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Virie Raymbraint

"Hmph, you're all scum."

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a character in “Collapsing Mana”, as played by Igari




Virie Raymbraint

Scarlet Witch




Perhaps it's better to ask "does she even really care?"

Despite the fierceness of her personality, she does not stand at an imposing height at all. The witch rises to about 4'11" but the intensity of her gaze is prone to make one oblivious to the difference in size. Her complexion is on the paler end of hues; the only time her face flushes with color is when she is angry, which is a feat in and of itself. Her eyes switch between a relaxed shade of lavender and a creamy blue--but get her riled or in the mood to cast a spell, and her left eye will shine scarlet--an attribute that led to her nickname. Markings will etch into her skin if she sustains a spell, these lines are the same color as her eye. She has a rounded face but her expression aids in making her seem refined and distant.

Her hair is quite long, falling a little past her knees if she allows it to flow freely. Depending on the lighting, her hair can vary in hues of violet. She likes to braid it when she is thinking, however, as it tends to get in her way. Though it's completely reliant on her mood, there are times she will don her witch hat--an accessory more for looks than it is for absolute necessity. Her outfits range in array but almost all of them fall into the same sort of dark color tones. When she is cold, she will don a cloak over her clothes and rarely goes anywhere without boots.



With an excruciatingly sharp tongue and a quick mind to back her up when needs be, it is easy to be thrown off-balance by the manner this girl projects. There is no hesitation when it comes to making difficult decisions and if it requires that she do something malicious to another, then so be it. She is willing to pay any price, deal with any cost, if it means that her goals will be achieved. Murder, thievery, plagiarism, no crime is too great--no law is firm enough to ever stand in her way. She will fight for what she wants at all times and it is this ambition that has brought her to possess a rather large amount of confidence... much to the point of condescension of others. She is often "that bitch" in a conversation, the one that you'd rather avoid but you have to respect for her wealth of power and self-assurance.

Her hubris and innate arrogance are just two of the many qualities that cause her to feel disgust towards others. They are inferior to she, the hume that rose above most odds and learned to control her own magic. In some ways, she wears her race as a status symbol, for there is no other (to her knowledge) that has done what she has. The only thing that irks her about her race is the limited amount of time she has to live--and if there was a way to extend her life, she'd take it without a second thought. Though her mortality bothers her and as much as she will attempt to shrug it off, she grudgingly concedes that this is a part of her. Her pride can often get in the way when it comes to relating to others and she is not one to be quick to admit when help is needed. The potential dependency on another sickens her and it would take quite a bit for her to bite her own tongue and seek assistance. Humble was never really in her vocabulary.

In a lot of regards, she is selfish and completely full of herself. Stomaching a conversation with her can take a lot of tolerance and patience and most of the time, it may seem like it isn't worth it. But if given the proper amount of effort, other qualities of hers will surface--which is an odd contradiction to the way she conducts herself. Perhaps due to her childhood, she cannot ever look the other way if she witnesses a horrific scene. Yes, she is capable of incredibly cruel acts and won't lift a finger to repent for what she's done. Yet, there is something about seeing suffering caused at the hands of others that angers her. She does not have much pity for those that abuse their power--she uses hers for a purpose, she does not throw it around willy nilly and take advantage of those that cannot defend themselves. A lack of a fair fight often gets to her and if presented with a situation where things are jilted, then she'll make it her business to intervene.

She isn't afraid of a great deal of things--beyond the possibility of her own death and running out of mana. She'll stand up to anyone or anything and doesn't really know the meaning of "back down". Indeed, she is not the best person, in fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to call her evil. But if the need arises, she can be one of the most passionate and fiery people and you wouldn't really want to make an enemy out of her. Because she is rather relentless in her revenge streaks and takes "getting even" to a whole new level. All in all, it's best not to mess with her and certainly don't get in her way. She likes to obliterate obstacles and considers anyone who tries to stand before her a nuisance that must be blotted out of existence.


~She likes to eat fish, any sort of seafood really. This is a staple part of her diet.
~She enjoys crushing her opposition--she's got a bit of a need to always be the victor in any situation, even if there weren't even sides to begin with.
~She has come to cherish her solitude and thinks best when she is alone.


~She cannot tolerate fruit, something about it makes her feel the very strong need to vomit.
~She actually doesn't like seeing dead things--committing murder, sure, seeing the corpse afterwards, definite no-no.
~She is bad at sharing and doesn't like anyone peering into her spellbook--she's rather possessive of it.


⌈Equipment and Personal ObjectsβŒ‹

Her spellbook compendium is always on her person, she won't travel a single place without it. She keeps it inside of her pouch, a modest sized bag that also holds very basic provisions and tools, in case she needs to pick at a lock. (You never know when you might need to break into a shop) She also has her favorite quill and tracking ink stored inside, as well as a map of the surrounding regions. This map is incomplete and she plans to add more to it when she travels. The pendant around her neck is also... something she could never do without, but for summoning purposes.


As a witch, she holds herself to a certain standard. So it should not come as a surprise that she has a few surprises up her sleeves (quite literally).

I - Spells
Holding a spellbook compendium, the age of which is nearly unfathomable, this little piece of spunk is armed with a multitude of spells ranged for almost any occasion. She invokes the magic manipulation with controlled commands and incantations. She has memorized almost every page in her spellbook (much to her chagrin, a nice chunk of the pages are ripped out or damaged). The literature is well-thumbed and it does not take her long at all to find the location of whatever spell she wishes to cast. This book is the only way she can channel her magic, mostly because she never received spiritual training to channel it through her own person. So she is reliant upon it in order to summon spells.

Her magic is elemental based and requires high amounts of concentration and spell-crafting in order to bring them into tangible form. The compendium does not include other forms of magic in the other two fields, though she is certain that those sections must be the ones that are damaged or missing. Her spellbook automatically levitates whenever she is readying a spell and she has to be careful from the spell's whiplash effect. Depending on what she's summoned, this side-effect could damage her or the book, because some incantations are high-energy. This usually results in explosions of some sort, one way or another--a very typical event in her eyes and one that should doesn't cause any concern.

She has long since forsaken menial human capacity, invoking spiritual energy from her familiar to increase her own spell output and power. However, she is oblivious to the actual toll this is having on her body. Taking mana from another being is all well and good but a spell that normally would cost a certain mana output instead increases in cost, which means she is eating up her mana faster than she realizes. She can only cast a certain amount of spells per day before her body becomes too exhausted to channel it through the book, so she always tries to choose practically when she is about to cast magic.

II - Spell Corruption

If there is one thing she has learned, all spells can be manipulated if you alter the wording. And this experimentation has led to a new branch of elemental magic she likes to refer to as "corruption". The four primordial elements, well known to all who practice magic and even those who do not. But the force that ties each of these elements to the physical world is known simply as: gravity. It is the intangible physical force that acts upon energies and can be viewed as a type of limiting factor. The witch can dabble in gravitational magics, but with severe penalties because this version of magic is unpracticed and often out of range of her spellbook and requires her thinking "on the fly" a lot of the time.

Gravitational fields can range from small feats, such as levitating objects, to actually contorting the physics in an area and changing the gravitational flow. Potentially, this change could be inflicted upon a person or an object, and the ways in which it can be used can get pretty creative. Inversing a person's natural flow and causing their form to cave in on itself, exerting pressure to the point of extreme discomfort, even astounding works like creating a small black hole. Of course, a lot of this is her own imaginary banter because she can't do much beyond levitating and it will completely wipe her out when she tries to use it on a small area or on another person. This area of magic is very unrefined and deplete her daily mana uses so fast that often are the times that she'll be unable to cast anymore spells once she has messed with gravity.

It's a powerful force that she is not even close to comprehending but her familiar encourages her to continue on the path of discovery... the problem remains, however, what is gravity's opposite?

ImageIII - Familiar Summon
Another branching of her witchling abilities resides in the form of a summon, a "familiar". [detailed in a mini-character sheet for the demon]

IV - Passive Affiliations
What kind of witch would she be if she couldn't fly? Honestly. Flying is a permanent spell charm she's put on herself, which takes a very small percentage of elemental magic from her daily in order to keep it in use. But she gladly pays the price because flying is awesome.


Spellcasting, her pride and joy. Her innate magic is powerful enough on its' own and she revels in the chance to bring others to their knees... Her magic is extremely potent, and probably would be even more so if she had actually been guided to draw it from herself. Her mind always works fast to out-smart another individual and it takes a lot to trick her or pull a fast one. She catches on to deceit with alarming accuracy, despite the fact that she is a disturbingly gifted liar if the occasion calls for it. Surprisingly, she tries not to con people because doing so is more seen as a waste of her time and energy--lies produce more lies, after all. Her aura and personality definitely work in her favor most of the time and it does not take long to figure out that this woman is a threat not to be taken lightly.


