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"Time to thin out the herd again?"

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a character in “College of the Gods”, as played by VitaminHeart


Name: Sekhmet "Powerful One"

What are you God or Goddess of?: War, the desert, pestilence and destruction.

Where are you from: Ancient Egyptian Pantheon

Gender: Female

Age: Appears around 21

Powers: Sekh can manipulate sand, allowing her twist it into shapes or call up sandstorms. She is able to communicate with lions and other big cats, and is able to take the form of a horrifying lion-like beast, its bites causing serious infections.

Past : Sekhmet was created from flames by the sun god Ra, many thousands of years before, when he sought to punish humanity. She was an embodiment of rage and destruction, and was unleashed upon the world to kill and destroy. The newly-created goddess laid waste to humanity, killing huge numbers, before Ra began to regret his rash decision. He called for Sekhmet to stop the bloodshed, but Sekh was consumed with bloodlust and ignored his pleas.

Facing the extinction of the human race at the hands (or paws) of the lion goddess, the other gods came up with a plan to stop her rampage. Ra poured down seven thousand jugs of beer, mixed with pomegranate juice, to make a pool in her path. Mistaking it for blood, Sekhmet drank it all, and became extremely drunk, passing out for nearly three days. When she awoke, she was not only very hung over, but also had slept off her bloodlust.

After that rather dramatic first action, Sekhmet calmed down to a great degree, becoming a guardian to Ra and the Pharaohs, rather than the destroyer she'd once been. She became closer to the deity of healing, Ptah, and her sister, Bast, the other feline goddess, who represented the other side of the coin, so to speak. Bast and Sekhmet were often seen together. She began to focus her destructive power into favouring and aiding mortal battles. The Egyptians feared that one day she would take on her destructive guise and return to destroy humanity, so honored her statues, held festivals, and left offerings to appear her worship died out, Sekhmet became progressively less protective of humanity, and began to reconsider the merits of her old. destructive nature.

Her change into a mortal guise bemused her, but has made her wonder whether it might be Ra's doing, and whether he intends to send her on a second cull in the near future. Sekhmet herself remains unsure of her purpose, but is quite prepared to fight.

Weapons: 'Claws of the Lioness'
The weapon taken the form of elbow length bracers, made of a coppery sort of material, though strengthened from copper's naturally soft and pliable nature to serve as strong arm guards. The hand portion of the weapon resembled a dark red leather glove, with the top two joints of the fingers encased in metal that is formed into thick, razor sharp claws that extend several inches from the finger tip. The claws are capable of doing considerable damage, as well as allowing Sekh to cling onto climbing surfaces and ledges more easily. For obvious reasons however, she has to be careful about slicing herself or others.

Description/ Picture: ... 46gyda.jpg (Kind of a vague impression of Sekh.)

Sekhmet resembles a tall and athletic young woman in her early twenties, of Egyptian descent. She has dark skin, and a mane of long, very dark brown hair. Her hair is thick and wiry, tending to misbehave and fall into her face. Her eyes appear a coppery-gold sort of hue that is most distinctive. She has an oval face and defined features. She tends to wear think black kohl around her eyes, once used to reduce the glare of the sun.

She has several tattoos scattered around her skin, representing her symbols as a goddess. She has a sceptre on the underside of her left forearm, a cobra coiled around her upper right arm, and the solar disk on her back.

She tends to dress quite practically, and for warm weather. Sekh doesn't really have winter clothes. She liked things that allow plenty of air to flow through them, and tends to wear light fabrics. She's not keen on synthetic materials. She wears a gold ankh pendant around her neck.

Personality: Sekhmet is not the easiest deity to get on with. She is a rather arrogant and over-confident sort, often rude, only too eager to boast her fighting prowess to others. She is rather highly strung, being quite easily angered or offended by others, and tending to be very quick to turn to violence to solve her problems. She loves to fight, and treats causing serious harm with casual disregard.

She is quite independent, happy enough in her own company, and by no means needy. She likes to get some 'alone time' from time to time, as spending too long around others tends to exhaust her. She can be a little on the lazy side regarding tasks she doesn't want to do, tending to procrastinate a little.

