Roxanne Terres

"Oh, come on. Lighten up will ya?"

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a character in “Color Coded”, as played by Alvetric


Name: Roxanne Terres
Nickname(s): Rox, Rocky, Roxie
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Power Level: 4
Power: Super speed

Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Dark brown with a dyed blond piece of hair on the left side, she has naturally wavy hair that is about medium length.
Complexion: Light, without freckles or any beauty marks.
Height: 5'5"
Other features: A thin white scar that runs across the palm of her hand, she received it from her mother.
Clothes: Black skinny jeans and a white spaghetti strap top underneath a navy blue cardigan. She also sports a comfy pair of black converse.


Overall Personality: Roxanne is someone who loves to have fun, whether it's playing pranks or playing games with her friends. It's never a dull moment with her, (well at least she'd like to think so). People say she should act her age, and that she is too much like a child but she just ignores them. Her motto is that if it isn't fun, it's not worth doing. Being the happy person that she is, you will hardly see her down in the dumps, even in dire times, Roxanne will always seem laid-back and happy. Only her closest friends know when she is feeling bad and/or depressed - as rarely as it may happen. However, anyone who knows her, knows not to anger her, lest they feel the wrath of Roxanne's terrible temper.

Positive Traits:
- Fun
- Has a good sense of humor
- Laid-back
- Smart
- Respectful

Negative Traits:
- May seem too naive to some
- Has a bad temper
- Restless, doesn't like to sit around doing nothing
- Gets bored easily

Habits: Tapping on desks or other surfaces when she is bored, she makes quite the racket when she's ready.
Fears: Guns.
Weaknesses: Can't control herself when she gets angry, she always needs to vent somehow, whether that's throwing things or running around to let off some steam.

- Chocolate
- Music
- Animals
- Games
- Pranks
- Jokes

- Bossy people
- Know-it-alls
- Seafood
- People who don't think for themselves

Weapons: A pocket knife. Roxanne always carries it around wherever she goes. She's never had to use it, but she can never be too careful.


Roxanne's History:
Roxanne's father died when she was ten years old and her mother became mentally unstable once he passed away. Roxanne always tried to cheer her mother up, but to no avail. One day her mom had had enough and was ready to end her life, luckily, Roxanne came down the stairs just in time to grab the knife from her mother before she could kill herself. Unfortunately, Roxanne wasn't thinking when she grabbed the knife, and she ended up cutting her own hand. The scar has remained on her palm, and serves as a reminder of her poor mother.

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Roxanne Terres's Story