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Levi Mercy Comeaux

Someone has to protect the sheep.

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a character in “Cogaidh: Blood on the Street”, as played by BumbleDrop


Levi Mercy Comeaux


We wave the flag of hatred but you’re the ones who made it.

Who am I?


Full Name:
Levi Mercy Comeaux

Nickname or epithet:The older characters usually have epithets






What do I look like?


Hair Color:

Eye Color:


An angelic tattoo on her right shoulder


She has a scar from her naval which wraps around her left hip.

Description: At least one brief papagraph of your overall appearance

A look into my brain?


{Alert, Daring, Loyal, Leaderly, Physical}
Levi has been alert long before she received the tattoo thanks to her father and bullies at school. Loyalty lies with the people she trusts the most. When she joined the hunters she learned to become daring, taking risk when she sees fit, which lead to her becoming leaderly. Sadly she is also physical; when she becomes angry she pokes or shoves them.
-Patting down her pocket to check for her wallet and keys or other things even if she literally just put them in.
-She talks to herself as if she is another person.

  • Her weapons
  • Her hunter family
  • The feeling of saving someone
  • Food
  • Donuts

  • Evil anything
  • The war
  • Cramps
  • Dead beat parents
  • Men who think they are better than women

Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:
  • Acrobatics
  • Danger Sense
  • Leadership
  • Sneaky

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
  • Thinking about the past for too long.
  • Doing before thinking
  • Someone coming from living with horrible parents
  • Donuts

She blames herself for her little sister’s death.
She sometimes questions her role and why she even fights.

She fears of dying and not finishing this war and letting humans and her dead sister down.

Who was I?


Place Of Origin:
Ville Platte, Louisiana

Birth Date:
January 7th, 1990

Levi was born on January 7th, 1990 to Russell and Bethany Comeaux. She wouldn’t say they were the best parents in the world; her father was the classic gambling man who occasionally beat her and her mother and then swore he would stop everything seven years later when her little sister, Dasani, was born. But of course, that was all a lie. A year later he came back home drunk after he had lost about five hundred dollars, Dasani had a fever and had not stopped crying for what seemed like hours. It took her dad not even an hour to get mad and slap her. After that night Levi swore to take care of sister.

The next two years were hell for them. Her mother became ill which meant that Levi, at the age of nine, had to go to school and take care of the house and her little sister. Six months after her father seemed to have walked out on them. They moved from house to house; her mother said that this had to happen so they could say together but she knew they were running away from Social Services. With all this going on at home, school was no less of a hell for Levi. Because of money issues she went to school with clothes that didn’t fit and some of the time really dirty. Kids were cruel and teased her to the point where they would become violent. Levi learned quick how to fight back; her first victory was with Kaleb Furbush. He had followed her from school to where she snuck off to get to home. He had shoved her down and called her trash; telling her that her mom was a whore and that after he killed her he would kill Dasani. This threw all her senses on over drive. She kicked him off of her but he had cut her near her bellybutton and dragged it around her left hip. Levi blacked out and next thing she knew Kaleb had a broken nose along with a gash down his arm. Leaving him there she dragged herself to the hospital. Her mother never came for her and would have successfully left her and run away but Social Service were called long before someone contacted her mother.

She was in the hospital for a week to recover. Dasani was waiting for her in Chicago with her aunt Karrie and uncle Dylas. They could never have children; they had been trying since before Levi was born. Levi never understood why bad people could have children but the good ones had to fight tooth and nail for just one. One of the Social workers had given her a journal to write down her feelings; she tried for a couple days but never got the point of it. It was like talking to a wall if anything she would rather do something than write about it. The day Levi was released her uncle was there, waiting for her with balloons, stuffed animals, and candy. This was the first time in years that she cried. This was also the first time she had ever flown. It scared the crop out of her. Her uncle assured her that nothing would go wrong and that her aunt and sister were waiting for her. When she arrived to the house her aunt hugged to her and cried. Levi froze and looked up at her uncle who was tearing up himself. She didn’t understand until it was years later.

Levi loved her aunt and uncle like parents and found herself questioning why God would give her to horrible people in the first place from time to time. They each had their own room and lots of new clothes. Every day they had three meals a day with snacks. They were never beaten. Her aunt and uncle never smoked or drank alcohol. To Levi this was how a family was supposed to be. Her grades picked up and she made A few friends. She revered to her aunt and uncle as mom and dad at school. She didn’t want her past to fill her present and future. Dasani started kindergarten early thanks to her aunt working with her every day. Everything was perfect until the day she turned sixteen.

