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Adrasteia Gasai

"No matter what changes, I'll still be me...and I can be whoever I want to be."

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a character in “Coffee in Hell”, originally authored by SailorTitan, as played by RolePlayGateway


Adrasteia Gasai



Full Name Adrasteia Eupheme Hera Gasai
"You asked for it. I didn't ask you to memorize it. You can thank me later"

Role Demon | Female 1

Species Demon
"Been the same thing my whole life. You got a problem with it...Well, It's not my problem.."

Gender Female
"No, I'm a man dressed as a woman."

Nickname(s)/Alias(es) | Eia | Addy | Sai | Eupheme | Hera | Lady Crazy |

Age She has the appearance of a 17-19 year old young woman. However, to be quite honest, she is 119 years old... to be exact.
"I'm immune to wrinkles."

Love Interest Yuuji Yagami
"I...don't know...what else to say, I guess. That's that."

Face Claim Megumi Shimizu | Shiki


Height 5'6"/168cm
"Does it matter?"

Weight 115lbs/52kg
"How rude!"

Build Hourglass/Curvaceous/Slim
"I guess this is something I can brag about...?"

Hair Color Bright, solid pink. She has short bangs that part in the middle of her forehead and long, thick hair that flows down in waves to her mid-back. Her hair is usually in two high pigtails, though.
"I don't understand why I need to explain this to you."

Eye Color Her eyes are the most memorable feature of hers. She has dark, pitch black eyes with glowing red pupils. Every time someone gets lost in her eyes, it seems to take them to a cold and dark place.
"Do I have to explain what they look like? How about you take a look and decide for yourself."

~ Scars: She displays a few small scars, all about two inches long, on the small of her back. These scars are usually concealed by her clothing, though
~ Tattoos/Piercings:
"More like 'Here, let's destroy your skin and make sure you regret it later in life.'"

Description Adrasteia has long, bright pink hair which she styles into curly twintails or occasionally she wears them straight and she uses different ribbons or hair accessories for each outfit she wears. She has a pasty complexion and eyes that are black with red pupils. She is also fashionable, always seen wearing stylish and creative clothing with accessories to accompany them, albeit some of the clothing are revealing.

She can also be seen wearing clothing that are close to punk and gothic fashion. She sometimes wears a lowcut red corset with a frilled, black trim, paired with a black, ruffled mini-skirt with a white belt. She also wears a black leather, spiked choker, black, shoulder-length fingerless gloves with white, spiked bands, black, thigh-high stockings and white boots. She also puts on red lipstick and painted her nails blood red once again with this outfit she also wears red flower earrings. She also wears a pink and black mid-thigh dress with black stripes going down it and parting with red gemstones and ruffles at the bottom. She wears ripped light tan pantyhose and elbow length black with a pair of pink sneaker boots along with pink striped fingerless gloves and a black shirt collar choker.
"I could go on all day..."

Preferred Clothing "Oops...there's a totally different topic for my fashion choices Well, I guess I got carried away in my description..."




✓Dolls...Cabbage Patch Dolls
✓Funny Things/People


X The Colour White
X Flowers
X Sunny Days
X Starving
X The Guitar

~ Amychophobia: Fear of scratches or being scratched.
~ Anuptaphobia: Fear of staying single
~ Bathmophobia: Fear of stairs or deep slopes

Sexuality Heterosexual
Personality Adrasteia is one of those people who always has the "get-the-fuck-out-of-my-way" looks displayed on her face. At first glance, she seems kind of scary and like she is looking for trouble. However, in reality, she's still scary she's a quite modest and stern young woman.

Adrasteia likes doing things on her own... and in her own way. She defiantly won't listen to anyone's advice anytime soon. She hates to admit she's wrong in some situations... even though she knows she's wrong. She hates showing any signs of weakness and hates giving up. Nobody really tries to help her in any situations because they know she won't listen. She's in her own little world all the time.

Adrasteia can become quite mean and rude when people get on her nerves and start to annoy her. She can make mean remarks and put-downs...and will often keep doing it until someone seriously tells her to shut up. She can be quite judgemental at times, often judging people by what they seem like to her. Although, she'll never say what she thinks out loud to anyone.

She seems to always be in a serious mood. Although, she can make a few jokes here and there and will often end up laughing at her own jokes. She doesn't mind other people making jokes, as well. She hates being looked down upon, and will stand straight and tall wherever she goes...and will try not to show any fear.

On the other hand, when she's not so demanding, she can be quite a girly girl. She is in to fashion, and even though she wears the same hairstyle just about every day, her outfits are always something new everyday. She has a very creative mind once someone gets to know her well enough. She can become the absolute sweetheart when she may be sucking up to someone, and will even become pretty flirtatious. She can flirt and tease people into getting her what she wants.

On the inside, she can be a very sensitive person. She is often judged and seen as the type of woman who would never settle down and whom has to much to do and no needs or wants for love. When with someone she trusts, she can easily admit how sad or angry she is...and truly admit her true feelings about anything. She becomes a totally different person. She becomes more gentle, encouraging and sensitive.