The young witch is a hume, which can act as an impediment to her spellcasting. She has a limited amount of mana that she can touch upon in her lifetime and the instant she runs out, she will be unable to cast spells ever again. She is aware she is constantly battling some invisible clock and this causes her anxiety. She tries to hide this stress but the panic associated with losing her magic sometimes spills into her casting if she is emotionally volatile at the time. This can cause he spells to go awry and out of her control--two things that cause her adequate amounts of horror when she thinks about them.

In addition, her field of magic relies in the elements but she really pushes these boundaries when she draws upon her familiar for assistance to amplify her power output. As noted above, while her spells do get stronger, it also means that more of her mana is eaten away--and the worst part about this is, she has no idea that this is even happening. She has not been alerted or even taught in the ways of magic--she's a self-taught, self-learned student of mana and this comes with extreme drawbacks. She cannot use her own reserves to call upon the energies running through her---instead, she is forced to use her spellbook and if she is ever separated from it or cannot use it as a medium, then she is essentially powerless.

Her body, by contrast of magic, is definitely nowhere near as strong and oft are the times that she'll cough up blood after a large spell. She can get queasy and faint if she exerts herself too hard and has too much pride to ask for help if someone happens to find her. Physically, she isn't a threat at all--her punches barely hit hard enough to leave a mark. In combat, she is at her utmost disadvantage when in close range and because of the exertion of using her powers, she is more at risk to die from wounds that would normally just cause someone to pass out for a few days. Indeed, she is very touchy about getting wounded and tries her best to avoid scenarios in which that could happen.

She is deathly afraid of her own mortality and shies away from the idea of death. She can hide it very well behind her demeanor but that is the one spot that can really bring her down a few pegs. She's willing to do anything--anything--to extend her magic and her life span. And without tutelage, she is more likely to listen to forces that may not have her best interests at heart.



She was born within Il'yaa and considers the capital city her "home", well, a temporary one at that. She has grown bored of the scenery there but she knows the city extremely well, though does not spend much time there as of late. She has taken it upon herself to make something of a small home right on the outskirts of it all and communes to the city for food and other such novelties.


Her father works at a high station within the city, he's one of several ministers and oversees his own "district" within the capital. Her mother, on the other hand, left the city when she was young in her years and she does not have much care for the woman. She is aware of the existence of her "brother", having just met him within the past year but despises him and likes to pretend that he doesn't exist. (A feat that doesn't work since he bothers her... very frequently)


It was the early spring when the witchling was born into the upper-middle class family of Raymbraints. Her family was one of high social standing--her father having just successfully, at that time, become the minister of the district that she lived in. That being said, she was privy to literature and given maps detailing the landscape of the outside world--maps that were rather hazy and incomplete. The younger version of this woman was curious and loved to ask many questions, and was confused when she discovered that not much was known about the outside world. Still, this did not bother her, because she was content to pass the time with her parents. That was until her mother and father divorced, her mother leaving the city and never returning to their household. Left without female guidance, she grew cold to her previous playmates and scorned them for having what she did not.

Having effectively shunned all of her friends and likewise, being shunned by her ever-busy father, she spent large quantities of time by herself, which led her to develop into something of an introvert over time. The pacing of her life was monogamous and it was not until her eleventh year that she finally saw the first buddings of something interesting. It came in the form of a festival being held right on the outskirts of the city. This intrigued her, for she had not known that there were such events going on and she left her home, eager to join in and at least add a little vibrancy into her life. But when she arrived, there was nothing there. The lights, the music, the dancing figures--all of it had vanished. But she was sure she had seen something. She decided to keep an eye out for something... maybe it would re-appear.

She waited and was rewarded a year later, when the same sight greeted her. But again, when she went to get a closer look, everything had disappeared. When this happened a second time, she began to suspect that something mystical was in the works. Of course, magic was a laughed at idea in society--science was the way of the future but there were no forces beyond what humes could create with their hands, with tools and intellect. But she had always been sure, there was something... off about her life. She would sometimes catch glimpses of brighter colors or of figures in distances--things that other people didn't see. She was smart enough to keep her mouth shut but this running mystery of a festival was really getting her.

ImageThe year she turned fourteen was when she took matters into her own hands. She approached the area and camped there, refusing to leave until she got some answers. She didn't know from who but she was determined. And to her surprise, she did receive one. It came in the form of an apparition, a voice that spoke softly in her ears. The creature introduced itself as a demon and explained that it existed on another plane of existence. But she could summon it, she had magic inside of her. This idea thrilled the witch and she did not hesitate to follow the directives of this other entity, which led her to a stone tablet. The demon further explained that with the release of mana, it would be able to cross over into the material plane and that it was willing to serve as her familiar, given the aptitude of her magical strength.

Her hubris got the better of her and she listened to the coaching of this demon, returning daily to attempt exercises to make her mana bubble up. She was not successful for many months but after a year had passed, she was finally able to get the first spark of energy and the tablet reacted in kind, allowing for the demon to cross over. The demon introduced itself as Reika and allowed itself to be collared by the witch. It told her that it would be able to reside on the physical plane so long as she was willing to share magical energies with it. She made this agreement and entered into a life of co-existence with this extra-planer being. Reika was... dumber than what she expected but this demon was helping her to amplify her powers so she wasn't complaining.

A few years later, she was given her spellbook compendium, the demon claiming it was a gift from the other plane. She studied the text religiously, pushing herself to cast each and every spell that she could. Her magic earned an extraordinary boost with how much effort she was putting into her studies--practices that took place a fair distance from city limits so that she would not be caught. After all, she wasn't sure what others would do... to a witch like her. But as she grew stronger, her egotism flared to all new heights, because she began to think herself the best. She had come so far all by herself, with no one to help her--and things were going so well, if it hadn't been for that unfortunate incident that had caused her to meet her younger (well, he did look 15, so he had to be) brother.

He had seen her casting a spell and she had been ready to get rid of him, she had to silence him, but to her surprise, he was able to go toe-to-toe with her with his magic. She decided that he was immediately a threat to her existence and grew to hate him, vowing to get strong enough to obliterate him. He doesn't really share her degree of hatred, he seemed more amused by her antics then anything else. Well, he was an annoying pest that had to be dealt with, when she had time and magic to expend on him. She had already been notified of her ever-depleting mana reserves. She had to find a way to get more mana, a way to get more magic, a way to just not be limited by her hume... characteristics. And due to her vicious nature, she has not shown remorse at any step of her journey--all of it is necessary to rise her to the heights that she wants... even if some people have to die along the way.


So begins...

Virie Raymbraint's Story


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#, as written by Igari


The witch was unamused. She had been waiting the better part of the hour, due to the ridiculous whims of the demon whose mind was annoyingly blank and, more than likely, barely there. She found herself outside a particular Seamstress' Guild (Seamstress' Guild: The local bordello, given many names over the years and has seen its fair share of noble guests--in particular, their whores range from cheap ones likely ridden with STI's to only the top of the line.) , waiting on the infuriating servant that she called her familiar. She found little joy in this "game of patience", as there were a plethora of things that deserved her time far more than this... crude, disgusting carnal pleasure. She did not have much of a liking for such places, thinking them more the roosting ground of animalistic humping and heaving masses of flesh. Absolutely revolting.

And of course, if the situation were under her control, she would've just walked away--of course she would've. She did not find joy from the side-looks from the residents of Il'yaa, her name had become tainted due to the need for fornication from her... "companion". Indeed, it was not a simple process of proclaiming the demon's existence, that would be far too complicated. Instead, these whores were "rented" under her own household name which, unfortunately, had lent its way to some unfortunate whispers and a reputation that she was not quite sure how to be rid of. It was a good thing she never cared for the opinions of others anyway. But that really didn't make her feel any better about it all, as it had led her to wait outside of this unsavory establishment for the demon to finish.

She glanced around the block, giving a very cold look to one passerby in particular that had the gall to stare at her. That scum was not worthy of being in her immediate vicinity, and he knew it too--for he soon scampered off after the nasty expression she shot him. Hmph. Everyone was so easily intimidated, and she was rather bored of picking on the weaklings with her dirty looks. Where was that stupid demon anyway? Literally. Reika was a creature that was so difficult to fathom at times. Oft were the moments where the witch had to wonder: how on earth did that dense whelp come from the hierarchy of extra-planer beings? In a lot of ways, it just didn't make any sense... though the lack of intelligence did lend itself to her being able to abuse Reika when she wanted so, in some ways, it could be a benefit. But not right now, not when she was stranded outside waiting.

Just as she was contemplating if she should just kick the doors down and drag the demon out by her tail, the creature in question happily exited the bordello. The demon's cheeks were bright and the smile she wore was the same sly smile that Virie had come to associate with: the after-sex smirk. Ugh.

