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Club Forfeit

Club Forfeit


Normal town, normal places, normal people. The everyday life you have, untill you recieve a mysterious letter.

1,170 readers have visited Club Forfeit since HerHeroine created it.


Hello sir/madame (InsertNameHere).
My name is Tamokaya Shiruko.
As you may have heard, I am the owner of the new, freshly opened club, 'Forfeit', and am looking for staff.
I believe, as you have reached this part of this, not-supposed-to-be-long text, you would be wondering 'Why mail people when you could just ask a newspaper or put up signs and stuff'. Well, thats a fairly good question, but I believe that, if I told you, you wouldn't really believe me.
Now, before you get any ideas, I am no stalker, nor am I mailing random people. You see, I'm willing to offer you a job, fairly good pay, about... Uhm.. Well, more than 60.000 Yen, and no embarassing jobs, you know, just the normal.

Right, I believe you are not convinced.
Let me put it this way.
You, are one of Seven selected people. Yes, I said SEVEN, no more, no less.
These seven people, have ALL been having awkward things happening around them for the past six months.
Now, this may sound even more awkward, but these seven people, aren't just normal people, they're more than that, but I 'aint giving you any spoilers, unless you really wish to find out.

You may feel free to question me, but do not expect me to give you an answer to everything.
If you do accept this job, I am waiting for you in Miyazaki Downtown. I doubt you'd be able to miss Club Forfeit, since its the only club in the Downtown.

Tamokaya Shiruko

Confused, not really knowing what to answer, the seven selected people are astonished by the amount of information this woman has recieved. Obviously, by human curiousity, the seven decide to visit Club Forfeit, where they find out the 'awkward' truth.

--- A Brief Explanation ---

You are one of the seven humen, which have been having troubles around them for the past six months. Not-reall-normal troubles, which make them think that they are cursed, or imagining things.
The trouble, is more or less, the appearing 'powers' that the humen have recieved. No one knows how, no one knows why.

I'd rather have an equal amount of characters by gender, but whatever.
I'll also do a quick list of jobs at the club: Bar-tender, Waiter/Waitress, D-J (Or entertainer, whatever you want), Or [InsertMadeUpRankHere]

If you are wondering why there are eight characters, that is because, the owner, already knew about it.
Theorically, she is like the humen.

1. Tamokaya Shiruko (Pub-Owner)
2. Kenji Hasimono
3. Reserved//
4. Fabien Kagawa

--- Character Skeleton ---



Ability/Power given to him/her:
Special traits/characteristics gained from the power:

Hobbies: (optional)

Theme Song:

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#, as written by xKyrie
"N-nothing that can fancy you!" From where she called that strength and confidence to answer Fabien, she didn't really know. She inhaled deeply and let the air out abruptly gathering her wits once again. She knew she had been wrong in her initial treatment of them, but she can't help it. She always have a hard time adjusting to other people and instead most of the times she tend to act like a spoiled brat. It takes her more than a while to show who she really is. And since she thinks that acting high-and-mighty will help her regain some of the control in a certain situation, she usually adopts it. One thing she hates above anything else is losing her control of something after all.

"Listen here, I'll do my job and you do yours. We'll never even have to talk, just let me be and I won't bother you again." She stepped out from behind Kenji and stared at him, "This is my attitude so if you don't like me then, I'm sorry you just have to put up with me." She replied seriously, her eyes cold and dull but if you look close enough she also looked apologetic. Grabbing her bag from where she last left it, she then turned into the door to leave, "I think I'm not feeling well tonight, I'll take my leave now, boss. See you tomorrow."

((OOC: It's OK. ^_^ Maybe she has been busy.))


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Character Portrait: Fabien Kagawa Character Portrait: Tamokaya Shiruko Character Portrait: Kyrielle "Kyrie" Eleison
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Fabien just smiled but Kyrie was right, however, Fabien could just tell that something was wrong with Kyrie. There were some feelings that he could tell were bottled up inside of Kyrie's mind. Fabien then walked up to Tamokaya and said to her "Well, looks like it's a slow day today, isn't it?" Fabien felt a bit happy and warm towards Tamokaya but in his mind, Fabien secretly likes her.


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" well this should be a fun job........................." just then a man walks in the club and sits down at the bar " give me a rob roy.... and make it QUICK!!!!!!!!!" the man shouts and slams his fist on the bar. "okay okay............... calm down " he makes it up and sets it in front of the man " bad day " kenji asks ,the man takes a drink " you have no idea.....the worst"

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Character Portrait: Tamokaya Shiruko
11 sightings Tamokaya Shiruko played by HerHeroine
"Do not question who's elder, do not challange who's younger"
Character Portrait: Kenji Hasimono
8 sightings Kenji Hasimono played by zodiak177
"fear the beast inside"

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Character Portrait: Fabien Kagawa


Character Portrait: Fabien Kagawa
Fabien Kagawa

I'll stop you cold in your tracks


Character Portrait: Fabien Kagawa
Fabien Kagawa

I'll stop you cold in your tracks

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Character Portrait: Fabien Kagawa
Fabien Kagawa

I'll stop you cold in your tracks

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HerHeroine hasn't been on since March 4th, she's probably really busy, If I were the GM, I'd approve you right away

Re: [OOC] Club Forfeit

I'm still waiting for my character to be approved... :<

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This seems like it could be an interesting rp. I'm new to this site, but I've rped in the past. I just submitted a character, I'm just waiting till she's approved.

Re: [OOC] Club Forfeit

hey, I would like to join, I want to submit a character too!

Edit: I already submitted a character.. :) I hope she's not too Mary Sue for you guys.

Re: [OOC] Club Forfeit

I'm gonna submit a character as number 4, yay. :), This roleplay is pretty interesting

Re: [OOC] Club Forfeit

I can't make one right now though it's too late, but I'm definitely making one so could I reserve a spot please? :)

Re: [OOC] Club Forfeit

Count me in. I'm submitting a character :)

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