Levi woke up at exactly 1:23 AM. with a burning on her right shoulder. Stumbling into the bathroom she took off her shirt and looked into the mirror. Gasping out loud she saw an angel like tattoo on her right shoulder. The burning stopped and she just stood there. She could hear Dasani sneaks out other room and walk towards the bathroom. Levi hurried to get her shirt back on but ripped her Shirt in half. She had no idea what was happening. Dasani walked in and saw Levi’s new tattoo along with her frozen sister and her now ripped shirt. It took Levi two weeks of allowance money to keep Dasani quiet. The tattoo never bothered her unless she was around certain people and still she had no clue why. Her natural abilities enhanced greatly and left her family and friends with questions that she could not answer. But along with the weird tattoo and abilities the more she had a feeling to protect. This annoyed the crap out of her. She didn’t want to help the jerks that plagued her school. Her uncle decided to put her in karate and MMA training she excelled quickly and ended up becoming a trainer within three months. Things seemed to be looking up for Levi after the weirdness but this would soon stop.


Dasani had been begging Levi to take her see Melted, A kids movie, and she finally gave in. The theater was packed and her tattoo was burning like crazy. She fought through the pain and held Dasani Close to her as the slowly walked to purchase the tickets. Once inside and sitting the burning simmered down to only being annoying. Like someone constantly poking you. Levi actually liked the movie and laughed and cried, which made Dasani embarrassed. Levi let everyone go out first before leaving with her sister. The air seemed a lot colder now that everyone was gone. Thanks to it being packed earlier they had walk back all the way in the back of the ally Way. Levi’s tattoo started to burn even more than it had before.

Her protective mode took over and she carried Dasani and ran to the car before shoving her into the car. Levi had just closed the door when someone threw her across the ally. When she looked up A man taller Than her Stood by the car Smiling sinisterly. She hurried to the car running as fast as she could. Time seemed to have slowed down when the man spoke. All she could make out was him cursing her kind for killing his family and that he was going to take what she loved from her. Within A few seconds the man ripped the car door open and drag zed Dasani by her Neck. Levi attacked but was jumped by two other bring. She fought them off as much as possible but they were faster. When they finally held her down the covered her mouth and made her watch as the mystery man ripped Dasani’s throat out with his teeth. The mystery man, whom she assumed was the leader, walked up to her and made an X over heart deep enough to scar. And his last words to her were “Come and get me.”

Levi grew cold after Dasani’s death. No one understood why they wanted her or what they were truly after. She finished school and graduated but never went to college. Ever since her sister’s death, Levi searched for that man. A woman no older than herself walked up to her when she was on her way to work and asked to meet in secret and talk about what happen that night. After work she went meet her and found out that she was a hunter and it was vampires that killed her sister. She would of never believed the woman if she hadn’t showed her her tattoo and pictures of the guy. She mentioned that the two others were dead and that they were a small group of hunters like her. A week later she had joined the group. She trained hard and kept that part of her life a secret until she told her family she was leaving. Two years later she became like a daughter to the leader and killed the man who killed Dasani. At 23 the leader died in an attack and trials were held in order to determine a new leader. Levi passed with flying colors and was now the new leader of the hunters.


So begins...

Levi Mercy Comeaux's Story

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#, as written by Kirihe

Keira adjusted the sleeve of her daughter's gown as they were escorted through the halls of the Merlin's abode. It had been two days since she'd received the summons and left Darielle and Kiran in charge of her court. The entire arrangement had been a mess of preparations and measures taken to secure the kingdom while she was away. Sylvaya had been pining to go on one of her mother's diplomatic trips and had drew the line at not meeting the famed wizard. Keira had given in and allowed the girl to travel with her. Now that they were in the sweltering Tennessee heat it was obvious that the girl was regretting leaving Chicago, the city where they were holding a temporary court for Sidhe in the area. Upon the threat of the vampire court and an alarming number of Winter Sidhe, she had decided to take the trip to speak of the alliance between wizards and her court.

"Straighten up" Keira tapped two fingers under her daughter's chin as they paused in front of a set of wide oaken doors. She made sure the sunset orange and pinkish gown she wore was straight as the wizard escorting them opened the doors, allowing the Queen to sweep into the Merlin's meeting hall. She raised her head at the few remaining wizards in the room. It was perfectly time, just as the younger members of the council had left, leaving advisers, the Merlin, and several wardens in the room.

"I believe you know why I am here, Merlin" Keira smiled accordingly as Sylvaya and their attendants stopped just behind her. They watched on as their Queen adressed the Merlin informally. They were equals even here, and nothing was going to change that.