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Elizabeth Emilia Marlen

"Why don't you come and play with gravity."

0 · 281 views · located in Lakeside

a character in “Color Coded”, as played by Fallen


Elizabeth Emilia Marlen
Nickname: Lizz, Lizzy
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Female
Power Level: 6
Power: Gravity manipulation

Eye color: Brown
Hair color/length/texture: Dark brown, long, thick
Complexion: Fair
Height: 6'1
Any other features: Tounge piercing, belly piercing, winged tattoo on her back.
Clothes: Elizabeth wears a mixture of casual and urban clothing but with style. However, she is interested in a variety of different types of clothes.

Personality: Elizabeth is very imaginative, creative, and extremely crafty. She likes to think out of the box, no matter how ridiculous her ideas are. She hates being told how to do anything, when she should do it, or that she is wrong. But all and all she does not care, she will not listen to anyone for any reason whatsoever. She's very blunt, in your face, and can border on rude because she will not hold anything back. She is someone who would rather work on her own, or be in charge, as she has a very hard time with other people. She is a social failure, and has a hard time 'making nice' with anyone. She doesn't trust a soul, and is always weary of new people. She's what people might call street smart but she's only average in school. She's extremely pessimistic at times, as her optimism has lost it's place. She wears two faces, either that of a serious look, or something that looks sarcastic and witty like she's about to mess with you. She almost radiates an aura that says don't mess with me or I'll kill you, when she's wary of a situation. She is extremely good at lying and fibbing but she hates when other people do it to her. She can't stand idiocy or naive people, or what she would call weaklings, but she cannot help but want to help them at the same time. She can seem intimidating, or just plain creepy or crazy. Shes lastly extremely, painfully, stubborn. However, if you should ever, ever get past that side of her, somewhere is an awkward sweet Elizabeth. She's quite tsundere.

Elizabeth is quite the technology geek. She loves computers and everything about them, she also loves things like gaming and online MMOs and is a die hard stay up for days at a time until you're a zombie type. She does art through the computer as well such as digital arts like graphic design and motion graphics. She makes signatures and wallpapers all the time for fun. She draws with a tablet in programs like Sai and CG Illustrator, drawing both anime and realism extremely well. She is very into music, being an actual musical prodigy she never finds herself without music on somewhere, always having her ipod on her at all times. She takes her instruments with her wherever she goes, and though she can play any type of classical instrument she also has a love for electric guitar and plays it like a pro. She picked this up by listening to vocaloid vocarock songs, which she also started picking up screamo, which she has now been doing for years. In short she is all about art and music, with the exception of being a nerd for games. She is one of those hardcore girl gamers, and having endless amounts of money means lots of item mall items. She often spoils herself in game having lots of extras and every costume available. Always in the best guilds and known as one of the top pvpers and one of the best people in her guilds wars.

Some other things she enjoys would be shuffling and hip hop dancing. Elizabeth is a beast shuffler, but only does it for fun and no one has really seen her do it. When it comes to hip hop, that was also something she taught herself out of boredom. It is the easiest and funnest way to dance to the most modern music in her opinion. She is also into cosplaying and modeling, she gets her own cosplays custom made, and often models them or has proffesional pictures taken, all in fun again. She has been to conventions, though, and loves them dearly. She lastly likes archery and fencing, they are hobbies she picked up at the age of fourteen. She is extremely good at archery, and fencing, but archery moreso. She always hits bulls eyes and even has multiple custom made bows which were extremely expensive. She owns her own swords for fencing as well, and always insists on dual weilding, as she does this for fun.

