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Eric Manson

"This isn't the right thing to do, and you know it."

0 · 283 views · located in Area 11

a character in “Code Geass: R3”, as played by 10tanksonawall




Age: 20

Sexuality: "The gays do their thing, and I'll do mine."

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 185 lbs


Personality: Eric has a very loud personality. Walking into a room, you'll notice him because he'll be a center of attention, striking up and maintaining three or four separate conversations, or because he just bought the entire bar a round of drinks on his tab. He takes to people easily, and is very open about himself. However, a deeper layer of his personality shows itself to the people he knows and respects the most. He is very driven to do his best, and to follow his heart. He relies on his gut more than his head, and is willing to accept responsibility for whatever happens later.

Talents: Besides being a people person, Eric has a knack for breaking down walls that others put up.

  • Friends
  • Food
  • Fun
  • A good sense of humor
  • Trust
  • The truth
  • Loyalty

  • Betrayal
  • Lies
  • Deception
  • Bland people
  • Turncoats
  • Reason
  • Isolation

Skills: Eric is a good shot with his dual pistols, skilled with them to the point where he can aim them independently to a high degree of accuracy, and has a good tactical mind and, as a Knight of the Round, is a skilled pilot and a strong fighter. He also prides himself on being a good cook. Also, his travels from Area to Area forced him to pick up different languages, most of which he can speak at a basic level, and a few which he can speak conversationally.

Flaws: Eric is too easily trusting, and reacts badly when people betray others.

History: Eric lived the first ten years of his life in an orphanage, and was adopted into the royal family by one of the lower ranking families. Though Eric never entertained the option of ascending to the throne, he did enjoy some of the comforts of high-class life, and a small but solid friendship with some of the other Imperial children, despite his unknown blood. At least, until his family fell onto hard times, got kicked out of their estates, and was forced to live off of scraps.

When his sixteenth birthday rolled around, he decided to enlist into the Britannian military, hoping, maybe, that he could somehow restore his family's name and status. He spent the next three years of his life going from Area to Area, fighting for what he believed to be just reasons. However, the more that people threw nasty glances at his as he walked their streets in uniform, the more he wondered if he was really doing the right thing.

Pushing his doubts aside, he continued his assignments, working for Britannia in hopes that his skill and service would be recognized. Eventually, it was, and he was made the Knight of Twelve. His first assignment as a Knight of the Round was to oversee an important operation in the newly reconquered Area 11...

Other: Eric's pistols are custom-made. They fire 9mm rounds, and the bodies are made from Knightmare-grade materials, making them potent melee weapons as well.

Thoughts and relationships to other characters:

So begins...

Eric Manson's Story


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Eric looked down on the scene with disgust. Not only did the soldiers attempt to kill the student, they were stupid enough not to incorporate additional security systems into the capsule after receiving it, and they were inept enough to allow her to get that close to it in the first place. Hell, they could've stopped all of this from even happening if the man that was supposed to be watching the damn thing hadn't fallen asleep on the job!

All this, despite the fact that they should've been at a higher state of readiness than they'd ever been in before. Area 11 was being watched by the world. A purge of the lower ranks would have been immediate if it weren't for the fact that doing so would most likely remove about ninety percent of their overall combat effectiveness. So as it was, Eric was here, ready to clean up this mess before it got even worse, with a squad of Knightmares standing by to move in on his orders.

He deactivated the noise-cancelling effect on his headset, and replaced the generic reflective sunglasses with his normal prescription, mentally reminding himself for the thousandth time to get a prescription pair. It was when he could actually see clearly to take the shot that something in him clicked. He... he knew who was down there. The memory was a distant one, back when he lived as a royal, and not a soldier. That girl... Could it really be...

The drop was not a big one, ten feet at the most. He landed silently behind the girl, and stood up. "Alexia?"

Lexi knew that things were going bad when she was caught in the ghettos outside of the pristine Britannian area of Tokyo. She'd heard about the purges of the Ghettos back during the Black Rebellions. was she about to get caught in one?

