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Seirahn Raymbraint

"But bitch sister, I love you."

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a character in “Collapsing Mana”, as played by Igari




Seirahn Raymbraint

Shadow Dancer

If we were to get technical, he's actually 184 but looks to be around 15

Sub-Race of Hume--He is Half-Elf, Half-Hume

Male, most definitely

Heterosexual--or should we say... Virie-sexual? He has a huge sister complex.

Surprisingly, his height surpasses his sister's, he stands at around 5'4". The logical assumption is that he'll only grow taller as the years progress. Up close, his hair is an identifiable hue of violet but most of the time, it will appear to be black--sometimes even bluish depending on the lighting. It's short and a little messy, as if his hair is perpetually windswept and in need of a good comb-through. It typically falls over his eyes, which are a striking azure. If he casts magic, both of his eyes will take on a crimson hue--but disturbingly will stay that way for the duration of the enchantment, as opposed to the duration of spell-casting time. His skin is tinted with a somewhat healthy rosy color--but he still looks rather pale in the moonlight.

As a physical fighter, it shouldn't come as a shock that his body is in good form. He's lean and has moderately defined muscles. None so much of "abs", per se, but he's toned and he likes the way it adds to his lithe build. He loves to wear long, flowing cloaks and sylish trench coats--he's got a thing for his clothes trailing after him when he walks. Probably due to the way it billows in the wind. He covers up completely, the only thing that is ever really exposed are his hands--and even then, he's a bit touchy about what he'll come into skin-to-skin contact with.



Though it may come as something of a surprise, he can actually be a fairly decent person. His way of living is "righteous", putting accents on individualistic behavior. He values people for who they are--and delights in getting to know them. He is convinced that all have redeemable qualities within them--whether or not these attributes are highlighted within socialization is besides the point. No one is completely without a heart or remorse--and the very idea that someone could be is frightening for him. Because for him, morals dictate so much of his life. He puts value on thought, value on effort, and value on opinion. But without morals, all of that is rather useless, as morals are the uniting and guiding force that dictate all action.

Though he believes in the propagation of good--by all means, there should be more positive energy in the world--his spectrum of what is proper may not always meet society's standards. His moral compass is strong, and he's certainly vocal about it, but by contrast, he has little time or patience for laws and regulations. Those sorts of things are often set up by those of a hierarchy system with little regards for the true well-being of the masses. That being said, he finds the whole institution of society to be a bother--that is why going to cities makes him feel ill and why he prefers to travel in smaller groups because they are more intimate and far more honest. He does not trust authority which, coupled with his halfling status, begin to open eyes as to why negotiation attempts always seem to fail when dealing with higher authorities.

In this respect, he can be a bit hot-headed with his opinions towards rules and oft are the times that he simply will not hold his tongue. If he finds something unjust or unfair, he'll automatically rebel. Forget the consequences, there are people to stand up for! He doesn't have the best regard for his own well-being when he speaks out against injustice and, if given the chance, would probably spearhead a revolution to overthrow the monarchy. He always tends to get involved with that sort of thing, whether he means to or not. He's really moved by the stories of others and thinks there aren't enough protectors that exist--and it's his job to ensure that someone can always take the side of those that can't properly defend themselves.

While he does mean the best, there can come times that he can be intrusive. He doesn't really know when to let a matter go. If something has upset another person, he's a persistent person, because he does earnestly believe he can make it better. His remarks actually do lend to some good advice, and it is very obvious to see that he does really possess compassion and kindness. Indeed, his heart is definitely in the right place and his intentions are made clear from the start--he's a person who will always tell the truth... except when it comes to those that prefer to live their lives in lies. To those "fuckers", as he'd say, to hell with the truth. He'll lie through his teeth if he must because they chose a path of destruction and don't deserve to be given truth. As practiced as he is at being honest, he's also good at weaving a very believable lie. He'll use this talent to get himself out of trouble but also to get others into trouble if he believes they have committed some kind of crime. He's a bit quick with these accusations and, unfortunately, tenacious to boot so it can be hard to throw him off something once he's set his mind to it. (In this way, him and his sister are very alike)

