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"I-I work best under pressure."

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a character in “Collapsing Mana”, as played by Deiocculus



"W-Why did it have to rain...?"

The Basics

Volpos Velethragan


Apparent age:20; Actual age: ??, not like he keeps track

Elf - Mer - Sailfish sub-type (Mer race cleared with Igari - Race description to be put it in yet-to-exist OOC thread)

Identifies as Male

Asexual || Panromantic || Most likely very sexually confused

Vol can, at first glance, be an intimidating person, but that idea of him is quickly destroyed. He has a 'tattoo' of sorts on the left side of his face that make help the first impression, one of a terrifying person, people get of him. This tattoo however, is mostly just to signify who he is in the Mer world, the family he's from. He's a relatively tall person, compared to the average height of most humes. He stands at 5'11" and has the build, as can be guessed, of a swimmer. While it may not seem like it, he's actually pretty strong.

Regardless, his appearance changes drastically when he is submerged/drenched fully in water. When so, he becomes what most people would think of a Mer through a relatively painless process. His skin changes into a gray color with patches of blue. His body itself undergoes multiple changes, until he fully goes into the most common Mer form. Once this is done, he gains quite a bit of fins over his body, to help with making his body more hydrodynamic, and webbed hands/feet. Gills/slits appear on the sides of his neck and around his chest. The ones on his neck take in water form his environment, alongside his mouth, and feed said water to his 'lungs'. His lungs then expel this water through the slits on his chest, allowing for a seamless cycle. A see-through membrane also forms over his eyes and under his actual eyelids, as to allow him to see in the water without much of a problem.

Inner Mechanisms

Nervous, loyal, self-preservative, acidic, bored, intelligent, cynical, pessimistic, temperamental, and volatile.

Those would all be words that could be used to describe Vol. He's not necessarily a good person, but he isn't a straight up villain either. He's, if anything, one of the most human people you could find. He feels fear, anger, sadness, and happiness as all other people do. He isn't the most courageous person out there, but he does have his moments.

Vol is an intelligent person. He prefers to use his mind instead of pure brawn when possible. He holds cunning, logic, and facts in high regard. He uses hid mind to find the best way to carry out what his heart wants. He isn't one to feel bad, at least not for prolonged periods of time, for doing what's necessary to get what he wants or to survive.

Vol is also a very socially inept and nervous person. He finds talking to new people to be a very hard thing to do. He'd, if possible, prefer to ignore people who are ridiculously 'bright' instead of trying to find the words to talk to them. He's a coward. He prefers hiding to actually facing things. If pushed enough however, he could eventually warm up to someone.

Vol is however, when around people he trusts, a generally laid-back person. He speaks eloquently and tends to use sarcasm, wit, snark, and joke around. If he's nervous around a person, he most likely doesn't trust them. Otherwise, he's a 'normal' enough person when around people he considers 'friends'.

Vol is a coward, to be blunt. He finds a lot of things to be scary, as they rightfully should be. If faced with a choice between fighting a big monster and running away, he'd pretend to be getting ready to fight, then run directly in the opposite direction. Cause you know, who'd do something as stupid as fighting a big monster? Not him, obviously. He'd much prefer to be safe than to be heroic.

Vol's regardless of what you may say about him, loyal. To a fault. He'd, even if he's scared beyond belief, risk nearly anything to save a friend in peril. If you gain his trust, you can pretty much guarantee he'd look after you. Getting him to do so however, is a hard thing to do. He tends to push people away. All a person has to do to become a 'friend' of his however, is push back hard enough. Not malevolently, mind you, unless you want him mad at you but with good enough intentions. Outwardly, at least.

Vol does have a tendency to, due to his unhealthy habit of suppressing his emotions, have emotional outbursts when pushed too much. If you were to, for example, take one of his books from him in front of him, he'd most likely end up tackling you to the ground and threatening you without a second's thought. This is, mostly, a defense mechanism. It's also probably very unhealthy, to his mind that is. And the person who ends up setting off this ticking time-bomb.

Vol enjoys literature quite a bit, regardless of the fact that books tend to not fare well underwater. Reading more books is one of the reasons that he decided to go to the land above water. If you'd ask him what his favorite genre was, he'd most likely respond with 'Horror'.

Literature - Self explanatory. He likes books. More than he likes most people, actually.
Science - Vol is a person enamored with science. He thinks of magic as a science as is annoyed when people act as if its some force that cannot be explained. He plans to one day be able to break it down in to a system. For now however, he plans on trying to find ways to abuse it and, perhaps, cause entropy.
Swimming- Vol, obviously enough, enjoys swimming. He finds it preferable to walking.

Racism(Specism?) - Vol dislikes the pompous attitudes of beings who believe that their race is the best. He understands that some races are better suited for some things than others and respects that.
Excessive Heat - Obviously enough, he doesn't like excessive heat. He, due to his nature, dehydrates quite easily.
Rain - Ironic, right? Vol doesn't like rain for the sole fact that, if drenched in it, he could very well die due to lack of water to breathe.
Heights - He doesn't like heights. It's probably obvious why he doesn't. He spent most of his life deep underwater, not high above land.


⌋Equipment and Personal Objects⌋

-Clothes, spare pack of clothes, waterproof backpack, hunting knife, lockpicks, Mer money, above-world money, 'crowbar', spellbook, and a map.

Supernatural Chore Adeptness - Vol is capable of doing most chores with relative ease. He is however, most skilled at making unnaturally delicious food.

Natural Mer Abilities

- Aquatic form - All Mer, regardless of where they're from, have at the very least one common ability. They will, regardless of whether or not they want to, when drenched/submerged fully in water, change into a form suited for aquatic travel. Each Mer has their own form they change into, reminscient of an aquatic animal(usually), that they inherit through genetics. If a Mer's parents are of different 'types', then that Mer will share traits with their parents. Mer that have a form clearly similar to an existing aquatic animal are referred to as 'pure-bred'. This ability does however, have its obvious drawbacks. If it were to, for example, rain, a Mer would be very vulnerable. While some Mer have adapted the ability to breathe air and water simultaneously while in their aquatic form, most haven't and are vulnerable as such. Vol is in the latter group.
- Strength - Obviously enough, it takes more energy to move underwater than it does above water. It also takes a lot of energy to be able to move at quick speeds, as a sailfish can. Seeing as Vol is a sailfish-type Mer and has lived underwater for most of his life, it's expected that he's strong. He can quite easily defeat people twice his size. This strength does however, come with its own problems. He's, for one, clumsy. He's not used to being above ground and tends to break a lot of what he touches. There's also the fact that he doesn't know what's appropiate for a situation. He's used to being around people with the same strength as him, so he doesn't know what's acceptable above water. He might, if just playing around, bruise someone with a punch.
- Longetivity - Vol, due to genetics and being a Mer, will most likely live a long life. Most Mer age, once they reach the age of 20, at a rate 1/50th what they'd normally do so. This is an evolutionary trait that counters the fact that Mer have a hard time keeping their children alive, due their vulnerability in their first few years. This has led to the Mer people being very limited in terms of numbers, only having about 2,250,000 members in total. This number, although it may seem big, includes those Mer that are of old age. As such, it is obvious that the race isn't doing so well in terms of population. It must also be taken into consideration that this number is the total number of Mer located in the world's oceans. Compared to the above-worders, this is a very small and unnerving number for the Mer.

'Magical' Abilities

- Natural Magics - All mer are under the Elves category, and are more partial to Natural Magic as such. This holds true for Vol. He can use Natural Magic better than he can the other types. He uses these magics with versatility. If he needs food, he uses life and growth magic. If he needs to get through a wooden object, he'd decay it. If he needs to kill something, he'd use death magic. It's simply a matter of necessity. His 'magic' however, is weaker when he's not in his aquatic form.
- Improvisation - Vol has a tendency to, due to slightly understanding how magic works as a system, abuse that system and use variants of already existing spells. He sees it as a form of art, if you may, that can be changed to be best for the current situation.
- Spellbook - Vol has his own spellbook. It isn't however, one that's old or full of archaic knowledge. It is a small book, one that has seemingly only a few pages. These pages can, when flipped, reveal new ones. This spellbook is enchanted, if that wasn't obvious enough. It is his own creation, and has knowledge that he himself learned. This means that he won't be learning any new spells or enchantments through the book.

The book itself is brought to him by a simple summoning spell and put away through another simple spell. The book is written in a new language based upon the Mer language, as to make it useless to anyone who'd want to steal it.

The easiest way to stop him from using this book is to cast a malevolent spell upon it, forcing it to go into a 'hibernation'-like state in which the book attempts to heal itself and purge itself of any corruptions. This hibernation's length is directly connected to the spell used against it. This wouldn't do much, other than disallow him to write new entries for a while. To completely destroy the book, one would have to steal it from him and break the protection spells on it.

