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Lilith Amaris


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a character in “Coffee in Hell”, as played by graphicromantics



Role: Female Demon 2

Nickname: Lil, but only those closest to her get to call her that.

Species: Demon "A cross between Pride and Envy, to be exact."

Gender: Female "After three millennia in this body, I think I'd know."

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual "Well, that's my business and not yours."

Age: 3023 years old "Isn't that a little rude?

Appearance: For a demon of around 3020 years, Lilith is still looking pretty good for her age. She has creamy alabaster skin, common to most demons, but instead of having flawless skin, her cheeks are sprinkled with light freckles. Lilith has blue eyes, greyish blue in the light, but a shining ocean blue most of the time. Her eyes are framed by thick, dark eyelashes, which she inherited from her mother. She has thick, wavy, bistre colored hair that falls to the middle of her back. She's never had her hair short before, and never plans to make it shorter. Lilith is about 5'6, and weighs around 122 pounds. She is certainly not "slender" or whatever the kids are calling it these days, and much prefers to call her figure womanly. Wide hips, a thin waist, and an average-sized bust make up her silhouette.

Lilith's style is usually very no-nonsense, but she does have an appreciation for the aesthetic. Her wardrobe includes -but of course, is not limited to- a leather jacket, countless shirts, and several pairs of pants. She does not like wearing too much color, claiming that it makes her look too pale and washed out. The only earrings she will wear are a pair of red beryl studs.

Personality: If you asked someone to describe Lilith Amaris in a few words, they would probably tell you that she is sarcastic, easily frustrated, a perfectionist and, at times, a bit emotionally unstable. Lilith's bark is really worse than her bite, but her bark is still pretty bad. Sarcasm is something of a first language to her, so she comes off as prickly and cold. Kind of like a dead porcupine. Her heavy sarcasm really doesn't faze those that really know her, but to people she's just met, it may come as a bit of a shock. Because of this, Lilith doesn't have very many friends- it's a wonder that she's even married.

Lilith does not like change; she likes everything orderly, neat, and secure, thanks to her perfectionist side. Lilith's perfectionist tendencies can keep her on a task far too long, and this wastes much of her time. The general feeling she gives off is one of impatience and passion. Though she really hates it, she is an open book, and her emotions are really easy to read. If someone asks if she's upset, it's usually just out of courtesy- her face always betrays her emotions. Of course, being an Envy-Pride hybrid, these qualities are the most prominent in Lilith. She is fiercely protective, and if anyone tries to even make a move on someone that she loves, she'll get quite agitated. However, her pride keeps her from confronting anyone about it, making it her eternal dilemma. She loves to spend time with those whose presence she actually enjoys, and she softens up quite a bit around them. This is not to say that she's a complete softy while she's in their company- she still retains her sharp, snippy sense of humor. There are just some things that a demon just can't escape.

Likes: The Color Red || Her Parents... for the most part || Clothing || The Sound of Rain || Humans "They're really very entertaining." || The Smell of Vanilla || Home (though it might not be quite welcoming to some) || Feeling Safe || Being Needed || Having a Good Time || Her Sense of Pride || A Good Laugh || Sugar Cookies || Some Human Books || Orpheus

Dislikes: The Taste of Meat || Getting Jealous "But I really can't help my disposition, can I?" || People that Complain Too Much || Being Challenged || The Smell of Anything Burning

Brief history: "Ahem. Once upon a time, there was a young demon couple that had just birthed their first (and only) child. "How precious!" the father exclaimed. "Such a beautiful girl," cooed the mother. But little did they know that their little Lilith would grow up to be a bit of a b*tch. Having a child with both Pride and Envy wasn't such a great idea, but it was too late by then. Her pride was sure to piss everyone off, especially God, after a while. You know that one story about how some demon chick named Lilith was sent to Adam to, you know, consummate? Yeah, that was me. He told me to get underneath him, which is actually pretty absurd, considering that I'm a demon and he's a human. He was kind of a prat anyways. Honestly, God should have been thankful that I even agreed to get the hell up there in the first place. Then the humans got all crazy with the story and said that I was a vampire queen named Lamia, and I ate babies. That's gross. I don't even like meat.

Anyways, after the whole Adam fiasco, I came back down to Hell, reunited with my tearful family, all that. Then comes along Lucifer, who decides to fu- screw everything up. The worst part, though, is that he didn't even win. Like, seriously, if you're going to kill off one-fifth of my family and half of my friends, you could have tried a wee bit harder. So yeah, the war's over, Heaven's back to normal, Earth's okay, Hell's still Hell, but then the Mediaolum happens. Everyone knew that it wouldn't last with only angels. One day, Gabriel floats down, looking totally mortified that he's even here, and he says all this stuff about the Mediaolum and how it needs demons up there. And you know what? He calls my name. It's like God just wants to keep bugging me. A couple millennia ago, it was Adam, now it's this. I sure am popular with that guy. So three more demons get 'escorted' by Gabriel to the Mediaolum, and we're all told how to properly keep order, blah blah blah. The first few years were uneventful, for the most part. I caught someone trying to sweet talk another Guardian into letting him into Heaven once, though."


Orpheus Hall: "Oh, Pheesh. I'm very happily married to him, you know. I don't think he quite understands what he's gotten himself into yet. See, a few years into my Guardianship, I'd always catch him half smirking at something that I'd say, so I think I got a little sassy with him. What was it that I said to him? I don't quite remember. But what I do remember is that we finally started talking after that. He's always talking to other girls, though. I wonder if he recalls that I am half Envy..."