Personal History: First off, unlike most demons and angels, Sai has only lived up to be 119 years old. That's not considered very old in the world of angels and demons. In fact, she hasn't really lived at all.

Being a part of the younger side, she was the Third Hierarchy, being a very well taught swordswoman. She fought and killed in the Great War...which got her no where. It wouldn't be right to put it that she didn't care who she killed, its more like she had nothing to lose. She has never really had any friends...nor a family. She despised marriage, as well. She thought it would only pull her down...

She was considered a very strong person back then. Her ability having no one she ever loved or cared for what considered her strongest. No one could really hurt her mentally...only physically.

So, how did she become a guardian, you ask? Well, she actually thought about it for a second. Just a second. What would it be like if she was someone else...and she actually lost someone she loved in the Great War? She thought about others and what they were going through right then.

That's how she became a guardian. Actually thinking about others and putting others ahead of her. What the actual fuck?

ImageWorking with a bunch of pretty little angels weren't exactly on her "things-to-do" list. In fact, it never once crossed her mind. She hated the idea....and stayed the grumpy one among the guardian group. She hardly talked to anyone and was just there to get the job done.

She hardly ever talked to anyone and was too into her job then anything. If you have gotten the chance to talk to her....then congratulations. You win a golden star for having guts.

That's when she met him. That guy. Yuuji Yagami. Now, don't go thinking she just saw the handsome guy and fell in love. That's not at all what it went like. He was still depressed about his past life...and she was still...well... Sai. But then he talked to her for the first time....and he was so annoying. To be honest, she just wanted to run him over with a tractor then hit him with a guitar so he'll fall off a cliff then throw down the guitar, as well she just tried to keep her distance from him. But he just kinda... stuck on her.

Pretty soon, she was actually having a normal conversation with him. She smiled for the first time and opened up to him. Her heart suddenly became all mushy around him and she became nervous. She had no idea what this feeling was, but she liked it.

She pretty soon fell in love with him, as did he with her. The two became more then friends with benefits, they became lovers. And that was a big step for Sai. The first person she actually loved. The first person she actually cared for, and whom she knew loved her back.

But right now, things are terribly wrong. Almost everyone has some sort of amnesia, including Sai. She hit her poor head on something. She can't exactly remember what...but it screwed up her head. She forgets almost everyone...and at some points, forgets who she even is. She needs others to constantly remind her who she is and where she is and try to drag her out of her own little world when she drifts off. She has become more frightened and is almost afraid of everyone's touch. She doesn't know who to trust anymore....

So begins...

Adrasteia Gasai's Story


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'I once had a heart as good as new...'

Her head pounded and ached. No, her whole body ached. She was awake, but then again, couldn't move. She was completely still. Limp. She couldn't even open her eyes to see what the disaster had done.

'But now it's past from me to you...'

Her previously pretty white dress was now splotched with blood. Her hair was splattered all over the place on the where she lay on the ground. She had a soft red ribbon tangled up in her small fingers that formerly held up one of her pigtails. The other ribbon, she has no idea where it went. Probably someone out in the mess.

'Take care of it as I have done...'

She slowly moved her toes which were free from her shoes...wherever her shoes went. She could feel she was lying on shattered glass as she felt her toe gently tap a sharp piece of glass. She had no idea how she was going to get up now. She could feel the stinging of plenty little scratches on her arms and legs. And even though she had a phobia of scratches...Well, she couldn't remember that part.

'For you have two and I have none...'

The haunting song suddenly stopped ringing in Adrasteia's aching head as she slowly opened her eyes. She couldn't really see much because her thick pink hair was in her way. She quickly shut her eyes from the sun that was now slowly peeking out of the gray clouds. She slowly opened her eyes again, giving them more time to adjust to the sunlight. She still hated the fact that she was still so limp and weak...from...what? She's never felt so hopeless in her life as she laid the middle of shattered glass and the sunlight shining down on her broken body.

But she knew she was strong and she knew she wasn't just going to lay here. She slowly lifted her hands and flattened them straight on the ground beside her...even though she still couldn't hardly feel them. Her arms were shaky as she straightened them out and slowly lifted the upper half of her body off the ground. All the blood suddenly rushed to her head and her eyes squeezed shut as her arms gave out and she fell limp on the ground once again.

"Damn..." She silently managed to say as she opened her eyes again. Then she saw it. The blood stained pieces of glass. She knew she had a few scratches...but she knew they wouldn't bleed this much. Her black eyes widened as she brought her hand to her throbbing head and placed it gently on her cheek. She felt what she knew was blood. She swiftly removed her hand and looked at it, seeing the blood beginning to drip from her hand. Her head was bleeding...and not just bleeding....but really bleeding and it hurt.

She didn't bother touching the still-bleeding new wound on her head. She didn't want to feel any more pain. She knew she had a bad injury to her head...but she didn't know where she was. Aside from knowing she was lying on shattered glass, that is. She knew her name, what she was, and....well, that's it. She knew she was in this place for a reason...but it was quite hitting her. She was sure if someone reminded her where she was she would remember.

Was she alone again?

