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Madison "Maddie" Pines

Jordan's Bestie.

0 · 485 views · located in Bear Point

a character in “Cold Blooded Killers 2.0”, as played by ~Lonesome Butterfly~



✫ Full Name ✫
Madison Keller Violet Pines
(Nickname everyone uses: Maddie)

✫ Gender ✫

✫ Age ✫

✫ Role ✫
Jordan's Bestie.

✫ Romantic Interest ✫
My character would be open to one! ^.^

✫ Likes ✫

Her Bestie Jordan
Her Brother
The Ocean
Tai Chi
The Piano
Parties/Events she gets to go to thanks to her father.
Pool Parties

✫ Dislikes ✫

Judgmental people
Ignorant people
Pushy people
Nosy people

✫ Weight ✫

✫ Height ✫

✫ Eyes ✫
Light blue with green and yellow flecks.

✫ Hair ✫
Maddie has Brown thick hair that reaches a few inches past the end of her back.

✫ Body Art ✫
Six lobe piercings, one cartilage piercing, and crossed industrial piercings....all in both ears.

✫ Personality ✫

- Raised by fun loving free spirited parents Maddie is an incredibly outgoing, fun, and free spirited girl.

- Very opinionated and Blunt. Not to the point of being rude but Maddie isn't shy in the least, and will tell you just what she thinks, or the truth when everyone else around is afraid to say it.

- Determined. She has never quit at anything in her life, and vows she never will. If it's important to her or her life, she'll keep at it until she's achieved whatever she's aiming for.

- Life of the party. If a party is dull Maddie is the type of girl who livens things up in an instant just by being her fun, goofy, loud, free self.

- Loyal. Mess with her family or friends she'll turn on you in an instant.

✫ Short Bio ✫

Maddie has lived in Bear Point with her family for her entire life, her best friend in the entire world is undoubtedly Jordan - she'd die without her!

Raised within an extremely happy and free household Maddie has turned out to be a pretty happy free-spirited girl. Inheriting her fathers ability to sing and her mothers tom boyish ability to kick a grown mans ass with her bare hands, Maddie is the the personification of "a chip off the ol' block."

Wolf Pack!

So begins...

Madison "Maddie" Pines's Story


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Maddie had been up since five in the morning, playfully arguing with a group of guys on XBOX's COD: Black Ops2. Having an overly cute username and profile picture always led people to underestimate her, but once in action she was always the best on her team.....which earned her smart remarks from those she played alongside, this morning was no different.

However shortly after the sun had risen into the sky Maddie would hear one or two of her parents downstairs laughing, taking that as a que to sign off and rejoin reality.
"Later cupcakes!" she jokingly said into her mic, before removing her headset and then logging off.

Dressed in her usual Adventure Time pajamas and a pair of rainbow toe-socks Maddie would make her way out her bedroom door, slide down the hardwood hallway and then gallop down the winding staircase before dramatically jumping from the third step onto the first floor - something that got her mothers attention.
"And Madison Pines comes in for the landing and....Sticks it!" the blonde joked as she held onto a cup of Cappuccino. Maddie played along an bowed towards her mom, acting as if she had just pulled off an olympic-worthy Long Jump.
"Thank you, thank you very much! Now can an amazingly talented athlete, like myself, get some of your Cappuccino as a reward?" she'd ask as she pulled her long hair back into a ponytail via the scrunchie around her wrist.
When her mother rolled her eyes Maddie dropped the theatrics and turned into an average daughter who wanted something. "Come on mom, pleaseeee? I'll buy the next batch - promise!"

Her mother would act like she had to think about it before agreeing to the deal - when in reality she would of let Maddie have as many cups as she wanted, the act was all a bid to not overly spoil her children.

After making a cup Maddie would stand beside her mother, who sat on a swivel stool at the Kitchen's bar. The two would talk about random things for a few minutes until her father came out of the first-floor Master Suite.
"Morning daddy!" she'd call out before her father gave her a bear-hug. It was then she realized both her parents were fully dressed.

"Hey, where are you two going??"
"Don't tell me you forgot?!" her father said as he walked into the Kitchen for a cup of black coffee. "Forgot what?"
Her parents would remind her that today was the day her Aunt and baby niece were coming into town, and that after they picked her up form the airport they'd go food shopping to stock up - meaning they'd be gone for hours.

Maddie face-palmed herself. "Ah I completely forgot!"
"Well," her mother began as she stood up and started to put on her coat. "-just make sure you and your brother don't tear up the house before we get back okay?"

"Oh yeah, because we always tear up the house when you leave for half the day!"
Her sarcastic tone would cause her father to jokingly pop her in the back of the head before laughing as he approached the door.

"She's landing in the city so it'll take us three hours each way. Throw in some shopping we'll probably get back around two or three, would be nice if you two were here to greet your Auntie kay?"

"Okay mom"

Her parents would call out an "I Love You" to her brother before leaving through the front door.

As her parents started up the car Maddie slid into the Kitchen an opened the refrigerator - finding nothing she was in the mood for.
Hungry, she'd pick up the phone to order a Pizza until she realized no place delivers until 11am, so after thinking things over for a moment she'd decide to throw on her Nylan Cat Hoodie, slip her rainbow toe-socks into a pair of clear flip flops, and head over to the Cafe half a mile up the road.

Before she left though she'd write a note to her brother in large font and stick it on the refrigerator door, it read;

"Hey, mom and dad went to pick up Aunt Kelly and the new baby, I'm gonna go get us some breakfast - all our favorites!