"Mistress~!" The demon's tail swished and the witch, mostly out of paranoia about the whole thing, grabbed it to stop it from possibly gaining them more unwanted attention. "You waited for me? That's so sweet! Ehehehe..." Reika trailed off, drooling a little as she no doubt remembered her sexual adventures in a dirty room, or so the witch assumed. Virie rolled her eyes, dragging the creature with her as she was finally able to leave the presence of such an unclean establishment. This was such a waste of time. She hated being in the city for overly long--it left a bad taste in her mouth. She was already eager to leave. All things considered, Il'yaa was actually in the middle of perhaps one of the biggest events held within the last several decades.

The airship, Prima, was on display in the plaza, the new "frontier" of science, as it was called. From the little she had deigned to pay attention to, this was revolutionary as far as technology went. It was the first of what had been projected to be a project of several--all to broadcast the wonders of science and the progress that could be made through colonization. Virie didn't really think it warranted the kind of attention it was getting--air travel was already something she was accustomed to. Except that she couldn't perform any magic when she was in city limits and that was the most annoying part of all. Not that... she could be overly frivolous with her mana anyway. She ground her teeth together. Now was not the time to be thinking about her internal counter. She'd figure out a way around it somehow. Not all things were set in stone and this certainly was something she'd learn to flex out. Well, in due time.

"Mistress... Mnnnn...!" The whine came from over her shoulder and the witch turned, eyebrows raising slowly to indicate her decreasing tolerance.

"What is it." She answered shortly, wrinkling her nose. The demon's attentions were directed towards the plaza, wide eyes staring off towards the crowd.

"I hear... something that sounds kind of fun!" The demon's ears perked up and she wiggled her hips, probably in excitement. Before Virie could get a response in, Reika had twisted out of her grip and had turned on her heel, darting towards the plaza.

"Reika--Reika! Damn it." The extra-planer creature had already slipped into the crowd, causing Virie a bit of distress. She couldn't let the demon get too far, else there would be problems and a lot more of a headache waiting for her. Unwillingly, the witch turned, following after the irritating creature. Honestly, what the hell? Couldn't Reika find it in her not to be distracted by every little thing? So what if the plaza was busy and full of humes? So what if there were screams coming from that area? So what if there were people now moving against her and running in the streets? So what if law enforcement officers... wait a minute.

She paused a little, furrowing her brows. That actually wasn't a "so what". That was more warranting of a "why". She frowned and continued pursuing her familiar--though perhaps with a little more interest. Whatever was going on was causing a bit of pandemonium--and with that logic, it wasn't exactly surprising that Reika fled towards it... Demons did thrive off chaos, naturally. Hm. Whatever. This side diversion hopefully wouldn't take much longer--she had more spells that were waiting to be tried out.


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#, as written by Igari


Fighting against the crowd of people had quickly turned irritating for the witch. It did not take her long before she was, quite literally, using a bit of magical force to shove people away from her. She was a rather petite woman by contrast and few things annoyed her more than being reminded of this and being unable to physically stand up for herself. And the stupid humes didn't even know what was hitting them anyway--she just wanted to be able to breathe in the mass of panic. For a brief moment, she feared that she had lost Reika amidst all the pandemonium. But the feeling didn't really have a moment to settle in, she could hear the demon's laughter from somewhere up ahead. She pushed on, kicking an interfering hume down as she entered into the main pavilion. Disgusting waste of her time.

The crowd of people was thick here... but not only thick, it was... She squinted, trying to comprehend what she was seeing. No, it couldn't be, no one would be stupid enough to do it. It would take an absolute fool to consider... There was just no way. Who would be dumb enough to steal an airship? None of the civilians of Il'yaa would've dared to trespass, no one was that bold, no one wanted the glorious label of being wanted. Especially not since this was the only established hume capital--it wouldn't make any sense. Yet her logic clearly contradicted what she was seeing, because there was indeed a woman on the ship, shouting orders and pushing people off of it.

This was something close to what she would expect from Reika. And that was because the demon didn't understand consequences when it came to mortals. But anyone else surely would've considered the stupidity involved in such a risky and terrible plan? Yet whoever this was, this woman (or as Virie was going to soon call her, the whore of no virtue) clearly thought that this was a grand plan. And though she did hate to admit to the success of others, from an observer's perspective, it was working. None of the crew seemed equipped to fight back--though she was sure that a second or even third wave of guards were sure to come. And quickly, at that. This was the very first airship and she would not be remotely surprised if the whole militia mounted to assure the ship's safety.

The witch went to peer closer to get a better look at the events, intrigued by the growing pile of bodies and what looked to be someone scampering up them. Their appearance... it was so damned... no. Absolutely. Not. She grimaced, recognizing the golden armor at once. It belonged to none other than Alistair Archibald, a pompous noble with his head so far up his ass, she was pretty sure he was seeing an alternate dimension. She had always actively avoided him in every social she had been forced to attend. Rumors of his absurd need for others to bow to him and his insane egotism had reached her ears long before she had even thought to meet him. And, of course, she had no need to deal with narcissistic bastards.

He had heaved himself over the side of the ship--what on earth was that idiot planning? It didn't really concern her, nevermind, she didn't want to know. What mattered more was locating Reika, she wanted to put as much distance between herself and the air ship as...

... No. It couldn't be.

She had finally caught sight of her demon, the familiar was running up the pile of bodies that had been discarded on the pavement. With (surprising) grace, the creature bent her knees, using the momentum from her run to launch herself on to the side of the ship. Reika dug her fingers into the wood, her tail swinging back and forth with eagerness. Virie did not even try to hide her irritation--that stupid beast was going to be the death of her. She had to get the demon down. Other measures would have to be taken. A yell from behind her caused her to shift her attention--the second wave of guards had appeared. And they were larger than she had expected, there were at least thirty of them.

"Stand down!" One of them yelled, projected his voice to the usurpers. "Return to the ground immediately, you are under arrest!" Already, they were preparing their firearms. Hm, things were getting serious. But she wasn't going to let this interfere with her--Reika was too dumb to realize the peril of the situation. She had to step in discreetly but how... Hm. A nearby roof caught her attention and she smirked, that would do. She whispered a spell, placing her fingers up to her lips before unfurling her hand outwards. The wind followed her path, whipping around and unhinging some of the roofing. Shingles began to fall and to the unobservant, it would've looked like bi-product damage from the fight aboard the airship.

The ceiling caved in, the witch guiding the pieces slightly so that their path was altered--just enough to crash on to a few of the guards. There were shouts from beneath the rubble--she had been nice enough not to murder anyone. This was going to give her a rather large headache later--she had to board the ship to drag Reika off of it. She wanted nothing to do with what was happening. Despite the fact that she had been forced to get involved. The guards were re-rallying their numbers but not all were distracted by her trick--several of them had chosen to ignore the rabble and shoot at the woman and the noble. Tch. Some of those shots nearly hit Reika, who was happily climbing the wood of the airship. This was absurd and frustrating.

Magic wasn't going to be the key here--she knew enough not to use anymore than she had--her little trick was about the best she could conjure without making herself look suspicious. Some of the guards were pushing people back from the airship, attempting to control the situation.

"Miss! You need to leave, it's dangerous. Authorized personnel only!" He barked at her, trying to shoo her back. Hell no. She couldn't afford to be separated from her demon.

"Don't touch me, heathen." She said bluntly, glaring at him. He seemed a bit intimidated but, unfortunately, continued his efforts of shooing her back. She looked up, hearing a yowl from overhead. Reika had finally noticed what was happening below her and perceived the current happenings as an attack against the witch. Oh joy.

"Get away from my Mistress!" The demon launched herself off the ship, which was already an ample distance from the ground. Propelled by the force of the jump, the creature threw herself at the guard. Not expecting the force of the collision, the guard was forced to the ground, Reika biting his ear and promptly tearing it off as she wrestled him into submission. Virie barely blinked as she watched it--well great, now they had definitely drawn attention to themselves. Other guards were staring at them, beginning to perceive the duo as a collective threat. Reika growled, standing protectively in front of the witch.

And then, Reika did something that Virie probably wouldn't forgive for a long time. Reika knew the rules, she knew magic wasn't supposed to be used. But maybe in the frenzy of it all, the demon had forgotten and only sought to protect. The witch couldn't be sure the reason and frankly, was not even entirely positive she wanted to know. Either way, she knew as soon as Reika's body began to pulse with energy that the demon was readying a spell.

"Reika, don--" The warning came too little, too late. The demon had released psychic energy at their attackers. It was invisible, striking all of them simultaneously. All of the guards were knocked down, confused, disoriented. Some guns fumbled from unsteady grips as the mass of them were pushed against the concrete by strong energy. "Damn it." Was all the witch could say. They'd really done it this time, all she could hope was that everyone would think all of those guards were delirious. But no doubt as soon as they described her, her name would be rolled into all this nonsense. Damn it all to hell.

She had no choice. She was going to have to help that airship lift off. She had to leave the city, because of Reika's actions. Everything about this day was a pain in the ass. Grabbing the demon by the collar, the witch dragged her familiar behind her as she waltzed towards the ship. Reika fell into step with her, tugging out of the grip and straightening.

