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Dianne Parks

"The world is my canvas, and I shall paint my life. It won't be perfect, there will be a few stains and dark spots, but it will all fit together to make a clear image in the end."

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a character in “Collection”, as played by UniqueYetUnoriginal


Basic Information;

"If you can't handle the rain, you don't deserve the sunshine."

Name: According to her birth certificate, her name is a Elizabeth Rose Dianne Parks, but that sounds too old fashioned for her taste. She goes by one of her middle names, Dianne, and even then it is often shortened to 'Dee.'
Age: Twenty years of age, meaning she has had twenty birthdays, twenty Christmases, twenty... years. She was born on July 2 at exactly seven minutes past midnight. Though she may be twenty years, she looks and acts a lot younger.
Race: She's a chihuahua, obviously. That was a joke, by the way - she is most definitely human.
Ethnicity: A white Caucasian, originally from England.
Role: Victim.
Orientation: Bisexual, she sees any other sexuality as either 'too fussy' or 'sexist.'
Status: Single, though she wishes she wasn't. Not many people have the patience to put up with her.
Best Feature: What makes Dianne special? What's her 'best feature?' Well, she doesn't really have any. Not that she is completely average, she doubts anyone is. She just does not have a single best feature. If she had to choose as someone had a gun to her head - though she would probably just say the first thing that pops into her head in this case -, she would probably say her eyes for her appearance and her patience for her personality. Though, of course, people could also say it is her artist's hand.
Talent: Painting and drawing, her profession being an artist.


Link if picture doesn't work is here.

The image you see above was taken three weeks and four days ago, on the beach with family and friends. One of her closer friends, Jerry, took the picture above, as she tested the cold sea waters. Five seconds later, the girl had ran away, screaming that the water was 'effing freezing' and that the fish were going to 'freeze to death in that bloody thing.' As you can see, she has fine hair, which she has never been sure if it was dark brown or black, which hangs around her shoulders when down. She has a side fringe to accompany it, which just about stays out of her deep blue eyes, which are framed by long eyelashes and well defined eyebrows.

The girl's face is an oval shape, with few freckles, perhaps one or two, though these ones being a distinctly darker color than the rest of her skin. She hasn't had acne since she was eighteen - thank god - and so hasn't had to worry about that in a while. She has a small mouth which is usually twisted into a smile, forming dimples on her rosy cheeks and showing her teeth, which due to having to get braces when she was younger and a DIY Teeth Whitening Kit don't look too rough. Her skin is quite tan, something she surely inherited from her father, as her mother shrivels up into a wrinkly, sunburnt raisin in the sun - well, not literally, that would be scary. This tan has developed since she moved to America, as they never had good enough weather over in England.

She is a bit below average, standing at 5'4 and weighs 104lbs due to her fast metabolism and energy of that of a child. Though she may be twenty, this girl acts more like a twelve year old. She always has a little black string tied around her wrist, for no other reason than something to mess with when she is nervous. She has two piercings, one in each ear, as well as a few tattoos. Her first tattoo is off birds in flight, which is on her left arm. The next tattoo is of a feather, which is under her left arm. Her final tattoo is on her back, and has the words 'Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it...' etched onto this. Her style is a bit of everything, to be honest. Floral prints some days, the next leather jackets and high waisted shorts. She just wears whatever she feels comfortable but happy with herself in, and her make up also follows this rule. She isn't going to cake a layer of make up on and hide her face, but she does touch up on some things, for example: using eyeliner and mascara to highlight her eyes.


Dianne is like a triangle. She has three different sides - her pissed off mood, her jumpy mood and her caring mood. Then there is her drunk mood, but that can go in the middle.

In general, Dianne is very happy-go-lucky. Not exactly optimistic, but just very giddy and over-excited, that one girl everyone knows and either loves or hates because she is always giggling for seemingly no reason. This tends to go either ways - either people find her happiness infectious and can't help but love her, or they just find it annoying as hell and want her to shut up. This brings me to her next quality. Have you ever heard of the term 'stranger danger?' Well, she apparently hasn't. If she has just met you, she is still going to act like you're her friend. It's not that she isn't smart enough to realize people are cruel, - of course, if they seem suspicious, she isn't going to go sharing hugs with them - she just feels that the whole 'innocent until proven guilty' idea applies here. Of course being cautious is very nice and dandy, but why assume everyone is out to get you? What kind of a life is that, living in constant fear?

Her caring mood is when things get more serious. She will listen to whatever you have to say, giving her sympathy and empathy. She is not very good at giving advice, but she is good at keeping secrets, not judging and just listening. If people are ever upset, they often come to her. Though, asking what they should do is a bad idea - again, she is absolutely horrendous when it comes to advice. When she is pissed off, her happy go lucky self goes away. She will usually ignore you, probably send a few eye rolls your way, also.

As well as this, I suppose you could describe her as weird. She is one of those girls who you see online a lot, who love nutella and fan girling and using weird phrases like 'I ship it.' If you hear her say something like 'OTP,' don't question it, just nod and agree and pretend you understand what the hell she is talking abut, before she starts a rant. She is one of those girls that will stay up until five am to watch you-tube videos or re blog stuff on websites. She was hoping this habit would fade as she grew up, and it has slightly as she has become more involved with her drawing, but it certainly hasn't gone altogether. This is how she gets her inspiration, she seems to think. She loves the internet - mostly because she can converse with people she doesn't know, become best friends with people half way across the world, people she wouldn't know otherwise. She thinks it's an extraordinary thing.

