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Yuuji Yagami

"There is no such thing as Destiny. I refuse to believe I'm bound to an existence of only knowing loss."

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a character in “Coffee in Hell”, as played by FamishedPants


|| Yuuji Yagami ||

"You can call me Yuuji. I don't mind."

Image|| Full Name ||
Yuuji Yagami

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Role ||
Human Male 2

|| Face Claim ||
Light Yagami (Death Note)

|| Love Interest||
Adrasteia Gasai -
"What can I say? Yandere best dere. She is not a bad person, but easily misunderstood. She's a bit stubborn, but I don't mind. I know I can be sometimes. Really what I love about her though is the fact that OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME WHILE SHE'S AWAY SHE THREATENED TO KILL ME IF I DIDNT PRETEND TO BE IN LOVE WITH HER AND EVEN THOUGH IM ALREADY DEAD I WASNT SURE WHAT'D HAPPEN DEAR GOD she's a genuine softy underneath."

"H-handsome? M-me? Ah well..."


|| Hair Color ||
Chestnut Brown

|| Eye Color ||

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||

|| Appearance ||
Yuuji appears as a fairly handsome young man. He has a nice head of medium-lengthed hair that reaches to his ears in the back, but not the front of his head. It is often combed down and does not see any spectacular hairstyles, giving him more than a bland appearance considering his personality, which wholeheartedly contradicts this. His eyes have no problems with his hair, able to be seen clearly on his face, the same color as his hair. They seem to invite you to the man, and can appear warm and calming. One could almost get lost in them.....

Although he is much, much mightier than he seems to be, Yagami has but an average appearance supported by an average build. He has no fine muscular detail, but instead has practical muscles you wouldn't see unless he flexed. Thusly, he does not naturally give off an intimidating air, and this - more often than not - leads one to underestimate his physical abilities. It also further refines his 'normal' look, and adds to his harmless appearance.

Yuuji enjoys wearing clothes that would seem more fit for a teacher, or maybe a student. He loves wearing ties and suits, or anything else that covers a vast majority of his body. He dislikes anything that exposes his legs or his arms, even in warmer weather. However, he does not mind being shirtless in public, nor does he care much for any sense of fashion. This must be simply because it is more comfortable for him to wear.

"I don't mind being dead, but forgotten?"

|| Personality ||
Yuuji is the kind of man many would have a great problem finding a reason to hate him for. At heart, he is a calm and kind individual who loves getting along with others and dislikes it when he causes someone to be upset. If he wrongs someone, it will not sit well with him and he'll do whatever he can to make his wrongs right again. To most, Yuuji is quite easy to befriend.

He loves to enjoy conversation with people, and particularly enjoys it when people can joke around. Serious subjects are not preferred because it's easier to fight when speaking on those topics, but that does not mean he cannot get into an actual discussion. So long as people don't take things too seriously, or get angry, he does not mind.

He treats anybody and everybody with respect when he first meets them, and only after he has truly gotten to know somebody will he make any judgments about the person. Since he is a very accepting individual, he can't say he has really 'hated' many people in his life, save a certain murderer. That, and the fact he does not always pick up hints leads him to continue speaking with people who tend to frighten others away. Coupled with the trait of wanting to be on everybody's good side and genuinely wishing to help people in need, he can be a foe to those who want to spend their lives alone. So long as it wouldn't cause somebody harm, or go against his morals (which tend to be the same thing in his case), he'll oblige you on any requests. His thought process goes much like this: "I have nothing to do. Work needs to be done. Why don't I solve both problems at once?". Whereas a lot of people would much rather lounge around and do nothing, Yuuji can't sit around forever. Because of this, people tend to rely on him quite a bit, which he does not mind in the least, whether it be cleaning, working, or shopping, he'd be delighted to give you a hand.


No man is without faults. He hates to admit it, but he's never really matured. Something about his err... lets say 'lustful' urges have yet to disappear. No, he doesn't hop on the nearest thing with a hole and go crazy, but he tends to pick up suggestive phrases even when they're not there. An odd but common case tends to happen when a female eats his favorite fruit. It's not intentional, just something about that succulent crimson fruit entering a pair of lips with juice dripping down them and a wink to top it off... Well lets just say he might have a fetish for that kind of stuff.

His biggest flaw has to be in his recent low-self esteem issues he grew from his tragic loss of his family. He firmly believes that he's weak and that he has to improve himself to even be worth the shoes he's wearing. It would not be a far-cry to say that he actually hates himself for being so 'pathetic'. However, he does an unnaturally good job at hiding this, even from his closer friends. That's probably why they were so shocked to find out what he had done. But even if he hates himself, he's still Yuuji.