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Aroha Lightning:

So begins...

Lilith Amaris's Story


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Lilith lay sprawled out on the stairs of the palace, unmoving. Oh, she was quite conscious, and she hadn't been harmed too badly, except that she had a rather large gash on her thigh and her right arm had landed in an unfortunate position. Every time she blinked, a searing pain tore through her head, white-hot, and her head rang like there were church bells inside it. How she knew what they sounded like, we'll never know. She didn't even go to church. With her good arm, Lilith shielded her eyes from the sunlight, but she was too weak. She smacked her hand down on the steps, a ripple of frustration running through her. Lilith pushed herself into a sitting position, surveying her surroundings. The Mediaolum was completely trashed- rubble was piled up into a mountain of jagged marble, broken glass sitting like thousands of piercing diamonds. Lilith attempted to lift her limp right arm, but as soon as she did so, a sensation like electricity coursed down her arm, sizzling and slicing at her nerves. "Fuck," she groaned, much to the horror of an elderly woman near her. She saw hurt souls nursing their wounds, or running to find someone. "Find someone..." she thought. Suddenly, the light in her eyes went on. Orpheus. If the Mediaolum was this wrecked, she hated to think about what had happened to Orpheus. She set out at a jog, but urgency pushed her to a sprint.

"Orpheus?" she called out. "Orpheus!" She stopped by anyone who looked as if they might be her beloved Pheesh, searching their faces desperately for the features that she found so dear to her now. Tendrils of Lilith's hair were plastered onto her forehead, and her leg was starting to bleed at an alarming rate. Not that it would really do anything, of course, she wasn't really alive in the first place. "Orpheus Hall, I swear to all that's unholy, if I find your scrawny ass, I'm going to kick you. Hard," she muttered under her breath, running her shaking fingers through her tangled hair. Lilith set out at a brisk pace, her right arm still hanging uselessly at her side. Underneath a tree, she saw a distinctly male, black-haired figure lying down, no sign of (after) life showing. "Oh, no, no, this is not Orpheus, please don't let this be Orpheus!" With great effort, Lilith used her one good arm to halfway turn the body onto its side. Lilith's blue eyes scanned their face anxiously, and then brought her hands up to her face as tears flowed down her cheeks, leaving a slick trail after them. Lilith looked back down at the face one last time, carefully examining every aspect of it. It wasn't Orpheus. Not the brown eyes, which had been open. Not the button nose. Not the full lips. Not the eyebrows. It wasn't him, and that's all that really mattered, wasn't it?

Lilith gently closed the boy's eyelids with her fingers, making him look as if he was asleep. Did he look like this when he had died? Had he looked so peaceful, like he was now? She made a mental note to see if this boy was really dead (again), and if he wasn't, then maybe she'd write him a get well soon card or something. "Or something," she thought to herself. With one last glance at the boy's body (and quite a bit more hope than before, might I add), Lilith took off. "Pheesh!"


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The smell was the first thing he sensed-the only thing that seemed to refresh what he had of his memory. It was blood, and a lot of it. He hadn't even opened his eyes or made any movement out of his current position, mainly because he was still trying to figure out what that was. He didn't recall where he was, or who he was for that matter. Everything felt foreign, whether it was the blood drying on his skin or the sharp pain in his back. His body ached, as well as a dull pressure that squeezed his head. As he regained his consciousness he also regained the feeling in every nerve of his body unfortunately for the situation given. Though he didn't remember, he'd fallen off the roof of his house.
Raven-black eyelashes parted, exposing a faint sliver of blue iris to the outside world. Through the half-open ocular, he noted that the balance of colors in the sky had shifted now to oranges and yellows, the red and purple receding as they were wont to do upon the dawn’s breaking. He wondered if it even were dawn, considering the darkness that wrapped itself beneath the light. He didn't know what time of day it was, nor could he see the sun directly. He had an uneasy feeling that the destruction and rubble that laid around hadn't always been there.
His eye fell closed again, and Orpheus returned to his meditations, heedless of the faint breeze that teased his uncanny black hair and the fabric of his loose red shirt. With any will he still had he used to straighten, and dug the palms of his hands into the ground to prop himself up against the wall of the building. His breathing was constant, but shallow and quivering. Nothing came back to him really, though he wasn't aware anything should have.
He knew he'd was old. Very old. He'd been around for a long time. He felt ancient clocks of time clicking and chiming in his head, in his whole body, but no recollection of how he'd spent the many centuries. He didn't ask himself many questions, in fear he'd have very little answers. He didn't have any idea what to ask either. Everything felt strange, yet at the same time he didn't know anything else. There were a few basic ideas of knowledge in his mind, but anything of personal matter was blank.
Something- or someone, caught his attention. Orpheus, it called. He recognised the name as his own, though moments before he wouldn't have been able to say he had one.
He search the area, only looking but no effort to get up. He didn't know who was calling him, or why for that matter. His caution worried him, wary of the fact that he should know a lot more than he did. Though it seemed he'd regain it slowly with time. He debated calling out to it, but instead let out a cough that stung in his chest. He spit out a coppery taste of blood beside him, and let his body relax in an effort to release some pain. Orpheus used the wall he'd been leaning on to stand, but only got most of the way before having to completely use it for support. Where was he, anyway?