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Summer Wilson

Summer is a level 3 with the power to control animals.

0 · 315 views · located in Lakeside

a character in “Color Coded”, originally authored by MissBrightside_, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Summer Wilson
Pictures: Image
Nickname(s): Sum.
Age: 22
Gender: Female.
Power Level: 3
Power: Animal control

Eye color: Baby blue
Hair color/length/texture: Long curly (Almost frizzy) glossy dirty blonde hair.
Complexion: Pale, clear skin.
Height: 5"4
Any other features: N/A
clothes: Long pale blue summer dress with daisies on.

Personality: Summer is very outgoing and bubbly, she's talkative and will make friends with anyone.
Positive traits: Friendly, talkative, bubbly.
Negative traits: Annoying, impatient.
Habits: Whenever she meets someone new she has to hug them straight away - It's not a habit but a sort of test she does to check whether they're trust worthy or not.
Hobbies: Painting and singing - When she's alone.
Fears: Death.
Weaknesses: Too trusting & friendly.
kind people
Kind people

Horror movies.

Weapons: If really needed small blade but usually the animals.

History: Summer grew up with just her older brother, she was used to being alone and this is why she turned to animals, thinking them friends.
When her brother was old enough he enrolled in the Army and sends her money yearly - Showing he's never forgotten about Her and to this day, even when he stopped sending her money and many others presume him dead. Summer knows he's out there and has never, ever stopped caring.

So begins...

Summer Wilson's Story


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Character Portrait: Summer Wilson
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Summer flicked a fleck of golden hair over her shoulder as she looked around.
As she spotted a squirrel, seemingly distressed "Excuse me, are you OK?" She must look insane talking to a Squirrel but most passers-by just ignored her.
She Squirrel looked up at her with interest.
It scrabbles over to her, placing it's paws on her shoe.
The small squirrel shakes its head and scampers back to a tall oak.

Summer shrugs slightly and walks on, looking at everyone intently.
She liked to see if she could decipher people's personalities from how they reacted.
She knew she stood out from the crowd, her light lilac dress was different to the usually grey of the business suits.
Summer knew she should be more careful I mean, a reader could tell she was different just by the way she acted, no need to read her.
That's why she was glad she was only a level 3, any higher and she'd probably be locked up right now.7

After a while of walking around aimlessly and decided to go to the park, she walked over to a old park bench and sat down, just silently taking in the view - Summer never really had any friends, only the animals and that's probably what caused her to develop a power. She loved animals dearly and thinks they're much nicer than humans.
Even though Summer was very childish she wasn't stupid, she could think more clearly than most people but she did have a tendency to drift off and was therefore called ditzy by a lot of people.


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#, as written by Haas33
Wasn't this spot supposed to be secluded? She would probably be finding herself somewhere else to go after this. Frankly she didn't mind her brother and sister being here, but at this exact moment, not really. Allie folded her arms. "He wasn't a reader you know..." She mumbled to them as Elizabeth drew her bow. However, things suddenly got much more complicated. The guy fell asleep, like, took a face-plant into the dirt. On a normal day, she would have burst out laughing, but to be honest, she was waiting for this to happen.

"Whatever you do, do not wake him up," she immediately said. Why was. This so important? Because she could read his mind as he was dreaming. And by the looks of it, he was dreaming up the future. Not seconds after he went out, two more people showed up. Allie seriously needed to reconsider where she spent most of her days. "He's asleep," she called out to the person kneeling by his side. To the other person, she looked him dead in the eye and said : "no, it is not your problem."

Wrong move. That was something he was thinking, not saying. Her brother and sisters had talked to her about replying to things people say in their heads. Without another word, she hopped on her little bike, training wheels and all, and pedaled back down to her house, where she promptly descended the rocks and sat on her little island. Her island was very secluded. It was impossible to jump to, and the rocky bottom had seaweed coating the rocks so if someone where to wade into the water, they would slip and take a plunge into the water. Allie got across by lifting a decent sized rock into the air with her mind, and then hopping from it to the island, then putting the rock back down again. Normally Allie went here when she was upset because nobody could bother her here.


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Character Portrait: Jae-Hwa Kwon Character Portrait: Allison Forester Character Portrait: J.C. Character Portrait: Summer Wilson Character Portrait: Elizabeth Emilia Marlen Character Portrait: Alan Forester
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#, as written by Fallen
It wasn't her day. It really, really wasn't her day. She was surrounded by morons. Morons, the lot of them. She stared unamused at the man whom had apparently fainted, only to be sleeping. He was walking away....and then sleeping. However, Allison told her not to wake him, and that only meant one thing. He was a person of colored eyes, he was most likely seeing something that involved another point in time, or something to do with dreams in general. While she would love to have just kicked him repeatedly until he woke, or shot an arrow into his leg to wake him, she didn't. Instead, her eyes made their way to the girl next to him. Dumbass. she was writing on his arm, kneeling there. "Oh kill me now." she said, looking at yet another person who was approaching them, she, Alan, and Allison to be all the more precise. It was never good to have someone approach you directly like that, they were usually police, or readers. Neither of them - give her one sibling, were good to have around or come across. "What the hell do you want?" she barked at him, aiming the arrow directly at his chest. Elizabeth wasn't like the other people here. She was raised somewhere else and grew up differently. She in fact, never left the house without packing heat and technology.

Not that her bow looked like anything special, give that that wasn't the only thing she had. She noticed Allison walk away, trying to be on her own yet again - which she and Alan tried their best not to allow. But she was young, and she didn't understand. She always told them, you are never really alone. Elizabeth looked the man up and down, the way he walked was somewhat familiar. Though the person themselves was not. Being a wanted criminal so to speak, there were certain people that carried themselves in such a way that would just reek of the law. It occurred to her that moments ago her sister read his mind, hopefully he wouldn't take to it. She lowered her bow and glared at him, only to peel her eyes away and speek to Alan. "Go." she said, urging him to go after Allison. Alan walked away from the bunch and headed towards where his sister disappeared to another place where she tried yet again to be alone. "Whatever, I leave you idiots to your own devices." Elizabeth then turned away, though fully preparing to turn back around and hit someone should they approach her. She would love to stand here and play with the others, but they were too close to home.

"This is weird, why would everyone just wandering around here like that? People haven't been here in a long time." Alan sighed as Elizabeth approached. "Like nats huh?"