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Alexander Daniel Farmer

A Warden of the Council who has spent much of his life fighting the forces of evil, though he is considered a firebrand by many.

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a character in “Cogaidh: Blood on the Street”, as played by SonOfMars


Alexander Farmer


"Start a fire for a man and he's warm for a day. SET a man on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life, and if he's unlucky, all eternity."

Who am I?

Full Name:Alexander Daniel Farmer II

Nickname or epithet:





What do I look like?

Hair Color:Black

Eye Color:Green
Tattoos:Red flames encircling a dragon upon his chest.
Scars:Back has a few scars from when he underwent surgery to fix scoliosis
Description:Alexander is taller fellow with dark green eyes. His nose is slightly crooked from being in several fights in his youth, and his hair is kept trimmed close to his head with the top being slightly longer and allowed into a small tuft near the front. He's fairly pale, and has a near permanent 5 O'Clock shadow. He is broad-shouldered, fit in form but not unduly muscled. He used to have slightly crooked shoulders but a relatively recent surgery in the 80's corrected that and so his naturally proud stride is even more so. His voice is usually fairly quiet, at a baritone, but when in the midst of combat it booms out like a drum, demanding attention, and announcing doom to his enemies.

A look into my brain?


{Loyal, Proud, Humorous, Verbose, Sarcastic}
Alexander's personality takes some getting used to, because it's very loud, obnoxious, and has some bluster. When amongst his friends he plays the clown for the group, making jokes as often as possible, and it only gets worse before situations where combat might be possible. Its his way of dispelling tension. He also tends to be an extremely loyal to certain people or causes. Its this particular trait that makes him such an effective warden, for he does not question the word of the Merlin. However, he does have a certain pride in him, and he takes failure particularly hard. He also enjoys fire a lot, and is his weapon of choice.

-Clowns freak him out.

  • Fire
  • Marches
  • German Ale
  • Dogs
  • People who are willing to listen to him
  • Clowns
  • Easily offended people
  • Mcdonald's
  • Vampires, for the woman he loved was killed by a vampire.
  • Modern hip-hop

Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:
  • Pyromancy
  • Sword fighting
  • Putting people at ease
  • Cowards

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
  • First impressions are a big thing for Alexander, and it is difficult to overcome that.
  • Heavily distrusts non-humans
  • Slightly sexist, due to being born in the 1880s.

Secrets:He's the one who killed the vampire lord and caused the war..
Fears/Phobias:Freezing to death

Who was I?




Place Of Origin:Richmond, Virginia

Birth Date:April 2nd 1880

History:Born in Richmond fifteen years after the Civil War was rough for Alexander. His family was poor, and he constantly fought with other kids, especially if they were from the North. He was special among the supernatural community though because his parents were completely normal. No magical blood anywhere, and when at the age of 12 he accidently set the neighbor's cat on fire with magic, they thought the Devil had possessed him. A wizard by the name of Arther Melandius heard about this "demon boy" and decided to investigate, and upon finding out the boy was a magic user, he took him to be apprenticed. Alexander spent nearly forty years in his apprenticeship, where he was found to be an exeptionally gifted pyromancer, and thus within five years of his graduation to Wizard he was drafted into the Wardens. For the past seventy or so years he's watched dumb-founded at all the technology that has been coming out, and has been alarmed at the amount of young practioners who have taken to Black Magic, and gone bad. As a Warden it's his job to take them in to the Council where they are tried for their crimes, and it can be depressing at times where you're taking in a fifteen year old. His anger at this has slowly grown over the years, and he's taken it out on vampires for the most part. His fiancee, a fellow warden by the name of Lucia, was found dead on the street, with her blood drained, and Alexander swore vengeance upon the whole race. Being stationed at Chicago as one of the four Wardens, he has a lot of ground to cover, and he decided that trials be damned, he's on a blast first, ask questions later with vamps. Since being stationed in Chicago in 1973 he's slaughtered nearly forty vampires, and they don't know it was him. However, he went to far when he incinerated a vampire who killing a little girl. That vampire was the provincial Lord of Chicago in the Vampire Court, and thus, Alexander set off the whole war. But noone knows that it was him, and this gives him mixed feelings. On one hand, he's glad he gets to legally kill vampires, but on the other he feels bad for any humans who get killed in the war that is erupting. Since the beginning of hostilities he has massively increased the warding on his home, a small two room house, and has summoned a squad of lesser fae to defend it. There are many nasty surprises for any who dare to attack him on his home turf, so woe betide to any vamp who thinks to kill the sleeping wizard...

