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Lyra Briggs

We can't change the past, only alter the future.

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a character in “Cold Blooded Killers: Part one”, as played by ChaosxChild13


Personal info:

Lyra Briggs



Appears to be 32



Bonded to Seth.
Theme Song:
Animal I Have Become: Three Days Grace

"I can't escape this hell
So many times I've tried
But I'm still caged inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself."

Alpha female/ Seth's mate


Lyra is a peaceful werewolf, she only believes in using her power when necessary. She is Seth's more logical side. Lyra enjoys literature, expanding her knowledge and trying to keep the peace. She often finds herself daydreaming about a better life, a more..normal one. She despises when things get too violent, and will always try to stop it.

Lyra's wolf is much different than she is, and that scares her. Her wolf is demonic, relentless and loves to cause chaos. Lyra despises this and often finds herself trying to find ways to keep from expressing a lot of anger, or any type of negative emotions. Her wolf, if it takes over her fully, becomes extremely dangerous and feral; the wolf shows no remorse, or any type of humanity. She often will keep Seth near her during full moons to keep her under control and if she feels that it will be too much, she will lock herself up in a cage, or hide away in a cave until the night is over. Although Lyra has the ability to shape shift whenever she pleases, she tries to limit her shape shifting due to the memories that come with shape shifting and the certain negative emotions that overcome her while she does.

She was born in Ireland around 1822.



+ chocolate

+ literature

+ meditation

+ keeping the peace

+ her mate


x being out of control, or even feeling out of control

x stress/anxiety

x the beast that lurks inside of her

x those who abuse their power

x full moons



Lyra stands a total of five foot six

130 pounds

Skin color:
Irish Pale

Hair color:
A bright golden blonde.
Her hair color translates over to her wolf form as well.

Eye color:
A very bright gold color, and it turns into a more iris color when her wolf is provoked.
When she shifts into a wolf, her eyes will stay a bright gold if she is under control, but if the wolf inside her has taken over fully they will turn into an unnatural iris color, which seems to almost pierce whomever, or whatever, is staring her down.

Lyra is fragile looking, dainty, small muscle tone, it looks almost as if she has never fought a day in her life. She has the body of a runner.
Her wolf form often replicates the innocence she portrays in her human form; her wolf form is smaller than most werewolves, standing only a total of four feet, five inches on her hind legs. This however is beneficial because she is much more agile, and quicker than some of the other pack members, making it easy for her to slip through the woods quietly and quickly.

Lyra likes to be well kept, on a normal day she enjoys wearing a pair of nice jeans, a business casual shirt and a jacket or cardigan of some sort to go on top. Usually her outfits consist of a very pale pallet of colors [ie: light blue, pale pinks, and soft purples.]

She doesn't believe in weapons, her body is her greatest weapon.

She is able to see, hear, and speak to spirits. She is extremely spiritual and believes in becoming one with the earth's great power and energies it gives off. As for her werewolf abilities, she is a quick runner, and and is strong. She believes a strong mind will result in a strong body, so she begins every morning with a cup of green tea and meditation outside to keep her wolf at peace.

She has many scars on her wrists, inner thighs and her hips. She was depressed for a long time after the Change had occurred and she hated what she had become, so she tried to fight it.



Lyra grew up a farm girl, she learned good morals and family values. She also learned that with hard work, dedication, and perseverance, things will fall into place for you. Lyra grew up a strong Irish Catholic, and she was told that God will make your path for you as you work towards a goal, he will make challenges, and he will bring people into your life that will guide you through tough times. Lyra had always had the ability to see spirits ever since she was young, her family considered it a Gift from God.

Being home schooled, she loved reading literature and was much more mature for her age than most and had a greater vocabulary than most of the adults in her town.

When she was twenty eight years old, her village was ransacked by werewolves, and she was one of the only survivors, and she became a cruel, feral werewolf for almost 40 years. Lyra tried to regain her humanity, her faith, but she found none as she traveled from country to country in Europe. She was found by Seth and he brought her back to her more human side, and taught her to be more level headed. She learned a lot about her werewolf through meditation.

Since Lyra never had proper training in becoming one with her wolf, the struggle of keeping the peace in her body is daily. Since she was feral for so long, the wolf inside her became a different, almost split personality and became the opposite of how she is. It normally tries to conquer, and if Lyra shows even the slightest bit of animal-like traits the wolf is almost sure to cause a ruckus and try to take over her body.

Wolf Pack

So begins...

Lyra Briggs's Story