Her situation wasn't a good one, not if she was stopped and searched. She was a Euro, and, technically, Euros weren't allowed to carry guns or knives in Japan, or be in possession of components that could be readily made into a gun. Since she had a fully-loaded pistol in the holster riding on the inside of her jacket, a Swiss multi-tool in her pocket containing three separate blades, and a disassembled .50 sniper rifle in a hidden compartment under the seat of her bike, she was hoping to just about every deity that she'd heard of that the Britannians weren't about to discriminate against Euros right now.

She opened the throttle on her bike even further, rushing towards the bridge to the freeway overpass that would hopefully take her out of this hellhole in the making.


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Alexia had soon broken out of her daze and realized what happened and what her geass was though she hadn't the time to better acquaint herself with the person who gave her the power of geass as her name was called on by someone else. Once turning to see who it was she saw someone she never guessed would be here of all places.

The bodies of the soldiers that attempted to kill her were only a little bit away from them so she had immediately begun acting traumatized by what happened. She couldn't risk the possibility of him or any member of the Britanninan military finding out that she remembers who she is and that one of the members of the imperial family was in Area Eleven without Emperor Schniezels's knowledge. She had to play it cool and her face portrayed that of a traumatized girl confused and fearful. "W-Who are you and how do you remember my name?" there were rumors that Schniezel had obtained the power of geass as well and no one knew what it was so she'd make it seem plausible that he geassed her into forgetting her childhood.


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"W-Who are you and how do you remember my name?" Alexia asked.
Well, Eric hadn't been expecting that one, now had he? Sure, he'd heard the rumors about Schneizel's Geass, but he hadn't thought they were actually true.
They weren't, Eric reminded himself. Schneizel had said so himself, and Schneizel didn't have a reason to lie to a Knight of the Round.

"I guess it has been a long time, hasn't it?" Eric said, shaking his head. "Eight years? Nine? Something like that." He looked at Alexia. "I'm Eric Manson." He smiled. "Remember me? The orphan kid? I came over to the Ares Villa every now and then? My parents went broke and we got kicked out?" He sighed. "But that's beside the point." He lifted his guns, and pointed one at the person who'd come out of the capsule, and one at Alexia.

"I really don't want to do this Alexia." He said, smiling weakly. "I made a promise to you, after all, even if it was when we were both kids." His smile faded. "But as the Twelfth Knight of the Round, I have to place the two of you under arrest. Come quietly, and I can try to help you. But I can't guarantee anything but an execution if you two try to escape."

His heart felt like it was going to explode, so rapidly was it beating. What he was doing felt like he was betraying her. He was doing something that went against every fiber of his being. He knew what would really happen to her if she did come quietly, and lying to her like he had made him even sicker.

Why did it have to be her? Why did it have to be someone he knew? It just wasn't fucking fair! And it was the one person, the one person that he really remembered from his childhood! Why was life so intent on screwing him over?


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Sakamoto smirked. He had a gun pointed at him, how interesting... And normal, lately. He got up. "Well, that was interesting... Could you explain why there is a gun pointed at me? Do you even know what's going on?" He said. Not like he'd know the whole immortal bit, he did a very very good job covering his tracks. The most he'd find is a trail of dead bodies, after all...

He glanced around, holding up his index finger. "Hold up." He spotted a storm drain. "Aha, can we talk down there? Pretty much everything I have to say is pretty much classified to the point of you getting fired, so I suggest you do that. Otherwise, there's going to be one hell of a mess or paperwork that will probably end with you losing your position." He looked up, looking at all the people looking down on them, raising his hand and waving, smiling playfully before looking back at the guy with the gun. "I'm not joking, you will lose your title as Knight Of The Round if you continue pointing a gun at my person." He gave a look, very intimidating while also completely serious. He gave the slightest of slight winks, more of a twitch, really, to... What was her name, Alice? Alex? "So, I suggest that we take this more private, shall we?"