Overall, he has a good nature about him and tries to make himself easy to talk to. Even if he can be a bit shallow and judge someone based on their looks at first glance. And for the most part, it really does work. He's a good listener and enjoys laughter and his presence is none too demanding when he isn't busy being intense about fighting for freedom. He's an incredibly loyal friend, extremely passionate--and someone that would be wonderful to have on your side. He's a straight-shooter and he'll tell it like it is, with no censorship. It can seem a bit harsh but in the end, it's all for a better good--best not to keep anyone in the dark and have everyone on the same page. And, of course, it always helps that he's really good at creating disguises. Even if it's just for a bit of a prank, or something much more serious as infiltrating the backwaters of town, he's always up for a bit of adventure. He can be easy to coax into things, in that respect, because he likes living, he loves to learn. And getting out there and doing things is always the best way to go about it.


~He loves his sister; she is adorable and beautiful and she will succumb to his whims one day.
~Melons are something he really can enjoy--he just can't get enough of them. Something about the sweetness drives him wild.
~He actually adores treasure hunts and will intentionally undertake quests in order to go on one.


~He really doesn't like people touching his hands, that's intimate and should only be reserved for someone he cares about.
~He's frightened of drowning and tries to avoid water at all costs.
~Clouds, he has a thing against them--mostly because they never stay still and block out the sun.


โŒˆEquipment and Personal ObjectsโŒ‹

He carries the essentials on him that he needs for survival--up to 2 weeks worth of provisions as he can be a bit of a vagabond and he likes to be prepared for any scenario--especially if he's put in the position to share food with another. He carries a quiver loaded with arrows, a bow, and his two blades that hang from either side of his waist. In addition, he has a change of clothes, mostly to help him compensate for the change of weather and the shifts between day and night. And, of course, a hand-made doll version of his sister. He sleeps with that every night.


Due to his heritage, the boy can only cast magical enchantments--but that doesn't mean that he's limited himself. In a lot of ways, he can be simplified to being an arcane warrior who uses his magic to give his weapons the upperhand in combat... and then relies on his physical prowess to do the rest of the work. He can use natural magic, to an extent, using the powers of growth and decay more as buffs rather than offensive or defensive magic.

I - Enchantments
Due to his upbringing, he actually has chosen to attempt to excel in spiritual magic, in particular focusing on light and dark. The first of his enchantments is actually his favorite, something he has nicknamed "shadowmancy". With it, he is able to merge shadows into his weapons, allowing it to take on a much more tangible form than just a two-dimensional outline of a shape or person. The shadows act as immaterial extensions of his weapons, wrapping around the metal and extending outwards when he is attacking. They can form into anything he projects in his mind, provided that he has the willpower to do so and the enchantment stays attached to his weapon.

The shadows can sometimes have a will of their own and might even take more of a defined shape... Because this isn't his instinctive magic class, often are the times that he hears the "whispers of the shadows", that beg to be given more attention than just a boost to his weaponry. He ignores their whispers as best as he can--but there are moments the shadows leave his control and the enchantment has something of a mind of its' own... Of course, he's never been harmed by his shadows, to date, but that doesn't mean others haven't suffered.

The second half of his enchantments lie within light, which can be viewed as a type of holy magic. When he enacts this kind of enchantment, he's able to gain the upperhand over any undead creature--and those that have been corrupted by vile, evil energies. In short, it's the anti-thesis of the existence of chaotic or evil creatures. The light energy is much more easily controlled than the shadows, maybe because of its' more divine origins. He sometimes likes to use light to blind his enemies and overpower their senses--causing them to go into a blinding world of confusion and disorientation. His light projections also act as something of a reflector shield and provide him additional boosts against magical attacks if he is defending himself.

Because of the way light refracts, it also lets him make symbols in the sky--which is a great way to communicate to someone else over long distances. Though no one ever said he never used it for comical purposes--there come the moments where he uses this enchantment to make rainbows. Out of boredom of course, he is manly man.

II - Passive Affiliations
He is more in tune with extra-planer beings, well, he was put through rigorous prayer, after all. That being said, he can more readily tap into the innate ability most magical creatures have and sense the flow of mana around him. He's more alert to when the opposing force is stronger, especially if it comes from another plane of existence.