Hand-to-hand combat - While it may not seem like it, Vol is very capable of handling himself in a fist fight. Reflexes are very much necessary underwater, do to the creatures that reside there. Fighting him head on with fists is inadvisable, for most races that is.
Intelligence - Vol prides himself on his mind. He can, if given enough time, figure out solutions to most problems he's faced with. He's good at learning new things and can, if necessary, study to learn a way to solve something.
Swimming - Self-explanatory

Reflexes - There's no denying it, he has good reflexes. This is however, a problem in itself. He, when frightened, attacks the thing that has scared him, whatever it ends up being. This can lead to... awkward situations. If he were to, for example, be touched on the shoulder, he'd probably end up elbowing the person that touched him without intending to.
Indecisive - Vol tends to think too much about things. He tends to see the consequences of actions easily and attempt to weigh them against the pros. It can be annoying to have him changing his mind on an important plan.
Socially inept - He's not very good at talking to people he hasn't yet gotten around to trusting. It isn't, in fact, surprising to see him ignoring someone with a vibrant personality in the hopes that they'll go away. If pushed however, he'll most likely end up befriending someone.
Coward- He's not very courageous. If you wanted a hero that would save an innocent person from a scary person regardless of their relationship with said person, you came to the wrong character. He'd most likely end up running away than helping, unless the person in peril is someone he cares about.
Rain - While his aquatic form is an advantage under water, it's a disadvantage on land. If he were to, for example, be stuck in a rainstorm, he'd do everything to stay out of it. He'd, if drenched with enough water, turn into his Mer form. Unluckily for him, he isn't one of the few Mer capable of breathing air while in their aquatic form. As such, he'd have a hard time not dying due to lack of oxygen if transformed on land. There's also the fact that it's nigh-impossible for him to talk without air or while being distracted by the pain of being unable to breathe, making the casting of spells quite hard.


Vol was born in the underwater city of Posei, the capital of the Deimar people. He was 'pure-bred' and had two pure-bred sailfish-type Mer parents. He was very well-off, being in the higher echelons of society. The city of Posei is one where commerce booms. It is located directly in the middle of the Deimar territory and allows for easy travel to the other cities. The fact that its underwater also means that travel is quit easy. There are no roads, seeing as most inhabitants can easily swim around. The buildings in the city are varied. There are some that float just about the seabed and are connected to it with chains, while there are others built onto or in the seabed. It's simply a matter of choice.

The people of the city are a nice and vibrant people, generally speaking. Not everyone knows everyone, but the people in districts tend to know each other. Vol lived in one of the richer districts. He went to school at a prestigious school and learned the culture/langauges of the above world through there.

Father - Orcien, Mer, Sailfish type - Distant
Mother - Atlaya, Mer, Sailfish type - Distant
Female Friend 1 - Atropas, Mer, Shark type - close friend
Male Friend 1 - Mu'lka, Mer, Octopus-type - Close friend
Female Friend 2 - Mortica, Mer, Dolphin/Shark-type - Close friend

Vol was born into the city of Posei, the capital of the Deimar people. He, due to his lineage, was well-off and considered 'rich'. He was born into one of the richer districts and went to a private school. He learned of the above-world world alongside his studies of the underwater one. He got excellent grades, but wasn't necessarily the best at speaking to people. He was, thankfully, one of the fastest types of Mer and could easily escape from trouble.

Vol grew up without much of a problem. He managed to form a group of four close-knit friends. His parents were distant, but he didn't resent them for it. He thought that was how all parents were, so he didn't question it. Regardless, school was a breeze. He rarely ever got lower then a 97% and was considered a genius.

Vol, as he grew, began wanting to explore the above-world. He could not however, leave without the permission of his parents unless he was of age and was therefore stuck underwater. He, saving his money, waited until he was old enough to leave without consent and be considered an adult. Eventually, he left at age ?? and ended up at a city. The only problem however, was which city he ended up at.

So begins...

Volpos's Story


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#, as written by Siryn

The young Mer, by the name of Volpos, had no idea why he was doing what he was. It wasn't like he necessarily disliked the Mer civilization, at least not the Deimar that is. If asked why he had decided to leave, he wouldn't be able to answer. Perhaps it was due to a lack of excitement, a need for adventure, a thirst for knowledge, or just because the food above water sounded nice. There was no one answer, at least not one that he was aware of.

Regardless, there wasn't much he could do about it. It was a bit too late to turn back now. At least in his opinion, that is. He could already see the surface of the water. The light was, in his opinion, unecessarily bright, but he imagined that was due to the low amount of light deep underwater. He'd get used to it, or so he imagined.

Time passed, be it minutes, hours, or days. This time passing, regardless of how long it was, found the young Mer to be in a city. It was, strange, to say the least. He wasn't used to being unable to move in any direction he wanted to with a simple push. He kept on wanting to move up, away from the ground, but stopped himself from attempting too often. He'd have to adapt to being on land.

Volpos found himself, for one reason or another, pushed near a... ship? He stopped, staring at the ship in awe. He had heard rumors of ships and seen them from afar, but never actually seen one up close. Not that he was that close, mind you, but he still had a good view of the ship.

He felt himself be pushed against, but didn't move. This wasn't due to him wanting to consciously resist the force being put against him, but more so due to him being planted firmly on the ground. "What's the hold up?" A voice spoke from afar, one that sounded very annoyed and quite frankly, not very nice. He however, was mostly focused on the ship. Annoying voices weren't all that interesting, to be honest.

"Some kid's standing in our way." This prompted a reaction from Vol. He scanned the area, oblivious to the fact that they were referring to him, and found that people had moved away from him and that there was no kid in sig- oh.

"Tell the kid to move out of our way. We can't be late." The voice that had spoken earlier, the annoying one, seemed to be coming out of a carriage-like vehicle. The word 'pompous' popped into Vol's head, but didn't come out of his mouth. In fact, all he could really do was just stare. "You heard the boss, move."

Vol did something completely courageous and heroic. Vol didn't move out of intense fear and anxiety. Yeah, he definitely had it under control. Such a smooth talker. He was going to attempt saying something, but found that the person that owned the annoying voice had spoken earlier was getting out of their vehicle.

The person, apparently a noble, was tall and well built. "S-Sorry." Vol's voice, compared to the other's, sounded small and unimpressive. "It's fine, kid," A sneer. That was probably not a good sign, "Why don't you come with me? We got off on the wrong foot, I'm sure something to drink would help us get to know each other better." Nope. Not happening. Vol just sort of... tried moving away, but was flanked.

It was cool, though. He had it under control. Yeah, completely under control. He'd just have to talk his way out of the situation. He couldn't use his magic, due to him believing that the people there were hume. In retrospect, he probably should have left as soon as he had figured out what race inhabited the city. He was probably in enough trouble already.

The city was large, filled with tons of people, more people than Raruna had ever laid eyes upon before. After all, her own city wasn't ever this crowded. Of course, this was probably to be expected though. There was a rather large event going on this day and she was going to be the center of it very soon if all went as planned. The Skypirate -as she referred to herself as- moved through the throng of people with ease. She was getting some rather strange looks though... perhaps it was the hate with the plume of white fluttering in the light wind. Or maybe it was the long blue coat she was wearing.

Raruna certainly didn't look like she belonged on dry land. In fact she looked every bit a pirate as she made herself out to be. Her lips were pulled up in a grin and she was moving through the crowd with a stylized grace that only one of her demeanor could possibly manage. Runa's gaze shifted through the crowds. They were headed towards the center of the city, where the display was. Her excitement was starting to get the best of her as her smirk was starting to turn into a full blown grin. She had to contain herself... she had to be cautious... she had to be 'under the radar'... definitely inconspicious... and most importantly- what was that?

A carriage had stopped up ahead of her. People were going around it, but the occupants inside were having a conversation with some rather loudly raised voices. Arching an eyebrow, Raruna weaved her way to one side to get a better look. The carriage door opened and a fairly good sized man exited it to confront a young boy of maybe not but twenty years of age. The youth had, as it seemed, been standing in the way of the carriage. Raruna scoffed. This whole place is crowded, so what is the kid was standing there, she thought to herself. Slowly, she moved towards them, her hand on her sword.

Once she was close enough, the Skypirate easily slipped herself between the taller, bulkier man and the smaller youth. She grinned up at the man, tilting her head just a bit so that her hat covered one eye from view, "Well aren't you just the kindest person on the planet," she commented lightly, her fingers tapping her weapon eagerly.

The man crossed his arms as he glowered at her. Ah, maybe he didn't quite like that. Raruna shifted around so she had room to draw her weapon, "Since when did it become sport to harrass young kids these days?" she continued and in one flourishing sweep, her weapon had been drawn, a wild grin on her lips as her eyes were alight with her usual mischeif.

"Wretch..." the man uttered as he glowered at her openly and drew his own weapon in response. Runa laughed and lunged forward. Her blade danced, making him back away from her rather quickly. Taken by surprise, he was having a difficult time keeping up with her as she shifted forward, her sword easily slashing at him and knocking his blade to the side. When she'd backed him up into the carriage, his foot caught the wheel and as she came in rather close to his throat, the man leaned back too far and lost his balance.

Crashing to the ground, Runa laughed as she stood over him with her sword at the hollow of his throat, a couple of scratches and cuts lacing his arms. He glowered up at her, "Oh my, I must apologize. I think I may not have embarrassed you quite enough yet," she laughed and her sword moved to the buttons and laces of his shirt. The razor sharp steel cut through each one easily enough and he was soon not wearing a shirt. Her blade lowered to the trousers but before she could do more, there was a growling roar from two other people that she had not seen.