- Maddie"

A few minutes later Maddie was waiting in line inside the warm shop, which was simply named "The Cafe". She'd order her brothers favorites and then her own favorite before throwing in an order for a Coffee Cake - which wasn't quite ready. So after paying she'd take a seat at a table to wait, sipping on the free hot chocolate the guy behind the counter gave to her.
Like always she was completely oblivious to the fact that the guy liked her, she simply thought he was being nice - something she assumes of any guy who likes her, since romantic attraction usually flys right over her head.

"I wonder where Jordan is!" she'd think as she started out the storefront windows, before pulling out her phone and texting her friend:
"Hey, still sleeping like a bum!?? :P"


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Jordan Ley'co

As Jordan saw that it was safe to come down, she slowly climbed down after she put her things in her bag.
She landed on the ground with a soft thump when she was about two feet off the ground. Jordan started walking back down the trail when she got a text from Maddie, '' Hey, still sleeping like a bum!?? :p'' it read.

Jordan smiled and texted back, '' No, I've been up for hours. I guess you've been playing video games with the boys as usual, then? '' She put her phone back into her pocket and kept walking.
As she was making her way back to the trail that led into town, she stopped in her tracks when she saw a beautiful, white, she-wolf walk into the clearing. Jordan took a step back, and softly, and slowly took her phone out and took a picture of it, before it could get away. Jordan had never seen a wolf that big, it was at least around 5' in height. A Jordan put her phone back,the wolf saw Jordan, stare at her and then scamper back off into the cover of the trees.

Jordan sighed as she saw it leave, she wanted to show Maddie the picture and then draw it when she got home.
She finally made her way into town and walked into the library to get the book she needed for Kate.
Jordan got the book, and then sat down in one of the chairs and looked at the book she had gotten her sister.
She smiled and walked around and took a looked at some of the books, just in case she saw something she wanted to borrow.


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Shortly after she texted her friend the same guy who offered her a free cup of Hot Chocolate called her up to get her order - which was placed in a large brown paper bag.
"Thanks! And double thanks for the cocoa!"

Maddie would turn to leave however her phone's short jingle caught her attention, so instead she'd place the bag atop a nearby table and pull out her phone.

Her friends poke at her being a video game fanatic made her smile, and she'd quickly respond with:
"No way, I hate video games! But I do love Coffee Cake & muffins! You should come over and have some!"

As she looked up from her phone she'd notice a woman walking out and think little about it, however when the woman turned to walk down the sidewalk she'd swear it was Claire - their new neighbor.
Without thinking she'd run up to the front of the shop and stare out the window, watching as the woman walked for a bit before heading inside the local library.

"Damn!" she muttered, knowing she really wasn't dressed for a visit to the library and had promised to bring breakfast back on top of it all. So after sighing she'd walk back, grab her bag of food, and head out the Cafe.

Unable to resist the urge though she'd walk over to the Library door and stare inside. Instead of Claire she'd spot her best friend - Jordan.

"Jordie!!" she'd call out as she tapped on the window - much to the annoyance of the Librarian staring back at her, but her friend didn't seem to hear her...which lead her to knock on the window again, this time a bit louder. "Jordan!!!!"
But she still didn't get a response back, so despite being dressed in her PJ's she'd push the door open, jog past the scowling librarian, and head around the corner she saw Jordan go down. After a few minutes she'd spot her friend browsing and would walk up behind her and playfully pop her in the back of the head.

"Okay are you deaf now? I was so calling your name!! What are you doing here?" she'd ask, before taking a sip of her cocoa.


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Character Portrait: Jordan Ley'co Character Portrait: Madison "Maddie" Pines
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"Maddie, you scared the crap out of me!! You know you can't do that with me!'" her friend said after a long sigh, which caused Maddie to laugh.
"Sorry chicken little, I forgot for a second." she'd joke.

As her friend spoke up again Maddie's stomach would get the best of her and she'd begin to dig in the bag she was holding.
"Sound proof glass? Seriously!?" she asked before taking a bite out of a muffin.

While Jordan checked out her book Maddie would devour the muffin and begin to dig in the bag for another one, however she'd stop and pout when her best friend turned down her breakfast invitation.


As the two walked outside of the warm Library Maddie's bare legs would shake a bit from the shocking change in temperature.
"Well, you better get going so you'll be home for your aunt and parents.
I'll try to come over later, if I can that is, bye Maddie.."

After jogging a few yards to catch up with her friend she'd pull out a couple Muffins and hand them to her.
"Take 'em, they're pretty yummy!"


The temperature outside would cause the barely dressed brunette to jog the rest of the way home. Once inside she'd scurry over to the Kitchen counter and begin to empty the bag of food. However a thud in the living room would cause her to stop what she was doing and stare ahead.

"Hello?? Who's there?" she'd ask, only to be met with a rustling sound.
Instinctively she'd grab a nearby Chef's knife and slowly make her way from behind the counter. As she approached the Living Room she'd zone in on the couch.
"Logan? Is that you? It's not funny, come out!"
When nobody stepped out Maddie's mind began to run wild. Maybe it was Claire, or another Vampire, or just your average everyday Robber!? Whatever it was she was now holding the handle of the Knife rather tightly.
"I can hear you," she began somewhat hesitantly "-so you might as well just come-"
Before she could finish her demand Maddie would suddenly relax her tense shoulders, loosen her grip on the knife, and sigh.
"Momo, you scared me half to death!!"

It had been her chubby white cat behind the couch and no one else the whole time, which made her laugh at herself for a second before heading back into the Kitchen to dig into her food.