"Bring us to the deck. She ordered coldly. The demon excitedly nodded, grabbing Virie around the waist and jumping on to the wooden helm of the ship again. Eagerly, she scampered, bringing them steadily upwards. This was fairly humiliating. She was going to shove something rather unpleasant up Reika's bottom when all of this was through.


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Also Raruna, Virie, and Reika.

"Shall we find out who will be submitting to who?" she laughed lightly, clearly excited about this new development. At the back of her mind, she wondered where her new friend had gotten off to and hoped that he'd find the damned controls soon enough for the ship. Raruna wanted to by sky borne sooner rather than later.

Alistair, on the other hand, laughed mockingly, obviously thinking very little of the woman. "So that's your answer? Rabble like you always seem to be lacking in common sense. You should not look a gift horse in its mouth, especially when the one being so generous is myself." after he said that, Alistair took his blade and raised it to the woman, and with his same pompous tone, said, "I shan't stoop to your level and forget courtesies. I believe it's 'Ladies first' is it not?"

Runa tilted her head up and then gave him a grin, "Well, at least you're not rude," she said with a smirk. She took one more look at his tall frame and then moved. Her sword thrust forward, aimed straight for his chest as she lunged quickly across the deck.

Despite one's expectations when dealing with a very arrogant dick of gold, Alistair was not actually unable to defend himself in combat. It's what set himself apart from most nobles, besides the whole gold thing that bordered on a fetish (little did we all know his fetish actually involves strawberries). So as not to make this battle anticlimactic, Alistair Archibald promptly raised his blade in a defensive swing in order to knock the blade aside. The advantage here was that, since her blade was a rapier, she only truly had thrusts available for her, making the blows easier to predict. That's not to say she couldn't swing her blade, but like, 'ow that hurt slutticus' is most likely what she'll achieve if she lands a blow that particular way.

The pirate giggled slightly as her blade was knocked aside. She allowed it to go, flinging out to her side and with it she did a slight spin to get around him as she'd continued moving forward in her lunging strike. Lightly stepping across the deck, she pivoted on her foot and swung the blade outwards, only looking to deal him a slight bit of damage if it connected, a small cut if anything at all but a stinging, glancing blow should it land.

True to her very frame and her choice of weapon, the woman's style in combat was more agile than normal. She certainly was, overall, quicker than he was wearing the armor to weigh him down, but since he wasn't going to admit that she was 'anything' better than he save uneducated or the like, he would not let her outdo him. Alistair wasn't about to let this become a defensive battle, but with her dealing the first two strikes in quick succession, that's how this battle was turning out to be, and of course, no peasant should be keeping a man above god like he pressured --- no, they shouldn't even be able to! Yes, that's entirely correct. She wasn't able to, he wouldn't let her! The gold-haired egotist did not allow her swift blow to strike him, for even the smallest blow would destroy his pride were it to land. Instead, he narrowly leaned back as the rapier made its arc towards him and for a moment he thought he was in the Matrix, yo, returning the favor with a fast diagnal slash followed by a horizontal cut towards her waist. These being real weapons, well, she'd honestly want to dodge or otherwise avoid that attack if she planned on not being my goddamn waifu from Dangon Ronpa and dying in the first fucking scenes living for much longer.

Raruna made a strange noise as she moved backwards, something that could have been a short shout, but it wasn't out of fear or anger. She was still grinning as she watched him return the strikes. The first slash at her was redirected with her own blade so that it didn't catch her small frame. Then she was forced to jump back just a bit to avoid having the tip of his weapon cut through her waist. Edging near the railing of the vessel, she heard a shout from the ground. It called for them to remove themselves from the ship. Runa laughed, "Aww, they're trying to ruin our fun," she commented lightly and then a shower of bullets hit the edge of the railing, directed at her and her golden sparring partner.

Runa ducked and rolled across the deck, just barely avoiding anything that would be fatal. Her gaze shifted to her cloths. The long blue coat had a nice cut along the shoulder a thin scratch across her pale skin. She frowned slightly, "Well... that was rude..." She didn't care about the tiny scratch, she was more irritated about the torn cloth of her coat.

Runa returned her gaze to the man who was shining. That shiny armor was really distracting, seeing as her fetish for shining things was just terrible. Standing, she lifted her weapon at him again. The shots stopped from the ground as a building came crashing down. Finally, now there won't be any more interruptions, she thought, pleased with that fact. Raruna lunged forward at him again, not quite done with this sparring act across the deck. Again, she went for his chest, the blade singing as it thrust at him. She stepped into the strike, then sweeped the blade to the right and brought it back across at him in a slash across his abdomen.

There were not too many things that irritated Alistair as much as a peasant interrupting him when he was obviously engaged in a far more activity. He did not seem to frustrated with his blows being parried or evaded, in fact, he almost welcomed someone actually giving him something to put a little effort into. If anything, this rabble wasn't as bad as the other scum he'd defeated when he boarded this ship, which was a refreshing experience. One you could only ever really have against someone with a name purpose. However, these idiots down below were firing those weapons... what were they? Guns, right? Yes, those shoddy pieces of crap. How inaccurate and ineffective they were. Perhaps in quite some time there would be advances in such things that would make anything else obsolete, but it certainly wasn't the case right now. All they did was serve to both irritate Alistair and betray the user's location. They'd do some damage if they ever hit, but that was the whole problem, wasn't it?

"Filthy heathens not respecting my right to indulge in a little roughousing." the man muttered under his breath.

He wasn't able to do much more than that before the fighting resumed in the form of a swift and aggressive combo of three strikes. The lunge was, like its predecessor, knocked the blade aside once more, but that ended up putting him in a place where he couldn't necessarily hop back (obviously not his flamboyant armor's fault or anything). Instead, his blade held true in his hand and stopped the rapier on its second swing but not before the tip slapped the back of Alistair's hand, "Ow, you little slutticus that hurt you know god its going to be redder than a beet or something jeezus im done here fuck everything 420 blaz it". Thusly the fight ended. Hitting the blade dead on like that, he was a bit surprised the smaller rapier did not break or otherwise show damage, then again, that was probably because of what it was made of. That... metal. The very same thing that ruined his fabulous lifestyle he so desperately wished he could keep.

With the opening provided by the clashing blades, he did what any flamboyant and egotistical character would do in a fight and decided to talk, instead of fighting. "Mithril's a cursed metal, woman. You'd do well to avoid it while you can." he warned, despite being in the middle of a battle. Of course, that didn't matter to him since he'd obviously win regardless. That didn't mean he dropped his guard like a fool, but it still was a bit cockier than most people would try.

"Surely someone with skills above the majority of the rabble isn't so ignorant of this fact."

As their weapons clashed, she was brought in close to him, both blades caught together for a moment in which the tall man decided to speak. Raruna hummed slightly as she eyed him between their weapons, "Why yes. It is a cursed metal. I would avoid it, if I could. But seeing as gold has no value anymore... I can hardly throw away my only weapon, now can I? Unless I want something that is going to break the moment I use it," Runa leaned in closer, her weapon sliding across his, "But thanks for the warning, I'll be sure to remember."

She pulled back, dragging her rapier with her and reset herself. Lifting the blade up at him, she tilted her head, "Your turn?" she prompted lightly, a bit of a laugh in the words.

"Gold having no value?" he repeated, more irritated than before. He felt his name was synonymous with gold and insulting his precious metal, his precious everything was no different than insulting he himself. She had brought about a wrath she never should have. "What kindness I have spared on your unworthy self has obviously been wasted. You know nothing about gold and its worth!"

Alistar wasn't just angry now, but determined. Determined to show this woman her place in society, in the world --- under his boots. He couldn't help but wonder if he'd be feeling generous to just throw her off the ship when he was finished with her, or if he'd end up executing her and destroying that filthy weapon of hers. Yes, confiscating that trash and ridding the world of it after the battle would do his mood quite well, so what he did with her afterwords wouldn't really matter, would it? Lucky was she that he wasn't typical filth that would try something sexual if he won, but this wasn't because he was kind or anything, it was more because he saw that as gifting women with his body, and she obviously wasn't worth that in his eyes, nor was he desperate enough to need to resort to that. Plus, as angry as he was, well, he'd rather not show her his golden genitalia. DUN DUN DUN

But enough talk about his golden sword. Now was the time for battle!

With newfound desire and passion in the fight, Alistair gripped his blade tightly in both hands around its fabulous hilt. This was the defining action for when Alistair stopped screwing around. With his grip strengthened, he charged at the skypirate and brought his blade downwards in a vertical slash. But that wasn't all. The strike was swift as it was powerful, and though those things were true, it wasn't his only attack. He immediately heaved the sword straight upwards in a vertical strike upwards this time, finishing another vertical strike downwards, all with a huge deal of might behind each and every single swing.

