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Otter Starr Jinx

~::Beast Girl::~

0 · 316 views · located in High Fantasy

a character in “Colleges of Magic”, as played by kelsiikhaos


When I was born I was named; Otter Starr Jinx.
A.K.A. Otto, or her middle name, Starr.

Otto attempting to be a gangster.

15, even though she doesn't look a day under 17. 
Spells Known:
-Normal attire; She tends to kick it in either skinny jeans or a pair of ripped jeans, maybe a skirt or a dress if she's feelin' it. Accompanyed with sentimental band tee-shirts or v-necks. Maybe a leather jacket or some combat boots for an extra side dish. She accesorizes with multiple different colored bows, hair clips, studded belts, belt buckles, necklaces and bracelets She has multiple piercings, including her tongue, snakebites, a nose stud on the left side, her ears pierced twice on the bottom and a safety pin stuck through the industrial of either ear. She like to wear makeup alot, mostly heavy eyeliner on top and light on bottom and dark or light eyeshadow depending on what she is wearing. And of course, you can't take off tattoo's, just ask her about them, she would love to show them off.
-Body; 5'6, 122 lbs. Hourglass frame. Pale skin.
-Hair; Long, thick, lucious and black, she usually keeps it straight, sometimes curling for special occasions.
Surrounded by long, dark lashes.
 Lore: Beast. 
Why? Who wouldn't want to have control or change into awesome animals???
Otter is on the perky side. She likes to socialize from time to time but she tends to stay in her own world doing anything and practically everything that she pleases. Unless the opposite sex is involved. She's not much for hanging around girls; always finding them to be an annoyance and mostly a waste of flesh although she is interested in both genders when it comes to getting dirty. Let's just say she knows her way around a bedroom. Not necessarily getting around as much as experienced. She could show you a good time is a good summarization. Aside from that, she is normally found listening to music or causing trouble. But otherwise, she's awfully sweet and caring, as well she was blessed with book smart. Although she may look innocent, she's obviously not. On the other hand, though, she is normally up for about anything, especially if she is bored. She is really weird, and crazy on occasion, causing people to stare her in wonder, thinking, "What on Earth is wrong with that girl?" But she doesn't care what people think of her, and really doesn't care about anything in general. She is particularily lazy, except for when she is interested in what she is doing. Although she is one to love her pleasures, she let's the boys come to her, and they always do. Otto cares alot about fashion and style. Everyday taking at least an hour to look her best. She may look small, but that doesn't stop her from standing up for herself, and she never backs down from a fight. Otter is also very stubborn and hard headed, so when she wants something, she gets it. Otter is very impatient she hates depending on others for something, making her quite independent. After being in an abusive household, she's learned how to throw a couple of punches and finds herself to be quite the speedster and light on her toes making it to where she rarely loses a fight. 
+Getting along with animals/pets. 
+Understanding people's point of view. 
+Crazy, in a good way. 
~Rude people. 
~Her never leving voices. 
Her good looks being from her mother, she has alot in common with her. Picking up her addiction to Meth for a while as well as how to be the proper lady from time to time. After being conceived, her mother departed, leaving her to stay with her father, Sixx. Being as beautiful as she was, as well as hard headed that he was, Sixx just couldn't keep his hands off of her, in beating and sexual ways. After a while, she got tired of her father's devilish ways and killed him in spite of his actions. She has been going to school ever since, trying to hide from the "Copper's." as she would say.
*Learning magic. 
*The dark. 
!Her problem.  
Is nearly constantly smoking, sometimes does drugs on occasion. As well, she has another major flaw;
Otter suffers from the mental disorder schizophrenia.
Her symptoms include;
She hears different voices particullarly often, some good, others not so much.
She gained Insomnia after being diagnosed with her disorder, the stress and voices causing her to stay awake for days on end without get medication.
Occasional mood swings.
Numerous hallucinations and delusions.
She even has times where she isn't in control of her own brain, one of the voices taking over or a large amount of jumbled thoughts when put into words, never make sense.

So begins...

Otter Starr Jinx's Story