was hit against the wall by one of th other orphanage kids.

Mattie, who was now changed, walked out saying, after the kid had been tripped over by a clockwork rat.
"Well that seemed fitting. And lucky, or is it Karma...."
That tended to happen when Mattie was around, clockwork animals and machines acted strangely, taking on a different life then their own, like they were being controlled by something. He didn't really have time to ponder it as Mattie walked down to the kichen. Eddie followed but as he walked by the fallen kid he picked him up and the item he had dropped when he had been bashed into.

"Try and be a bit kinder" he said and the kid ran off, partly scared and partly vengeful. Yet another enemy Eddie supposed. He probably wasn't being a good influence on the other kids, no-one was really. Eddie continued walking and eventually got into the kitchen just as Mattie was punched in the face by another kid, Allen as Mattie had said his name was.
"Hey! What the hell are you doing!"
"Getting a snack Tank, this kid 'ere was trying to steal it"
"That's not what i saw, now bog off!" Eddie shouted, though Allen stayed where he was, unsure of what to do probably.

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Character Portrait: Matthew "Mattie" Reed
Matthew "Mattie" Reed

"Catch me if you can!"

Character Portrait: Isabella

"What's over there?"


Character Portrait: Isabella

"What's over there?"

Character Portrait: Matthew "Mattie" Reed
Matthew "Mattie" Reed

"Catch me if you can!"

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Character Portrait: Isabella

"What's over there?"

Character Portrait: Matthew "Mattie" Reed
Matthew "Mattie" Reed

"Catch me if you can!"

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Re: [OOC] Clockwork: The First Chapter

Can I Please Reserve a male Orphan? Or is it to late? If I can't I just want to say this looks really cool!

Re: [OOC] Clockwork: The First Chapter

Right, well, Black, i do have another Charrie that was very well made, but if you do come back and resubmit something i deem worthy of adding, im sure i can add a forth slot for you :D

However, seeing as how we at least have 3, i am officially allowing people to post. Don't worry Black, i doubt we will get too far by wednsday, so you wont get left in the dust!

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Damnit. I think i'm going to have to withdraw my reservation. I will not be able to make the character until Wednesday or later and I realize you guys are eager to start. So I'd find someone else if I was you.



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Ah yeah... I had a late night with my parents so i'm on late morning (11am) but thanks for accepting my reservation. I am now going to get to work on my character.

Re: [OOC] Clockwork: The First Chapter

Ok and nice character Mr. Squishy, Black should be on in about a couple hours (England/Great Britain/United Kingdom time)

Re: [OOC] Clockwork: The First Chapter

Lol, thanks. There will be BOTH regular AND clockwork animals by the way. However, there will be Clock work things no one have ever seen or thought of before as well....

Also, iv subbmitted mine and accepted all currently made charries.

Re: [OOC] Clockwork: The First Chapter

My gift to you:
Just one of the Motherload! :D
Included in said motherload:
Clockwork animals:

  • Spiders

  • Owls

  • Other birds

  • A wabbit

  • dogs

  • a mothafuckin puma!

  • more!

Random act of kindness man, AWAY! *swoosh*

Re: [OOC] Clockwork: The First Chapter

Just to say that I just submitted my character, Isabella, I'm slightly tired so once I get some sleep, I should be able to add more to it, please tell me if there is anything wrong with it. Thank you.

Re: [OOC] Clockwork: The First Chapter

Maci: Yes

Black: yes

Submitting in the near future would be great, il be posting mine soon as well...

Re: [OOC] Clockwork: The First Chapter

Mr. Squishy, can there be like a relationship between orphans, or no.

Re: [OOC] Clockwork: The First Chapter

Can I have the male orphan? I will do do my sheet when I wake up tomorrow. Thanks.

Re: [OOC] Clockwork: The First Chapter

Umm, you cant play as an Orphanage worker, unless you can submit some sort of uber reason why you would get into this mystery. Understand, they are barely ever there.....except for sleeping and eating, they are adventurous (if they werent, the story dies xD)

Re: [OOC] Clockwork: The First Chapter

I'm interested in playing either an orphan or orphanage worker.

Re: [OOC] Clockwork: The First Chapter

Understood, almost done actually, but going to make it as good as possible for this roleplay.

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Alright, just keep it good. Reserveations last 24 hours. You have to post at least every other day unless you state you wont be here. And PLEASE, read everything.

Also, if you dont post within a week without notice, i will have to let someone else take over.

Just to make that clear.

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May I reserve a female orphan, I'll have my CS up by tonight. Please and thank you.


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