He is excellent with weapons, call it a bi-product of always being around the very creatures that make weaponry. He has two fighting styles, depending on his mood. He can dual wield, he personally likes the shape and feel of katanas, since the weight and structure of the weapon makes it easier for him to move swiftly in battle. He uses his dual weaponry when he is seeking to over-power his opponent--mostly because he is very dexterous and has no problem piling on the attacks, one after another.

His second fighting style is long range. He uses a thick bow, best to sustain the fact that he also shoots about 3 arrows in a round. He's got quick eyes and superb reflexes, so he can handle arming himself with multiple projectiles. He doesn't enchant his arrows, mostly because he uses them up too quickly and not all will make a direct connection. But he's still to be taken seriously--with either method of fighting, he has more than a few tricks up his sleeves and he's trained himself to be able to take on a wide variety of opponents. He wouldn't be egotistical to say that his skill with weapons is higher than proficient and that he can spot a fake metal or an unsteady build without much trouble. He's made these sort of things before, he has an eye for it.


As a halfling, he's neither hume nor elf--he's someone that exists on the fringes of both. There are those in the elven category who believe that such creatures don't deserve to be privy to magic, given that they are regarded by everyone else to be closer to humes and should live in ignorance with them. That being said, he needs to be careful about where he goes--sure, his appearance means he doesn't have much problem blending in when he visits hume cities. But by that same token, he can be mistaken for a hume by the less observant, which can lead to some hostile negotiation since more than once has he entered guarded areas and caused something of an uproar. Best not to let him handle the diplomacy, racism isn't prevalent but it's still present.

His magic is limited, he can only cast enchantments. His medium for casting is weapons and without a target to receive his magic, it kind of just fizzles. His magic is completely reliant upon the need for a physical object to receive and hold it, since he can't make it maintain form strictly on his own. That being said, if he is ever unarmed, he'd be up the creek without a boat or paddle, and he's not very good at the hand to hand combat. He's more of the acrobatic dodger but his stamina isn't the best--he tires out quickly. His heart has a very small hole, not enough to kill him but it never closed correctly after he was born. That being said, strain takes a larger toll on him, he can't over-exert himself or he will experience chest pains and be forced to stop whatever it is that he is doing. He only prays this doesn't happen during battle, since there really is not "stop".

He's also afraid of drowning--absolutely. Put him any place with water and he'll freak out and immediately seek any sort of land. Or hop on to someone's back to avoid getting wet. He has similar fears when he is showering so he actually can't... bathe alone. It's a little awkward.



He didn't grow up in an elven tribe--his home can best be associated by the base of the Catrem Mountains, which is about a 3 day's journey from the capital city of Il'yaa. Waiting for him there are his caretakers, regarded as adoptive cousins, a family of gnomes and dwarves that make a living by enchantment and weapon forgery--as well as armor creation.


He does not know his father very well but from what he's heard, his father is actually an incredibly skilled ranger. Part of the reason he took up the bow and arrow. His mother, the link he shares with the witch, originally had resided in his village around the time he was born but she left... and then he never really saw her again. Rumor has it that she was banished after she fled, he's not very sure. He has a half-sister who has a blood relation to him that he likes to ignore since, you know, he wants to jump her bones.


Despite the youthful face, he was born nearly two centuries ago, to a halfling mother and elf father. As he had come to understand it, his halfling mother was the product of a hume and elf mating. His parents met at a village festival and a few years later, he was born to them. However, not even a year had passed since his birth when his halfling mother fled the elven village, apparently distraught that she was cut off from her hume half and that she was subjected to a life of solitude because of her knowledge of mana. This betrayal, as it was marked, was passed on to the child and his father, unable to deal with the harm this inflicted, took to being more of a role model than a father in the boy's life.

He was pushed off onto a nurse maiden and grew up only knowing his father from a distance, a man who was efficient with the bow and to be respected, but not exactly conversed with. He never associated it with racism but mistakenly thought that how he was treated was just the way of things. His father was a strong member of their tribe of elvish warriors, and the boy looked up to the man--perhaps that was why he sought training in archery as soon as he was old enough to hold a bow. He attempted to also cast magics alongside other elf children but somehow, he just couldn't do what anyone else did. While this did cause some distress, he still had his bow and arrow, so he didn't let it bother him much. Of course, it came as no surprise that he was proficient in the art and he picked up on the techniques quickly. It became his goal to exceed all expectations and win the praise of his elders. His father acknowledged his talents with a bit of pain, but the boy had yet to discover why--and wouldn't until many years down the line.

