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Petra von Rustenford

Proxy of The Black Hand

0 · 278 views · located in The city of Rocourt and the skies of Acrovand

a character in “Cogs, Pirates, and Industry”, as played by Asterisk


Name: Petra von Rustenford

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Appearance: Due to her germanic descent, Petra is taller than the average human. She received the brown, voluminous, straight hair from her mother while receiving ice blue eyes from her father. She wears a plain white blouse with a brown vest worn tightly against her body. She prefers her black trousers and boots, which was the common fashion within her district of the lower city. A utility belt wraps around her waist with various things that she may need.

Tucked underneath her shirt is a necklace given to her by her deceased mother. In the middle of the silver piece, a blue orb resembling the purity of Earth’s former purity hangs encased in metal-like swirl.


Personality: Behind the mask she created to survive, Petra is a curious, kind and empathetic. This personality is always in conflict with her other personality, which is the more ruthless and sociopathic side of her. Normally, the two work together to achieve balance, so she may function normally within society. Only when circumstances are extreme, such as a spy or assassination assignment are ordered or when she’s visiting children in a local orphanage, does her demeanor shifts to one side of spectrum.

Bio: Born into family who was not poor nor rich, Petra’s father was a head mechanic in a factory while her mother worked at a grocery store near her home. While they didn't live in the bad parts of the poorer part of Rocourt, crime occurred frequently near her family's home. The Guard were much more active in her area, but there was barely enough of them to hold back the criminals and thieves that preyed upon her neighborhood. It had always been her dream to move to the better part of Rocourt, for Petra believed that the farther away she got from her current home, the cleaner the air — and the people.

It was on her eigth birthday that the great calamity hit her. She was on her way back from school, when she saw the crimson streaks smeared across her house's floors. She ventured in until she eventually saw that her mother had been stabbed and left there to bleed out. Her father was left in a much more gruesome manner as the assailant stood with his back towards her, his hands stained with blood of her ancestry as he painted it across the sandy, peeling walls.

Murder was a thing she had always experienced from afar — as a spectator. Her friend, Nicole had lost her uncle to a mugging. Petra had felt bad for her, but never did she understand what Nicole was going through until she stared into the eyes of the man she would soon come to know as the ‘Mad Artist’. All she remembered was the man’s cackle and his signature smiley face with x’s where the eyes should have been. The very image burned deeply into her dreams forever on.

The Guard had come and gone. They assured her they would find the killer and deal with him in manner befitting his crimes. Her home was repossessed as she couldn’t pay for it, and soon enough, she found herself on the streets. To survive, she did everything from stealing to dealing narcotics. It was during this period of her life where she developed her other fractured self. To stay alive, things that the old Petra could’t do had to be done by the new Petra. With such proximity to the narcotics, Petra soon became a user.

Well on her way to self destruction, be it a blessing or a curse, Petra found herself adopted into The Black Hand. Though the guild helped her with the substance withdrawal and provided shelter, her new life as a tool of the Black Hand had begun. They taught her everything from assassination techniques to governmental etiquette. What knowledge she lacked, they forcefully put into bank of knowledge. As a Black Hand trainee it was either excel or ‘disappear’. She preferred to survive.

After the long years of serving as a trainee, Petra finally became a Proxy at the age of 20. From there, she was given the task of infiltrating Parliament to keep a tab on current occurrences. Not only was she to keep tabs on Parliament to report to the Obelisks, but she was also tasked with influencing decisions which favored the Black Hand. Two years later, she was able to get into the upper levels of the Parliament where she resides to the present.

In her spare time, Petra couldn’t forget her past and what feelings she had back then. When she could spare it, she visited the orphanage within her old neighborhood. Given her status within the Parliament, she often went incognito be it using makeup to change her appearance or simply a different style of wardrobe. Whatever the case, spending time with the orphans, to her, is what keeps her sanity and humanity intact.

Relations: Petra has many known contacts with regards to her position within her organization and her position with the government as ordered by his organization.

Theme: Petra's Theme Song

Other: From her run in with the Mad Artist, the man left an X-shaped scar on the right side of her chest. The scar mark stretches to her lower neck. Right below her neckline is where her Black Hand tattoo resides.

So begins...

Petra von Rustenford's Story