And then it comes to using her powers. Elizabeth is relentless when using her powers, she's rebellious and fearless. Ultimately, she is not afraid to use them for her own selfish reasons. She fully enjoys every moment she tortures one person or another abusing gravity. She has fully harnessed her powers and refuses to waste them. Because of this she has taken to being a thief, and to the extremities. However that wasn't enough, so she insisted on becoming an unofficial bringer of justice. Punishing those who pick on the weak, punishing them slowly. She has yet to be caught, however people are constantly after her, and

Positive traits:

- Elizabeth is a very protective person. She will make sure everyone is accounted for and everyone is safe.
- Elizabeth is rugged. She's very strong physically and mentally and easily takes care of herself.
- Elizabeth has street smarts. This is more or less what keeps her out of trouble.
- Elizabeth is loyal. If you get on her good side, she will be loyal to her, so long as you don't cross her.
- Elizabeth is strong. Strong willed, determined, hard headed, tough skinned, and overall magically she is strong.
- Afraid of nothing; nothing and no one, if it's impossible, she must do it.
- Jack of all trades; she is that one person who seems to know how to do everything.
- Thief, she is a great thief. Watch your banks.

Negative traits:

- Almost impossible to get along with immediately.
- Takes time for her to warm up to you.
- Cannot follow orders.
- Doesn't make nice very well
- Doesn't do well in a 'team'.
- Can be rude a majority of the time.
- Hard for some people to understand
- Very rash and go go go.


- Singing loudly when bored
- Doodling while people are talking to her
- Dancing when bored
- Biting her bottom lip when thinking


- Singing
- Dancing
- Shuffling
- Hacking
- Theft
- Drawing
- Catching the 'bad guys'


- Her little brother dying
- Her little sister dying
- Dying
- Losing at anything
- Clowns


- Her little brother being in trouble
- Seeing loved ones suffer
- Animals
- Her inability to take orders


Her power
Electric guitar / guitar
Screamo (she's quite good)
Graphic design
Motion graphics
After Effects
Music Editing / Audio mixing
Writing lyrics
The cold
A challenge


Most people
Things that limit creativity and free thinking
Being alone (will never admit it)
The dark
Being talked down to


Two handguns
Butterfly knife
Army knife
A bow (Yes, why let that archery go to waste right?)

History (just give a brief sentence or two)

So begins...

Elizabeth Emilia Marlen's Story


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#, as written by Fallen
Elizabeth Emilia Marlen

It was boring but it was exciting, the city itself was dullsville as were most of the people in it. However, there were always those fascinating ones, those different ones, the colored ones. And she was one of them. Unlike the many of colored eye individuals, Elizabeth loved to go out into the public and screw with society, she was wanted for major theft as well as assault and battery, though she believed her reason was just as she only went after those who ever did wrong. People didn't see it that way though, however, none of that mattered to her. She just liked to cause trouble, she liked the confrontation, though at this point in time she did have more than herself to worry about. Elizabeth had stumbled upon what came to be her twin brother around eight years ago, they were separated at birth for some reason the both of them still didn't know. Aside from her twin brother, she also had two other sisters, one of whom they had to carefully look out for, with the eyes the color of a rainbow. And she, she was too young.

Elizabeth and her twin, Alan, were inseparable, they went everywhere together. He even goes with her to all her charades, however he has a trick of not being seen most of the time. Elizabeth made her way towards the little girl she came to know as Allison, and the little sister she hadn't had till eight years ago. Elizabeth left her family to be with this one, as she was old enough anyways. Upon doing so, she saw a face she didn't quite know the name to. She had seen them before, sometime, from a distance but that was all. That person was walking away from Allison, which was good, as she would have broken his bones had he attempted to hurt her. In her hand Elizabeth had a bow, one she made on her own, it was a hobby of hers, archery. "Hey lovie, who was that?" Elizabeth drew her bow and aimed it at the boy's back. "You didn't see anything." she said from behind him. "Remember that." Her orange eyes almost pierced through the boy's back, she didn't trust a soul.