The doors of the carriage all flew open and a handful of men came out. Runa gaze a slight squeak, though she was more than just a little excited at this new development. Plans fluttering around in her head, she finally settled on a few things and, tipping her hat at the men; she gave a slight bow, sheathed her sword and turned on her heel. Reaching out, she snatched the boys arm and tugged at him as she took off through the crowd with the men trailing after her shouting curses in her wake.

Raruna laughed as she went, her fingers tight around the boys wrist. With a wild grin, she flashed him a wink, "Raruna, Skyscraper, Leautia at your service, my friend! Now, are you ready? We're stealing that," she said as her gaze settled on the giant skyship that was on display several yards away from them. She weaved them through the crowd, steadily getting closer to the ship as she went. By now, she couldn't quite contain her giggling fit as she imagined what she was going to do next.

'I am so going to die.' That thought, as cynical as it was, was the first one to enter the anxious boy's mind. He had thought he would have a long life ahead of him. He was too young to die, but alas, he imagined fate had different plans for him.

His thoughts however, turned to utter confusion when the girl mentioned stealing the ship. He wasn't going to die, at least not then, but he was going to have to spend his time with someone who may or may not have had all their mental faculties in check. Turns out that the situation could have gotten worse than what he had initially thought.

"N-no, I-I'm not." He responded to her question easily enough with the truth. He was not ready and most likely would never be. He didn't however, think that his opinion would make much of a difference. There was also the fact that he was probably speaking way too quietly to be heard.

He considered the situation. He had just been saved by someone who seemed able to take risks. That probably, taking all that had just happened, wasn't good. Then again, he imagined that he should give her the benefit of the doubt. She had, after all, just saved him. He decided to just go along with what she wanted, at least for the meantime. Stealing a ship might prove beneficial for exploration. Not using the situation to his advantage would be idiotic. It wasn't like he had a choice.

Raruna moved up to the front of the crowd, using both of their small statures to their utmost advantage. Her sharp eyes flicked across the ship to find the easiest way up it. There were a few officials up on the deck, and a couple that were surrounding the ship to keep people from getting too close. But with so many onlookers... there was bound to be a few slip ups, right? She would use that to her advantage as well. Her tongue flicked out across her lip and she turned to the boy.

Runa's eyes were flashing wildly now, their bright color dancing with her next step, "Stay close, wouldn't want to lose you now," she said. If she knew what he had been thinking at the time, she most likely would have found it funny. Her fingers shifted on his wrist, getting a better hold of him and from behind her, she heard the familiar grunts and calls from the men that she'd engaged with just a moment before. Glancing over her shoulder, she tugged at the boy and they moved forward easily with the bustling crowd of people that were trying to get a better look of the giant ship.

Pulling him easily along, she slipped behind one official, past a second and then sprinted for the ship. It took those on the ground perhaps a good full minute or two to even realize that they had indeed just seen a young woman and a boy rush past them. Shouts filled the air, but Raruna was already halfway up the rope ladder, stopping to help the boy with her along as they climbed up it, him on the other side of it with her. As it turns out, the boy very much did not like the feeling of ladders. They were, unlike underwater, dangerous. If he fell, there was no way for him to simply swim back. Regardless, it was too late to turn back. He was stuck and that was all there was to it.

"Up up up!" she chanted at him, as she balanced herself while one hand was gripping his arm to help him steadily up the ladder just a hairs breath ahead of her. She was on the backside of the rope ladder and climbed easily after him. When they reached the top, she gave him a light shove which probably toppled the poor boy up onto the deck, but she wasn't paying any mind to that. The boy, whether or not she noticed it, ended up falling face-first. Flipping herself around on the ladder so that she could get onto the deck too, she jumped up to her feet on the edge of it and brandished her sword at the stunned man in a uniform that gazed at both her and the boy.

Flipping her weapon a bit, she put on hand on her hip as she announced very loudly, "This is now my ship. You've been officially boarded. I'll be taking this," she said with a bright grin and without another word reached out to grab the poor man and promptly threw him overboard. Hopping down onto the deck, she offered her hand to the boy, smiling brightly. The boy found, at that moment, that her grin was a terrifying sight. She had just literally thrown someone overboard, and was smiling. He was glad he wasn't on her bad side.

"And, up on your feet!" she almost sang as she hauled him up, "Do me a favor, find the controls to this beautiful vessel will you?" as a shout came behind him, a man waving his heavy looking club ran up at them and Runa twisted the two of them around so that he was away from the attacker and she could engage. Her blade sang as it hit the large club, twisted it around down to the man's side and he also followed his companion off the side of the boat.

"Be a dear and do make it somewhat quick," she added as she looked over her shoulder and winked at him yet again before rushing off to continue her antics of throwing off the men on board.

Surprisingly enough, he didn't find the fact that she had thrown someone else overboard to be all that surprising. He didn't think this was a good thing. He probably wasn't supposed to find that sort of thing to be normal, not for anybody. Regardless, he just shrugged. He figured there was no point in arguing, and to be blunt, he kind of did want to explore the ship.

Vol, wondering whether or not he girl was still alive, ended up moving swiftly through the ship. He was good at keeping out of sight, so he wasn't worried about being caught. Then again, with his luck, he was probably going to end up knocking himself out against something. He wouldn't put it against the world to put him in a worse situation than he was already in.

Those thoughts aside, he found the room he imagined was the control room relatively quickly, managing to somehow steer himself away from trouble. The room looked, to say the least, strange to him. He didn't however, decide to question it too much at that moment. He'd figure out how the whole thing worked when he wasn't in danger of being killed or sent to a prison. He imagined that he would now be considered a criminal or at least an accomplice. He also imagined that the people from earlier wouldn't vouch for him, seeing as they didn't seem to be the most honest of people. Whether or not he liked it, he was stuck with the girl.

After this short adventure, he managed to get back up with no more trouble than the trip he took before, due to his cautious nature, and attempted to find the girl. He hoped she hadn't killed anyone, mostly so he wouldn't have to worry about legal trouble. He was probably in enough trouble as it was.


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#, as written by Siryn

After sending the boy that she'd kidnappedrescued from the earlier band of miscreants, Raruna had turned her attention to the officials who were trying to remove her from the premises of the ship. This, however, was not working very well as she easily batted them aside and promptly threw them overboard. Their screams of terror and curses as they fell filled the air and had Raruna laughing in delight.

She seemed to be dancing across the deck as she fought off the men who were trying to subdue her. Her blade sang as she ran it up under one man's weapon, lifting it up over his head and reaching out to snatch the front of his collar. Turning, she hurled him towards the edge of the ship and with a slight jumping in her step towards him, she landed a solid kick to his chest with her heeled boot. He flipped off the edge and she turned around with a wild smile on her lips. Ducking a swing to her head, Raruna slid her blade across the man's side, just barely cutting it open and drawing a thin line of blood that would surely sting to irritate him.

Moving to his opposite side, Runa slammed the hilt of her blade into the man's back, forcing him forward across the deck. He stumbled and lost his balance. Sliding across the deck, he slammed into the side of the rail. The skypirate grinned wildly as she turned to face another opponent. Her weapon struck their steel blade as they swung at her wildly in nothing but pure rage. She backed away from him, edging closer to the one that was slowly regaining his feet from hitting the edge of the rail. As the other man stood, Runa slammed her blade into the oncoming official tossing it out to his right side.

”How’s it coming my dear? Find those controls yet?” Raruna shouted across the deck to her new found captivefriend. Her excitement was very clear as she fought with the men before her.

She sidestepped, and with her free hand grabbed the man's wrist to direct him into the one that was standing up against the rail. The two officials collided together in a tangle of arms and weapons. Runa lunged at them, her lithe frame crashing into them and sending that pair overboard as well. When she turned around to the next unfortunate individual, though, she was met by something rather... interesting. This man had climbed up onto the ship and was now boarding the vessel with her. He was working his way through the remaining men, tossing them off as well. Raruna admired his sword play, but there was something else that had her attention.

He was... shiny.

Not only that, but it was a brilliant, glorious, shining gold. It plated his body and it reflected the sun perfectly. He addressed her and drew her attention from the shining armor on his body. She looked up to him as he challenged her.

"You there, woman! Submit to the glorious Alistair Archibald and I shall grant you access to this ship. As my subordinate, of course."

Raruna eyed him with her usual mischievous grin. Turning her sword in her hand she took one last look around the deck and noted that they were, at last, the only ones remaining on the vessel. Lifting up her head a bit she arched an eyebrow as she regarded him carefully. The officials hadn't even given her any trouble, she wasn't even sweating. Maybe this... Alistair would give her a run for her money. Runa grinned even more.

"Mmm," she mused lightly as she turned to face him, tilting her head a bit, "That sure is a lovely introduction, mister Alistair Archibald. Allow me," Runa gave a graceful bow to him, her free hand curling under her chest as she held out her sword to the side, bowing at the waist though she never let her gaze drop from his, "Raruna, Skyscrapper, Leautia. It is a pleasure. And now..." her grin grew as she straightened and leveled her sword at him.