- - - - - - - - - -

A few of Dianne's closest friends were asked what she was like as a person, and these are the answers they gave back.
Mother, Jane, aged 47; "Elizabeth is very caring. I love her to bits, but I do feel like she is sort of bottling up her emotions sometimes."
Sister, Lucy, aged 24; "Dee? She's a real cutie-pie! She's always so cheery and happy. She's either making me laugh or making me mad, but what are sisters for?"
Friend, Shauna, aged 19; "Dianne is really nice, great support, but I sometimes feel that she needs to trust more - she is never one to go rantin to others about her problems, unless its about how her favorite couple broke up or something ridiculous like that."
Friend, Jerry, aged 21; "DeeDee, she's like a little sister! I wish I could wrap her up and take her home with me - wait, that sounded really weird. But, she's weird, too, so it's okay."

- Nutella; It goes with absolutely anything, and it's chocolate! Bread? Yes! Cookies? Yes! Pancakes? yes! Carrots? .. not so much, but you get the point.
- Computers; Not only are they so entertaining, but the whole concept intrigues her - how they were made and react. They're practically robots.
- Painting; It's her secret way of letting out any emotions bottled inside of her. If you see a particularly dark picture, it probably means something is wrong,
- Colors; In general, they just remind her of happiness and sunshine, everything she loves.
- Her friends; When she is down, they don't question it - they just sit there and comfort her, without knowing the problem themselves.

- Bugs; In general. They're horrible, she's not really sure why she dislikes them - she just does, okay?
- Mint; Possibly the only person on the planet, the taste of mint disgusts her.
- Angular pictures; What she calls pictures with sharp edges, like squares. She has an aversion to rulers, and more free and abstract things are more appealing to her. This is why her favorite shape will always be a circle.
- The Collector; Why? Maybe because he kidnapped her! I thought it was pretty obvious, for goodness sake.
- People; Not in general, just some.. people. She can't even describe what type - though being hypocritical gets on her nerves.[/list]

- Painting; Being an artist, it would be worrying if it wasn't.
- Drawing; Not straight lines, though, be more free. Also, see painting.
- Laughing; Don;t say it's not a hobby, she enjoys it and does it often, so it is.
- Laptop; Just laptopping in general. I don't care if it's not a word - it is now.
- Badminton; One of the few sports she can actually do without landing flat on her face.
- Swimming; Here's another one.
- Running; The final one.


Dianne was never one to stand out as a child, and that was how she liked it. It was easier that way - fitting in. She had her bunch of friends who she would hang out with, she wouldn't speak out of turn, she would wear whatever was considered 'normal' at the time. All in all, she wanted to fit in. Dianne hid her personality under layers of average in an attempt not to be noticed, not to be acknowledged. Though no one ever found out, this was due to the fact she was being bullied.

It started when she was eleven, and moved to America - so, yes, it wasn't a lovely first impression. She arrived and settled in nicely, until two girls decided that being British made her different, weird. Joanna and Stacey, two girls a little bit higher than most on the social ladder, and they decided that they didn't like Dianne. It only took a little bit of gossip and bitching, and three months later, the whole school knew her as the 'British weirdo.'

Two years later, and this was still going on. Thirteen year old Dianne shut herself from the rest of her family, which is when her internet obsession began. She began to cut, though instead of just lines, she would carve images. Faces with exes for eyes, words. Only two weeks afterwards, someone must have noticed the scars, because she became 'cutting emo girl.' No one knew if the rumors were true, but who were they to say they weren't?

Well, one girl decided to find out, and it changed Dianne's life.
Shauna, who had gone to the school for the first few weeks of their first year before moving, came back, and immediately befriended Dianne. She wasn't afraid to speak her mind and was very sharp tongued, something Dianne admired. Shauna didn't seem to care what others thought, and whenever she was around, Dianne felt more confident. As time passed, people tried to start on Shauna, but a witty remark usually shut them up quickly. As the two became closer, they were rarely apart, and so it was rare that Stacey and Joanna could bully Dianne without receiving an insult back of Shauna.

Dianne mainly loved Shauna for one reason; she never asked. No matter how many rumors she heard, how many scars she saw, she never asked, never wondered. When she arrived at Diane's home and saw she had no Dad, she didn't ask about that, either. You see, when Dianne was younger, her father died when a motorcycle crashed into the car he had been driving. He was killed instantly.

When they went to high school, immediately, everything lifted up. Jerry met Dianne, who helped Dianne realize it was okay to be weird, wacky and different. Both Joanna and Stacey didn't go there, so there was no fear anymore. Just Dianne, and her two best friends, Jerry and Shauna. The three were perfect for each other - each weird in their own little ways. Dianne's canvas changed from her arms to graffiti, and then changed again when she took up art classes after school. The next year, Dianne got her first tattoo - her back tattoo, so she could remember that though she had imperfections, she was imperfectly perfect.


If you have anything you want to add.

So begins...

Dianne Parks's Story