The years passed without incident, until he went on a hunting trip with a group of friends. They were stalking their prey and began to chase after it. He volunteered to climb down the cliffs after it but on the way down, he over-exerted himself and fainted. Fortunately, there was a rope around his waist so he merely hung there in limbo, up until he was taken back to the tribe by the other elves. The trained medics discovered the hole in his heart and advised him and his father not to allow the archery to continue. Stung by one of his favorite things being taken away from him and also unable to indulge in magics, he decided that he would leave his village with the next trading exchange.

He left with a group of dwarves who told him they were headed towards the fae lands--which was where this particular tribe lived. Eager to put distance between himself and the others, he agreed and departed with them. The group became stranded, however, during the course of the journey--the end result being while they did arrive at their destination, it was four days later than planned, which meant that he went four days without eating properly as their rations had depleted. This taught him a valuable lesson to always being prepared when traveling. His heritage caused some hesitance among the residents, who mistook him for a hume at first before he explained what he was.

He ended up getting a job at the forge, but due to the location, he learned that the dwarves dealt in spiritual magics, to respect the fae colony that was housing them. They also prayed several times a day to the extra-planer deities--an art he was told he would be expected to follow. He expressed his desire to learn as well, he kept his heart condition a secret, not wanting to impede on his progress. As the years passed, he learned enchanting techniques for weapons--while he never really caught on to the mechanics of building, he did develop a good eye for weapon quality. Weapons became his medium, enchantments the way he casted spells. It was a strange limitation he did not understand--but he was using mana, in a way, which was worth something. He practiced in private, not wanting to show how quickly he tired. He forced himself to develop more stamina, though not by much--as despite all his efforts, he just couldn't afford to push himself too far for fear of his heart giving out on him.

It took him much longer than what it would normally take to reach proficiency due to his condition, and his training felt more rigorous because of it. While he did develop astounding skill with the bow and, likewise, dual wielding, the training involved was perilous (at times) for him. His life had fallen into a routine at that point and it was somewhere in the middle of all this that news of his halfling mother came. She had a hume child with another male in the city, which caused a bit of an uproar when it was discovered. Worry that mana would be innate in the newborn sprouted, but without approval from the council, there was nothing that his elven tribe could do. Several years passed before they were allowed to intervene, and the halfling female was taken from her home. She was essentially banished, both from hume society and from elvish territory, left to wander on her own for breaking her vows and being unfaithful to what she had initially agreed upon. To be honest, he felt with little interest; he had yet to meet his sister and didn't really care for her much at the time--she was just a hume, after all. And the natural assumption was that she would never learn to use her magic.

Life continued and he accompanied the dwarves on trading routes--sometimes leaving the small tribe for weeks at a time due to his wanderlust spirit. And, of course, his tendency to get tied up somewhere with his need to help people. He's more than willing to share these swashbuckling adventures with anyone who asks. On one such journey along the familiar path, he took a detour towards the hume capital to get some supplies. And it was here that he made an interesting discovery. He sensed mana being used, some distance from the gates. Curious, he followed the source, for what he sensed did not seem normal to material plane beings. As he neared, he discovered what appeared to be a young witch, casting magic from a spellbook. He was taken aback, not only because she was hume, but by her chosen... companion. He had to warn her, he had to alert her to the demon's presence. But before he could, she whirled on him and, seeing him as a threat, began to attack. He was forced into a fight he didn't really want but he was able to go evenly with her, despite the surprising aptitude of her spells.

The two tied and, with a scornful look, the girl stopped attacking him. She blatantly told him to go away and, in the odd mixture of time in the after-math of their battle, he began to notice similarities between them. It wouldn't be until several meetings later that he finally pieced together that they were siblings. Once he figured it out, he tried to tell her to get her to trust him--but that only worked to make her hate him more. He wasn't sure why, and also couldn't fathom the reason he found her so damn attractive. Maybe it was because they never lived together, she wasn't really his sister--she was just someone who kind of looked like him. Yeah... He still wanted to look out for her and every time they met there-after, he would try to distance her from the demon, try to convince her of the danger she was in. But the demon played odd tricks and would appear rather dumb every time the warnings came, so she never took him seriously. He still returns to the city to pick up supplies and try to see his sister--because extra-planer beings are, of course, a reason for concern.


