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Eidel Raedwulf

The beautiful flower that only grows in the harsh conditions of the mountains.

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a character in “Colors of the Rainbow”, as played by ulrikaumeko





n a m e
Eidel Rædwulf
Her name, altogether, means "noble, wise wolf." Her last name has been carried down for centuries.
She goes by "Ei" with friends or family.

a g e
Twenty one

s e x

o r i e n t a t i o n



c l a s s
A shame, given the level of her skill. Sadly, no one wants to hire her because of her eyes.

j o b
None at the moment.
Eidel has been on the hunt for an occupation. Because her family has been in the mercenary/protection services for centuries, it is only natural that she seek a job in that field. Right now her best bet would be somewhere she could tinker with mechanics, since she has had some personal experience with it.

b a l a n c e
308 Bins.
She hopes on earning more in her career. . . when she gets one.

i n v e n t o r y
    ❋ Her family sword, Max. She never goes anywhere without it, and usually has it slung around her shoulders.
    ❋ A pouch containing roughly half of her total savings.
    ❋ A small first aid kit, with the basics to treat minor wounds. The only odd thing about it is that it contains nuts, bolts, and a rusty wrench. . .
    ❋ Her white cloak, usually seen draped loosely over her shoulders and held in place by a leather strap.
    ❋ Her ID card. How else is she going to get into those bars without it?
    ❋ The strange blossom emerging from her right eye. No one knows whether or not it is used as decoration.
    ❋ Her mecha arm. She lost her arm as a young preteen in some freak accident.
    f a v o r i t e s
      ❋ color: Pink. It is lovely and delicate. Soothing.
      ❋ food: Pastries. She can't get enough of them.
      ❋ music: Music with a nice, soft melody does her well. They remind her of the home she comes from.
      ❋ animal: Wolves. Naturally. They are symbols of wisdom and are seen as the perfect hunters, Eidel only aspires to be such.



l i k e s
    ✓ Money | Who doesn't like it? She's grown to learn that money is the only real thing that'll get you what you want.
    ✓ Wit | Eidel is always fond of a quick thinking mind, and an even faster tongue.
    ✓ Honor | Who are you if you have nothing to uphold? No one to please?
    ✓ Beauty | Eidel has an eye for aesthetic, and she can hardly go without looking prim and proper.
    ✓ Action | While 'action' usually is synonymous with blood. . . She doesn't mind it. As long as she emerges victorious from the battle, it's fun with her.

d i s l i k e s
    ✘ Discrimination | That includes the caste system, where she will never get beyond a cheap guard because of the shade of her eyes. Eidel despises this discrimination, where others automatically assume people like her are slow. She is anything but.
    ✘ Laziness | Where do people find the time to be lazy? More than likely, they are wealthy class people and just have too much time on their hands so they mope around. Eidel hates it and finds it to be extremely annoying.
    ✘ Complexity | While at times it could be a fun puzzle to solve, Eidel doesn't like wasting time on playing games with others. She likes things blunt and straight to the point.
    ✘ Indecisiveness | As aforementioned, she doesn't like wasting time. She prefers if someone made a final decision and stuck to it.
    ✘ Vulnerability and Uselessness | She hates it so much she fears it. What is life without a purpose?

s h o r t b i o
The story of Eidel Rædwulf begins twenty-one years ago, where she was born to a noble family with a traditional occupation of being knights or mercenaries to those in higher classes. When she was born, they had expected her to carry on that legacy, but were dismayed to see their daughter was born with rusty red eyes. Luckily, she was saved from becoming a Freak since her eyes were a pale, duller shade of red. Nevertheless, Eidel grew up an outcast, and for that she grew a hunger to be accepted. Though she hides it now that she is an adult, she wants to be the daughter her parents always dreamed she would be-- a Natural knight, just like they were. She was fortunate that her parents were benevolent enough to keep her with them, and continued to train her. Beneath it all she was still their daughter, and she would need to learn how to fend for herself. Now that she was set free and into the world, she faces the challenge of unemployment and discrimination, where many are too prejudiced to bother hiring her. She only hopes that her poised personality and training will get her far enough. Strangely, behind that soothing appearance of hers, ochre red eyes glint with violence and mischief.

b a c k g r o u n d
The Rædwulf lineage was a rather well-respected family, known for their services in the Guard and highly trained children.

m e m o r i e s
- Her training. She never forgets.

f a c e c l a i m
Zero | Drakengard 3

So begins...

Eidel Raedwulf's Story