Beyond all this however, Sekhmet does have some quite admirable traits. While one side of the goddess is portrayed as all about fire and rage and destruction, the other is shown as a benevolent guardian. For those Sekhmet does warm to, she is a loyal and stoic companion whom one can rely on in a crisis. To those whom she gains a genuine respect for, she will quite happily step in to defend or protect them, regardless of the consequences. She is actually quite skilled in first aid and medical knowledge, an aspect she rarely brings up, not wanting to tarnish her destroyer reputation.

- Water. Being both a personification of the desert, and of cats, Sekhmet is scared of deep water. She can't swim and avoids any large body of water as much as she possibly can.

- Losing her pride/ being seen as weak. Sekhmet was feared and respected by the Egpytians, ad she has come to like that. She hates the idea of being regarded as weak.


-The Sun / Heat / Hot Weather. As a daughter of Ra, and representation of the desert, Sekhmet loves hot weather, the hotter and drier, the better. When other people are diving for the shade she's still quite comfortable, and often calling everyone else lightweights.

-Cats, especially lions. She admires every aspect of lions and their society. The fact that they rule over their savannah homeland, the fact that the females are strong hunters rather than being cowed and submissive, and the fact that they enjoy lying out in the sun almost as much as she does. Cats tend to take a liking to her naturally.

-Pomegranates. Sekh still retains her weakness for the stuff that Ra stopped her rampage with. Beer with pomegranate juice was what she originally fell for, but she likes anything pomegranate flavour, at least partially due to its similarity to blood.

-Alcohol. Sekhmet likes to drink, and isn't the best at knowing her limits...or she doesn't really care. Thankfully she's actually considerably less aggressive under the influence, being significantly less likely to get into fights than when sober. She is especially fond of pomegranate-flavoured drinks, so things with grenadine in are popular with her.


-The Cold. Sekhmet hates cold weather. It lessens her power, and also makes her feel rather homesick for her native land. It does not help that she owns no cold weather clothes, and tends to be too proud to admit that her garments might not be warm enough for the weather, so she tends to stick it out and try to hide her shivering.

-Dogs. She is a feline goddess, and dislikes dogs. She thinks they're cowardly, stupid, needy creatures with unhygenic habits. Dogs tend to go crazy around her, either barking and snapping, or cowering

- Felines being demeaned. Sekh sees felines as noble and beautiful animals that should be afforded respect. Seeing a lion trained to jump through hoops, a lynx kept like a housepet, or a cat dressed in a tiny tuxedo angers her. She disapproves of any wild animals being kept as pets, but especially wild cats.

So begins...

Sekhmet's Story


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#, as written by Zensai
Modern Earth, the age of science has replaced the age of Gods and Magic. They all have disproven everything about them. People have gone to the so called home of the Greek Gods and found… nothing… No grand palaces or anything else. The Gods places of worship have all but crumbled away. Some have been stolen from and some broken into and vandalized.
The mortals have forgotten about them and explained away everything about them.
But they have not thought of one simple possibility…Maybe the Gods have moved… or have their own dimension. The Gods have never met the other gods of a different culture, aside from the Roman and Greek, but that is because they are one and the same…Each realm feels like one would expect from each culture.