Alan Forester

Alan spent most of his time surrounded by electronics, or following his sister in her endeavors. However the rest of the time he spent with his other siblings, as he became known as their shadow being he followed them everywhere. He was almost painfully protect of them, especially Allison, she was so young. He was so proud of her and how she handled herself, though those eyes, he feared at a young age she could lose control. She was so little, sometimes he just thought the worst. As he walked with his sister, Elizabeth, he saw Allison who had wandered into one of her usual areas. It was relatively secluded, though at the same time, nowhere was secluded enough. If he could only shove her into a bubble or one of his force fields so no one could get their hands on her. They did horrible things to those with colored eyes, he himself had purple eyes, and Elizabeth his twin had orange. They both thought it was strange as twins their eyes ended up being such different colors. As was their powers. However they complimented each other, Alan was the defensive, and she was the offensive. However, Alan got the extra ability of technomancy, the ability to control technology. Hidden in his pocket was a reconstructed electronic device, that looked like a small robot, it moved around slightly until he tapped it gently and it stopped.

Upon seeing someone walking away from Elizabeth, he elbowed her casually, though she had already taken it upon herself to yell at him and threaten him. He sighed, and walked over to Allison smiling at her. "Hey beautiful, what are you doing? Don't wander off by yourself next time, you worried me sick." He had a gently smile on his face, quite the laid back person he never acted rashly - that was always Elizabeth's territory. However, he had a temper and he could do a one eighty immediately. If he was angry, he was scary. Alan was beginning to worry about their well being, not knowing where they would be in a couple of years. People feared people like them, they were also hunted, killed, tortured, shunned. In short, they were not accepted, they simple could not be. Elizabeth was determined to fight the system, but with Allison, it just couldn't be done right now.


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Jae-Hwa hadn't gotten very far away before he heard other people. So her friends are here. He thought. But, the voice from behind him that spoke was much older than he expected. "You didn't see anything. Remember that."

He chuckled. Well, it was older than the little girl, but younger than him. Someone who clearly had no idea who he was, because otherwise why would they threaten him? Anyway, he was positive without turning around that this was some rambunctious teenager with far too much swagger. And she's now made me interested in the little kid. Which I at the very least could say I wasn't about a minute ago. All Jae-Hwa knew was that he wasn't afraid of a teenager. He'd been a teenager once. I don't recommend it.

But he didn't turn. It wasn't because he didn't want to, morseo because his brain just threw up its hands, gave up, and shut down and he felt himself falling asleep. various thoughts rushed through his head, but he ended with Wasn't I looking for my cigarettes? and fell into the beginning of a vision of the future.


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Small town. Thought J.C. as he walked aimlessly through the streets of Lakeside, eventually reaching a hilly area. It almost felt strange not having New York's alabaster giants tower over him. But between a gunfight and a small, boring town, he'd pick the small, boring town. Sure, his charges were dropped, but there were still Mafia dons more than happy to put a bullet between his eyes the same he did their associates. So he ended up here. Escaping the past. Always escaping the past. It was a tale that belonged in a movie, really. Before it happened to him, if the past few years of his life was on the silver screen he'd probably love the Producers and the Director. Now he wanted to hurt them. Bad.

Just proves you've always been defined by your violence and vices, J.C. He mentally mumbled to himself. He wished at least he could have kept his job. But maybe it was better he left Law Enforcement. There was talk of "Gifted" criminals and their "superhuman" feats. He had enough problems already, and he didn't want to deal with anybody elses. But now he was here, and that problem was back there, for the most part. He didn't expect too much trouble from this place. Hell, the people even smiled at each other as they walked by.

No, what he had to worry about is some jumpy wannabes with cheap automatics tailing him because pissed-off boss sent him after him. As long as he layed low he wouldn't get into too much trouble. Not enough to pull a gun, he hoped. Returning his mind to the present he found himself near a chapel. J.C. stopped. He looked around him. Walking without thinking, J.C.? Next time you're gonna find yourself floating face-down in some river, like that Vinci bastard.

