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Rothbar vas Durere

Words and gifts bring lies, Cold steel and fire bring out truth.

0 · 85 views · located in Chicago, Illanois

a character in “Cogaidh: Blood on the Street”, originally authored by xXcandlejackXx, as played by RolePlayGateway


Rothbar Vas Durere


Lying makes you look stupid, Telling half the truth makes me want break your fingers until its all correct.

Who am I?

Full Name: Rothbar Vas Durere III

Nickname or epithet: Grief





What do I look like?

Hair Color:

Eye Color:amber brown
Height: 6'3"
Scars:A few cut marks here and there but nothing note worthy
Description: Rothbar, Tall and dark in a nut shell. He seems to loom over people despite not being overly tall. He is a well dressed person who holds him self proud. He keeps his brown hair is a bit of a neat mop if you will.He has some grey facial hair but not so much.

A look into my brain?


{Valient, No-nonsense, Romantic, Quiet, Brutal}


  • Chocolate (milk)
  • Cello music
  • Poetry
  • Love stories
  • Guns
  • People who are to "uptight".
  • People who negelct others.
  • Strawberries.
  • Modern rap.
  • Deep water.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:
  • Hand to hand combat expert.
  • Tactical thinker.
  • Medical training
  • torture expert

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
  • Can't swim
  • Not very good with people.
  • doubts him self
  • hates playing with others.

Secrets: Has tired to kill him self a few times.
Fears/Phobias: Scared of drowning even though it won't kill him. And is scared of Thunder.

Who was I?



Place Of Origin: Romania

Birth Date: 06/14/1000

History: Rothbar was raised as a worrier , he fought in the Rus'–Byzantine War as a mercenary. During which he was in charge of interrogation and execution. Having killed over 600 people only to find out most of which were innocent, he abandoned his post and fled to the holy land to seek forgiveness sadly he never made it.

Rothbar was picked up by a group of vampires and was used as blood bag for 3 years until he escaped. He was captured again not a week later by the vampires again. This time he killed 3 of the guards and escaped a second time. upon the third capture he was taken to the lord of the realm. this would not end well for Rothbar.

Upon the third capture Rothbar was turned and made into a slave , he followed his orders with out question but always resented his masters.
He now spends his time in Chicago as a personal guard and interrogator. He spends his free time gardening.

So begins...

Rothbar vas Durere's Story

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#, as written by Kirihe

Keira adjusted the sleeve of her daughter's gown as they were escorted through the halls of the Merlin's abode. It had been two days since she'd received the summons and left Darielle and Kiran in charge of her court. The entire arrangement had been a mess of preparations and measures taken to secure the kingdom while she was away. Sylvaya had been pining to go on one of her mother's diplomatic trips and had drew the line at not meeting the famed wizard. Keira had given in and allowed the girl to travel with her. Now that they were in the sweltering Tennessee heat it was obvious that the girl was regretting leaving Chicago, the city where they were holding a temporary court for Sidhe in the area. Upon the threat of the vampire court and an alarming number of Winter Sidhe, she had decided to take the trip to speak of the alliance between wizards and her court.

"Straighten up" Keira tapped two fingers under her daughter's chin as they paused in front of a set of wide oaken doors. She made sure the sunset orange and pinkish gown she wore was straight as the wizard escorting them opened the doors, allowing the Queen to sweep into the Merlin's meeting hall. She raised her head at the few remaining wizards in the room. It was perfectly time, just as the younger members of the council had left, leaving advisers, the Merlin, and several wardens in the room.

"I believe you know why I am here, Merlin" Keira smiled accordingly as Sylvaya and their attendants stopped just behind her. They watched on as their Queen adressed the Merlin informally. They were equals even here, and nothing was going to change that.