Asgard is surrounded by an impregnable wall and is one of the Nine worlds, inhabited by the Aesir, the race of Warrior Gods. It is located at the highest point of their universe and has the Rainbow Bridge connecting their world to Earth. They also have Valhalla the place were slain warriors wait for the final battle, Ragnarok. The realm of their Elves Alfheim and Svartalfheim is also there as well as Vanaheim the home of Vanir, it is a glorious if a bit cold. Also there is the realm of frost giants they are constantly battling. As well as Helheim, their underworld which Hel, Lokis’ daughter resides and is protected by Garm, Hel's enormous dog-guard, lives in the cave Gnipahellir. He is an eight-foot-tall black hound with glowing eyes. It is important not to underestimate Garm. While he may act like a big dog - vicious and dangerous or friendly depending on who you are - it's an act. There is as much intelligence in Garm as in any other of Helheim's guards. He is a Jotun who is always in dog-form, but he is no dumb beast. Garm seems to be on a general patrol around the borders of Helheim, meaning that he could be anywhere at any point.
Mount Olympus is the abode of the chief god Zeus. Also, the foremost gods of the Greek pantheon have their palaces at the summit. It is here that the gods assemble to consume nectar and ambrosia, the substances which reinforces their immortality. The top of the Olympus, which is covered in snow and hidden in the clouds, reaches all the way into the aether. It is the highest mountain of Greece and lies on the border of Macedonia and Thessaly, yet though mortals have been to the top they have never seen the realm. And why would they? The Gods have hidden it from their mortal eyes. Also of course is the Domain of Hades, which is surrounded nine times by the River Styx, where Hades resides.
The Egyptian Gods abandoned Walking the Earth and made their own realm one that mimics Ancient Egypt, yet more elegantly and seems to never decay.
The Aztec took a liking to the lushness of the place they were worshipped and made their own realm reflect that. Lushness surrounding them and the sounds of the jungle ever present as each God resided in their own grand pyramids, very much like the temples that the Aztecs worshipped them in.
The Hindu gods have retreated back into their Lokas, looking forlornly at the world they left, though it should be mentioned that they have never seen the other Gods walk the world, perhaps the Earth of the other Gods are different in some way?

Each God in each realm have seen the flow of time on Earth and seen it change, but never seeing the other realms of the other gods.

Until now.

Ten Gods, including a few Goddesses, have been cast out of their realm by someone, though they do not know who. Some of the Gods and Goddesses are the righteous; some are the outcasts among the gods… They each have their weapons on them and have been assigned lodges at a college. They do not know how they have come to Earth or who these others are, though a few they recognize from their own realm. For the first time in history The Asgardians will meet the Olympians, the Hindu Gods will meet the Egpytian Gods and the Alaskan Gods as well as the Azetec.
Thrown into this mix are four mortals, two men and two women, who are going to the school as well. They know not who these ones are or the powers they possess, but they soon will…
The Gods have a common goal, though some are more reluctant about it than others, get back to their own realm, but to do that they need help… from the mortals. But will the mortals help? Or will they try to kill the gods, for on Earth there maybe a weapon that can kill them. Though only Mortals may wield it.


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#, as written by Zensai
Loki kept his hand on his staff as he heard the thunder crash above them. “…I do not know how I came to be on Midgard, or Earth…whatever it may be called. I was where I usually am and then I came to be near this building of learning.” He told him. He smirked at Thor, “Odinson if I brought you here I would not have given you the pleasure of having both your power and your weapon… and yes I can tell what that stick is. T’would be one or the other not both, of course I’d be limited as well, being as this was in the treasury when I was imprisoned.” He commented. He sat back down in his chair his staff still close by his side. “I am furious to see my captor here…but I agree with you that we should not try to smash our heads in…for now.” He remarked. He smirked at Thor as he made his staff turn into a scepter and made it seem like it vanish, “I won’t need that to kill you, Odinson.” He remarked. He then remembered about the other one in the room.

“A fair question, it seems for once you are using your brain and not your brawn! I am almost impressed.” He mocked Thor. “I do not know him, he is not an Aesir else we would have recognized him. But I feel he is not mortal, else he would not have been able to enter this room. I do not know what he is nor who he is.” He remarked ignoring the brown haired mans’ jibes, he knew he needed to calm down… but the lighting didn’t help that, he hated thunder and lightning… “I was conversing with him afore you threw open the door announcing your presence in your usual brutish manners. There is a thing called subtly…” he jibe at him before turning to the other.

“Well then, speak your name and what you are.” He calmly told him. He turned to the new man and now new women, “I am curious about that as well, though I have a feeling of who it may have been. Not for you three, for I do not know nor assume to know much about you, only hints.” He commented with a shrug, he could tell he wasn’t liked by this one, but then again Loki wasn’t known for friends, he wasn’t the most pleasant person. Even among his own kind there wasn’t many that he counted as brethren. “Thor was at one point…As well as Odin…” he thought to himself as he rested his head on back of his hand. He quickly wiped that thought away.