"Shall we find out who will be submitting to who?" she laughed lightly, clearly excited about this new development. At the back of her mind, she wondered where her new friend had gotten off to and hoped that he'd find the damned controls soon enough for the ship. Raruna wanted to by sky borne sooner rather than later.


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It was miraculous, really, that Vol hadn't passed out from nervousness. The situation had in a short period of time gone to hell, metaphorically speaking. He had almost been killed, or so he imagined, by seemingly corrupt people. He had been kidnapped by a girl who may or may not have had all her mental faculties. He had most likely become a criminal. He would most likely be given hell at home. To top it off, he didn't know if he'd be able to escape. To simply say this, however, would be insufficient. Explanations, full ones, must be given.

”How’s it coming my dear? Find those controls yet?” The girl who had pulled him into the unlikable situation brought him along spoke, but he did not reply. He, after having left the control room and reached the topmost area of the ship, had decided very much so not to interfere with the girl whose mental faculties may or may not have been in full effect. It was a simple thought. There was also the fact that he had decided to survey the area. He'd need to get his bearings.

He saw an obnoxiously unconventionally dressed person after swiveling his head. A person wearing golden[/gold] armor. Vol doubted such armor would do much good, but was more worried about what the man wanted. He just hoped the crew members would be able to dispose of the new arri- [color=gold]"You there woman!" The man's voice was loud, loud and very... intimidating? Either way, the voice made Vol instinctively jump back. "Submit to the glorious Alistair Archibald and I shall grant you access to this ship. As my subordinate, of course." Alistair, as was revealed to be the man's name, was either a really swell fighter, or incredibly stupid.

Vol did the heroic and obvious thing, jumping into the fray of the battle. Vol just sort of... stepped back and out of sight. It wasn't that he couldn't physically fight. He just didn't want to. He imagined all the injuries that could be sustained from a fight, and found that they weren't very much likeable. He also had no reason to jump in. He didn't, to be blunt, find her life worth saving. He wasn't the sort to build emotional attachment easily.

Vol did however, hope that the girl wasn't hurt. He hoped that the two could nicely talk it ov- who was he kidding. They were probably going to end up fighting it out. He sighed, finally noticing that there were no longer very many people on the vessel. ""Return to the ground immediately, you are under arrest!" Somebody shouted this. Vol didn't react. He just didn't care anymore. He was even slightly annoyed. Couldn't he get a break or two?

His apathy however, turned into surprise when he thought he had felt a fluctuation of power. Magical, strong, power. No, it obviously was just his imagination, right? There was no way a magical creature would be around, at least not one that could actually use magic. That was illogical. What would they be doing there? At a boat of all places? Surely they could fly with magic? He stopped his building fear with this logic, forgetting that he, a creature capable of using magic, was also there. Or perhaps he knew this, but decided not to acknowledge it.

He, after his thoughts were ordered nicely and not sporadically jumping from one subject to another, had a wonderful idea. He decided to move to the control room, and accordingly did so. He managed to get there without much interruption, seeing as most of the commotion was located on the main deck.

He, after reaching the control room, felt relatively safe. He didn't find anyone in there, at least not anyone he could see. He locked the door to the room with simple magic, hoping no one would be able to get in. If the girl survived the ordeal with the other person, he'd let her in. If not, somebody would have to break down the door, giving him time to cast a spell. It was a simple plan. One that probably wouldn't work, either, but that wasn't the point.


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Also Raruna, Virie, and Reika.

"Shall we find out who will be submitting to who?" she laughed lightly, clearly excited about this new development. At the back of her mind, she wondered where her new friend had gotten off to and hoped that he'd find the damned controls soon enough for the ship. Raruna wanted to by sky borne sooner rather than later.

Alistair, on the other hand, laughed mockingly, obviously thinking very little of the woman. "So that's your answer? Rabble like you always seem to be lacking in common sense. You should not look a gift horse in its mouth, especially when the one being so generous is myself." after he said that, Alistair took his blade and raised it to the woman, and with his same pompous tone, said, "I shan't stoop to your level and forget courtesies. I believe it's 'Ladies first' is it not?"

Runa tilted her head up and then gave him a grin, "Well, at least you're not rude," she said with a smirk. She took one more look at his tall frame and then moved. Her sword thrust forward, aimed straight for his chest as she lunged quickly across the deck.

Despite one's expectations when dealing with a very arrogant dick of gold, Alistair was not actually unable to defend himself in combat. It's what set himself apart from most nobles, besides the whole gold thing that bordered on a fetish (little did we all know his fetish actually involves strawberries). So as not to make this battle anticlimactic, Alistair Archibald promptly raised his blade in a defensive swing in order to knock the blade aside. The advantage here was that, since her blade was a rapier, she only truly had thrusts available for her, making the blows easier to predict. That's not to say she couldn't swing her blade, but like, 'ow that hurt slutticus' is most likely what she'll achieve if she lands a blow that particular way.

The pirate giggled slightly as her blade was knocked aside. She allowed it to go, flinging out to her side and with it she did a slight spin to get around him as she'd continued moving forward in her lunging strike. Lightly stepping across the deck, she pivoted on her foot and swung the blade outwards, only looking to deal him a slight bit of damage if it connected, a small cut if anything at all but a stinging, glancing blow should it land.

True to her very frame and her choice of weapon, the woman's style in combat was more agile than normal. She certainly was, overall, quicker than he was wearing the armor to weigh him down, but since he wasn't going to admit that she was 'anything' better than he save uneducated or the like, he would not let her outdo him. Alistair wasn't about to let this become a defensive battle, but with her dealing the first two strikes in quick succession, that's how this battle was turning out to be, and of course, no peasant should be keeping a man above god like he pressured --- no, they shouldn't even be able to! Yes, that's entirely correct. She wasn't able to, he wouldn't let her! The gold-haired egotist did not allow her swift blow to strike him, for even the smallest blow would destroy his pride were it to land. Instead, he narrowly leaned back as the rapier made its arc towards him and for a moment he thought he was in the Matrix, yo, returning the favor with a fast diagnal slash followed by a horizontal cut towards her waist. These being real weapons, well, she'd honestly want to dodge or otherwise avoid that attack if she planned on not being my goddamn waifu from Dangon Ronpa and dying in the first fucking scenes living for much longer.

Raruna made a strange noise as she moved backwards, something that could have been a short shout, but it wasn't out of fear or anger. She was still grinning as she watched him return the strikes. The first slash at her was redirected with her own blade so that it didn't catch her small frame. Then she was forced to jump back just a bit to avoid having the tip of his weapon cut through her waist. Edging near the railing of the vessel, she heard a shout from the ground. It called for them to remove themselves from the ship. Runa laughed, "Aww, they're trying to ruin our fun," she commented lightly and then a shower of bullets hit the edge of the railing, directed at her and her golden sparring partner.

Runa ducked and rolled across the deck, just barely avoiding anything that would be fatal. Her gaze shifted to her cloths. The long blue coat had a nice cut along the shoulder a thin scratch across her pale skin. She frowned slightly, "Well... that was rude..." She didn't care about the tiny scratch, she was more irritated about the torn cloth of her coat.

Runa returned her gaze to the man who was shining. That shiny armor was really distracting, seeing as her fetish for shining things was just terrible. Standing, she lifted her weapon at him again. The shots stopped from the ground as a building came crashing down. Finally, now there won't be any more interruptions, she thought, pleased with that fact. Raruna lunged forward at him again, not quite done with this sparring act across the deck. Again, she went for his chest, the blade singing as it thrust at him. She stepped into the strike, then sweeped the blade to the right and brought it back across at him in a slash across his abdomen.

There were not too many things that irritated Alistair as much as a peasant interrupting him when he was obviously engaged in a far more activity. He did not seem to frustrated with his blows being parried or evaded, in fact, he almost welcomed someone actually giving him something to put a little effort into. If anything, this rabble wasn't as bad as the other scum he'd defeated when he boarded this ship, which was a refreshing experience. One you could only ever really have against someone with a name purpose. However, these idiots down below were firing those weapons... what were they? Guns, right? Yes, those shoddy pieces of crap. How inaccurate and ineffective they were. Perhaps in quite some time there would be advances in such things that would make anything else obsolete, but it certainly wasn't the case right now. All they did was serve to both irritate Alistair and betray the user's location. They'd do some damage if they ever hit, but that was the whole problem, wasn't it?

"Filthy heathens not respecting my right to indulge in a little roughousing." the man muttered under his breath.

He wasn't able to do much more than that before the fighting resumed in the form of a swift and aggressive combo of three strikes. The lunge was, like its predecessor, knocked the blade aside once more, but that ended up putting him in a place where he couldn't necessarily hop back (obviously not his flamboyant armor's fault or anything). Instead, his blade held true in his hand and stopped the rapier on its second swing but not before the tip slapped the back of Alistair's hand, "Ow, you little slutticus that hurt you know god its going to be redder than a beet or something jeezus im done here fuck everything 420 blaz it". Thusly the fight ended. Hitting the blade dead on like that, he was a bit surprised the smaller rapier did not break or otherwise show damage, then again, that was probably because of what it was made of. That... metal. The very same thing that ruined his fabulous lifestyle he so desperately wished he could keep.

