"What's over there?"

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a character in “Clockwork: The First Chapter”, as played by Maci-Care


Name: Isabella

“Call me Isabella, or Bella.”

Age: 16

“One of the oldest orphans.”

Skills: Agility/Speed and Lock pick

“Well I’ve snuck out a lot at night, how do you think I did it?”

Description: Isabella has fairly tanned skin just from going outside regularly for some fresh air, along with beautiful blonde wavy hair, which she does take pride in, and goes nice with her ocean blue eyes. She is pretty short, 5”4 to be exact and 100 pounds. Bella is mostly seen in dresses that go no lower than her knees along with either heels she “borrows,” as she says but actually takes them, from the adults, and they aren’t even that bad, but besides heels she will wear converse also. Whenever she goes out she will take a small sling bag which she keeps some of her stuff in from brushes to an extra pair of shoes.

“I’m beautiful.”

Fear/s: Well she is claustrophobic, so claustrophobia, and also is afraid of heights.

“I like big open places on the ground if you may ask.”

Interests: Well Bella doesnt really have an idea yet, but does joke around about it sometimes.

"I professional lockpicker, duh!"

Personality: Isabella is a sweet, respectful, and well behaved girl around adults, but when around her friends, she is more carefree and more fun. She doesn’t get mad easily, only when people keep messing with her after she has said stop. Bella tends to flirt and tease with some of the kids around her age, just to see them blush and how they act, but even though she flirts with a lot of the orphans, she has really likes one of them. Well besides that point isn’t a leader type, but a really good follower. As I said she isn’t the leader type but she is a very curios type, and will often leave with or without telling someone to go do something or go after something she seen or heard about, this getting her in trouble more than a few times.

“My personality is different than most people who are orphans, or so they say…”

Other: Isabella usually keeps a small knife on her, look at main picture, kept in her bag. She will use it mostly to pick locks along witha hair clip, or as defence.

"I like doing stuff the old fashioned way, hey lockpicking still works."

So begins...

Isabella's Story