Scarlet Larkon

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a character in “Collision of Worlds”, as played by TwiztedWingz


Scarlet Larkon



Fairytale: Little Red Riding Hood

What character you are:
Little Red Riding Hood

Do you know you are from a story:
Little Red knows, Scarlet does not [See Mental Illness]

She doesn't exactly have a different form, but Little Red sees herself as a killer, and her walk, posture and speech will change.[/center]

Works at the local Bakery with an older woman who everyone know's as "Grammy".


What is wrong with you: (Mental illness or other):
Multiple personality disorder: A neurosis in which the personality becomes dissociated into two or more distinct parts each of which becomes dominant and controls behavior from time to time to the exclusion of the other parts

Distinguishing characteristics:
She has two sides of her, one side goes by Scarlet the other goes by Little Red. Scarlet is out most of the time, but Little Red is her horrible, killing machine personality. Little Red sees herself as a dark, wolfish creature, only to come out at night. Little Red shows many Sociopath tendencies, such as no remorse, pathological liar and a fake charm. Scarlet tends to believe that Little Red is a figment of her imagination, an old "Imaginary friend" she used to bring out when she was being teased at school. She thought she had rid of Little Red when she was at least fifteen.

Scarlet's Personality:
She is a bit naive, she loves daydreaming, baking, meeting new people, reading, writing, and singing, taking long walks in the forest. She is extremely sad about her Grandmother's death still. She is a sweetheart, and gets hurt easily by teasing and is frightened easily. She is deathly afraid of wolves and judgement. She is extremely shy and loves to please people.

Spiders, wolves, and absolutely terrified of the dark.

Little Red's Personality:
Believes that Scarlet is a whimp, a coward, and a disgrace with no backbone. Little Red is cruel with a sharp, nasty tongue. She hates when people tell her no, or even think about getting in her way. She also enjoys a good blood shed and takes a liking to sharp objects and has found a new hobby of playing with Zippo lighters.


A sword, daggers, nails, basket and poisoning the baked goods.

Brief Background:

On her way to Grandmother's house she had claimed to the police to have seen a wolf eat her grandmother. Of course, it was she who had grabbed a kitchen knife, leaving her Grandmother's body on the bed. As Scarlet came back into consciousness she found her Grandmother dead on the bed, she was devastated and found claw marks, which she only assumed a wolf had gotten in and she quickly called the police.

That night, Little Red came back into power, running away from the scene of the crime, never looking back. Scarlet awoke, finding herself in a strange new place, she was brought in by a nice elder couple, then shortly after was kicked out because of Little Red's rude and inhumane tendencies. She was left to wander the streets until hospitalized. Little Red faked her way through this until they released Scarlet/Little Red and then Scarlet went and decided to take a job up at the local bakery.

So begins...

Scarlet Larkon's Story