So begins...

Seirahn Raymbraint's Story


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#, as written by Igari


The half-elf adjusted the bag slung over his shoulder, blue eyes skimming over the the seams of the fabric. He had a successful run into the capital city of Il'yaa, the residents were always interested in what he had to sell. Of course, they were ignorant--they had no idea where he got these items from but to them, it was rare. At least so he told them. He had to make a decent living, after all! Besides, he couldn't feel terrible about taking from the system, it was all broken. And if this was going to help contribute to a way to bring it down, then by all means--he'd con as many people as he had to till all of the government just crumbled to the ground. He forced himself to reign in his thoughts, that was er, how he had caused the incident in Yengreiv, and the blacksmiths still wouldn't let him live that one down. It had been an embarrassing debacle, at least that was 40 years behind him.

A smile played lightly across his lips as he maneuvered through the forest. He knew it all like the back of his hand, he'd been walking these paths for many years. And the ranger was sure that that he could do it all with his eyes closed! If he were feeling a little bolder today, then perhaps, but he did have a sort of "festival" to attend. He had been debating if it were even worth preparing for, all things considered, it just made him feel like it was too high-class for him. Besides, the fae lord and lady wouldn't even be present at the event. He yawned, rolling his eyes as he thought of those posh idjits. He didn't have a soft spot for any of the fae, in fact, he regarded them with something close to disdain internally. All of them were prissy know-it-alls who were way too full of themselves and obsessed with their looks. But none of their beauty could compare to... hers.

Mmm... how long had it been since he saw his cute sister? She practically wasn't related to him, they hadn't grown up together and there wasn't much of a sibling bond. But she was a beautiful woman and the soft curve of those pouty lips... and the scent of her hair. Heh, he better not get too carried away, he was already excited enough to see her! Shame he hadn't been able to run into her when he'd been in the city--there had been an odd sort of procession involving what appeared to be a flying ship anyway. So in that way, he supposed it made sense. She didn't seem like the type that would want to attend an event packed with people. He could really relate to her, that's exactly how he was feeling as he made his way towards the festival.

Seirahn whistled to himself, might as well get this over with! Besides, he wasn't about to let his spirits be dampened. He didn't have to stay there for an overly long amount of time. Just long enough to check out the surroundings, oh, and grab a pleasant bit of food. Mm... his stomach growled as this thought crossed his mind--he hadn't eaten since the morning. Sometimes he forgot to do that, his mind was usually all over the place and rarely on his body's needs. Oh well, he'd be getting some sustenance in due course.

Just as he was about to head deeper into the forest, a sound from over his shoulders grabbed his attention. The boy frowned, glancing behind him. What on... By the extra-planer beings. He paled a little as he saw the very craft he had witnessed in the city descending at an alarming rate through the sky. It was moving too fast for him to really see who was aboard but he could feel pulses of magic coming from it. Could it be... his sister? No other hume he knew had access to magic, was she the one responsible for this? Why would she do this? Wait, no, he couldn't assume, he didn't want to. Wait, maybe she had joined him. Down with the sys--hang on, that didn't make any sense either. She wouldn't just randomly start caring about the "heathen-folk", as she called them.

The airship crashed into the ground, sending tremors out around it so strong that they even reached him. Concerned, thoughts of the festival slipped his mind as he began running towards the crash sight. He wasn't even remotely paying attention to any of his surroundings anymore--the only thought was confirming if his sister was aboard the vessel and if she was alright.


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Even the best laid plans of mice and hume would sometime go awry, as the elf was finding out. Despite her fleeing her previous little homestead, the fact of the matter was that there could be people--and potentially fae, depending on how far along the festival was at this point--that may come across her and wish for her to join them on their way in the opposite direction. If anyone tried to be gentlemanly and bring her along in any sort of fancy display of chivalry, there would be a rather good chance that they could feel something off with her arm, and [/i]then[/i] what? She did not feel comfortable resorting to violence--that would make her more memorable as "that elf", and people would have more reason to suspect that she was hiding something rather big from passersby, especially if she started acting more skittish...