With the opening provided by the clashing blades, he did what any flamboyant and egotistical character would do in a fight and decided to talk, instead of fighting. "Mithril's a cursed metal, woman. You'd do well to avoid it while you can." he warned, despite being in the middle of a battle. Of course, that didn't matter to him since he'd obviously win regardless. That didn't mean he dropped his guard like a fool, but it still was a bit cockier than most people would try.

"Surely someone with skills above the majority of the rabble isn't so ignorant of this fact."

As their weapons clashed, she was brought in close to him, both blades caught together for a moment in which the tall man decided to speak. Raruna hummed slightly as she eyed him between their weapons, "Why yes. It is a cursed metal. I would avoid it, if I could. But seeing as gold has no value anymore... I can hardly throw away my only weapon, now can I? Unless I want something that is going to break the moment I use it," Runa leaned in closer, her weapon sliding across his, "But thanks for the warning, I'll be sure to remember."

She pulled back, dragging her rapier with her and reset herself. Lifting the blade up at him, she tilted her head, "Your turn?" she prompted lightly, a bit of a laugh in the words.

"Gold having no value?" he repeated, more irritated than before. He felt his name was synonymous with gold and insulting his precious metal, his precious everything was no different than insulting he himself. She had brought about a wrath she never should have. "What kindness I have spared on your unworthy self has obviously been wasted. You know nothing about gold and its worth!"

Alistar wasn't just angry now, but determined. Determined to show this woman her place in society, in the world --- under his boots. He couldn't help but wonder if he'd be feeling generous to just throw her off the ship when he was finished with her, or if he'd end up executing her and destroying that filthy weapon of hers. Yes, confiscating that trash and ridding the world of it after the battle would do his mood quite well, so what he did with her afterwords wouldn't really matter, would it? Lucky was she that he wasn't typical filth that would try something sexual if he won, but this wasn't because he was kind or anything, it was more because he saw that as gifting women with his body, and she obviously wasn't worth that in his eyes, nor was he desperate enough to need to resort to that. Plus, as angry as he was, well, he'd rather not show her his golden genitalia. DUN DUN DUN

But enough talk about his golden sword. Now was the time for battle!

With newfound desire and passion in the fight, Alistair gripped his blade tightly in both hands around its fabulous hilt. This was the defining action for when Alistair stopped screwing around. With his grip strengthened, he charged at the skypirate and brought his blade downwards in a vertical slash. But that wasn't all. The strike was swift as it was powerful, and though those things were true, it wasn't his only attack. He immediately heaved the sword straight upwards in a vertical strike upwards this time, finishing another vertical strike downwards, all with a huge deal of might behind each and every single swing.

Somehow... she had angered him. Raruna's smile almost faded as he spoke to her. However, it did fade into a slight frown as he came at her, both hands on his weapon now. Runa took a step backwards as he swung down at her. Lifting her blade up, the jarring blow knocked her backwards. Raruna hissed slightly at the jarring blow, "Hey... I know of gold's worth!" she shot back as she stumbled. His weapon came back up and it smashed into hers again. The pirate was overwhelemed by his strength and the blade flew from her hand straight up and away from her. Runa's gaze widened and then she quickly backed away as the weapon came cleaving back down.

As she backed away, she pulled out both of her pistols and aimed them up at him as she backed away and hit something behind her, probably a wall that led to another section of the ship, "Gold is valuable to me, but I can't use it anymore. Surely you know that," she said as she narrowed her eyes at him.

Alistair Archibald, being the superior being that he was, had not the slightest ounce of surprise in him when his blows overwhelmed his foe. It was certain that once he put his actual effort into something, it was always going to go his way. More strikethroughs here, more boasting.. The woman backed herself into a literal corner with nowhere to run from him, and his last assault on her had disarmed the woman of her mithril weapon, leaving her defens-- wait, no that's not right. She cried something as she equipped herself with a couple of smaller guns in what appeared to be a panic.

"Begging for your life isn't going to win you any points from me." he began, but noticing a particular color on one of her weapons.... "Yet... I am amused at what appears to be your trump card." he was, of course, referring to her pistols. Gold attracted him and he attracted gold, is how he saw things.

Reika had paused their ascent, the most probable cause due to the sounds of battle from overhead. Virie could not see who was involved, but she could only guess that it was a fight between the pirate whore and the shiny bastard. Egh. It was like a combination made in the fiery pits of Hell. Hm, if Hell were an actual place--she was not affirmative about that plane of existence but now wasn't really the time to ponder it. Either way, the demon had paused halfway between the deck of the ship and the underbelly that they were climbing from. And the demon's grip around her waist was really causing some discomfort with her robes. The witch sighed, slapping Reika to snap the demon's attention back to the matter at hand. It was not safe for them to make their presence known aboard the ship, she didn't have time or patience to deal with the battle and also didn't want to be seen as providing assistance to this ridiculous heist. As far as she was concerned, she was an unwilling victim of circumstance. A completely innocent, completely non-threatening victim of this bizarre scenario she had, in no way, shape, or form, gotten mixed up with on purpose.

A few warning shots hit the wood several meters from her face and the witch frowned. They couldn't remain here any longer--they had to leave. She looked over at Reika, who was staring off blankly around her with the usual look of stupid blankness plastered on her face. "Reika," Virie said shortly, causing the demon to start and look at her. "I want you to make the ship fly."

"Fly, mistress? For real?!" Reika excitedly swished her tail back and forth, hitting Virie upside the head. The witch nodded, knowing full well the danger she was putting everyone else in with this request. Yes, Reika's attention span was horrible and more than likely, the spell would only last long enough for them to escape. But no one else really mattered--if the people above her died, oh well. She knew that she had ways of defending herself properly and that was all that really mattered. Then she'd work on regaining her name and reputation in the city. Which was such an absurd premise that she had to deal with. Why was that even a thing? Because some stupid pirate whore wanted to have her kicks? Because some snobby noble bastard wanted to show off? Honestly, this day. Was literally the worst. Hmph.

The creature didn't wait for any more confirmation, Reika was ready and eager to get things started. The demon closed her eyes, mana beginning to course through her body once more. Virie could feel it, the energy that her familiar was summoning. And in some ways, this was what possibly came the closest to frightening her. There was such a wealth of power in extra-planer beings, for as dumb as the summon creature was... there certainly was a lot of force behind it. Reika muttered to herself, calling forth mental energies to project Virie's desire. And as the words left the demon's lips, the ship gave a giant creaking nose as the propellers from up above began to whirl. Faster and faster, the mechanisms of the ship began to gain energy, gain momentum--and in moments, the ship was levitating off the ground.

The guards below them did not know what to do--there was no way they'd be staring at the demon who was casting the spell. No, in their mind, the airship really was lifting off the ground because someone had fumbled with the control switches. It was a glorious lie, one that no doubt everyone would believe. The demon continued chanting under her breath, using the vocalizations to slowly move the ship so that it floated above the buildings. There were yells from below them, protests, screams--but all of it was white noise to the witch. The joys of flying, even on the side of an airship, were always wonderful and she relished in the feel of wind against her cheeks. The airship finally gained enough altitude and, with guidance from the demon, it moved forwards towards the exit of the city--the authorities powerless to stop its' escape.

Alistair's mouth curved into a smile, a rather frightening one at that. "It's of no importance. You've caused me more irritation than I've put up with for quite some time, but I guess that's because you were amusing." Alistair spoke exactly like he had the upper hand, despite having two guns pointed to him. Again, this was because he was confident -- much too confident in his abilities. Could he dodge a bullet? Could he dodge two? At point-blank range? Why, of course he could! He was an Archibald! Such a small feat was easy for him. "Now, to continue what we were doin------"

There was a giant rumble from the bottom of the ship, followed by a huge tremor much like an earthquake that, of course, caused the golden-armored man to stumble as he lost his footing and nearly tumbled to the ground. Wha... what the hell is going on?! Alistair was surprised at the sudden liftoff, having not ordered the vessel to do so.

Amusing he says... well then, her grin was starting to return as she aimed her pistols at him. He started to speak again and she was going to be more than happy to oblige resuming their little duel when the ship did something... unexpected. As he stumbled, she followed, unprepared for the sudden movement of the ship that was rather forceful. Her first thoughts were what in the hell her new captivefriend was doing with those controls!? Raruna had the unlucky misfortune of stumbling into a crate and losing her footing which resulted in the edge of the box clipping her wrist rather roughly. It caught her weapon as she fell over, and it went bouncing happily along the deck.

She gave a gasp of utter horror though as she watched her precious golden pistol go wildly tumbling about. She took off after the weapon, sprinting across the deck that rolled underneath her as it was getting airborn. Runa raced after the pistol, her eyes trained only on it as it skittered and bounced, hitting random things and as she got close to it, the vessel tilted just enough for the gun to go slipping right off the side via a hole in the boarding. Of course, she couldn't just let her most valued peice of equipment just go flying overboard. So she did what anyone would do, and leapt off the side of the ship to catch it. Her hand snatched the barrel, and it wasn't until that point that she thought about how she was going to get back on the ship.

