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Sebastian Matthews

Just because I can't see you doesn't mean I'm helpless

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a character in “Collector's Collection”, originally authored by pieluver, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Sebastian Matthews
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Role: Victim 2
Special Talent Playing an instrument, which is the piano
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Single


Sebby is 5'9 and 154 pounds. He has cloudy blue-green eyes and dirty blonde hair that verges on being brown. He is very pale and thin with long delicate fingers. He usually wears t-shirts and jeans, because he doesn't really care how he looks because he can't see himself, or anyone else for that matter, anyway. He has a faint spattering of freckles on his cheeks and across the bridge of his nose, but not nearly as many as he did as a young child. His hair is always messy because, again, he doesn't care how it looks as long as it is clean, so most of the time it just falls in his face/ He also often has a cowlick in the same place at the back of his head. He has a lopsided grin and one of his bottom teeth is crooked. He has a burn scar on his forehead from when he was fourteen and his little brother was setting off fireworks (I'm sure one can guess what happened), but it is very faint, and a long scar on his left knee from when he broke his knee at the age of eleven running through the forest after a fight with his mother. He has a habit of biting his fingernails, so they are usually very stubby.



Sebby is very headstrong. And he hates it when people call him Sebby. He likes to do things, or at least, attempt to do things, on his own. Usually he isn't all that successful. When someone treats him like a helpless child it makes him even more obstinate and angry which, for Seb, are synonymous. When he is happy, truly happy, not just playing at it, he is a sweet and funny guy, but as his mood sours, his sarcasm grows. And a sarcastic Seb is a vicious Seb. Sebby often struggles with depression, but tried to keep up a happy front so no one will know. The only time he is truly stress free is when he is playing. When he plays everything else is no existent. It is merely him, the feeling of the keys beneath his fingers and the sound of music in his ears. That is is safe haven. Seb is secretive too. He keeps to himself, even when he is talking to someone else. even his friends don't know that much about him because he never opens up.

Likes: Playing the piano, the sound of the rain and the way it feels on his skin, feeling most elements of nature (The wind...sun...that kind of thing), that moment when you wake from deep sleep and you are momentarily disoriented and still pleasantly sleepy, the sound of laughter, being alone but still being close enough to still hear the sounds of other people, spinning until he is dizzy (A childhood game he never outgrew), the feeling of sand in his palm, people who respect him and understand that he isn't completely helpless.

Dislikes: large crowds where he cannot orient himself, the feeling of being high off the ground, crying (His own sobs or someone else's), sandpaper, fire, the feeling of snow, yelling, absolute silence, feeling afraid, wide, flat expanses with nothing there to help Seb get his bearings (He sometimes has nightmares about wandering in a flat desert without knowing where he is going all alone), feeling helpless, making mistakes, unintentionally knocking things over or running into something, making a fool of himself.

Hobbies: Playing the piano (duh), running (mostly on a treadmill where he know that he won't hit anything), creating things with his hands using clay or some other softy physical medium (He isn't all that good at it, but it is something that calms him down almost as much as making music does)



Sebby was born blind, so he's never known colour. He was coddled by his parents as a youth, but at the age of six his parents decided they wanted another child, and his mother gave birth to another son. Sebastian was virtually forgotten. Strangely enough, that was the way he liked it. He was drawn to the large grand piano that had been abandoned in the basement during one exploration of the house. it was still in good condition, and Sebastian found delight in making sounds on it. His mother discovered him down there one day, and she was surprised at his talent and deftness with the old piano. Her eldest child actually was good for something. Surprise surprise.

She got him a music instructor, an old woman by the name of Joanie Cropp, who was skeptical at first, until young Sebastian, at the age of eight, over took his teacher in skill. He'd listen to the song, 'read' the braille music that was specially printed for him once or twice, then he had the song memorized and could play it almost perfectly on the first try. As he grew older, kept in the house almost every moment of his life because he was 'delicate' and taught by various tutors so he wouldn't have to go to a public school, he became restless. He practiced playing and memorizing new songs all the time, but it wasn't enough for him. He needed escape the oppressive house, he needed fresh air.

At the age of ten, Sebby ran away. he didn't run far, just down the street and around the corner to a large library he found there, but it took his parents hours to find him. Who expected a blind child to go into a library? The library was where Seb made his first friend, a girl of twelve named Marie Smith. She was the daughter of the head librarian, so she spent much of her time in the old dusty library with her cat, Mister Stripy, A solid black cat. Marie was a violinist, and Seb was drawn to the sound of her playing in one of the empty back rooms. She told Seb that she was practicing of a 'comptition', and Seb decided that was what he wanted to do as well.

His mother obliged, and thus started Seb's fame. A blind boy playing the piano with such skill was unheard of! He won many competitions, almost everyone he entered. His mother pushed him to practice harder and longer so he could be better than the rest. When he was eleven he had an argument with his mother about wanting to go to a normal school, which resulted in him running out into the forest and breaking his knee. His parents clamped down on his freedom after that. he was no longer aloud to go out to the library or any of the few friends he'd made through competitions, they had to come to him, with specific 'visiting hours', and they had to call two weeks in advanced as well. As soon as his knee healed, Seb's nighttime adventures started. He wandered the streets at night and miraculously, never got hurt. Or worse, caught.

Slowly Seb's parents stopped being so oppressive, but the nighttime wanderings continued. They didn't hamper his playing ability however, if anything they helped it. Seb was soon one of the top players.

So begins...

Sebastian Matthews's Story