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Alexandria "Lexi" Gillespie

"Call him an Eleven one more time! I dare you!"

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a character in “Code Geass: R3”, as played by 10tanksonawall




Age: 19

Sexuality: "Love is love. Gender really doesn't matter."

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 165 lbs


Personality: Lexi hates being ordered around. She is a highly independent person, and won't take kindly to being told what to do unless she's given orders by someone she has respect for. However, she doesn't give out respect easily. She forces others to earn her respect. Once someone has her respect, she opens up a bit. In addition, she is a realist, seeing the world in black, white, and all of its shades of grey. She doesn't think that problems can be solved with a single action, but believes that all problems must be solved over time.

Talents: Lexi has an aptitude for machines which she has honed ever since she first picked up a tool, and is also a capable fighter.

  • Music
  • Respect
  • Freedom
  • Individuality
  • Machines
  • Hard work

  • Orders
  • Most Britannians
  • Oppression
  • Pointless things
  • Idiots
  • Laziness

Skills: Lexi is a competent marksman as well as a capable fist-fighter, and is good at math and science. She is also a practiced musician.

Flaws: Lexi doesn't take well to being ordered around, and is extremely individualistic. Needless to say, she doesn't mix well with authority figures, be they police or military. However, she treats advice in much the same way, and often will ignore potentially helpful advice unless it is given to her by someone she really respects.


History: Lexi was born to a Euro family that worked as humanitarians. She traveled the world with them, and witnessed first-hand the damage and destruction that followed in Britannia's wake. During that time, she picked up marksmanship and mixed martial-arts in repayment for doing odd jobs. Eventually, she began to work more exclusively with machines. She also developed her character during that time after seeing people betray others time and time again, hearing every single derogatory term in the book (and a few highly original ones), and, on more than one occasion, following orders that very nearly got her killed.

Her family arrived in Japan just before the Black Rebellion, working in the ghettos. Eventually, Lexi decided to attend school to learn more about the machines she'd grown so fond of. However, her parents continued their work as humanitarians, and continued on, leaving Lexi with her few belongings, some money, and her mother's guitar. She went to a private academy for a few years, but eventually had her parents pull some strings to get accepted into Ashford Academy after hearing about their Electromechanical Engineering program. She transferred in as a Junior.

That was a year ago. Now, she's a senior, and watching as the Japanese suffered more and more under Britannia brought back old memories, which slowly began to boil up...

Other: Lexi has the Geass of Heroism, a Geass that, when activated, inspires all others who hear her voice to commit selfless acts without paying any attention to harm that may potentially befall them. Since a person must hear her actual voice for the Geass to take hold, it does not work through loudspeakers.

Lexi's guitar is the only thing that she has left of her family. It originally belonged to her mother, who got the guitar from Lexi's father as a wedding gift.

Thoughts and relationships to other characters:

So begins...

Alexandria "Lexi" Gillespie's Story


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Eric looked down on the scene with disgust. Not only did the soldiers attempt to kill the student, they were stupid enough not to incorporate additional security systems into the capsule after receiving it, and they were inept enough to allow her to get that close to it in the first place. Hell, they could've stopped all of this from even happening if the man that was supposed to be watching the damn thing hadn't fallen asleep on the job!

All this, despite the fact that they should've been at a higher state of readiness than they'd ever been in before. Area 11 was being watched by the world. A purge of the lower ranks would have been immediate if it weren't for the fact that doing so would most likely remove about ninety percent of their overall combat effectiveness. So as it was, Eric was here, ready to clean up this mess before it got even worse, with a squad of Knightmares standing by to move in on his orders.

He deactivated the noise-cancelling effect on his headset, and replaced the generic reflective sunglasses with his normal prescription, mentally reminding himself for the thousandth time to get a prescription pair. It was when he could actually see clearly to take the shot that something in him clicked. He... he knew who was down there. The memory was a distant one, back when he lived as a royal, and not a soldier. That girl... Could it really be...

The drop was not a big one, ten feet at the most. He landed silently behind the girl, and stood up. "Alexia?"

Lexi knew that things were going bad when she was caught in the ghettos outside of the pristine Britannian area of Tokyo. She'd heard about the purges of the Ghettos back during the Black Rebellions. was she about to get caught in one?

Her situation wasn't a good one, not if she was stopped and searched. She was a Euro, and, technically, Euros weren't allowed to carry guns or knives in Japan, or be in possession of components that could be readily made into a gun. Since she had a fully-loaded pistol in the holster riding on the inside of her jacket, a Swiss multi-tool in her pocket containing three separate blades, and a disassembled .50 sniper rifle in a hidden compartment under the seat of her bike, she was hoping to just about every deity that she'd heard of that the Britannians weren't about to discriminate against Euros right now.

She opened the throttle on her bike even further, rushing towards the bridge to the freeway overpass that would hopefully take her out of this hellhole in the making.