...but what was going to be accomplished by running further away from people? Certainly, no one would find out should she remain hidden by herself in the forest--that much seemed certain enough--but she would be no closer to finding out about how to rid herself of the crystals growing out of her arm, Did such a resource exist? Even if it did, where could she find it? She knew that even in sixty years of studying at the academy in Puruvae, she had never come across any manuscript that had described any symptoms like hers. If the headmasters and the high mages had found out about this, she would have been cast out as a pariah, or even worse--

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud noise overhead. This was unlike anything that she had heard before, and when she turned her head, she saw something massive falling from the sky--something that looked distinctly like a ship. Had someone discovered the possibility of air travel? If so, who had done it--humes or elvish creatures? It seemed rather superfluous for the fae creatures to create something like that, seeing as most of them could fly already, but she had not heard anything from elven lands in several years... but if that were the case, why would it not have come from the south? And would they not have ensure that it was working properly before sending it out into the world? The way it was careening toward the ground, she thought it was going to fall straight down near the woods--

And then it did. The shockwave sent her to the ground, bumping her elbow against the forest floor. Her voice hitched as she felt the impact against a crystal and she let out a pained yelp; she could feel her eyes tearing up as she immediately bit down on her lip, making sure to mute her cry as much as possible to not give her position away. The pain rattled her straight to her bones, and the elf cursed herself for being caught off-guard like that. She should have known better than to expect to stand up against a falling ship, yet she had attempted anyway, only to fall against logic and physics.

These damn crystals are much more a curse than they let on...

After a minute of making sure she could swallow the pain and pick herself up, something compelled her to go after the wreckage of the ship. The elf did not know how or why it was happening, but it was almost as if her feet possessed a mind of their own. Slowly, stumblingly, she took a few steps in the direction of the fallen airship--it seemed simple enough of a name, air plus ship equals "airship", after all--and kept herself up despite the pain rocketing through her arm at this point. She knew it would subside in time, but she kept biting down on her lip all the same, doing something to keep her mind preoccupied with something else, anything else, besides her arm and the piercing glass-in-flesh sensation she felt now.

After a few more wobbly steps, the elf managed to gather her composure again, although she could taste a bit of blood on her tongue. Had she really bitten down so hard on her lip to cause bleeding? That was great; a minor cut was no need for resorting to potential healing magic, but it was annoying nonetheless.

Suddenly, the elf saw a figure running in the same direction as her--toward the area where the ship had fallen to the ground. He looked rather young, but she could tell that there was something about him--was he a half-kin? She had never heard of humes that had deep-violet hair before, and there was a definite hint of magic around him, but she could not tell what of. The fact that he seemed so young but was on his own was strange--the halflings that she had seen before were young, but he was so much taller than them--but this was not the time to worry about that.

She just hoped that he would not try to stop her and examine her, although if they were both heading to the ship because of an innate curiosity of what happened... well... there was no telling what could occur. Even with the bleeding, the elf nervously bit down on her lip, keeping quiet until either he said something or the two of them managed to arrive at the crash site together...

Whatever happens, do not give away anything--the last thing you need or want is someone like him hounding after you because you're some sort of curiosity...


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The elf continued running in the direction of the crashed airship, paying little mind to anything else. She had, however, noticed the half-elf running nearby, and she hoped that he had not noticed her; the problem with that line of thinking, however, was that she stuck out like a sore thumb among the woods. Flowing red robes and a staff hardly make for good camouflage, and coupled with the fact that she had no idea as to why she was even running after the wreckage in the first place, she made for a bizarre sight in the middle of these woods--

Her foot caught against some undergrowth that she had not seen before. The momentum continued, however, and she tripped, falling to the ground. Instinctively, the elf rolled to her left and slammed shoulder-first into the ground. However, her right arm still flopped outwards, and she felt the impact against her arm. One of the growths on her arm pushed against the wooden staff, and the elf cried out in pain, mentally cursing herself for having allowed herself to trip and fall and be hurt that easily. The pain likened itself to that of a shard of glass being shoved through her skin and into her bone, and the elf could feel a few tears welling up in her eyes from the sheer magnitude of pain in her arm.