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#, as written by Zensai
Loki actually chuckled warmly at Thors’ remark, “I was lost in thought actually… I was wondering if there was a clue in this room… But yes, I should introduce myself. I am Loki. Son of the Giantess Laufey…” he rolled his shoulders slightly feeling them to be a bit stiff. “Being tied up has left me a bit stiff Odinson, I assume when we get back to Asgard I won’t be able to ask for my binds to be a little less tight?” he asked him already knowing he answer to be no. “As for our rules not applying here… tis seems some do. How else would your lightning be able to obey you? Try releasing Mjollnir see if you can summon it to you… Don’t worry I won’t steal it.” He told him. He glanced around the room taking in each and every detail. “Before you do so Thor, a question to you all, perhaps one that may answer some of my suspicions… Does the structure of the Arena mean anything special to you? Or not necessarily you, but where you come from?” he asked them, his eyes taking in everything he could.


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"Dammit...!" Erebus groaned in pain, clinging his chest in agony. He panted desperately and coughed up dark black blood. "How could this happen...!?" He fell to the ground, his vision blurred as he collapsed in anguish. Only once before had he felt this weak, and he never truly recovered from that day. Erebus was a primordial greek god, the crafters of the universe and rulers before the Titans. His power was as vast as the darkness of the night sky, all of darkness, every shadow was at his command and control. But right then, he felt something he had not experienced in millennia, pain. 

Erebus crawled to a wall to a building in this alley, he moaned weakly, coughing up more and more of his black blood. Erebus was a common visitor of the mortal realm. He would drink, womanize, do drugs, kill random people, experience all the 'luxuries'  and 'pleasures' of the mortals, but it was different now, this time he was not in control.  "To me my Shadow..." Across the alley floor, climbing the walls of the two buildings beside, dark shadowy figures swarmed to Erebus. They combined together into one single dark entity. 


Erebus snarled in such pain his teeth nearly bled, he threw his back against the wall in one quick twist. He stared at the wicked silhouette of his shadow, standing obediently against the parallel wall.  Blood slowly trickled down Erebus's chin. 

"What is the meaning of this...? Have I been poisoned again...?" Erebus growled in anger and pain, remembering the night of his wife's murder. An unknown assailant had poisoned the wines of Erebus and his wife Nyx, the night. This poison burned away their immortality, leaving them vulnerable and weak. The poison took such a tole on Nyx that her mind was destroyed. This pain was similar to before, but weaker, not as concentrated as the poison was once before.  

"Shadow..." Erebus had prepared something in case he was poisoned again. He had hidden fragments of his existence within his shadow, making his shadow alive and his last resort. His shadow's figure stretched slowly until it was touching him. Erebus gasped out as he felt himself slowly siphoning some of his existence from his shadow, enough to ease the pain of mortality. 

"αιώνιο σκοτάδι, καθρέφτη στη σκιά, δείξε μου, όπου η σκιά της αλήθειας στηρίζεται" Erebus enchanted slowly to his shadow. (eternal darkness, shadowed mirror, show me where the shadow of truth rests) The darkness of his shadow began to swirl and ripple until it looked like a mirror of obsidian. Inside the mirror showed a round room, with ten chairs. Within the room were deities. Like him, weakened in their immortality. Today, these were his siblings in calamity. 

"ας σκιές μας αναμίξετε" (let our shades mix) Erebus began to sink into his shadow like quick sand, raising from a new shadow within the round room along with his 'siblings'. He slowly forced himself to his feet, his shadow then carried him to an obsidian chair with the name 'Έρεβος', his name. "Siblings..."


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#, as written by Zensai
Loki blinked at the man who just appeared out of shadows and smirked a bit, "I was getting a bit tired of people just opening doors in here..." he remarked with a chuckle. He blinked, "Ahhh... so you have the same feeling as I do about who everyone is...rather what everyone is..." he commented as the another door appeared and opened. He looked at the other one who entered, looking him over "tan skin, tall, sturdy build, Blond hair... of course. What in Helhiem is that around his eye?" he thought to himself. He shook his thoughts away as he watched the man look around at the others, "interesting.. unlike most he seems to be taking everyone in..." he thought to himself. When the man looked at him he only offered a faint smirk. "Seems more are coming..." he muttered softly. When the man spoke he shrugged, "I have no clue...though there may be clues here..." he told them as he stood up and started to carefully look at the wall behind him. He blinked as he saw a familiar marking. "Well, well..." he muttered to himself as he placed his hand on the wall and felt around it. "Seems. One of my hunches may have been right..." he stated as he closed his eyes and green flames wrapped around a the brick as the flame formed the Norse rune for his name. He watched as the brick vanished. He looked inside and pulled out a wooden box, made out of pine. He blinked as he saw the Yggdrasil mark on it. He flipped opened the lid using a slight bit of his magic to do so and found inside it.