She remembers when she was all alone. When she had no family nor friends and she was just doing everything on her own. That was her life. Was it still like that? If it was, well then, screw it. She had always hated that life...even though she never showed it or said it. She slowly laid back down on the broken ground with her broken body and her broken mind. Maybe if she fell asleep, she'd wake up and everything would be back to normal. Whatever normal was before. She didn't know if anyone else was here or feeling what she was feeling right now. Confusion. But she just wanted to get out. She was hurting all over and the confusion wasn't making it feel any better. She slowly closed her eyes and tried to let sleep take her away.


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Yuuji Yagami

"... so you're saying she's dead?"

"Yes, that is correct. I'm terribly sorry for your loss, Mr. Yagami."


The barrier between reality and the past had finally returned, a man's past ceased it's haunting for now. The young, brown-headed man's consciousness returned, slowly but very surely. His head was pounding with a pain in his head and back that rivaled a migraine and his other limbs weren't faring too much better either. He attempted to push himself up off the ground, a shock flying through his back and up to his head. Plus, he noticed something was on him as well.

Yuuji was not entirely crushed by whatever it was that was on top of him. Judging by the pain in his back, and how the debris was laying, he figured that it did, however, hit him. There was enough room between him and the object that he could roll himself onto his back (previously having been laying on his stomach) and inspect the debris. When he did, he noticed that it had to be a part of the ceiling. Certainly nothing else would make sense, plus he saw a gap for where lights were supposed to have been. The ceiling fell on him.... did something crash through it, or did it just give away? Yuuji briefly pondered the subject before realizing that it was not the time for that. He should get up.

This time, the young man pushed his feet from the ground to slide out of under the debris. Still, that pain from before became apparent in his back, but he continued on as it was nothing he hadn't felt before. From there, it was simple as standing up and dusting himself off. He wasn't crippled by whatever happened here, but GOD did his back hurt.


Dust had been kicked up and, now standing, Yuuji was gifted with his first breath of air being filled with it. He cupped a hand over his mouth and then started fanning the area right in front of him with his other as he looked around, still hacking just a bit. "... Hello?" he called out. It was probable that some of the other guardians were here too. He tried to think of what he was doing before he lost consciousness, but nothing came to mind. He must've hit his head a bit hard, but as far as he could tell, he wasn't forgetting anything else. His name, date of birth, his childhood, his teenhood, all the good things, all the bad things, and even life here in purgatory was still there. It's just the last hour he can't remember. Hopefully everyone else made it out oka---

Pink. A trait both Sai and Yuno shared with their hair...

"Hey, Yuuji..."


"I know it hurts to lose someone you love, but moving on is the best thing you can do. For their sake, man. You've been staring at that picture for the last two weeks!"

"...I can't move on. There's no reason."

Yuuji had been surveying the area with his eyes to get a bearing on the situation at hand. He had to compare the scenery to what he figured a room looked like after a bomb went off. There was a giant, scortched part of the ground near the middle of the room with smaller fires huddled around the impact. They, however, did not look as if they'd be a problem. The fires looked as if someone dropped a lit piece of paper on the ground and left it. It was likely they'd just burn out. More importantly, some furniture was flipped and a table was split in half. Once a chestnut brown like Yuuji's hair, the majority of this table was now charred coal. But the most devastating thing he witnessedd in the room was..... pink.

It was her hair. It was glowing from the sunlight peeking in from the hole made in the ceiling. There were clumps of red that he could see from where he was as well, but the pink stood out. But to Yuuji, who admired that hair so much, it standing out was nothing new to him. He had to make his way over there. He took a step, his body faulted as he did so. Each nerve in his body screamed at him to stop and slow down, that he was injured, but did he really even give two fucks? She was hurt! The compromise that Yuuji made with his body was a hurried hobble over to her location. He hoped she was alright. No, he knew she'd be alright. She can't die here, can she? Right? Plus, God can't take her away anymore. Nobody can take her away, they'd already had their fun when Yuuji was alive! If they did so again... after he had taken his life...... He'd go nuts.

Sai's eyes were closed shut but her chest was still rising and falling, albeit at a slightly erratic pace. Furthermore, her eyes seemed to clench shut every so often, indicating that she was having pain. But, as strange as it seemed, this was somewhat of a relief to Yuuji. She was still alive! Or... well, whatever you wanna call it.

"You couldn't save her? Yuuji, there wasn't anything you could do! He had a gun!"

"...It doesn't matter, I live, she-- no, THEY, both died!"

"....Yuuji.... blaming yourself is pointless...."

"I could say the same thing about you! About everything! Just leave me alone....!"

"...Sai!" Yuuji's worried voice called out. He wasn't sure what she had hurt, so he gave her shoulder a soft nudge. "Sai... are you alright? Can you hear me, Sai?" he continued looking over her. He obviously noticed that she had a wound on her head. That concerned him greatly, but there was not much he could do about it. He was no doctor. He knew basic medical knowledge at best. It would be wiser to see if anything else was going to cause a problem. There were some scrapes, bruises, and cuts. Bloodied glass lay around her body. She could have really gotten cut up, but as far as he could tell... her head seemed to be the biggest problem. "Hey!" he said a bit louder this time. She needed to wake up with that damn head injury. "Sai, wake up..!"