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Aurora Bridgeton

"Bored... so very bored..."

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a character in “Code Geass: Dark Crusade”, as played by Everscale





Hair: Blonde, slightly wavy, worn long.
Facial Hair: None.
Eyes: Sky-blue, guarded by a pair of glasses.
Build: Tall and thin and not particularly strong.
Skin Tone: Pale. Very pale.
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 140 lbs
Handed: Left-handed.
Clothing: Most days he wears the Ashford Academy uniform – black and gold, high-collared and slender, with a black belt. Simple, refined, elegant, just like him. He prefers it to other clothing – except for the obvious fact that it makes him look a lot like a woman. But of course, he can’t be bothered to cut his hair…


Name: Aurora Bridgeton
Nickname(s): None, so far
Title: He is a student and the son of a duke, little more.
Affiliation: To be determined.
Visual Age: 17
Factual Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Undetermined.


Personality: Aurora is everything that his parents ever wanted him to be – and nothing his parents ever wanted him to be. He wears his masks proudly, the only one in the world aware that those masks exist. He gives away his secrets to no one, and no one understands him, and that is the way he truly prefers it.
He is quiet and refined, exceedingly polite and quite proud. He is talented in everything, intelligent and hard-working. Or so his parents think.
He is a bored young man with nothing better to do in life than screw up the lives of the people around him. He is reckless and without control. He is clever and mischievous, and some might even suggest evil. No number of locks on his doors and windows can keep him in his dorm, no number of security measures can keep him from messing with the computers. The school would very much like to expel him, but can’t afford to anger his father, the Duke. Or so the school sees.
He is a human, bored with the privileged life of a noble, desperate to do something for the world of his own accord, not sponsored by his father’s money. He sees the darkness of things, the terror, and he wants to change it. He wants to hunt the terrorists, fix the government, end poverty. He wants to make a difference. But he is seventeen, not yet a man, and no one will listen to him. And that is the truth of him.
Quirks: He refuses to cut his hair, probably because his mother’s last words to him were about how beautiful his hair looked. He is a severe insomniac. He is highly acrobatic and talented with lock-picks and decoding. He has a tendency, when he is somewhere he knows well, to climb through windows rather than using doors. When he was bored and living free in Tokyo, he used to pick pockets for the thrill of it. He has been known to smoke, but has never been addicted – he does it, again, for the fun of it, and maybe once every couple of months. He has a photographic memory that plagues him with incredibly painful headaches, and allows him to recall his mother’s death as though he is watching a video tape, something he rather wishes he couldn’t do.
Virtue/Creed: “If it’s not fun, and it has no meaning, then what’s the point?”
Motivation: To change the world, and have a little fun in the process.
Fears: Fire, death by fire, being tied down for too long (metaphorically or literally), falling into “enemy hands” (whomever happens to be his enemy at the time, be it school staff or terrorists or the government), boredom, being useless, death
Goal: He is sort of wandering aimlessly through life right now. He needs someone to give him a reason to live.
Likes: Danger, adventure, war strategies, sneaking into places, spying, eavesdropping, cracking codes, picking locks, scaling walls and fences, creeping in through windows, pick-pocketing (he always returns what he collects later), making trouble for school, freelance study, dogs
Dislikes: Cats, eating, drinking anything but water, sitting around doing nothing, being bored, sleeping for any period of time longer than two hours (he takes cat-naps), keeping what he finds when he pickpockets, being chained down
Strengths: He is highly intelligent, and never forgets anything. He is also acrobatic and can climb most buildings without gear, if given the time.
Weaknesses: He is arrogant and careless – he does what he thinks will be the most fun, not necessarily what is best for him, or for the people around him. Though he is strong, he knows nothing about actually defending himself.


He doesn’t have one.


History: Aurora has always identified – much to his chagrin – as the eldest son of the Duke Bridgeton. He has never had a life outside the frilly parties and good food and impeccable manners to which he was raised. They looked at him as nothing more than his father’s heir. He hated that. He felt confined by it. The only person in the world who saw him as anything special was his mother – Lillian Bridgeton – who burned to death when the Bridgeton mansion caught fire, sacrificing herself to get her son out alive. The death of his mother, his only supporter, broke him utterly, and so, gifted as he is with a photographic memory and a brilliant mind, he lashed out. He made life hell for the staff at his boarding school, knowing all-too-well that he would not be punished. The school could not risk the anger of the duke, one of their biggest financial contributors. He made no end of trouble for his superiors, and never realized it was probably a bad idea – until he was captured by the forces in the rising war.

Theme Song:
Most songs by Breaking Benjamin… Specifically, Blow Me Away.

Theme Song Lyrics:

They form a line, one at a time, ready to play
(I can't see them anyway)
No time to lose, we've got to move, steady the helm
(I am losing sight again)

Fire your guns, it's time to run, blow me away
(I will stay, unless I made)
After the fall, we'll shake it off, show me the way

Only the strongest will survive
Lead me to heaven when we die
I am the shadow on the wall
I'll be the one to save us all

There's nothing left, so save your breath, lying in wait
(Caught inside this tidal wave)
Your cover's blown, no where to go, holding your fate
(Loaded I will walk alone)

Fire your guns, it's time to run, blow me away
(I will stay, unless I may)
After the fall, we'll shake it off, show me the way

Only the strongest will survive
Lead me to heaven when we die
I am a shadow on the wall
I'll be the one to save us all

You wanted it bad
(Don't fight me now)
Don't fight

Only the strongest will survive
Lead me to heaven when we die
I am a shadow on the wall
I'll be the one to save us all
Save us all

Weapons When On Foot: He doesn’t carry any weapons – he probably should, though.
Love Interest: We shall see.

(Another image of him that I really liked.


So begins...

Aurora Bridgeton's Story