Yuuji very much cares for those he calls friends. Even more for those he thinks of as family. The LAST thing you would ever want to do is threaten or otherwise bring some harm to the people he loves. It WILL cause his face to change from a characteristic smile to a scowl of unmatched magnitude, and quite frankly, you don't want that. He'd give his afterlife if it meant saving someone he cared about without so much as a second's hesitation, and he'd do it with a smile on his face. All-in-all, expect no selfishness in serious matters from Yuuji, a man who has lost his world more than a single time.

"Guitars? Why wouldn't you like those? Ha.... About me? Well...."

|| Likes ||
Guitars- Although unbeknownst to Adrasteia or any of the other guardians, Yuuji knew how to play the guitar as a living human being. Before he and Sai grew closer, he learned she did not really care much for guitars, and has never said anything about the fact.

Black- He just enjoys the color (or lack of it) more than others. Maybe it was one of the reasons he enjoyed seeing Sai so much at the beginning. Either way, his favorite color is Black.

Pink Hair - His former wife, Yuno, had pink hair as well. It reminds him of his favorite fruit, strawberries and he's grown fond of the beautiful hair color. Not that he'd ever be wearing a head of pink.

Strawberries- [i]Need some way to bribe Yuuji into helping you with something, or keeping your mouth shut? Strawberries are your friend! Such tasty little red fruits that he cannot resist! Just uh... don't eat them in an erotic way in front of him, please.

|| Dislikes ||
Being touched- While there is one exception to this rule ///blushu, he typically dislikes being touched by other people. Not that he wears a full-body vest and gloves or something like that, he just prefers people keeping to themselves.

Rap music- Maybe not all rap music, but most of it. Just does not sound right with him, and the bitches and hoes best not be trippin yo. That's just not how it works.

Losing- Yuuji does not rush to every challenge ever proposed, but the ones he does, he does to win. He's no sore loser, but he'll sometimes remain upset that he lost something, no matter how small or insignificant.

The situation- So he's dead. Everybody he knew in the human world is gone from him. He knows he will never be able to see his old family again, for they are eternally gone from him. But now, he has Adrasteia to look forwards to seeing every day.... and then she loses all memory of him. Quite upsetting. It's unlike him to be so upset, so he obviously really doesn't like the situation.


|| Biography ||
As a young human, Yuuji Yagami was often cursed with many tragedies at all points in his lifetime. It had begun as early as when he was born. You see, his mother had given birth to him, but not without cost. When Yagami's father came to check on him, he was told that his wife had traded her life for their newborn's - she died giving birth to him. Pain and sorrow were among the first and immediate emotions his father felt, but anger and hate were the more powerful and longer-lasting ones that he held onto. No matter what face he wore, Yuuji also felt a bit of resentment from his one parent.

But he was never beaten. No, nothing that physical. His father was a bit hard on him, and sometimes got angry really quick, but Yuuji was never physically abused, so it was okay. Mr. Yagami at least attempted to raise Yagami into a respectable person so that his wife's life wasn't taken in vain. His family never was really religious, but when you lose someone you always tend to hope they're somewhere better. His father had taught him skills he would need to survive as a human being. He learned to give some basic repairs to cars, replace a door, light bulb, or anything else that would probably break around the house. You know, all that simple stuff, including self-defense. Hell, his dad even taught him how to play a guitar, the one skill he really cherished above all else. Why? Because at that point in his life, he did not feel any animosity from his father towards himself. His father, for once, taught him something that was not going to benefit him for anything else than entertainment. It took him a while, but it finally seemed that...

...his father accepted him.

A few months later, Yuuji was emotionally devastated when he learned about his father's cancer. His father got into worse and worse shape, and he wasn't any older than 50! He was still young! Slowly but surely, Yuuji's father passed on from this world and onto the next, his son unable to help him in any way at all. Yuuji was only seventeen. From that point on, the rough road he had to travel on, he traveled on alone. His grandparents lived much too far away, and he refused to leave his home - the home he had all of his memories in.

Fast forwards a few years....

Yuuji had a small job. Nothing too complicated or well-paying, but it was a job. He worked the register in some video store, renting dvds and the sort to customers. He liked it very much, as he loved how quiet the place was. He never was one to like parties or any other gatherings where you did not know but one or two of the three-hundred people that gathered around. This was not to say he was unsociable, for he really made friends easy with his outgoing and kind nature. He just preferred quiet to obnoxiously loud. Strange enough, this is where he met his girlfriend, Yuno. (I FUCKING DID IT YES I DID WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?! HAHAHAHHA.)

