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Lacianne Fluer Roux

"Never trust anyone. That's how you survive."

0 · 244 views · located in Lakeside

a character in “Color Coded”, as played by Horseygirl


Lacianne Fluer Roux

Lacianne Fluer Roux
(Pronounced: Lacey-anne Fluer Rue)

Laci (Pronounced Lacey), Lace



Power Level

Element manipulation. She can control all of them, but specializes in fire.

Lacianne has a wild, golden blonde mane that frames her face. She has big, enamoring bright blue eyes rimmed in long dark lashes. Laci is a small, at barely five feet tall, with a lithe, lean build. She has an air of elegance, and wary bitterness. She has light ivory skin, with a dash of pink at her cheeks, and full lips.

Eye color
Startlingly bright ice blue.

Hair color/length/texture
Soft blonde waves that reach cascade nearly down to her elbows.

Light ivory.


Any other features
Laci is a small thing, but as strong as she can be, for her size. She has a British accent, having grown up there.



Lacianne isn't one who takes to being pushed around well. She's very strong-willed and hates being thought of as weak. It's hard for her to ask for help with things, not wanting for people to think of her as needy. Lace is very independent and determined to do things on her own. If you dare say she's too weak or small to do something, there's no stopping her. She'll try and try and try until she's done whatever it is, ten times better then you ever could. Even if it means getting hurt.

Laci is very free-spirited and fun, although she tends to have a hard taking orders. If someone demands something of her, often she'll do the opposite just to smite them. When she's around her loved ones, she is very teasing and lighthearted. She loves to laugh, and see others smile. When she's like this, it's often hard to believe that she could take anything seriously. But this is very untrue.
She is very protective and affectionate towards those she cares about. It may take her a while to admit it, but when she cares for someone she is very loyal and always puts the first. Being very intuitive and gentle with her loved ones, if she's close to you she's great to come to for advice or even to get warm hug.

Laci can't take a hit lying down. If someone hits her, she will hit back. Twice as hard.

Positive traits

Negative traits

-Biting her lip when she's nervous
-Flinching and jerking away when a stranger touches her

-Making music

-Thunder storms
-Getting caught
-Losing anyone who gets close to her

She is deaf in her right ear

-Kind people
-Feeling safe
-Warm weather
-Doing things on her own
-Protecting other hiding power users

-Being forced into things
-Rude people
-Nosy people
-cold weather
-Feelings alone

Just her powers

Lacianne, as you can probably guess by her name, had a French father. Her father was a level four, and her mother was a level six. She grew up in Great Britain, in a small house on the countryside. They always laid low, especially when they realized their daughter was a level seven.
When Laci was fourteen, her parents were caught. The girl hid in the closet as the police killed her parents. Her aunt found her curled up in the closet two days later, and got her out of Britain, to a little town in America. She's been living in hiding, silently moving across the country since.


So begins...

Lacianne Fluer Roux's Story


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Character Portrait: Andrew Axel Pryor Character Portrait: Lacianne Fluer Roux
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Andrew quickly flipped over a gate as the wind began to blow. The foot steps that were heard being splashed through puddles of water were quite loud really. This was your normal day in the life of the dare devil Andrew Pryor. He was in the middle of his latest chase and this wasn't his favorite one. Andrew ran up the side of a brick wall almost like a pro and tucked in his head and teleported to a rooftop rolling out of his teleportation.

"I guess the power does work well in a flip." Andrew said as he laughed. Looking over the side of the building which happened to be more than 12 stories tall, he saw the boring little community that he lived in. Lakeside, there wasn't really much to it except the fact that there were people with superhuman abilities running around. But otherwise it was a pretty well cooped up community.

Running off the side of building Andrew fell into a crucifiction pose as he fell. As his speed increased he was nearing the ground and his ear drums felt as though they were about to pop. This was it, the adrenaline rush that made having powers worth it. As he was close to the ground he instantly teleported into his "sisters" room landing on her floor with a huge thud. Looking up at his sister half naked he closed his eyes and immediately knocked his head against her bedpost, "Oh my gosh Laci! Put some damn clothes on will ya."


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Character Portrait: Andrew Axel Pryor Character Portrait: Lacianne Fluer Roux
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Lacianne Fluer Roux

Lacianne curled up under her blankets, resisting becoming fully awake. She clung to the last tatters of her dream that had been of her mother.
Her soft blankets and naturally warm skin made the bed into a warm, cozy cocoon. She cuddled deeper into this comforting warmness, before reluctantly shoving the blankets off of her body. She flinched against the rush of colder air.
With a yawn, Laci languidly stretched in a cat-like manner. Yawning again, she sat up and brushed her hair over into one shoulder. It was late in the day, but Laci had a terrible habit of sleeping in quite late.

The last of her sleepiness quickly wore off when Andrew teleported into her room, with a very, very loud thump. At first she yelped, surprised, then quickly gave the male a cold, yet loving scowl.
"Oh my gosh Laci! Put in some damn clothes will ya."

Laughing lightly, she glanced down at what she was wearing. She wore a thin, fitted white tank top over her undergarments that were very easily seen through the top. "It's not like I'm naked." Laci laughed as he quickly covered his eyes and knocked into her head post. "And anyways, it's not any different than a bikini." She pointed out, stand up and sauntering over to her dresser, playfully bumping Andy with her hip as she passed by. She was humble about her appearance, but certainly didn't have anything to be ashamed of.

Lacianne pulled on a crop-top that hung over one shoulder with the British flag on it, and fitted jeans. "I'm decent." She told him teasingly, brushing out her long hair. She leaned against her dresser and looked over at him. They had met a long while ago, both of them struggling to stay out of sight. They would kill him on sight, and she didn't even want to know what they would do to her. They were very close now- practically siblings. Both were usually very closed off, but let their gaurds down around each other.


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Character Portrait: Andrew Axel Pryor Character Portrait: Lacianne Fluer Roux
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Andrew Axel Pryor

He looked up at the slender, blonde girl as he rubbed his head. "It's not like I'm naked." Laci laughed. "Oh no your not naked but you could use a shave. Have you seen those legs?" He teased jokingly and Laci before she bumped him with her hips as she passed by to get dress.

Andrew fell in an overdramatic pose as he felt the hit. He knew she had nothing to be ashamed of and he was well aware of that as well. He saw her put on her clothes and stood up and looked at her as she leaned on the dresser staring back at him. "So what's for breakfast today?" He asked as he let out a grin and stared at her with glossy eyes.