Somehow... she had angered him. Raruna's smile almost faded as he spoke to her. However, it did fade into a slight frown as he came at her, both hands on his weapon now. Runa took a step backwards as he swung down at her. Lifting her blade up, the jarring blow knocked her backwards. Raruna hissed slightly at the jarring blow, "Hey... I know of gold's worth!" she shot back as she stumbled. His weapon came back up and it smashed into hers again. The pirate was overwhelemed by his strength and the blade flew from her hand straight up and away from her. Runa's gaze widened and then she quickly backed away as the weapon came cleaving back down.

As she backed away, she pulled out both of her pistols and aimed them up at him as she backed away and hit something behind her, probably a wall that led to another section of the ship, "Gold is valuable to me, but I can't use it anymore. Surely you know that," she said as she narrowed her eyes at him.

Alistair Archibald, being the superior being that he was, had not the slightest ounce of surprise in him when his blows overwhelmed his foe. It was certain that once he put his actual effort into something, it was always going to go his way. More strikethroughs here, more boasting.. The woman backed herself into a literal corner with nowhere to run from him, and his last assault on her had disarmed the woman of her mithril weapon, leaving her defens-- wait, no that's not right. She cried something as she equipped herself with a couple of smaller guns in what appeared to be a panic.

"Begging for your life isn't going to win you any points from me." he began, but noticing a particular color on one of her weapons.... "Yet... I am amused at what appears to be your trump card." he was, of course, referring to her pistols. Gold attracted him and he attracted gold, is how he saw things.

Reika had paused their ascent, the most probable cause due to the sounds of battle from overhead. Virie could not see who was involved, but she could only guess that it was a fight between the pirate whore and the shiny bastard. Egh. It was like a combination made in the fiery pits of Hell. Hm, if Hell were an actual place--she was not affirmative about that plane of existence but now wasn't really the time to ponder it. Either way, the demon had paused halfway between the deck of the ship and the underbelly that they were climbing from. And the demon's grip around her waist was really causing some discomfort with her robes. The witch sighed, slapping Reika to snap the demon's attention back to the matter at hand. It was not safe for them to make their presence known aboard the ship, she didn't have time or patience to deal with the battle and also didn't want to be seen as providing assistance to this ridiculous heist. As far as she was concerned, she was an unwilling victim of circumstance. A completely innocent, completely non-threatening victim of this bizarre scenario she had, in no way, shape, or form, gotten mixed up with on purpose.

A few warning shots hit the wood several meters from her face and the witch frowned. They couldn't remain here any longer--they had to leave. She looked over at Reika, who was staring off blankly around her with the usual look of stupid blankness plastered on her face. "Reika," Virie said shortly, causing the demon to start and look at her. "I want you to make the ship fly."

"Fly, mistress? For real?!" Reika excitedly swished her tail back and forth, hitting Virie upside the head. The witch nodded, knowing full well the danger she was putting everyone else in with this request. Yes, Reika's attention span was horrible and more than likely, the spell would only last long enough for them to escape. But no one else really mattered--if the people above her died, oh well. She knew that she had ways of defending herself properly and that was all that really mattered. Then she'd work on regaining her name and reputation in the city. Which was such an absurd premise that she had to deal with. Why was that even a thing? Because some stupid pirate whore wanted to have her kicks? Because some snobby noble bastard wanted to show off? Honestly, this day. Was literally the worst. Hmph.

The creature didn't wait for any more confirmation, Reika was ready and eager to get things started. The demon closed her eyes, mana beginning to course through her body once more. Virie could feel it, the energy that her familiar was summoning. And in some ways, this was what possibly came the closest to frightening her. There was such a wealth of power in extra-planer beings, for as dumb as the summon creature was... there certainly was a lot of force behind it. Reika muttered to herself, calling forth mental energies to project Virie's desire. And as the words left the demon's lips, the ship gave a giant creaking nose as the propellers from up above began to whirl. Faster and faster, the mechanisms of the ship began to gain energy, gain momentum--and in moments, the ship was levitating off the ground.

The guards below them did not know what to do--there was no way they'd be staring at the demon who was casting the spell. No, in their mind, the airship really was lifting off the ground because someone had fumbled with the control switches. It was a glorious lie, one that no doubt everyone would believe. The demon continued chanting under her breath, using the vocalizations to slowly move the ship so that it floated above the buildings. There were yells from below them, protests, screams--but all of it was white noise to the witch. The joys of flying, even on the side of an airship, were always wonderful and she relished in the feel of wind against her cheeks. The airship finally gained enough altitude and, with guidance from the demon, it moved forwards towards the exit of the city--the authorities powerless to stop its' escape.

Alistair's mouth curved into a smile, a rather frightening one at that. "It's of no importance. You've caused me more irritation than I've put up with for quite some time, but I guess that's because you were amusing." Alistair spoke exactly like he had the upper hand, despite having two guns pointed to him. Again, this was because he was confident -- much too confident in his abilities. Could he dodge a bullet? Could he dodge two? At point-blank range? Why, of course he could! He was an Archibald! Such a small feat was easy for him. "Now, to continue what we were doin------"

There was a giant rumble from the bottom of the ship, followed by a huge tremor much like an earthquake that, of course, caused the golden-armored man to stumble as he lost his footing and nearly tumbled to the ground. Wha... what the hell is going on?! Alistair was surprised at the sudden liftoff, having not ordered the vessel to do so.

Amusing he says... well then, her grin was starting to return as she aimed her pistols at him. He started to speak again and she was going to be more than happy to oblige resuming their little duel when the ship did something... unexpected. As he stumbled, she followed, unprepared for the sudden movement of the ship that was rather forceful. Her first thoughts were what in the hell her new captivefriend was doing with those controls!? Raruna had the unlucky misfortune of stumbling into a crate and losing her footing which resulted in the edge of the box clipping her wrist rather roughly. It caught her weapon as she fell over, and it went bouncing happily along the deck.

She gave a gasp of utter horror though as she watched her precious golden pistol go wildly tumbling about. She took off after the weapon, sprinting across the deck that rolled underneath her as it was getting airborn. Runa raced after the pistol, her eyes trained only on it as it skittered and bounced, hitting random things and as she got close to it, the vessel tilted just enough for the gun to go slipping right off the side via a hole in the boarding. Of course, she couldn't just let her most valued peice of equipment just go flying overboard. So she did what anyone would do, and leapt off the side of the ship to catch it. Her hand snatched the barrel, and it wasn't until that point that she thought about how she was going to get back on the ship.

Still on unstable footing due to the sudden liftoff, Alistair could do naught but reach out for the railing and hope that this contraption did not suddenly detonate or crash into something and end his journey before it had truly began.In the scramble to keep himself from personally witnessing a Hume's inability to fly without some form of assistance, he dropped his blade which, luckily, slide across the ground and managed to wedge itself between some crates so that it was out of harm's way for now. He did have a bit of fondness for his weapon and it was one of the very few items that was not entirely gold that he enjoyed using.

Unlike his blade, the woman he had just been engaged in battle with had lost her golden gun and it decided it would be a free bird and attempted to fly. She leapt after it, seemingly unaware of the fact she would die in the process, only barely managing to grip a barrel nearby, and the grip wasn't that strong to begin with. It seemed to be the end of her, her life ended not by Alistair's sword, but by her desire to retrieve a weapon that had flown away. How pitiful. And... disappointing. Alistair could and was about to simply watch another peasant's life end right before his eyes like he had seen many times before, yet.... her need to keep that weapon, that gold weapon, had partially touched the man. It seemed she wasn't just spewing lies to him when she said she understood gold's worth. She really knew the value it held.

Then... she was at least worthy of staying aboard the ship for now.

Alistair did something he had not done before, ever, and that was something unselfish. He felt very strange when doing it too. Perhaps he'd done it for selfish reasons, or so he'd convince himself, but regardless, the act itself was purely for the woman, not for he. What'd he do? Well, obviously....

...he saved her life.

He went about this quickly, not able to spice it up. He couldn't yell about how he'd give this gnat another chance to please him, or how she'd owe him her life afterwards. He couldn't tip the flying boat over with his godlike strength, nor could he life her up with the power of his mind. Instead, he did what anybody with arms could do and simply reached out, grabbing the girl by the first place his hand landed, gripped it with quite a bit of his strength, and pulled her back to safety. Of course, this being Alistair, something a bit unique had to happen, so rather than simply saving her, he'd done something else, unintentionally. He managed to give her quite a fierce groping of the breast.