It took... 4 years? About that much, yes. Four years after getting that job and meeting Yuno, he added a new member to his family. He was so happy! You could see how happy he was with that silly smile plastered on his face all the time! He'd laugh, joke, love, talk, and just do about anything he could with her whenever he got the chance. He had moved on from being a store clerk to some position in a corporation he wasn't even entirely sure about. Yuuji was a simple man, so he often almost forgot anything pertaining to the job until he was working again. So taxing, but coming home to somebody else -- somebody else he LOVED was worth it! Especially since there'd be a NEW Yagami on the way!

.... but he hadn't ever the chance to find out if it was a small boy or a little girl.

Home invasions are something nobody ever expects to experience. You HEAR about them, but they wouldn't ever happen to you, right? Wrong. It was not like he had lived in some fancy house or anything. He kept his own father's house, never wanting to move away from the familiarity of the cozy place. His wife was fine with that, and she encouraged him to stay here. Maybe if he had just let go of his father.....

3am came with a resounding thud on the first floor of the 2-story house. Yuuji owned no animals, so he was instantly put on alert. He asked Yuno to stay in the bedroom as he checked out the disturbance, taking a baseball bat with him. They say you probably shouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight, but an honorable mention should go to a bat. Yuuji, holding a bat as he came down the stairs, was the immediate target of the armed invader, taking a couple shots towards his stomach. He fell quiet instantly. Yuno, hearing the shots, ignored her fear and rushed down the stairs to see if her husband was alright. The groaning, injured Yuuji on the floor was enough to send her into a fit of both rage and sorrow, and she picked up the bat, smashing it against the invader's side.

But she wasn't a fighter. She was weak.

The blow did nothing but anger the invader. As she was recovering from her own blow, she looked up to see the barrel of the gun.

Yuuji heard a distorted bang, follow by the thud of his wife's body hitting the ground like a sack of potatoes. Even with his consciousness fading, he made out a splotch of red pooling around her body before finally passing out. He awoke in the hospital as the only survivor of the attack. That pained feeling and anger his father must have felt at his birth swelled inside of him. He felt so helpless and angry and sad and and and!....

He tried moving on from the incident, but after a year he had enough. His friend's words were not enough to make him see reason, and he could bear this horrible life that he had been cursed with no longer. He died not at the hands of fate, nor a murderer, but by his own. And so, he was destined to an eternity in a rather unpleasant place he hadn't thought actual until he passed away. He... accepted this fate. In hell, he would no longer have to worry about losing somebody he cared about. Eternal damnation be damned, so long as another person he cared for did not die with him being so helpless.......

But another option came forth. Being a guardian? With that... he could protect people, couldn't he? He would have the power to do so, yes? That's what he lacked in the living world! Yes, yes, yes! He loved the idea! Being able to do something now would be fantastic! Maybe he could make up for being so weak all those other times! Maybe he could atone....

Well, if he could get out of the depression he was still in. When he left Earth, the emptiness that drove him to suicide had come along with him. This, in turn, made him even more depressed seeing as he act of self-murder was completely unnecessary and had accomplished absolutely nothing at all. Essentially, he was a walking piece of sorrow that made everything and everyone seem gloomy when they came into contact with him.

Except her.

Adrastei Gasai was probably the first person that Yuuji hated after dying. At first, to him, she seemed as if she had absolutely no compassion whatsoever, and was completely unaware of sympathy for a person in pain. He wasn't liking the idea of working with demons in the slightest. But Yuuji was still Yuuji somewhat, and somehow managed to continue speaking with the woman despite their less-than-favorable opinions of each other. In time, he stopped seeing her as he did before and even begun liking her.

Because honestly at first he wanted to kick her in the dick.

Sai became a person who actually listened to him. Not only that, but she offered kind words and genuine concern he did not think she had at first. Over the course of time, Yuuji was able to accept what had happened due to her encouragement, and later, he even began to act like he did before. Yuuji and Sai were able to see both the worst in each other, and the best. It's probably why, after fucking each other silly because FWB FTW growing closer and closer, they fell in love.

Yuuji never thought it possible that he would actually fall in love again, much less to a Demon (Granted he didn't really believe they existed until after he died). With a new purpose in life, and someone to keep him company, Yuuji was finally on track to doing something with his afterlife. Ah, but like always, something bad had to happen. Not just to the one he loved, but to multiple Guardians. A crackle was the only warning before thunder had its way with Yuuji's eardrum. Then came the crash, followed by the 'lucky' guardians finding their respective lovers/BFFs on the ground. Not just that, but when they awoke, they did so with an unfriendly case of Amnesia the Dark Descent.

Of course! Someone Yuuji held dear was injured, and he did nothing about it. Negative thoughts flared up, and unlike normal, Yuuji wasn't exactly doing well to hide his nervousness and frustration. Anyone in the world could see he wasn't happy at all about this mess.


"I can't afford another loss. Mother, father, Yuno... those were more than enough. I'll bend the will of the universe itself if it tries to steal anything else from me!"

So begins...

