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Sam Holt

"Love is Everything."

0 · 198 views · located in Maine

a character in “Collector's Collection”, as played by Rainbow Ripples



Sam Holt (Full Name Samantha)

Male โ™‚


Victim 3

Special Talent
Singing and Vocal Abilities

San Francisco, California




Sam is 5"6', and weighs 120lbs. He has faint freckles on his face and hands. His eyes are stormy- grey, with some blue, They are pretty to look at. Sam's hair is a Mohawk, that is fluffy and ruffled at the top. The back has rather long hair, yet the sides are shaven. The right side of his head is designed into a heart and dyed red for the effect. His skin is almost white, and ghostly pale; but very pink on his face, shoulders, knees, and hands. His hands are smaller than anyone he knows, and feet are petite. He is always wearing scarves, or shawls around his neck. Its not because he loves them, it is because when he was little he tried to hang himself; leaving his neck with a nasty rope-burn. His chest is frequently covered by name brand T-shirts, or phrases. His favorite shirt is a blood-red T-shirt, saying "Love is everything" ; with an black abstract design behind it. He wears Black and red, striped armbands. His bottoms are covered by grey boxers, covered by grey skinny jeans. His skinny jeans have "Apple Bottoms" sewed into the back pocket. He wears knee length striped socks (just like his armbands) and red Chuck Taylors. Sam wears ashy eyeliner, that is a faded grey. He has a beauty mark placed under his left eye.



Sam is guilty of many mood-swings. He is usually quiet, and controlled. Deep inside he just wants to break out and sing, but he cannot because how how people expect him to act. He feels like no one understands him, and aches to be accepted. When angry he will lash out all who try to comfort him, and expect them to understand. Unfortunately next to no one understands him. When he is sad, he is usually invulnerable to anything even things that would otherwise make him ecstatic. Sam is eccentric, and will usually establish that he is not like others. He is frequently scolded because his behavior is otherworldly compared to his brothers.

Sam loves to sing, nothing more to say. It is his passion, and without his voice he feels trapped inside his body. He also enjoys small things, such as reading. his favorite type of book is fantasy; because he feels as if he can be whisked away to almost anywhere, and have a grand adventure. He loves writing his own songs, and singing at bars. He likes flicking his wrist, as it makes a funny sound; like clicking.

Same was never a fan of video games. He disliked electronics because they always hurt his eyes. Sam has never liked being outdoors because of a bad experience when he was little. He dislikes clumsy people, and hates crowds.

Sam Sings, and writes songs, sometimes dances, and listens to rain. learning foreign languages.

Currently knows: English, German, Japanese, and in the middle of French.



Sam was born into the Holt family. Rich parents who cared a loved for him. When he was born, two brothers had already existed. the eldest, Frederick, and the middle, Matthew. The family was as loving and normal for about 6 years. When Sam was six, his brother Frederick (who at the time was 16) tried to smother him. Fred had gotten tired of being ignored by Meril (their mother) and decided to rid himself of the obstacle. Luckily Matthew (who was 10) stopped him. Meril scolded Fred and he was not allowed to see Sam for 4 years.

When Sam aged to 10 years old, exactly 4 years after Fred tried too kill him, Sam started showing signs of Bi-polar disorder. He was too young to be diagnosed and Meril was told to watch for signs. During this time, his father was away at the war. he had joined 4 years after Sam was born. Sam had started fighting with his other-self, and in a fit of rage he tried to commit suicide, he grabbed a rope and tried to hang himself. He passed out and woke up a few days later in the hospital.

From that day on he wore either bandages, or scarves around his neck in order to hide his mistake. While still having a conflict with himself, Sam entered a talent show. Him and his childhood friend Roswell, were supposed to sing a duet; but Roswell was late. by the time his friend got there, Sam was already singing perfectly and had stole the show. After it was over and it was clear that he had won, Roswell kissed him, in front of everyone. He was forever burned with the thought that he may be gay.

7 years later, he had made a debut as a singer. This was when he was told that his father had died in the war. His family was scared, and for days they stayed locked up in the house, and did not do anything. Sam was the first to break the pattern, and answered the door. It was the Military here to deliver the body of his father. He declined and he decided that it was time to write a song. He was sad, and frustrated and this caused his Bi-polar to get worse. He was starting to be completely consumed by himself. He was at war with his mind, and he was losing.

Sam came out with a album that was about love, and death. the fans ate it up, and he moved up on the charts. By now he decided he couldn't stand living. He tried to commit suicide again by slicing his wrist up. This time, he walked to the hospital dripping blood, and was checked in. Soon the tabloids where covered with his attempt. They wondered why someone like him, who had it all and was loved by all, would do this. he simply responded "You don't understand what its like inside my head."

After this he lay low for a few weeks. (then the events of the RP start)

So begins...

Sam Holt's Story