Still on unstable footing due to the sudden liftoff, Alistair could do naught but reach out for the railing and hope that this contraption did not suddenly detonate or crash into something and end his journey before it had truly began.In the scramble to keep himself from personally witnessing a Hume's inability to fly without some form of assistance, he dropped his blade which, luckily, slide across the ground and managed to wedge itself between some crates so that it was out of harm's way for now. He did have a bit of fondness for his weapon and it was one of the very few items that was not entirely gold that he enjoyed using.

Unlike his blade, the woman he had just been engaged in battle with had lost her golden gun and it decided it would be a free bird and attempted to fly. She leapt after it, seemingly unaware of the fact she would die in the process, only barely managing to grip a barrel nearby, and the grip wasn't that strong to begin with. It seemed to be the end of her, her life ended not by Alistair's sword, but by her desire to retrieve a weapon that had flown away. How pitiful. And... disappointing. Alistair could and was about to simply watch another peasant's life end right before his eyes like he had seen many times before, yet.... her need to keep that weapon, that gold weapon, had partially touched the man. It seemed she wasn't just spewing lies to him when she said she understood gold's worth. She really knew the value it held.

Then... she was at least worthy of staying aboard the ship for now.

Alistair did something he had not done before, ever, and that was something unselfish. He felt very strange when doing it too. Perhaps he'd done it for selfish reasons, or so he'd convince himself, but regardless, the act itself was purely for the woman, not for he. What'd he do? Well, obviously....

...he saved her life.

He went about this quickly, not able to spice it up. He couldn't yell about how he'd give this gnat another chance to please him, or how she'd owe him her life afterwards. He couldn't tip the flying boat over with his godlike strength, nor could he life her up with the power of his mind. Instead, he did what anybody with arms could do and simply reached out, grabbing the girl by the first place his hand landed, gripped it with quite a bit of his strength, and pulled her back to safety. Of course, this being Alistair, something a bit unique had to happen, so rather than simply saving her, he'd done something else, unintentionally. He managed to give her quite a fierce groping of the breast.

---Again, it wasn't on purpose. That being said, he did notice where he put his hand the instant he'd touched it. He was quite familiar with that place of a woman, among many others. But he did not seem to mind it one bit. One place was as fine as any, and so long as she was alive, she shouldn't complain, right? It probably hurt like hell, but she'd best be grateful, taking his life-saving virginity like that. It was his first time~

Raruna felt the wind rushing up to meet her as she went overboard. The gears of the ship growing rather loud. However, before she could completely free fall and contemplate her lifes meaning and relive every little heart pounding event she'd gone through, she was abruptly brought back to her senses. The golden pistol in her hand was safe, and she'd managed to not fall to her death. Although, the way she was saved was rather peculiar. At least it had never quite happened like that before to her. Wincing as she gave a slight shout of pain at where the man had grabbed her, she was dragged back onto the safety of the flying vessel and the town below her no longer served as her final resting place.

Once her boots hit the deck, she hissed as she pulled her arm back to craddle her breast that had be so abruptly grabbed and used as a way to save her life. The skypirate glanced over to the man, a little bit of a grin pulling her lips as she rubbed her breast that was sure to bruise later, "Well, isn't that a wonderful way to save a woman. Do you do this often? Better be careful, next time you grab my breast I might like it," she offered as she sheathed her pistol safely into her belt and gave a sigh as she tried to get the nerves in her chest to stop screaming at her. For a moment she stood there, eyes squeezed shut and then took a deep breath.

With a soft hum to herself, she stretched and then put her hands on her hips. This is going to hurt for a while... she thought bitterly, but didn't say a word about it. If anything, she was certainly surprised by having been saved. Not that she couldn't have figured a way back on the ship probably not, it was a free fall down to cobblestone, "Why don't we go see who decided it was a wonderful idea to interrupt, shall we? Frankly, that was damned rude... I almost lost my gun!"

"Cease your whining, it was... my first time. Even I may be inexperienced in some matters." Alistair replied, unaware of the impression he might've just left. He was still not sure how he felt about actually doing something like that. Saving people leaves a weird feeling in your stomach, he thought. Alistair rubbed his chin as he thought about who might've done something to the ship, displaying -- once more -- his excellent deductive skills by figuring out that they ought to go check on the controls were they hoping to discover what may have made the ship move. He was obviously unaware of the magical reasoning behind the ship's takeoff.

"I shall agree to your suggestion" he placed quite a bit of emphasis on 'suggestion' so that she was completely aware that he would not take an order from her. Not that that wasn't blatantly apparent just by the way he talked. Many could figure out the general outline of his character after his first few words. "Then I shall head to whatever area controls this airship, you are free to follow along if you desire." so saying, he started off without further distraction in a random direction, without knowing if it was the correct way. Him being Alistair, though, he managed to successfully pick the right direction.

Raruna grinned at him, but didn't comment on the 'whining' part. She was hardly complaining. Perhaps if the chance came again, she would tease him further about it. In response to him, she only lifted an eyebrow and tilted her head a bit as she rested her weight on one leg, "First time, hu? Well, should you need any practice with a woman's body you can surely come and ask if you so please," she said with a giggle. Her lips were curved up in her signature wicked grin as she regarded him for a moment.

At his agreement, he turned and with the invitation, Raruna gladly fell into step beside him, following after the tall man decked out in gold armor, "Figure out how to fly this boat and then I think it is only fair we finish that... deciding match. Though I blame the distractions. I could easily win," she offered as she looked up at him from under her hat, one crystal blue eye clearly visible from the brim of the hat. They worked their way across the deck of the ship and then into its inner workings. Either he was very clever, or he was just ungodly lucky, eitherway they ended up in the controls area where she tried the door and found it to be locked. Pulling herself up to her tip-toes, she peered into the room through the window that was just barely out of reach for someone of her height. When she saw her friend, she grinned and knocked on the door.

"Why hello my dear, you sure found this quick. Now, be a doll and open the door," she said, her voice clipped at the end as she was slightly irritated that he hadn't come to tell her about the control room when she'd asked him to do so in the first place.

Alistair walked the entire way with his arms simply crossed and an oddly confident expression on his face, as though he knew the way already. He didn't, of course, but as fate would have it, he made it there anyway. WIth the woman walking beside him, they eventually reached their destination, though he felt some irk in the fact that she wasn't walking behind him. In fact, the only reason he did not comment on this was that he was busy dealing with her other comments. "You obviously misunderstood. I have never gone out of my way to save someone's life. Be grateful that I decided you were worth the effort. Besides your breasts weren't nothing I haven't dealt with before. You aren't that well endowed, unforuntately. But you do make up for it in your skill with a blade, plus your face is... bearable. I'll maybe think about gracing you with pleasure later, if you're obedient." as they continued to walk, he noticed the door to the control room and grinned widely, ecstatic at yet another accomplishment by Alistair Archibald. But he did not make it to the door first. No, that was the woman, who seemed to know who was inside. He sat back and simply listened to the woman as she tried to get inside.


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"W-What?" He had fallen asleep, for one reason or another, in the control room. He hadn't gotten much sleep, however, due to the fact that the ship had started moving. Moving. It had begun moving, somehow. He didn't like it. He hadn't touched the control panels. He hadn't seen anyone touch the control panels. He used magic, of the 'life' variety, but found no recent traces of life in the room. Magic. It was the only explanation, the only sensible one at least.

Vol's thought moved to thinking about how he could frame everything on the girl and male. He could probably lie to the law enforcement easily enough and get his name cleared. Then again, she had saved him, so he decided not to frame her. He didn't very much, from what he'd seen, like the golden male. He did however, decide to hold his judgement.

He regretted ever getting on the ship. He couldn't however, think about the situation too much. He had to do something. That something ended up being him trying to strengthen the magic used on the ship. He managed to give a bit of his own energy. He just hoped his idea worked. He would have attempted to stop whoever it was that had been, or so he assumed, using magic, but found no reason to. Firstly, the ship was moving away from the obviously very angry people. Secondly, the person was most likely powerful. Thirdly, he decided that he might as well. There was no reason, in his eyes, to not help. He stayed alert after the small incident.

The maniac girl from before spoke, asking him to open the door. "Y-You're alive..." His first thought was that somehow, she wasn't dead. He didn't how he felt about that. Annoyed? Surprised? Thankful? All three? Most likely. She had saved him, scared, him, and fought someone who he imagined knew how to handle themselves. Regardless, she was alive. He did what he had told himself he would, open the door. Or, at least he would have, had he not been distracted by another voice. A voice that sounded... confident.

She didn't cease to surprise him. He didn't very much like surprises. Regardless, he had probably wasted enough time as it is. He ignored any words spoken by the other, the male he had nicknamed 'Goldy'. He didn't care anymore. He had used up most his energy worrying in the past half hour. He just couldn't.

Vol removed the spell from the door with relative ease.. After doing that, he immediately jumped out the window. There was no way in hell he was staying there. He was on a ship with people whose mental faculties were most likely not in place. He would have jumped out the window, but he doubted he'd survive. He imagined that he could most likely fly, but he didn't want to be caught out in the open by humes. He didn't think that flying was a normal occurrence.