A key.

He blinked as he picked up the key on a slim chain... it did not seem to be made of Earthly metal. "Tis seems they mean us to have a place to board..." he muttered as he picked up another scroll, "I am getting sick of these..." he muttered as he cracked the seal and read it with a groan. Loki Laufeyjarson, you and Thor are sharing a room in the Norse Dorm, you have the dorm all to yourselves, but do not try anything to foolish, for we have eyes everywhere. He looked at Thor. "Why is it always you?" he stated more to himself. He shook his head and decided he should leave the room... he was hungry. "I suggest everyone try to find their keys." he muttered. "Tis seems we a boarding with others... You can guess who I am boarding with..." he muttered.

As he was leaving he saw something glittering on one of the chairs above them in the stadium that started to actually come towards them, mainly towards Thor. “Thor! Look out!” he cried out, a fear in his heart for him… an odd and unwelcome occurrence, as he quickly drew on his fire and concentrated it to be as thin as a needle as he hit it out of the way. The object appeared to be a fragment of some unearthly metal.


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Erebus breathed out weakly, exhausted and irritated to think that his immortality had been weakened to stay at this mortal institution. What more, when he heard Loki and Thor were to lodge together in a dorm of the Norse, he gritted his teeth in anger. As he had sat there, he had noticed his great-nephew Hades (one of the few Gods of Olympus he could stand) and a throne set aside for his least favorite great-great-nephew, Apollo. Erebus may have not interacted with his nephews but from his visits to Earth, he was constantly reminded of his Olympic family. The terrible bright lights, the endless crowds of people, and all of the NOISE. 

Erebus like many of the other primordial gods existed unhindered and free to act as long as it did not go against the 'rulers'. Most of the primordial gods and goddess were the embodiments of the universe, avatars of existence. Erebus was the 'avatar' of darkness, so his freedom was uncontested, but if he was to go against the current rulers, he would risk being imprisioned to his embodiment. His sister Gaia, the 'avatar' of the Earth and mother of the titans, was imprisoned to her embodiment, trapping her within herself, in a form of stasis. Erebus believed his sister to be a fool but it was truly the fault of the Olympians, after all they were her grandchildren. Erebus had no attachment to existing freely really, he still lived in constant agony and anger, but if he was imprisioned he would truly be alone. While Erebus likes to be left alone and have alone time, he did not like the idea of being forced alone. It would be like the murder of his wife all again.,

Erebus closed his eyes, focusing upon the key he was suppose to find to try and ease the rage and anguish from his thoughts family. He began to think, "A key for the Greek dorm. A key..." Suddenly his eyes busted open and spoke softly to himself. "The Greek Key."

The Greek Key, also known as the Greek Fret or Greek Line, is a decorative border constructed from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated motif. It is also known as a 'meander' or 'meandros' from the Greek God of the winding river, Maíandros.

Erebus spoke softly "Shadow, find the meandros." Erebus's shadow faded into the room around them, melding with the other shadows. It was but a few moments later, when Erebus's shadow reformed three dimensionally beside him. Like a shadowy specter it did not speak but simply raised its left arm, pointing a dark smokey like finger. Erebus rose from his chair, calmly and slowly walking for where his Shadow had gestured. 

Against the wall, down on the floor was a solid stone base molding, that circled the room. It had no designs on it, except for one small square with the Greek Key engraved in it. Erebus reached down to the design, casting a shadow over it. The moment his hand touched the shadow on the base molding, his hand passed through the shadow and inside the wall. 

Erebus slowly pulled away from the wall, a key and scroll in hand, thinking to himself. "The sooner to begin, the sooner to finish."