Yuuji Yagami's Story


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Yuuji Yagami

"... so you're saying she's dead?"

"Yes, that is correct. I'm terribly sorry for your loss, Mr. Yagami."


The barrier between reality and the past had finally returned, a man's past ceased it's haunting for now. The young, brown-headed man's consciousness returned, slowly but very surely. His head was pounding with a pain in his head and back that rivaled a migraine and his other limbs weren't faring too much better either. He attempted to push himself up off the ground, a shock flying through his back and up to his head. Plus, he noticed something was on him as well.

Yuuji was not entirely crushed by whatever it was that was on top of him. Judging by the pain in his back, and how the debris was laying, he figured that it did, however, hit him. There was enough room between him and the object that he could roll himself onto his back (previously having been laying on his stomach) and inspect the debris. When he did, he noticed that it had to be a part of the ceiling. Certainly nothing else would make sense, plus he saw a gap for where lights were supposed to have been. The ceiling fell on him.... did something crash through it, or did it just give away? Yuuji briefly pondered the subject before realizing that it was not the time for that. He should get up.

This time, the young man pushed his feet from the ground to slide out of under the debris. Still, that pain from before became apparent in his back, but he continued on as it was nothing he hadn't felt before. From there, it was simple as standing up and dusting himself off. He wasn't crippled by whatever happened here, but GOD did his back hurt.


Dust had been kicked up and, now standing, Yuuji was gifted with his first breath of air being filled with it. He cupped a hand over his mouth and then started fanning the area right in front of him with his other as he looked around, still hacking just a bit. "... Hello?" he called out. It was probable that some of the other guardians were here too. He tried to think of what he was doing before he lost consciousness, but nothing came to mind. He must've hit his head a bit hard, but as far as he could tell, he wasn't forgetting anything else. His name, date of birth, his childhood, his teenhood, all the good things, all the bad things, and even life here in purgatory was still there. It's just the last hour he can't remember. Hopefully everyone else made it out oka---

Pink. A trait both Sai and Yuno shared with their hair...

"Hey, Yuuji..."


"I know it hurts to lose someone you love, but moving on is the best thing you can do. For their sake, man. You've been staring at that picture for the last two weeks!"

"...I can't move on. There's no reason."

Yuuji had been surveying the area with his eyes to get a bearing on the situation at hand. He had to compare the scenery to what he figured a room looked like after a bomb went off. There was a giant, scortched part of the ground near the middle of the room with smaller fires huddled around the impact. They, however, did not look as if they'd be a problem. The fires looked as if someone dropped a lit piece of paper on the ground and left it. It was likely they'd just burn out. More importantly, some furniture was flipped and a table was split in half. Once a chestnut brown like Yuuji's hair, the majority of this table was now charred coal. But the most devastating thing he witnessedd in the room was..... pink.

It was her hair. It was glowing from the sunlight peeking in from the hole made in the ceiling. There were clumps of red that he could see from where he was as well, but the pink stood out. But to Yuuji, who admired that hair so much, it standing out was nothing new to him. He had to make his way over there. He took a step, his body faulted as he did so. Each nerve in his body screamed at him to stop and slow down, that he was injured, but did he really even give two fucks? She was hurt! The compromise that Yuuji made with his body was a hurried hobble over to her location. He hoped she was alright. No, he knew she'd be alright. She can't die here, can she? Right? Plus, God can't take her away anymore. Nobody can take her away, they'd already had their fun when Yuuji was alive! If they did so again... after he had taken his life...... He'd go nuts.

Sai's eyes were closed shut but her chest was still rising and falling, albeit at a slightly erratic pace. Furthermore, her eyes seemed to clench shut every so often, indicating that she was having pain. But, as strange as it seemed, this was somewhat of a relief to Yuuji. She was still alive! Or... well, whatever you wanna call it.

"You couldn't save her? Yuuji, there wasn't anything you could do! He had a gun!"

"...It doesn't matter, I live, she-- no, THEY, both died!"

"....Yuuji.... blaming yourself is pointless...."

"I could say the same thing about you! About everything! Just leave me alone....!"

"...Sai!" Yuuji's worried voice called out. He wasn't sure what she had hurt, so he gave her shoulder a soft nudge. "Sai... are you alright? Can you hear me, Sai?" he continued looking over her. He obviously noticed that she had a wound on her head. That concerned him greatly, but there was not much he could do about it. He was no doctor. He knew basic medical knowledge at best. It would be wiser to see if anything else was going to cause a problem. There were some scrapes, bruises, and cuts. Bloodied glass lay around her body. She could have really gotten cut up, but as far as he could tell... her head seemed to be the biggest problem. "Hey!" he said a bit louder this time. She needed to wake up with that damn head injury. "Sai, wake up..!"