---Again, it wasn't on purpose. That being said, he did notice where he put his hand the instant he'd touched it. He was quite familiar with that place of a woman, among many others. But he did not seem to mind it one bit. One place was as fine as any, and so long as she was alive, she shouldn't complain, right? It probably hurt like hell, but she'd best be grateful, taking his life-saving virginity like that. It was his first time~

Raruna felt the wind rushing up to meet her as she went overboard. The gears of the ship growing rather loud. However, before she could completely free fall and contemplate her lifes meaning and relive every little heart pounding event she'd gone through, she was abruptly brought back to her senses. The golden pistol in her hand was safe, and she'd managed to not fall to her death. Although, the way she was saved was rather peculiar. At least it had never quite happened like that before to her. Wincing as she gave a slight shout of pain at where the man had grabbed her, she was dragged back onto the safety of the flying vessel and the town below her no longer served as her final resting place.

Once her boots hit the deck, she hissed as she pulled her arm back to craddle her breast that had be so abruptly grabbed and used as a way to save her life. The skypirate glanced over to the man, a little bit of a grin pulling her lips as she rubbed her breast that was sure to bruise later, "Well, isn't that a wonderful way to save a woman. Do you do this often? Better be careful, next time you grab my breast I might like it," she offered as she sheathed her pistol safely into her belt and gave a sigh as she tried to get the nerves in her chest to stop screaming at her. For a moment she stood there, eyes squeezed shut and then took a deep breath.

With a soft hum to herself, she stretched and then put her hands on her hips. This is going to hurt for a while... she thought bitterly, but didn't say a word about it. If anything, she was certainly surprised by having been saved. Not that she couldn't have figured a way back on the ship probably not, it was a free fall down to cobblestone, "Why don't we go see who decided it was a wonderful idea to interrupt, shall we? Frankly, that was damned rude... I almost lost my gun!"

"Cease your whining, it was... my first time. Even I may be inexperienced in some matters." Alistair replied, unaware of the impression he might've just left. He was still not sure how he felt about actually doing something like that. Saving people leaves a weird feeling in your stomach, he thought. Alistair rubbed his chin as he thought about who might've done something to the ship, displaying -- once more -- his excellent deductive skills by figuring out that they ought to go check on the controls were they hoping to discover what may have made the ship move. He was obviously unaware of the magical reasoning behind the ship's takeoff.

"I shall agree to your suggestion" he placed quite a bit of emphasis on 'suggestion' so that she was completely aware that he would not take an order from her. Not that that wasn't blatantly apparent just by the way he talked. Many could figure out the general outline of his character after his first few words. "Then I shall head to whatever area controls this airship, you are free to follow along if you desire." so saying, he started off without further distraction in a random direction, without knowing if it was the correct way. Him being Alistair, though, he managed to successfully pick the right direction.

Raruna grinned at him, but didn't comment on the 'whining' part. She was hardly complaining. Perhaps if the chance came again, she would tease him further about it. In response to him, she only lifted an eyebrow and tilted her head a bit as she rested her weight on one leg, "First time, hu? Well, should you need any practice with a woman's body you can surely come and ask if you so please," she said with a giggle. Her lips were curved up in her signature wicked grin as she regarded him for a moment.

At his agreement, he turned and with the invitation, Raruna gladly fell into step beside him, following after the tall man decked out in gold armor, "Figure out how to fly this boat and then I think it is only fair we finish that... deciding match. Though I blame the distractions. I could easily win," she offered as she looked up at him from under her hat, one crystal blue eye clearly visible from the brim of the hat. They worked their way across the deck of the ship and then into its inner workings. Either he was very clever, or he was just ungodly lucky, eitherway they ended up in the controls area where she tried the door and found it to be locked. Pulling herself up to her tip-toes, she peered into the room through the window that was just barely out of reach for someone of her height. When she saw her friend, she grinned and knocked on the door.

"Why hello my dear, you sure found this quick. Now, be a doll and open the door," she said, her voice clipped at the end as she was slightly irritated that he hadn't come to tell her about the control room when she'd asked him to do so in the first place.

Alistair walked the entire way with his arms simply crossed and an oddly confident expression on his face, as though he knew the way already. He didn't, of course, but as fate would have it, he made it there anyway. WIth the woman walking beside him, they eventually reached their destination, though he felt some irk in the fact that she wasn't walking behind him. In fact, the only reason he did not comment on this was that he was busy dealing with her other comments. "You obviously misunderstood. I have never gone out of my way to save someone's life. Be grateful that I decided you were worth the effort. Besides your breasts weren't nothing I haven't dealt with before. You aren't that well endowed, unforuntately. But you do make up for it in your skill with a blade, plus your face is... bearable. I'll maybe think about gracing you with pleasure later, if you're obedient." as they continued to walk, he noticed the door to the control room and grinned widely, ecstatic at yet another accomplishment by Alistair Archibald. But he did not make it to the door first. No, that was the woman, who seemed to know who was inside. He sat back and simply listened to the woman as she tried to get inside.


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"W-What?" He had fallen asleep, for one reason or another, in the control room. He hadn't gotten much sleep, however, due to the fact that the ship had started moving. Moving. It had begun moving, somehow. He didn't like it. He hadn't touched the control panels. He hadn't seen anyone touch the control panels. He used magic, of the 'life' variety, but found no recent traces of life in the room. Magic. It was the only explanation, the only sensible one at least.

Vol's thought moved to thinking about how he could frame everything on the girl and male. He could probably lie to the law enforcement easily enough and get his name cleared. Then again, she had saved him, so he decided not to frame her. He didn't very much, from what he'd seen, like the golden male. He did however, decide to hold his judgement.

He regretted ever getting on the ship. He couldn't however, think about the situation too much. He had to do something. That something ended up being him trying to strengthen the magic used on the ship. He managed to give a bit of his own energy. He just hoped his idea worked. He would have attempted to stop whoever it was that had been, or so he assumed, using magic, but found no reason to. Firstly, the ship was moving away from the obviously very angry people. Secondly, the person was most likely powerful. Thirdly, he decided that he might as well. There was no reason, in his eyes, to not help. He stayed alert after the small incident.

The maniac girl from before spoke, asking him to open the door. "Y-You're alive..." His first thought was that somehow, she wasn't dead. He didn't how he felt about that. Annoyed? Surprised? Thankful? All three? Most likely. She had saved him, scared, him, and fought someone who he imagined knew how to handle themselves. Regardless, she was alive. He did what he had told himself he would, open the door. Or, at least he would have, had he not been distracted by another voice. A voice that sounded... confident.

She didn't cease to surprise him. He didn't very much like surprises. Regardless, he had probably wasted enough time as it is. He ignored any words spoken by the other, the male he had nicknamed 'Goldy'. He didn't care anymore. He had used up most his energy worrying in the past half hour. He just couldn't.

Vol removed the spell from the door with relative ease.. After doing that, he immediately jumped out the window. There was no way in hell he was staying there. He was on a ship with people whose mental faculties were most likely not in place. He would have jumped out the window, but he doubted he'd survive. He imagined that he could most likely fly, but he didn't want to be caught out in the open by humes. He didn't think that flying was a normal occurrence.

He opened the door and stepped back. He didn't bother to try explaining the situation. "I don't know where we're going, b-before you ask." His voice sounded small, despite being audible enough to hear. He didn't dare look at Goldy. Regardless of the fact that he could probably disarm the male with spells, he didn't look. The male was simply too 'bright' and intimidating. The male was the opposite of him, or so he imagined. Besides, the obnoxiously shiny armor would probably blind him. Seriously, who wore golden armor? It was clearly visible and would be a better target for projectiles, not to mention most likely useless against most metals. Instead, he kept his gaze focused slightly to the right of the girl.

He began getting ready to leave the room, "I'll search the rest of the ship." He didn't want to be in the same room with the golden male. He just hoped he wouldn't be stopped and interrogated. He didn't want to end up revealing the secrets of magic unintentionally, and didn't know how long he could hold out without doing so if interrogated. Especially by the golden male. There was also the fact that he wanted to know exactly what had moved the ship. He was nearly certain that it had been magic, but needed to be sure before he jumped to any conclusions.


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Everything was going according to her... makeshift plans. Virie didn't really have much of an idea about where they were headed but with Reika's magic, the airship had left the boundaries of the city. Over the howl of wind, she caught voices from above them. The people on the surface were wandering around, she heard a tumble and some sort of muffled acknowledgement. Fortunately for the two of them, whoever was above them had no plans to look over the side and instead headed around to the center of the ship. Hm, close call. Reika, for once, was being absolutely silent--casting magic took every fiber of concentration from the demon. Phew. At least they were safe, for now.

It was after several minutes that the witch's attention was drawn to something else on the ship. It was faint, barely even a whisper. Yet she felt it--there was an influx of magic somewhere. But it wasn't coming from her, it was definitely weaker than anything she would even think to produce. Evidently, there was someone aboard this ship that could cast magic. That in and of itself was troubling. She had never met anyone else in the city that knew of mana--beyond her stupid half-wit brother. And he didn't even live there. So what was a spell-caster doing here? (Well, maybe she should've asked herself the same question)

And then the inevitable happened. Something caught Reika's attention. She knew it was only a matter of time, and fortunately they had exited the city. The demon looked away from the ship, her tail shifting upwards as her ears twitched. She sniffed the air and stared off, down towards the overlaying forests. As soon as her attention shifted, the airship began to groan. Horrified, Virie went to slap her familiar back into concentration but it was too late, Reika was lost in whatever she was sensing.