He opened the door and stepped back. He didn't bother to try explaining the situation. "I don't know where we're going, b-before you ask." His voice sounded small, despite being audible enough to hear. He didn't dare look at Goldy. Regardless of the fact that he could probably disarm the male with spells, he didn't look. The male was simply too 'bright' and intimidating. The male was the opposite of him, or so he imagined. Besides, the obnoxiously shiny armor would probably blind him. Seriously, who wore golden armor? It was clearly visible and would be a better target for projectiles, not to mention most likely useless against most metals. Instead, he kept his gaze focused slightly to the right of the girl.

He began getting ready to leave the room, "I'll search the rest of the ship." He didn't want to be in the same room with the golden male. He just hoped he wouldn't be stopped and interrogated. He didn't want to end up revealing the secrets of magic unintentionally, and didn't know how long he could hold out without doing so if interrogated. Especially by the golden male. There was also the fact that he wanted to know exactly what had moved the ship. He was nearly certain that it had been magic, but needed to be sure before he jumped to any conclusions.


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#, as written by Siryn
Monster comes by and eats this post for the sheer fun of it.... >.>


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#, as written by Igari


Everything was going according to her... makeshift plans. Virie didn't really have much of an idea about where they were headed but with Reika's magic, the airship had left the boundaries of the city. Over the howl of wind, she caught voices from above them. The people on the surface were wandering around, she heard a tumble and some sort of muffled acknowledgement. Fortunately for the two of them, whoever was above them had no plans to look over the side and instead headed around to the center of the ship. Hm, close call. Reika, for once, was being absolutely silent--casting magic took every fiber of concentration from the demon. Phew. At least they were safe, for now.

It was after several minutes that the witch's attention was drawn to something else on the ship. It was faint, barely even a whisper. Yet she felt it--there was an influx of magic somewhere. But it wasn't coming from her, it was definitely weaker than anything she would even think to produce. Evidently, there was someone aboard this ship that could cast magic. That in and of itself was troubling. She had never met anyone else in the city that knew of mana--beyond her stupid half-wit brother. And he didn't even live there. So what was a spell-caster doing here? (Well, maybe she should've asked herself the same question)

And then the inevitable happened. Something caught Reika's attention. She knew it was only a matter of time, and fortunately they had exited the city. The demon looked away from the ship, her tail shifting upwards as her ears twitched. She sniffed the air and stared off, down towards the overlaying forests. As soon as her attention shifted, the airship began to groan. Horrified, Virie went to slap her familiar back into concentration but it was too late, Reika was lost in whatever she was sensing.

"Reika!" She yelled, but the wind had picked up and her voice was diminished to nothing. The creature began to giggle, as if completely unaware that the ship was creaking, starting to take a downwards plummet. It wasn't progressive either, the whole entire vessel lurched--as it hadn't even been running before so there was nothing to slow the sudden shift in energy. The nose of the airship began to descend, followed by the rest of the vessel which was tilting into tumbling madness.

Her face was pale--this was going faster than she anticipated. She might've been confident of her own survival moments ago but now, she was not so sure. Even if she flew, her body would suffer the backlash of the change in acceleration and she didn't want to get hurt. Gnashing her teeth together, she narrowed her eyes. She had to think fast, she had to do something, but what? Could she walk away and let the occupants of the ship die? Virie didn't know what the ship was meant to be powered by--and if it collapsed on the ground, there could be a resulting explosion that would damage a certain radius. So even if she did manage to fly off, she might get caught in the blast.

The demon, at this point, was screaming but if it was for jubilation or fear, Virie couldn't tell. Reika was going to be no help---she was going to have to do this all on her own. There were essentially four points on the ship that carried the bulk of the weight, at least on the underside. If she estimated correctly, she might be able to manipulate the wind flow underneath them to take off some of the damage. She wouldn't be able to save the ship but it was better than nothing. She had no intentions of dying today.

Raising her arm slightly and fighting to keep her eyes open against the rush of wind, she called upon the elemental energies once more, directing them towards the underbelly. The winds that poured forth at her command were warm, and comforting. They followd her directives, adding more of a slope to their decline.

"Make a barrier around us!' She snapped in Reika's ear, who had her tongue lolling out of her mouth. Upon hearing the order, the demon hastened to comply, her magic expanding outwards to repel some of the incoming force around the duo. This was going to be bumpy. And it was at this moment she decided she hated whoever had thought it was a good idea to take this stupid airship.

[size=100]Raruna grinned as she watched the boy on the other side of the door. It was a mischievous grin, hiding her irritation that the door had been locked in the first place, most likely by him otherwise how did he get inside? Runa hardly ever got truly angry though, and so she easily pushed aside her miffed feelings. Watching him as he looked astonished that she was standing there, she tilted her head a bit, nodding her head down to the handle of the door.

Dropping down to her normal height, she heard the door click soon after and she flung it open. Rushing inside, Raruna clasped the young man by his shoulders, her fingers digging into his skin as she held him tightly, her lips pulled into a bright smile, "My dear friend... there you are. Now, why is the ship moving?" Her irritation came through just a little bit... but only a little. Releasing him, she looked around the room, taking in the controls and other things that filled the room. It was really interesting to see and she wanted nothing more than to start touching everything.

"I don't know where we're going, b-before you ask."

Runa shrugged as she patted his shoulders, "Doesn't matter where we are going, my dear. Only that we get out of the city with this beautiful vessel. Although... you know, you did almost have to pay me for a new gun, a gold one at that. Those are very expensive you know," she said, her eyes settling on him for a long while. Of course, should Alistair not have saved her, her losing her gun would have been the least of her problems. However, she was telling herself that it would have worked out one way or another.

"Right in the middle of a very important duel and the ship suddenly takes off without letting me know. I thought I told you to tell me where the control room was first," she said, pouting a bit as she turned and leaned on the boys shoulder, "Oh well, I suppose it is what it is. At least this thing is in the air and is under my control... Oh, that's right. I had forgotten what we were dueling over," Runa grinned as she set her gaze upon Alistair.

She lifted herself up off of her smaller companion's shoulder and crossed her arms. As she was about to say something about the control of the vessel, the boy started for the door saying something about searching the rest of the ship. Raruna's thoughts switched gears rather quickly.

"Oh! We should definitely explore this beautiful vessel. I'll have to figure out how everything works properly if I'm going to fly this thing," she said to herself and took the boys hand in her own to go rushing off into the depths of the ship. Looking back at Alistair with excitement flashing in her pale colored eyes, she grinned at him, "Care to join us? Who knows, I have a feeling you could help find lots of things around the ship," she said with a wink at him.

Of course stepping out into the hall seemed to set off another series of events. This time though, instead of the ship lifting off, it suddenly plummeted. The bow of the vessel dropped like a rock and sent Raruna tumbling backwards. Her hand reached out and snatched the doorway to keep herself from flying down the hall. Her other hand took hold of the young boy so that he did not meet his fate at the end of the hall.

"The hell?" she pulled herself towards the doorway, trying to get back inside. Pulling Vol with her, she dragged him up close to the door and attempted to put him through the doorway first, pulling him up past her and then pushing him forward before she followed into the room, "Alistair!"

The person whom they found inside had, somehow or another, known the woman, whose name had to be something like Retarda or at least it started with an R, if his memory served correctly. This 'Retarda', as skilled as she was for a peasant, seemed quite unpleased with the man inside the control room, and Alistair couldn't help but laugh as he saw the man cower. What a lesser being. His laughter hid his irritation at the young man for being so spineless. He had most certainly picked up the fact the boy wouldn't even give Alistair a glance. So be it, he knew he was not wothy of the blessing for his pupils.

After mentioning that he wasn't privy on information regarding the sudden ascent of Alistair's airship, the man tried to squirm his way out of their presence with a very obvious excuse. Again, the young man was looking even worse than the normal rabble he had to deal with everyday, and that wasn't really a good thing. The only good thing was, before Alistair could decide if the man was worth talking down to more, Retarda spoke up, saving the young man.

"My ship, you mean." Alistair corrected before continuing. "But giving this vessel a look before we get too carried away may prove useful." So saying, he decided to take the lead, since it was his ship and all. Boy, did he regret that.

Once more did he find himself losing his footing, only this time he'd gained hangtime. The slam into the wall that followed was, of course, very painful. He let out a grunt that was, however, more out of irritation than pain. "What lousy mongrel decided they could do a poor job with my ship?! Fix this at once!" he yelled towards Retarda and her companion, knowing that they were at least in the control room.

Raruna grinned slightly at Alistair's yell. At least he was okay, especially if he were yelling like that, "Trying!" she hollered back as she slipped and slid across the awkwardly angled control room. Her fingers reached out across the strange looking contraption as she flipped random switches, turned gears, pulled on levers and after trying everything possible, nothing seemed to work. Broken?! she thought frantically as she was crushed against the controls from the horrible tilt of the vessel.

The ship seemed to lift up slightly and she was hopeful that she'd done something, a wicked grin on her lips which faded slightly as she realized that the ship was still plummeting and she actually hadn't done anything to fix it. She gave a soft curse as she started towards the door of the control room. She looked out into the hall where Alistair had tumbled and hit the wall. She lunged forward and caught herself on the otherside of the hall and started towards him, her heart thrumming wildly. Despite the danger, she was utterly excited.

