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Augusta Patience

Heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from The Eternal.

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a character in “Cogaidh: Blood on the Street”, originally authored by Retrovertigo, as played by RolePlayGateway




I wept not, so to stone within I grew

Who am I?

Full Name:
Augusta Patience
Nickname or epithet:
The Vicious
Fallen Knight

What do I look like?


Hair Color:

Eye Color:


Augusta is unmarred by the ravages of time or violence.

Augusta is an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Tall, graceful and blessed with a pleasing form, Augusta always makes for a striking figure. Her long, blonde hair reaches to her waist but is most often kept coiled atop her head. Her wide blue eyes seem to take in everything; leaving no stone unturned and she can often make one feel uneasy with a well practiced feline grin. Augusta tends to attire herself in clothes that remind her of her mortal days, before she was possessed. Rich fabrics, full gowns, elaborate jewelry and accessories make up the majority of her wardrobe although she does have more modern clothing for blending in. Usually quite chic, expensive and black.

A look into my brain?


{Ruthless, Manic, Tactical, Irrational, Persuasive}
Augusta is quite a force to be reckoned with. The nearly 900 year old wizard hasnโ€™t made it this long without having a strong will, possessed by a fallen angel or not. She has always been assertive, actively pursuing any and all things that interested her. She is quite tenacious and has the tendency to obsess over a many great deal of things. Also known to be paranoid, especially in regards to religious artifacts and hunters.

Her will is strong, just as her magic is and she has a great deal of confidence in her abilities. Augusta might seem insane, and is quite irrational when it comes to her personal feelings, but when it comes to battle she is extremely logical. Sheโ€™s had nearly a thousand years to watch the habits of men; it didnโ€™t matter if they were wizard, vampire or hunter. To Augusta the Vicious they were all the same.

- Does not enter holy sites, nor will she discuss religion.
- Is definitely clinically insane.

  • Nature
  • 3 a.m.
  • Secrets
  • Power
  • Red Wine
  • Humanity
  • Modern Clothing
  • Betrayal
  • Children
  • Religion

Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:
  • Precognition
  • Dark Curses
  • Insanely powerful well of magic
  • Shapeshifting

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
  • Insane
  • Weak when confronted by religion or faith
  • Rigid to change
  • Paranoid and delusional

Actually found her children but at the sight of what they had endured and become ended their misery instead of saving them.

Holy Sites and Artifacts, also those with strong faith. They have the power to vanquish her and Augusta has lived too long to die now.

Who was I?



Place Of Origin:Pomerania/Modern day Poland

Birth Date:Summer of 1117

Augusta's story spans centuries. She has seen famine, pestilence and death and has become quite familiar with the cycles of this world. The corrupt wizard has moved far beyond the veil of surprise and knows that this planet revolves around chaos. Why shouldn't she be the one who provides it?

Over 890 years ago, Augusta, which wasn't her name then, was born to a poor tenant farmer and his wife in Pomerania. A place which no longer exists and has been divided between Germany and Poland. theirs was an honest and humble family without the spark of magic. At least until Augusta's arrival.

Being the youngest of seven children had its ups and downs. She was often left to her own devices and was quite adept at escaping trouble. Augusta also had plenty of time to get into trouble and cause mischief which she did with great aplomb. It was at one of the times that her latent magic made its appearance and kept on flaring up. Eventually her parents and the rest of her family couldn't ignore it. They loved her but she was obviously touched by evil and she would have to go.

So at the age of fifteen Augusta set off alone, frightened yet exhilarated at the prospect of the wide open world. Soon enough on her travels she feel in with travelers who also practiced magic. Of course people of their kind are always drawn to one another. It was with this new group that young Augusta finally knew what she was and began to learn all that they could teach her.

It was also here that she met the love of her short, mortal life. He was a powerful wizard in his own right and was smitten with the beautiful blonde girl. The two embarked on a torrid love affair and eventually married. They set off on their own to begin their lives together, Augusta was 20 years old and it seemed as though life couldn't get any better. The couple settled in a small village and it was here that Augusta was happiest. They were known throughout the surrounding villages as healers and Augusta herself was the village midwife. They also welcomed their own two children into their lives.

Although things were bright and happy for the young family the world was in unrest. The second crusade was under way and she would shortly begin to crumble. The crusaders razed her village, killed its men, raped the women and sold the children. They tore apart lives and families including Augusta's. Her husband was dead, her children gone and her own honor was sullied by too many to count. it was then after he darkest hour that the fallen angel spoke to her, whispered to be more accurate.

It spoke to her of vengeance and of pain, and also of power. It was an offer she couldn't resist; she had nothing else to live for save exacting revenge. So with that she accepted the fallen angel into herself and became an entirely new being. She became Augusta. She was unstoppable, reaping vengeance upon those she felt deserved it.

Never finding her children, and having exhausted the European continent with her bloodthirsty ways Augusta transplanted herself to the new world where she has usually worked in an advisory position with various leaders of various criminal factions. She's exemplary at making problems disappear.

So begins...

Augusta Patience's Story

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#, as written by Kirihe

Keira adjusted the sleeve of her daughter's gown as they were escorted through the halls of the Merlin's abode. It had been two days since she'd received the summons and left Darielle and Kiran in charge of her court. The entire arrangement had been a mess of preparations and measures taken to secure the kingdom while she was away. Sylvaya had been pining to go on one of her mother's diplomatic trips and had drew the line at not meeting the famed wizard. Keira had given in and allowed the girl to travel with her. Now that they were in the sweltering Tennessee heat it was obvious that the girl was regretting leaving Chicago, the city where they were holding a temporary court for Sidhe in the area. Upon the threat of the vampire court and an alarming number of Winter Sidhe, she had decided to take the trip to speak of the alliance between wizards and her court.

"Straighten up" Keira tapped two fingers under her daughter's chin as they paused in front of a set of wide oaken doors. She made sure the sunset orange and pinkish gown she wore was straight as the wizard escorting them opened the doors, allowing the Queen to sweep into the Merlin's meeting hall. She raised her head at the few remaining wizards in the room. It was perfectly time, just as the younger members of the council had left, leaving advisers, the Merlin, and several wardens in the room.

"I believe you know why I am here, Merlin" Keira smiled accordingly as Sylvaya and their attendants stopped just behind her. They watched on as their Queen adressed the Merlin informally. They were equals even here, and nothing was going to change that.