"Reika!" She yelled, but the wind had picked up and her voice was diminished to nothing. The creature began to giggle, as if completely unaware that the ship was creaking, starting to take a downwards plummet. It wasn't progressive either, the whole entire vessel lurched--as it hadn't even been running before so there was nothing to slow the sudden shift in energy. The nose of the airship began to descend, followed by the rest of the vessel which was tilting into tumbling madness.

Her face was pale--this was going faster than she anticipated. She might've been confident of her own survival moments ago but now, she was not so sure. Even if she flew, her body would suffer the backlash of the change in acceleration and she didn't want to get hurt. Gnashing her teeth together, she narrowed her eyes. She had to think fast, she had to do something, but what? Could she walk away and let the occupants of the ship die? Virie didn't know what the ship was meant to be powered by--and if it collapsed on the ground, there could be a resulting explosion that would damage a certain radius. So even if she did manage to fly off, she might get caught in the blast.

The demon, at this point, was screaming but if it was for jubilation or fear, Virie couldn't tell. Reika was going to be no help---she was going to have to do this all on her own. There were essentially four points on the ship that carried the bulk of the weight, at least on the underside. If she estimated correctly, she might be able to manipulate the wind flow underneath them to take off some of the damage. She wouldn't be able to save the ship but it was better than nothing. She had no intentions of dying today.

Raising her arm slightly and fighting to keep her eyes open against the rush of wind, she called upon the elemental energies once more, directing them towards the underbelly. The winds that poured forth at her command were warm, and comforting. They followd her directives, adding more of a slope to their decline.

"Make a barrier around us!' She snapped in Reika's ear, who had her tongue lolling out of her mouth. Upon hearing the order, the demon hastened to comply, her magic expanding outwards to repel some of the incoming force around the duo. This was going to be bumpy. And it was at this moment she decided she hated whoever had thought it was a good idea to take this stupid airship.

[size=100]Raruna grinned as she watched the boy on the other side of the door. It was a mischievous grin, hiding her irritation that the door had been locked in the first place, most likely by him otherwise how did he get inside? Runa hardly ever got truly angry though, and so she easily pushed aside her miffed feelings. Watching him as he looked astonished that she was standing there, she tilted her head a bit, nodding her head down to the handle of the door.

Dropping down to her normal height, she heard the door click soon after and she flung it open. Rushing inside, Raruna clasped the young man by his shoulders, her fingers digging into his skin as she held him tightly, her lips pulled into a bright smile, "My dear friend... there you are. Now, why is the ship moving?" Her irritation came through just a little bit... but only a little. Releasing him, she looked around the room, taking in the controls and other things that filled the room. It was really interesting to see and she wanted nothing more than to start touching everything.

"I don't know where we're going, b-before you ask."

Runa shrugged as she patted his shoulders, "Doesn't matter where we are going, my dear. Only that we get out of the city with this beautiful vessel. Although... you know, you did almost have to pay me for a new gun, a gold one at that. Those are very expensive you know," she said, her eyes settling on him for a long while. Of course, should Alistair not have saved her, her losing her gun would have been the least of her problems. However, she was telling herself that it would have worked out one way or another.

"Right in the middle of a very important duel and the ship suddenly takes off without letting me know. I thought I told you to tell me where the control room was first," she said, pouting a bit as she turned and leaned on the boys shoulder, "Oh well, I suppose it is what it is. At least this thing is in the air and is under my control... Oh, that's right. I had forgotten what we were dueling over," Runa grinned as she set her gaze upon Alistair.

She lifted herself up off of her smaller companion's shoulder and crossed her arms. As she was about to say something about the control of the vessel, the boy started for the door saying something about searching the rest of the ship. Raruna's thoughts switched gears rather quickly.

"Oh! We should definitely explore this beautiful vessel. I'll have to figure out how everything works properly if I'm going to fly this thing," she said to herself and took the boys hand in her own to go rushing off into the depths of the ship. Looking back at Alistair with excitement flashing in her pale colored eyes, she grinned at him, "Care to join us? Who knows, I have a feeling you could help find lots of things around the ship," she said with a wink at him.

Of course stepping out into the hall seemed to set off another series of events. This time though, instead of the ship lifting off, it suddenly plummeted. The bow of the vessel dropped like a rock and sent Raruna tumbling backwards. Her hand reached out and snatched the doorway to keep herself from flying down the hall. Her other hand took hold of the young boy so that he did not meet his fate at the end of the hall.

"The hell?" she pulled herself towards the doorway, trying to get back inside. Pulling Vol with her, she dragged him up close to the door and attempted to put him through the doorway first, pulling him up past her and then pushing him forward before she followed into the room, "Alistair!"

The person whom they found inside had, somehow or another, known the woman, whose name had to be something like Retarda or at least it started with an R, if his memory served correctly. This 'Retarda', as skilled as she was for a peasant, seemed quite unpleased with the man inside the control room, and Alistair couldn't help but laugh as he saw the man cower. What a lesser being. His laughter hid his irritation at the young man for being so spineless. He had most certainly picked up the fact the boy wouldn't even give Alistair a glance. So be it, he knew he was not wothy of the blessing for his pupils.

After mentioning that he wasn't privy on information regarding the sudden ascent of Alistair's airship, the man tried to squirm his way out of their presence with a very obvious excuse. Again, the young man was looking even worse than the normal rabble he had to deal with everyday, and that wasn't really a good thing. The only good thing was, before Alistair could decide if the man was worth talking down to more, Retarda spoke up, saving the young man.

"My ship, you mean." Alistair corrected before continuing. "But giving this vessel a look before we get too carried away may prove useful." So saying, he decided to take the lead, since it was his ship and all. Boy, did he regret that.

Once more did he find himself losing his footing, only this time he'd gained hangtime. The slam into the wall that followed was, of course, very painful. He let out a grunt that was, however, more out of irritation than pain. "What lousy mongrel decided they could do a poor job with my ship?! Fix this at once!" he yelled towards Retarda and her companion, knowing that they were at least in the control room.

Raruna grinned slightly at Alistair's yell. At least he was okay, especially if he were yelling like that, "Trying!" she hollered back as she slipped and slid across the awkwardly angled control room. Her fingers reached out across the strange looking contraption as she flipped random switches, turned gears, pulled on levers and after trying everything possible, nothing seemed to work. Broken?! she thought frantically as she was crushed against the controls from the horrible tilt of the vessel.

The ship seemed to lift up slightly and she was hopeful that she'd done something, a wicked grin on her lips which faded slightly as she realized that the ship was still plummeting and she actually hadn't done anything to fix it. She gave a soft curse as she started towards the door of the control room. She looked out into the hall where Alistair had tumbled and hit the wall. She lunged forward and caught herself on the otherside of the hall and started towards him, her heart thrumming wildly. Despite the danger, she was utterly excited.

"Well, isn't this entertaining?" she asked him as she drew closer. The the vessel shuddered, throwing her forward as the bow of the ship hit something. Raruna's breath gasped into her lungs as she went flying forward. She just barely caught herself before she could crash into Alistair. Looking up at him she grinned as the entire ship shuddered and shook as it seemed to have hit the ground. Although she was a bit surprised that it hadn't obliterated itself upon impact.

It didn't stop anytime soon though and she started to feel the vessel turning, crashing into things outside and eventually tilting. She started sliding off to the side down another shorter hall. Her footing was lost and she hit the floor and slid down the hall with an oof. As the vessel tilted further and slowly came to a stop, she fell flat on her back against the wall at the end of the hall, the wind knocked from her.

It was not going as Alistair had wished. Being thrown about like a ragdoll was not on the list of things Alistair had wanted to do today, or anyday. With a great deal of effort, Alistair managed to get back on his feet which were now on the wall due to the ship plummeting. It was an odd feeling, to say the least.

Before he could even manage a response to the woman, Retarda, he was cut off by the scaping and screeching of various things against the hull of the ship and if he had to take a guess, they would be crashing soon. And so it did, ruining Alistair's airship before they even got the fly it. How irritating indeed. The crash wasn't as bad as he'd have thought, though it certainly caused him to slam into something once more, another unfavorable result. When he got up that time, he noticed the woman had promptly failed at standing. What a nerd.


"What has happened to my vessel..." he stammered out the side of the ship, not surprised he surived a fall like that. It was, after all, Alistair Archibald here. "I have descended it seems..."

Thanks to her winds, the crash wasn't actually that bad. But the fall was another story. Reika had detached her claws from the wood and the two of them were flung backwards, Virie barely able to cast another hasty spell to diminish the damage of the impact. Fortunately, Reika had been there to cushion their momentum, banging into a tree--which gave a groan as it was knocked over. The witch and her familiar lay amongst the branches, barely stirring but from the edges of her consciousness, Virie could at least perceive that they were safely on the ground. Good... now she had injuries to worry about...