So begins...

Alexander Daniel Farmer's Story

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#, as written by Kirihe

Keira adjusted the sleeve of her daughter's gown as they were escorted through the halls of the Merlin's abode. It had been two days since she'd received the summons and left Darielle and Kiran in charge of her court. The entire arrangement had been a mess of preparations and measures taken to secure the kingdom while she was away. Sylvaya had been pining to go on one of her mother's diplomatic trips and had drew the line at not meeting the famed wizard. Keira had given in and allowed the girl to travel with her. Now that they were in the sweltering Tennessee heat it was obvious that the girl was regretting leaving Chicago, the city where they were holding a temporary court for Sidhe in the area. Upon the threat of the vampire court and an alarming number of Winter Sidhe, she had decided to take the trip to speak of the alliance between wizards and her court.

"Straighten up" Keira tapped two fingers under her daughter's chin as they paused in front of a set of wide oaken doors. She made sure the sunset orange and pinkish gown she wore was straight as the wizard escorting them opened the doors, allowing the Queen to sweep into the Merlin's meeting hall. She raised her head at the few remaining wizards in the room. It was perfectly time, just as the younger members of the council had left, leaving advisers, the Merlin, and several wardens in the room.

"I believe you know why I am here, Merlin" Keira smiled accordingly as Sylvaya and their attendants stopped just behind her. They watched on as their Queen adressed the Merlin informally. They were equals even here, and nothing was going to change that.

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It was late at night, and the air was pleasantly warm as Alexander walked the streets of Chicago. His eyes were alert while he walked, for with the war having begun the vampires were even more active, feasting on the defenseless humans to stockpile as much energy as possible. Alexander had been listening to the police reports and the amount of missing persons has shot through the roof, quite a few of them being in Chicago, which meant he had work to do. Being one of the four Wardens of Chicago, it was his job to hunt the hunters, and that was what he was doing. Since the war had begun the amount of work he had laid on him had quadrupled, and he had killed three vamps so far. Not including that fellow he had accidentally incinerated... His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a slight slurping noise in an alley behind a bar. Immediately alert, Alexander cautiously stepped towards it and was greeted by the sight of a few too-pale women dressed scantily holding their mouths to the throats of some young men. Stepping forward into the light, he called out "Don't you know raw food is bad for you? Here, let me cook it for ya!". He then thrust his hand forward, and a jet of pure flame slammed into the shortest of the three, turning her impeccable skin into a burned horror, and then into a blackened skeleton. While the vamps were shocked, Alexander clenched his fingers into a fist and called out "Pyros, Estleris, Serve me!". Upon these words a pair of golden doors opened, and two armored warriors stepped forth. Hashari, another of the races created by the wizards of old, used for close melee encounters where a wizard's skills don't really help. These particular two served Alexander, and had been with him for nearly fifty years. They stepped in front of Alexander, and pulled out golden blades that gleamed as if sunlight bathed them. With a wolfish grin, Alexander pointed his hand towards the two vampires, and said "Well lads, looks like we do get some action tonight. After this, drinks on me?".