He was getting closer, the wreckage was starting to come more into focus. From what he could make out, there were a handful of stragglers near the airship itself... but it looked like there were a few more near the borders of the forest. Before he could get a closer look, however, a noise from over his shoulder made him stop in his tracks. It sounded feminine, and in pain, now that he took a moment to think about it. Was it worth turning around to see where that noise was coming from? He was curious about the wreckage and in a way, it would be better for him to get nearer to the strangers than other people. He was sure that those at the festival were starting to notice the happenings and it wouldn't be long before the council sent out a search squad. And since he was pretty sure that device was of hume origin... there was no telling what they would rule to do.

Not that he had any loyalty to the humes of course, except for his sister, who he was still anxious to see. But he did want the chance to question them before anyone else interfered. It was a tough call but in the end, he was a good person and if someone was in distress, it wasn't in his nature to leave them behind. It would only take a few minutes, just to double check. And then he could return to the wreckage site. Biting his lip, he turned on his heel, heading towards the noise instead. He was sure it came from somewhere around here.

The elf woman had curled in on herself, trying to dull down the pain as much as she possibly could. A shard that had been given that much pressure would truly be cause for a lot of pain, even after she removed it from distress. She cringed as she picked herself slowly, keeping her arm as close to her chest as much as she could. Surprisingly enough, her ankle did not feel in near as much pain as she thought it would have from snagging on some sort of vine. This situation caused her to question what she was going to do now, though--dare she continue and look absolutely pained from doing so, possibly having people require her to visit some sort of doctor or alchemist? Or did she try and ignore whatever it was that had crash-landed nearby and retreat further into the woods?

The sound of something coming through the foliage grabbed her attention, and she could feel the color drain from her face. She wanted to run, but trying to put more weight on her ankle only caused her to whimper quietly. It would take a bit for her get back up, and even then, could she really outrun whatever this was on a bum ankle? Not really knowing what else to do, the elf grabbed her staff with her left arm and held it out, crystal first, toward the source of the noise. Hopefully the threat of some magical creature would be enough to scare this creature away.

He felt it before he reached it. Magical energy. As with all things that pertained to mana, it got Seirahn somewhat excited. As an enchanter, his access to his own magic was somewhat... limited. So it was always thrilling to meet other spellcasters, well, if that was what he was feeling anyway. His lips upturned into a grin, anticipation flowing through his body. Whatever it was, this was sure to be interesting. He climbed over a few of the thicker roots on the forest floor, sliding down on the opposite side and finally laying eyes on what was projecting the aura.

Though "what" was improper. He came face-to-face with what appeared to be an elf. Under normal circumstances, he would've been friendly enough, had it not been for the staff that was pointed directly in his face. Well, this was unfortunate. And here he had been, trying to make friends. He still kept his smile on his face, not wanting to frighten her any more than she might've been. He quickly looked her over, trying to assess if she was the source of the scream he heard. By her posture, he would garner that she was, but was she willing to accept help?

"So..." He began, wondering what the best approach was. He figured it best to speak in elvish; after all, she was of fellow kin. "I'm not sure if you noticed, but ah... I don't exactly have a shield, so please don't shoot me in the face with your magic. I don't think I'd look the same if you did."

The elf woman blinked as she slightly recognized who the creature--or rather, the man-- was. It was that half-elf that she had noticed running toward the crash site with her. Had he really come back for her? While she quietly admired his chivalrous attitude, the fact of the matter was that she did not necessarily want the extra personal attention. It was why she had left the academy in the first place... and she visibly shuddered as if some chill had blown through the air--

...and then the thought had hit her--she did not know what to say to him. It had been several years since she had needed to speak with anyone at all. Her anxiety began to show outwardly as her breathing became slightly more ragged, panicking internally as she dropped her staff to her side, a dull thud against the ground upon impact. What was she going to say to him? What could she say to him? It was not as if there was anything that they could really talk about, given her history... and even then, what was to say that he had no ulterior motive? The swords that he carried looked rather menacing, after all...

She was looking at him as if he had sprouted two heads or something. Or was covered in jester paint, though that had only been the one time, and he was sure it would've worked... He shook his head, ridding himself of those odd memories. Did she drop her staff to signal that she was not a hostile entity? He couldn't be sure, but he decided that he'd think the best of the situation. At least, that seemed to be the best route. He wanted to verify she was okay, and quickly at that.