There was a group of people not far from him, two stone throws away from him. A little girl, two teens, and some Asian, it looked like. He wasn't racist, but it was hard to tell the ages of that particular race. They all looked young. He turned to leave, the he saw the girl point a bow at the Asian. She didn't fire, but she said something, but he walked away, and promptly fell asleep, it looked like. His first instinct was to walk over there and question her, but he wasn't a cop anymore. What was that about staying out of trouble? Walk away J.C. Walk away. It's not your problem.

"Not my problem." He repeated his thoughts to himself quietly. Screw it. And before his mind could protest otherwise, he found himself heading toward the trio.


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#, as written by Haas33
Wasn't this spot supposed to be secluded? She would probably be finding herself somewhere else to go after this. Frankly she didn't mind her brother and sister being here, but at this exact moment, not really. Allie folded her arms. "He wasn't a reader you know..." She mumbled to them as Elizabeth drew her bow. However, things suddenly got much more complicated. The guy fell asleep, like, took a face-plant into the dirt. On a normal day, she would have burst out laughing, but to be honest, she was waiting for this to happen.

"Whatever you do, do not wake him up," she immediately said. Why was. This so important? Because she could read his mind as he was dreaming. And by the looks of it, he was dreaming up the future. Not seconds after he went out, two more people showed up. Allie seriously needed to reconsider where she spent most of her days. "He's asleep," she called out to the person kneeling by his side. To the other person, she looked him dead in the eye and said : "no, it is not your problem."

Wrong move. That was something he was thinking, not saying. Her brother and sisters had talked to her about replying to things people say in their heads. Without another word, she hopped on her little bike, training wheels and all, and pedaled back down to her house, where she promptly descended the rocks and sat on her little island. Her island was very secluded. It was impossible to jump to, and the rocky bottom had seaweed coating the rocks so if someone where to wade into the water, they would slip and take a plunge into the water. Allie got across by lifting a decent sized rock into the air with her mind, and then hopping from it to the island, then putting the rock back down again. Normally Allie went here when she was upset because nobody could bother her here.


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#, as written by Fallen
It wasn't her day. It really, really wasn't her day. She was surrounded by morons. Morons, the lot of them. She stared unamused at the man whom had apparently fainted, only to be sleeping. He was walking away....and then sleeping. However, Allison told her not to wake him, and that only meant one thing. He was a person of colored eyes, he was most likely seeing something that involved another point in time, or something to do with dreams in general. While she would love to have just kicked him repeatedly until he woke, or shot an arrow into his leg to wake him, she didn't. Instead, her eyes made their way to the girl next to him. Dumbass. she was writing on his arm, kneeling there. "Oh kill me now." she said, looking at yet another person who was approaching them, she, Alan, and Allison to be all the more precise. It was never good to have someone approach you directly like that, they were usually police, or readers. Neither of them - give her one sibling, were good to have around or come across. "What the hell do you want?" she barked at him, aiming the arrow directly at his chest. Elizabeth wasn't like the other people here. She was raised somewhere else and grew up differently. She in fact, never left the house without packing heat and technology.

Not that her bow looked like anything special, give that that wasn't the only thing she had. She noticed Allison walk away, trying to be on her own yet again - which she and Alan tried their best not to allow. But she was young, and she didn't understand. She always told them, you are never really alone. Elizabeth looked the man up and down, the way he walked was somewhat familiar. Though the person themselves was not. Being a wanted criminal so to speak, there were certain people that carried themselves in such a way that would just reek of the law. It occurred to her that moments ago her sister read his mind, hopefully he wouldn't take to it. She lowered her bow and glared at him, only to peel her eyes away and speek to Alan. "Go." she said, urging him to go after Allison. Alan walked away from the bunch and headed towards where his sister disappeared to another place where she tried yet again to be alone. "Whatever, I leave you idiots to your own devices." Elizabeth then turned away, though fully preparing to turn back around and hit someone should they approach her. She would love to stand here and play with the others, but they were too close to home.

"This is weird, why would everyone just wandering around here like that? People haven't been here in a long time." Alan sighed as Elizabeth approached. "Like nats huh?"