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Willow Galtney

I don't know if I can handle this.

0 · 3,072 views · located in Coldwater county rehab

a character in “Coldwater County Rehabilitation Center”, as played by ShyFox




The Face: Willow is someone you would call naturally beautiful, very rarely does she wear make up or lip stick. Her complexion is mostly clear, with a slight blemish here and there especially when her hormones are high in the month. Her color has a slight tan to it, because she has spent allot of time outside and the Native American background of her birth mother. Her eye's are a robin's egg blue, which catches hints of green in full light. However their clarity varies depending on how high she is. Willow does have a scar just under her bottom lip, it's very faint now but it was a result from being smacked in the mouth as a child. Her adoptive father, struck her hard after she made a comment about church being stupid.

Hair: Willow has long dark brown hair, that reaches just bellow the middle of her back at it's longest point. It has varied layers and naturally wavy. Because of her highly religious background she has never really colored it or cut it to extremely short lengths. Usually if she doesn't leave it down she'll braid her hair to the side, basically she's grown so used to her plain hair, that she would feel odd doing anything extreme with it.

Style and Body: Willows style has changes drastically in the past couple of years, once very reserved and conservative now has become more to what most normal people would feel is very well... normal. Once only allowed to wear skirts and dresses, she now wears jeans a t-shirts for the most part. This was more out of the necessity of living on the streets, and her own new found preferences after leaving home. She is very thin for her 5'4 frame, and this isn't just from malnutrition from being homeless and not having access to regular meals. In fact when she does eat it goes straight through her, one way or another.

Distinct Markings: Willow doesn't have tattoos or even her ears pierced, once again it's something she would be uncomfortable with. However on her right hip there is a large brown birthmark about the size of the palm of someones hand.


History: Willow and her brother Wyatt' s life started out rocky. Their mother was a young teenage girl, who was neither ready or willing to be a mother. The young girl hid the pregnancy for months from her family, and had even tried to starve herself hoping to abort the pregnancy. Of course once she started to show, there was no hiding it any longer, her parents convinced her that she could at least put the baby... well babies up for adoption. A minister of a very conservative religion and his wife were looking to adopt and the young mother accepted. What better place for her unborn twins than the home of a good christian family.

Ahh.. the Galtney family to everyone in the congregation and the outside world believed they were this perfect looking family. The good Rev. Simon, his wife Elizabeth and the twins they saved from the life of being the dysfunctional children of some unwed teenage mother. But behind closed doors it was a different story, Willow and Wyatt were constantly belittled and talked down to. Any kind of free thinking was immediately squashed with degrading, hurtful words. Willow grew up believing that no matter what she did, she would always be a horrible person and would go to hell for even thinking that she was doing something right. A less physical type of abusive situation but still very hurtful. As she and her brother grew, and became teens it became very apparent to the pair that no matter how hard they tried they would never make their father proud, or do any good in his eyes. They were children born of sin and would always be tainted.

Willow had always felt sad and depressed even as a child, she and her brother had few friends outside of church. But something snapped and the first one to do so was Willow's twin brother Wyatt. He had been caught with one of the girls at church in a very compromising position, after a big explosive fight, the seventeen year old Wyatt was kicked out to live on the streets with nothing but the clothes on his back. Willow felt alone and with Wyatt gone the full brunt of their fathers verbal and emotional abuse was put on her. She was constantly under the same suspicion of doing what her brother had done, something she would never think of doing being so afraid to talk to people to begin with, let alone boys. Willow had always had thoughts of boys and sex since she hit puberty, but it would only be stated with imagination and her own ministrations. However she learned quickly that even that was frowned upon, after being caught by her mother. When confronted by her father she was given the same ultimatum as her brother, either stand before the congregation and 'confess' in front of everyone, or be on the street just like her brother. The decision was very easy for her, especially when she believed she had done nothing wrong it was long before she found herself living on the streets of Coldwater. However this also reunited her with her brother Wyatt who had already been surviving on his on the past few months.

Things were going well they were living at a shelter, when once again their father proved what he really thought of his children. Four orderlies and a case worker from Coldwater County Rehabilitation Center came to take the twins away. The shelter unable to do anything to stop them, because of the law in the county watched helplessly as they were taken away. In the van, hand cuffed and shackled to each other the pair was informed by the case worker that their father had committed them. Feeling betrayed and beaten the twins were taken to the rehab center.

* Rev. Simon Galtney (Age 54, living)
* Elizabeth Glatney (Age 47, living)
* Wyatt Galtney (Age 18, living, twin brother)
* Carol Littlefeather (Age 34, 16 @ twins birth, birth mother, whereabouts unknown)

So begins...

Willow Galtney's Story