"Do you need anything?" He asked slowly, glancing over his shoulder quickly to confirm that the figures had not moved from the wreckage site. "Bandages, maybe?" There had been many a time he'd been wounded during travel, so he had always made it his business to carry basic medical supplies.

His voice echoed in her ears like it was a hundred miles away. Did she need help? Of course she needed help, of course she wanted it; after spending years in the wilderness on her own because of some unknown disease, she wanted to just find a way to be normal again, something to fix her condition and to let her walk around among people without feeling like some sort of abomination against nature. There was no way she could freely tell this stranger, though; what would he think if she just exploded right then and there? Would his thoughts about her mirror her own, then, and would he just try to kill her on the spot if he learned...?

She blinked, pushing those thoughts aside as best as she could. After having lived with the paranoia and the shame and the guilt for these last several years, it was almost all-consuming at this point. Still, he seemed as if he was trying to help... but then again, was that not how all horrible experiments began in the first place? Besides, she could not accept this man's bandages; placing them around her crystalline arm would not only expose the growths and the bizarre shapes that they created, but the constant pressure from them being pushed back down would have crippled her to the point of inactivity. Anywhere else would have been just taking advantage of this man's charity...

"..." The elf opened her mouth to try and answer, but her voice hitched, not having been used to communicate in what seemed like forever; all that she was able to produce was an airy gasp coupled with a near-inaudible note. Were the newcomer listening intently, he might catch a rather strong air of uncertainty and distrust in that very simple response.

He raised his eyebrows, the silence that stretched between them was tangible. And significant amounts of awkward. But she was gasping, and that was never a good sign. Maybe it was difficult for her to breathe? He admittedly didn't have a lot of training when it came to that kind of aid, but he did know the basics. He gradually lowered himself down on to one knee, trying not to alarm her any further.

"Can you tell me how many fingers I'm holding up?" He asked, lifting three fingers. If she was delerious, she wouldn't have the proper answer, and that could happen either from physical shock or lack of oxygen. If it were anything worse, well, he guessed he'd have to get her to a professional medic of some sort. Or make sure she was stable. There was still the wreckage site to check out, and the more time he spent here, the less time there would be to explore. He was trying not to be overly selfish, however, since she did look like she was in pain and it wasn't his place to try and rush a delicate process.

The elf flinched slightly as the half-elf got down close to her. She understood his question perfectly well, but the fact of the matter was that she did not like people getting too close; physical boundaries were the main reason that she wanted to separate herself from all of the other people in the world. Her voice still betrayed her, although she could hardly blame herself for not being able to speak very well. While the pain in her arm still lingered and was extremely persistent at that, the elf slowly brought her left hand out toward the half-elf's vision and mimicked his hand sign, showing him three fingers. She still wanted to keep her distance as much as possible; this was beginning to make her feel even more uncomfortable...

... maybe she was a mute. That would account for everything that was happening. Seirahn wasn't used to making anyone overly uncomfortable. Sure, he could be a little intrusive, but for good reason! Often those that needed help were so oppressed, they never stuck up for themselves. He blinked, lowering his hand and trying to figure out what to do. It didn't look like he was going to break through to her any time soon.

He stood up, gesturing over towards where the smoke was coming from. "I'm going in that direction, okay? It'd be best if you stay here, don't stress your wounds." He reached into the pouch at his side, taking out a water canteen and setting it on the ground a few feet from her. Hopefully that would suffice, at least for now. He'd be able to return to her soon. He just had to... get a closer look.

The elf watched with a mixture of curiosity and a bit of fear as the elf put the canteen down on the ground. The fact of the matter was that he seemed friendly and that he wanted to help her out.... but was there really anything that he could do? And even if she decided that yes, this man was someone that legitimately wanted to help her, would going along with him really be worth the risk of exposing her condition to someone? What could he possibly do with someone like her, anyway?

She picked up her staff with her left hand, eyes still glued to the newcomer and seemingly wary for anything that he might try to do, espeically with those swords... She was never comfortable around them, and the fact that someone was trying to get so close to her with them on only heightened that distrust. With the butt of her staff, the elf poked the far side of the canteen, bringing it a bit closer to her before placing her staff back on the ground and reaching across her body for it. It was not much, but she had found little water in this part of the woods, and she had been running low as it was...