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No sooner had the last drop of the romantic goth-wannabe's blood slid down her throat and into her aching stomach that Seraphine knew something was wrong. She had almost become numb to the feeling, for trouble was always brewing these days, but this time it was undeniable.Her reaction time would be too late in this case, unfortunately, for just seconds after she thought this, a man in a long duster and black hat that almost hid a permanent 5 o'clock shadow appeared and Aaliyah burst into flames, as if she were nothing. Like she was a small piece of paper caught by an ember. She was so young, just barely 200 years old, a slave who escaped with the wrong person...
Seraphine growled loudly and her perfectly manicured nails grew into claws. Some had certain levels of anger, but even with Seraphine's age there was no denying the fire inside. She witnessed the man responsible for Aaliyah's death open a portal that revealed doors opening up to call up on his "protectors." She scoffed at this. Coward. To dare commit such a crime and dare retreat behind other beings.
Not wasting any time Seraphine ran towards them, it took her longer than expected. By the time she arrived towards the mouth of the alley, Milka was fighting bravely, but she too was reasonably young with her age right over 260. The "protectors" ambushed her and overcame her strength, forcing her to the ground. Milka was still putting up a fight, but this was one she was less likely to bounce back from.
With the two warriors preoccupied with Milka, Seraphine launched herself at the man whom she presumed to be a warden. He was tall, at least 3 inches taller than her in her heels, which said something. She was most definitely not a short woman. She was also not young by any means. Over six hundred years of practice definitely gives one an...advantage. Even in Louboutins. Blocking and hitting. They constantly went back and forth. Seraphine was surprised to find that she was almost out of breath. Almost. Behind her she could hear Milka expelling her last shrill cry as one of the protectors ripped her head from her shoulders as the other one had been "disposed of".
Seraphine echoed a shrill cry of her own and made to attack before the protector could come to his master's aid. She swung her right foot up and it collided with his face, but not before the man grabbed her leg firmly and tackled her to the ground. Air shot from her lungs as she looked up at the darkened face and hissed, nearly spitting in his face but thought better of it.
"Release me, warden. I will see you dead for what you've done"

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Alexander winced at the blow to his face, but the threat to his life turned his attention back to the vamp he was currently tackling. With a wry grin he remarked "Ya know, for an older vamp, you know nothing about confrontations. Death threats come AFTER the banter!". The vampire in question glared at him for that comment, and retorted with "You know, for a warden, you talk WAY too much" in a thick Irish accent that was slightly beguiling. Her eyes also began to draw Alexander in, but he snapped his gaze away and said "Oh lovely. Stereotypes. Ya know, for a dead person, you talk WAY too much!" with a wink. She gave a small smile, and merely said "Do you like the sound of my voice O Warden?" as her voice lowers into more sultry tones. Between the voice and the eyes certain ideas are starting to pop into Alexander's head, but the iron will that is drilled into all wizards shoved those ideas down. Angrily, he growled out "Don't play that game with me, vamp. I'm not some weak willed teen you can just lure..". The vampire's smile merely widened as she said "It's not about allure. It was never about allure, warden. It's not a game. It's a permanent state. If someone responds, they're going to respond...". Alexander's fury at these words and himself for being attracted at all ignited. He shouted in her face "I'll be DAMNED before I respond as you so put it. I am a Warden of the Council dammit, and no HARLOT of a vamp is gonna get in my head!". She gave a small chuckle and then said "Harlot? What a choice of vocabulary you have, Warden" ,she turned her head slightly, "Even though you have no idea how wrong you are." Seeing that his choice of words had made her uncomfortable he tore into her. "Ma always said I had a way with words... So, did the terrifying devourer of men get hurt by the mean old wizard's words?" Alexander's voice with filled with scorn. She draws back as if slapped, and turns the power of her gaze to 120. Her voice is bubbling with anger as she says "Careful of your words WARDEN." she spits the words out, "I did not survive 600 years of hell and men and blood and fire to let some child of a wizard psychoanalyze me!" and as she finishes her remark she twists her body under his grip, gets her feet in his stomach, and then kicks out, slamming Alexander into the wall, and then she runs swiftly, vanishing into the Chicago night. As Alexander picked himself up, he looked about, rubbing his gut, and muttered to himself "This is going to be a long war..."