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The New World, a terrifying land filled with the unknown and countless opportunities. A land where men and women can start over again, cut out a small piece of heaven for themselves or.. take it from another.

526 readers have visited Colonization since Blazin Beard created it.


((Co-Gm is Tigeress))


In 1093, a rather eccentric sailor by the name of Birv Estave made a bold claim to the world, while sitting in a tavern, that he would sail around the world.. again. This was not the first time he had made such claims, already claiming to have sailed around the world twice even going as far to say that he has had numerous love affairs with rather lovely fish women during his journeys, but it cannot be denied that Estave did attempt his claim.

In 1095, News reached the people that Estave's crew had discovered a new land! Unfortunately, there was no sign of the great sailor himself, the story spread like wildfire. It became the latest gossip in the royal courts around the land, but it wasn't long before people began to claim that all was a lie. It was common knowledge that Estave made wild claims and some even considered him to have lost what sense he had long ago. It seemed the news had all but died down, unfortunately, drunk sailors are known widely for their stories. Every time a sailor, of what once was Estave's crew found, himself in a tavern, the bragging would begin, but soon the sailors found themselves being called liars.

This could not be so! Their tales became more outlandish with every telling. Speaking of strange animal people, gold, lost civilizations, and other wondrous and rather dubious sights. One thing cannot be doubted, when one says gold and riches are waiting to be taken, it is common for men looking for fortune to go, even if it is a long and rather unlikely shot.

Mercenaries, Pirates, and Explorers all set out to find these treasures and beautiful fish-women that the sailors spoke about.

In 1098, Proof of the new land had been found. A group of Mercenaries and Explorers returned with bound and chained creatures, humanoid in appearance with long almost feline appearances. Although, it wasnt the find of the creatures that sparked imagination, but the wonder of what else could be in this strange new land.

No one took to this news better than the King of Noveria, Mikail Noveria, a young kind of only 27 summers. He commissioned great expeditions to be undergone to find the wonders, capture creatures, and find the treasure that was in the new world.

In 1102, After nearly 4 years of expeditions failed to bring up anything valuable, interest seemed to be waning, and if it was not for the spirit of King Mikail Noveria interest may have been gone completely. With the expeditions not finding much in gold, but much in the way of land, it seemed a new opportunity could present itself. Instead of sending men over to search, why not simply have men stay in that land?

The first to undergo this new, exciting, and rather suicidal venture was Jamra Milan, A minor noble lady of the house of Milan, was first to arrive on these shores. It is said mostly to escape the various debts she had by clearing out her entire territory. Funded by the king, she managed to gather together five ships packed to the brim with supplies and people and headed off into the new world.

This trend would continue for years, with King Mikail Noveria funding many of the would be colonist.

In 1123, King Mikail Noveria passed on and his son King Mikail Noveria the 2nd was crowned king. The colonization had been costing the country dearly with the previous king pumping money into a revenue that was showing no return. He cares little about the expeditions and colonies forged by his father. It is perhaps out of this spite that many colonies have now formed their own, independent regions,

To help refund the country, he has begun undergoing a war effort with Noverias neighbors.. a war that shows no end at the moment, but one thing is for certain, the colonies are on their own cut off from what the colonist refer often to as the Mainland.

Character Skeleton: (feel free to add what you feel needs to be added)




Race: (If human, place human, if you wish to create your own race than your race will be questioned and fleshed out, and we expect things such as culture, history ect, as these help us decide upon the success and failures of your people in some areas. You will also be asked in a pm for statistical information.)


General Personality:

History: (this should contain how you came to be within the realm ect, and affects some grey areas that we will play with, so being detailed will help.)

Equipment: (arms and armor ect. Try to keep it realistic and pregunpowder, as this is a fantasy story)

Land:(up to 20 points)

Starting Soldiers:
Anything Special about these men we should know about?:
Anyone important in these men? If so give us a character skeleton of them:

Starting land and determining what you receive:
Beneath you will find a list of terrain or settlements that will cost points to pick. All players have 20 starting points that you can use to select your land terrain and any starting settlements on it. If you choose a Settlement note that I will put a start population range next to it, and for the most part I will let players pick their starting populations. Large and small populations both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Note: You will need a decent mix as if you pick all terrain, you will have no people, if you pick all settlements you will be living in literally a barren wasteland.

2 Points:
Village (400-600)
Dirt Road: (these can be built in game, but if you wish you can start with a dirt road system already implemented.)
Motte and Baily: A Small keep centered on a raised elevation with a palisade en-circling it. It is a very basic fortification that is used more as a outpost and border watches.

3 Points:
Fishing Village (400-600)
Small river
Small forest of Common Wood (pine, of if you wanted a jungle)

4 Points:
Small Town (600-800)
Orchard of Apples near a settlement of your choice
Mountains with Iron ore

5 Points:
Small coastal town (600-800)
Medium Town (800-1000)
Medium forest of common wood
Lake fed by streams
Paved Roads

6 points:
Medium coastal town (600-800)
Large town (1000-1200)
Medium forest of rare or higher quality wood (Oak, Redwood, etc take your pick)
Lake fed by river
Mountains with Silver ore
Wooden Castle: Medium stone keep with a wooden curtain wall. It is much thicker than a palisade with raised battlements for soldiers to stand on. Inside there is a small town of (600-800) people.

7 points:
Large coastal town (1000-1200)
Large Forest of quality wood
Castle: Large stone keep with a stone curtain wall. It can be upgraded in the story with various other fortifications, inside is a large town of (1000-1200) people.
Small City: (1200-2000)

8 points:
Small coastal city: (1200-2000)
City: (2000+) Note for this Myself or Tigeress will pick your population.
Mountains with Gold Ore.

Starting Soldiers:
0-20 elite soldiers armored in heavy armor (half-plate) and given whatever weapons you wish.
30-50 Soldiers armored in Medium armor (Breastplate, scalemail) and given whatever weapons you wish.
60-80 Militia armored in Light Armor (Chainmail) and given whatever weapons you wish.
80-100 Militia armored in Leather and given whatever weapons you wish.

Note: If you have many settlements, you will want more men to guard and patrol those settlements.

((More information will come up in the OCC when relevant. I dont want to make you read anymore than I am already making you in this introductory tab))

Toggle Rules

1. Be polite to other roleplayers, get along, and have fun. Disputes will call upon a god of wrathful vengeance upon your kingdom... roar.

2. No chat speak please, we ask that you use complete sentences ect.

3. Please respect the decisions of the GM and Co- GM, if you object to something in the roleplay than pm one of us and we'll try to make things right.

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