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William Dunbar

The Rebel

0 · 1,392 views · located in Earth

a character in “Code Lyoko - New Game”, as played by affliction


William has very short, dark and unnatural dark blue hair. William's outfit consists of a short-sleeved black shirt with a red logo and a long-sleeved red undershirt, blue jeans and boots, and a tan jacket.
He is 15, the same age as Yumi, and is about the same height. He's also well built, and able to prove a match for Ulrich.

William's three appearances - (left to right) Lyoko Normal, Earth, Lyoko XANAfied.
William on Earth


Although his past is dubious, he did what he did at his old school in good faith. His old headmaster was a horrible person, giving him and his friends all sorts of grief. So, he decided to cause the headmaster grief, by giving him some extra-homework (covering his car wind-shield in stickers). He also posted countless love letters around the school, in the belief that "No one should be left out on Valentine's Day". This seems to indicate he isn't such a bad guy, but he sometimes expresses himself in the wrong way. His temper is fairly short, and he can't stand Ulrich or Odd talking trash to him - on more than one occassion he has physically threatened one or both of them. William is somewhat less vigilant than other characters - it is his attraction to Yumi that makes his presence problematic, both in terms of Ulrich's jealousy and secret that must be kept secret - otherwise, tricking William into staying clear would be simple


On Lyoko, William wields a dual-handed sword, that looks like an over-sized butcher's knife. Initially he has no vehicle, but will gain a black Manta which is under his command once he is possessed.

His powers all circle around smoke manipulation.

  • His weapons form from smoke, and if they become separated from him, they dissolve and reform in his hand.
  • He can reduce himself to smoke, and travel at very high speeds (as fast as Ulrich's supersprint), then reform at his destination.
  • He can form smoke in his hands and use it to trap targets - in the smoke, the target's thoughts can be read, and any useful information retrieved.


He's a new student at Kadic, having been kicked out from his previous school for plastering love letters everywhere, and glueing stickers on the principal's wind-shield.
William serves as a foil for Ulrich, both in his attraction to Yumi and outspoken personality. While Ulrich has trouble sharing his feelings with Yumi, William isn't afraid to assert himself. He spends most of the time trying to get closer to Yumi, which puts him at odds with Ulrich. He is the secondary antagonist under XANA throughout.
Eventually William learns of Lyoko and XANA, and tries to join the group several times, only to be rejected. After XANA manages to destroy most of Lyoko, Yumi allows William to join the Lyoko warriors (near the end of the third season), but is quickly possessed by XANA after he is attacked by the Scyphozoa.

So begins...

William Dunbar's Story