"Well, isn't this entertaining?" she asked him as she drew closer. The the vessel shuddered, throwing her forward as the bow of the ship hit something. Raruna's breath gasped into her lungs as she went flying forward. She just barely caught herself before she could crash into Alistair. Looking up at him she grinned as the entire ship shuddered and shook as it seemed to have hit the ground. Although she was a bit surprised that it hadn't obliterated itself upon impact.

It didn't stop anytime soon though and she started to feel the vessel turning, crashing into things outside and eventually tilting. She started sliding off to the side down another shorter hall. Her footing was lost and she hit the floor and slid down the hall with an oof. As the vessel tilted further and slowly came to a stop, she fell flat on her back against the wall at the end of the hall, the wind knocked from her.

It was not going as Alistair had wished. Being thrown about like a ragdoll was not on the list of things Alistair had wanted to do today, or anyday. With a great deal of effort, Alistair managed to get back on his feet which were now on the wall due to the ship plummeting. It was an odd feeling, to say the least.

Before he could even manage a response to the woman, Retarda, he was cut off by the scaping and screeching of various things against the hull of the ship and if he had to take a guess, they would be crashing soon. And so it did, ruining Alistair's airship before they even got the fly it. How irritating indeed. The crash wasn't as bad as he'd have thought, though it certainly caused him to slam into something once more, another unfavorable result. When he got up that time, he noticed the woman had promptly failed at standing. What a nerd.


"What has happened to my vessel..." he stammered out the side of the ship, not surprised he surived a fall like that. It was, after all, Alistair Archibald here. "I have descended it seems..."

Thanks to her winds, the crash wasn't actually that bad. But the fall was another story. Reika had detached her claws from the wood and the two of them were flung backwards, Virie barely able to cast another hasty spell to diminish the damage of the impact. Fortunately, Reika had been there to cushion their momentum, banging into a tree--which gave a groan as it was knocked over. The witch and her familiar lay amongst the branches, barely stirring but from the edges of her consciousness, Virie could at least perceive that they were safely on the ground. Good... now she had injuries to worry about...


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With his new airship totaled, Alistair Archibald decided to focus on other, more important things at the time. Because he had yet to see anyone or anything that was as great as he, the golden-haired man deduced that, maybe, the ship was not the only object to have been damaged or otherwise harmed in the crash. He suddenly felt a bit anxious as he feared for the worst. Although it wasn't even that long ago that he had last saw her, he couldn't help but wonder if she had weathered through this random happening or if she had perished. Alistair tried recalling every instance he could remember about her, hopefully she'd be easy to find, though anything was possible now.

Hmm... we were fighting.

With all the flinging and lack of feet on the ground, he knew it wasn't impossible for him to have harmed his head enough to cause some amnesia of a sort. Going over what he remembered was a good way to make sure he didn't (He actually didn't even have a small concussion so this would prove meaningless).

Then... we had traveled down to the control room, with my excellent guidance of course.

Despite the uselessness of the action, he was elated to know his memory wasn't faulty so far. Now all he had to do was recall the time of the crash, and what had happened then. If he could do that, then he was one step closer to finding her, and he couldn't not find her. She was so beautiful, after all. Well, she certainly could've used more gold in his opinion, but as it was mentioned, gold certainly wasn't in its best state as of now, with the discovery of that accursed metal.

....Finally, the ship made a beeline straight for the ground, for no known reason. And now I find myself here, after surviving it all, though that's nothing unexpected. Alright, so I know where I lost her....

The small summary of events was more than enough to tell him that he'd lost her right as the ship violently made a detour to this area. In that case, she could feasibly be anywhere since that violent shaking, and that was not making Alistair happy one bit. If he had to waste time and effort searching for her, then so be it, but he would certainly make it known he wasn't pleased. With the anticipation of an exhausting search in unknown lands weighing on him, he decided to take one good look around him. There was, of course, debris and parts and pieces from the wreckage scattered all around the crash site. He noticed that they had found themselves in a forest of some sort, and that it was fairly likely they'd scared the shit out of any wildlife around them. That might even be an understatement, as it wasn't too often something that size exploded near these animals, or so he'd assume. Again, with unknown territory, you couldn't be sure. He continued looking around, only stopping when he noticed what he'd been looking for.

His eyes landed on her. She was so beautiful, and even she probably knew as much. There was this odd feeling he got everytime he laid his eyes on her, one that was a mixture between guilt and pleasure. Because someone like he could not, no, should not find her as beautiful as she did. She was of a peasant's making and obviously not as luxurious as he would typically seek -- but most definitely not a street-rat. If he had to give her a title, it was likely to be the 'Forbidden Desire'. Something he knew even he shouldn't enjoy as much as he did, but something he'd claim regardless of how it appeared. Then again, in nature that's always how he was. He'd take what he wanted and people would either let him or they'd perish, the choice was theirs.

Alistair closed his eyes and smiled to himself in delight, now recalling how he'd been able to touch her. She felt like no other he'd ever been with. A fiesty and playful existence. Perhaps his attraction was destined from the start, or maybe he'd simply developed it through the awesome experiences they'd shared in such a short time together. It was impossible to really say, but he did know that, above all others, he held her to a fairly high regard. The obvious impossibility of being as great as he was still holding true, but her existence had managed to at least give him one thing to keep in high regards. But, savoring her beauty was not something he was able to do for eternity. They'd much things still left to do. As he approached her, he noticed that she'd seen better days. He didn't question it considering they'd just demolished a good portion of the forest on their entrance alone, so instead he just walked up to the tree she'd embedded herself quiet deeply into, and gave a mighty pull, releasing her from the clutches of Mother Nature, that bitch. Afterwards, he put the sword back in its shiny sheath.

He really did love this blade, despite the disappointing fact it couldn't be made entirely out of gold.

With the second most-important person that had been on the ship now confirmed as safe and healthy, Alistair figured he'd let those other two follow him if they so pleased. Perhaps they'd panic without some authoritative figure to keep them in line, at least, that boy would. He certainly looked so weak and pathetic. The woman... well, he'd at least give her the benefit of the doubt and say she'd die challenging a bear to a fight or something. Less pathetic, that one, but certainly still a peasant.

"Do you peasants still draw breath? If so, be audible about it and present yourselves to me at once. I will not wait long before I depart!" he hollered into the wreckage, not bothering to go back inside himself and check. It was not like they'd done anything to deserve more effort wasted by him on their behalf, and if you couldn't tell, he was ready to leave if he even heard more than a second's delay before being answered.


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#, as written by Siryn

The ship finally came to a halt and not to far from her, Alistair had fallen as well. He regained his feet a little bit swifter than she did though. With the breath knocked from her lungs very efficiently, it took Raruna a moment longer to regain use of her limbs as she lay there sprawled out against the far wall of the tilted vessel. With a slight groan, Runa gave a cough and that seemed to loosen her lungs to breathe again.

Climbing to her feet, Raruna stumbled along the wreckage, resetting her hat atop her head and making her way to exit the ship. She made her way towards the front of the ship, climbing around loose boxes and broken debris that had spilled over when the vessel had hit the ground. Runa was a little curious as to how they'd managed not to be blown apart from the fall. She didn't pay it too much mind though as she exited the halls of the ship and dropped down off the deck to the ground below. With everything strewn about the forest that they'd just crashed into, she took a moment to figure out where her sword had gone. It was the only weapon she was without at the moment.

It took her a while of scavenging and searching, but she finally found the shiny blade buried in the dirt with boxes around it. Pulling it free from the ground, she wiped it once on her clothes and then dropped it into its sheath. Adjusting her hat, she turned back to the ship, eyeing its tilted frame carefully. It didn't look like it was too damaged, scrapped up and possibly a few holes throughout the hull, but otherwise it was intact. The only problem was if it would fly again. A slight frown pulled her lips a bit as she regarded the vessel and then shook her head in dismissal. It was fun while it lasted! she thought as her grin returned and she worked her way across the debris.

"Do you peasants still draw breath? If so, be audible about it and present yourselves to me at once. I will not wait long before I depart!

Raruna laughed as she spotted Alistair, "Ha! Peasants? Well, I don't know about the boy, but I am certainly not a peasant. My family was rather well off before the arrival of orichelcum. I still have a very fine amount of gold," she said as she made her way over to him and stood before him with one hand on her hip, looking up at him with her wild little grin.

She glanced back at the wreckage, with a tilt of her head she eyed the ship, "Shame really. We hadn't even gotten the chance to settle the score over the beauty of that ship," she sighed, "I do hope the boy is alright, if we don't hear from him in a moment, I'll go get him. You wouldn't mind a wait of just a moment, would you?" she asked him.

She reached up and adjusted the hat upon her head, running her fingers through the plume before she fixed her long white tresses of hair. Once she was a little less than disheveled, she deemed herself fit for whatever was to come next. Excitement washed through her as she waited to hear from the boy within the ship. She hoped he was alright. Runa would of course fetch him in a moment if he didn't present himself soon. She wasn't going to leave him behind, after all.

"We've certainly landed in a rather interesting place, haven't we?" Raruna commented as she glanced around the forest.