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#, as written by Igari


Virie's head hurt. The impact from their collision was still effecting her. She wasn't sure how long she had been in a daze for. Judging by how much her body was tingling, not very long. Her vision was spotted with some black and she blinked, shaking her head to alleviate herself of it. Not a smart choice, for the pangs of a headache soon followed. Irritated, the witch raised a hand to her head groggily, furrowing her brows as she tried to make sense of what was around her. She could feel Reika's body beneath her. She didn't need to double check if the demon was okay, she knew that the youkai would be just fine.

She tried to shift off the body beneath her, but her whole entire frame was shaking. Agh. This was stupid. Why was she struggling so hard? She didn't think she'd get hurt like this. Hopefully it was just bruises and not internal bleeding... She forced herself to move at last, rolling off of Reika and on to the ground with a groan. The demon made an odd noise after being relieved of the burden on her back. The witch fidgeted around a little, panic seizing her as she realized that she was not holding her spellbook. Oh no, could it have been...?

And then she breathed out, remembering that the spellbook couldn't have been destroyed. It had probably just been sent back to the other plane... until she needed it. She grimaced, placing her hands on the ground and forcing herself up. They were on the outskirts of a forest, a dense one at that. And given her current physical status, she wouldn't have had a good chance at identifying it anyway.

Reika rolled over, panting a little and wearing a stupid grin. The demon opened one of her eyes, peering at the witch and giving the slightest giggle. "Mistress! That was a lot of fun! We should do it again some time." Leave it to Reika not to realize what was actually going on. Damn stupid familiar. Virie didn't even bother responding, making her body stand. Her legs were wobbly and she could barely hold her own weight, but she refused to be incapacitated and on the ground for much longer. The others from the wreckage were sure to be looking around and she didn't want to be in the same place when they did. She didn't want to deal with anyone.

She gestured for Reika to stand, the demon complying with annoying ease. For once, the being was able to tap into a bit of common sense and turned, offering her back to Virie. No, she didn't like the idea one bit. But if they were going to move, then she was going to have to accept this temporary charity. Still not uttering a word, she allowed herself to be lifted on to the demon's back, Reika shifting the witch so that the two of them could be balanced.

"Where are we going?" The demon asked excitedly. Virie honestly didn't know where and before she had a chance to respond, the blackness began to overtake her vision. The last thing she heard before she passed out were Reika's cries of distress.

The proceedings for the festivities were halted as a man ran into the center of the court, screaming. His eyes were wide, he was visibly frightened, and his breath came in short bursts. Several guards ran up to him in attempt to aid him but he shook them off, grabbing the collar of one of the guards.

"The humes... they've crashed near the forest!" He uttered, his words carrying with them a silence that swept over the entirety of the room. The servants fell silent as a hushed tension overtook all those who heard. The humes had made a move at last. And now this had to be brought before the council for consideration. The guards helped the man steady himself, the group turning towards another room at the far end of the hall.

"If what you say is true, it must be reported at once. We must send out guards to scout the area--survey it for hostile intent." The guards nodded amongst themselves as the man was escorted to the back room. The only question remained... who would be willing to go? And who was qualified to report back their findings...?


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#, as written by Igari


The demon was, of course, absolutely confused. Without her mistress to tell her left from right and front from her ass, Reika was disoriented. She was feeling the first waves of 'Well what the fuck do I do now?' wash over her. Mistress was unconscious on her back, she was hearing some kind of weird mewling, and also some kind of disturbing, clunky language. It was the same kind of sound Mistress made when she was talking to other humes. Did that mean... they were... communicating? With what? With who? With how? With sex? Her eyes lit up at the last question. She liked sex. She liked sex a lot. In fact, sex was definitely the number one thing she adored, uh, wait, number one were her demonic overlords, and then maybe her Mistress, wait, this was getting confusing...

With her head spinning from her own jumbled thoughts coupled with the weird, harsh tones she was hearing over her shoulder, it came as no surprise that Reika wanted to do something to shut it all up. She just wanted things to make sense again and they never did without someone guiding her! And now that she was alone, she had no idea what to do, and she was trying to hold Mistress on her shoulders, but there were strange people nearby and she was sad and didn't even know if her ass was jutting out correctly! Panic was beginning to rise in her gut as a bubbling of tears sprung into her eyes. She was drawing blanks, she didn't know how to help herself, much less help anyone else.

So amidst the chaos of her mind, Reika made the best choice she could think to make. And by that, I mean she did not think at all She ran, her body moving forwards but blindly at that. She had no idea where her destination was, no idea where she was supposed to be, no idea where she was even headed. But the voices were getting louder, that was a bad sign, wasn't it? Wait, or was that good? Did she want help? Was that a thing now? She didn't know how to treat her Mistress--maybe these strangers did. Maybe they were headed to some kind of orgy too! Wait, she had to think of her priorities... yeah um... saving lives... This was really hard. It was really hard to stay so focused! She just wanted to have some fun, why was this even happening to her?

Okay, wait, this could be really simple. All she had to do was get their attention, all she had to do was call out to them and then they'd use their magic powers to heal her Mistress... yeah, because that was how the humes did it. Well, with more plant stuff but it still did the trick. Feeling really proud of herself for figuring modern medicine out, she skipped towards the group, making sure to stop just outside their line of vision. Grinning widely at her genius, really, this was a plan without fault, she projected her voice towards them. She only knew a few words in common but she was absolutely sure they were acceptable in any situation without fault.

"Help, need--"

Before she was even done talking, something familiar crashed around in her mind, something that made her quiver with fear. And something that made her physical form literally melt away. The demon was capable of existing as two forms on the strange and limited material plane, and she vastly preferred her physical body over the spiritual one because she could do things with her physical one... Pretty, good-feeling things. But as it stood, she felt as if something had torn right through her chest, dissolving her physical form completely and causing Mistress to collapse on the ground in a heap. Reika was floating nearby, in the form of a kit, but in this astral form, she was completely invisible to anyone that was around her.

She wanted to change her form back, she wanted to become a woman-creature again. But whatever had forced her to transform was prohibiting her from resuming her other shape. And she had a feeling she knew exactly what that was and knew, somehow, that she was going to be punished later. She didn't know how or when, but she had a pretty good idea by who. Sulking and now biding her time till that moment inevitably came, she glided over her unconscious Mistress, the witch completely passed out. At least she had done her part, those humes were definitely looking this way. At least she'd done something right.

... Right?


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#, as written by Siryn

β€œYou said you were alone, Alistair”

"Your father must be a fool then. He seems to have spent more time making senseless claims and less time teaching his daughter to listen when she is spoken to, rather than accusing people of things they are not guilty of. Because I do not recall ever once implying that I was alone." Alistair growled in response.

Raruna scoffed in reply as well, her blade still held up and pointed at the woman that addressed them roughly. Alistair, who had turned to walk away, came back to further address the woman who didn't stop in her rough, threatening speech.

β€œWhy are you here? My father said no Hume could come here… It is forbidden. I am not afraid of a Hume.”

"You will refrain from asking me anything else and apologize for your wrongdoing, or I will personally see to it you don't have any more chances to make mistakes again."

"Oh my, it seems you've angered my companion. From what I've learned, he doesn't like being insulted in anyway. I would suggest rewording your thoughts..." Runa tilted her head a little, peering at the woman from under the brim of her hat, a curious look passing over her face, "Hume? You are not hume?"

Runa's lips twisted into a wild grin as she reached up with her free hand and gingerly took the edge of her hat between forefinger and thumb. A bit of a laugh filled her chest as she adjusted her body, the stance clearly showing that she was ready for a fight as she raised her gaze yet again, "How interesting. You're not hume. Never fought anything that wasn't hume before. Come, entertain me," Runa's voice was filled with both a wild excitement as well as a deadly edge to it. Her pale blue eyes were glinting like stones as her body tensed and she prepared to lung forward to engage the fight.

There were two reasons she wished to take on the woman before her was it safe to call her a woman? Or was it something else? It hadn't said it was a hume... What was it then? One was because Runa enjoyed a good fight. The second, and probably more important than the first was the insult directed at Alistair. She had yet to finish her duel with him and to her she considered the man in gold a valuable partner. Not to mention he was decked out in gold, seriously, if only she could just touch it!!

However, as Runa lunged forward, a sharp sound to her left took her attention. She halted in her advancement as a creature burst out into their crash site. Only two words escaped the things mouth before it disappeared completely, dropping what it was holding onto the ground in a heap. A little dust cloud floated out from under the body that hit the earth. The strange entrance and harsh sounding words had unfortunately taken Raruna's attention and for a brief moment she forgot that she was about to engage in a fight and more importantly that she was in rather close striking distance.