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Qiuyue Cheng

"Would you like to join me in my game? Haha. I assure you, I /won't/ lose."

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a character in “Colors to fill the world.”, as played by reveries


‧Lady Qiuyue Cheng‧

(Will try to find a colored picture, but if not, I'll color it myself if I coud get permission from the original artist.)
Dragon marking | A mark that appears on her forehead, angel winged cross with a jewel in the middle.

Theme Song: Shounen Rock Soldier | Mage Era (No translation available as of yet.)

Role: General
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Yue

Appearance: Yue is a tall, thin and slender woman of great grace and maturity, who deceitfully appears to many as a delicate flower, a maiden who is always in need of rescue. Her hair is long and dark, usually pinned up in complicated hairstyles that accent her feminine features, with many hair pins and accessories of different color. Her eyes are a sharp steel gray framed by dark fluffy lashes, with pale, fair ivory skin. On the top of her hand, is a distinct pale lavender dragon tattoo mark that is the basis of her powers, twisting around just so past her wrist. On her forehead, appears a mark that of a cross, angel wings and a jewel in the middle.Despite appearing younger than she is, she goes through aging at a well mannered pace, but it doesn't mean to say that she wishes to age any further. Several tiny scars are on several parts of her body, but never shown to be visible.

Preferred Clothing: Yue wears many traditional clothings, from hanfa to kimonos; very orient clothing. The colors range from patterns to flat pale colors to vibrant ones, usually of silky texture. Many jewels and beads would cover in her outfits, giving an exotic and rich elegance to her appearance. Please see to picture for example.

Height: 5'7" | 170.2 cm
Weight: 120 lb. | 54 kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Steel Gray

Personality: Hidden behind a fan, whether it is to hold that oriental mystery about her, or to hide the ever growing sly smirk, is Yue. A respectable lady-like aura surrounds Yue in its re-fineness, as it is is immediately present when her presence fills a room. Seductive in her own manner, this frail delicate flower is much more thorny than what one could credit her for, a sadistic woman with an unnatural thirst for blood, she always makes sure that she's able to win any challenge you give her; the words "defeat" doesn't ever apply to her in her world or mind. Yue hates boredom, and seeks out all who try to oppose her and the strong, so she may enjoy ripping them apart and watch their downfalls. Strategic, calculating and cunning, Yue likes to refer "crushing the enemies" to the enjoyable pastime games she plays, mainly strategy board games and is merciless when she truly gets serious. She isn't hard to please, as she enjoys beautiful objects, from jewelry to flowers, but she downright hates what is considered as "ugly", as she finds it distasteful. Though a strong-willed, independant-minded woman, she takes much of her trust in her allies or close acquaintances, highly reliant on them.

[beautiful people and objects]
traditional music
bodies of water
[playing mind games with the enemy]

wilted flowers

[playing board games]
flower gardening
[nature viewing]
[ripping apart others' lives]

Weapons: Thin bladed sword that has the same marking like that of her wrist tattoo; a similar dagger.

[cacophobia- fear of ugliness]
separation anxiety(fear of abandonment)
[gerascophobia- fear of growing (too) old]

Power: Manipulation magic; unable to be defined.
: Swordsmanship : Despite being best at a strategy, Yue takes most of her pride in her swordsmanship, with both grace and speed, she is able to uphold on her own in a fight should things get past the (not so) friendly board game.

: Manipulation : The only magic that she has, Yue is being able to manipulate living things that can move, as long as they are given her symbol, the dragon mark that is upon her wrist. When her victims are cut by her sword, their skin instantly regenerates back, but in the cost of so, they become bound by her mark, and she could use them as her puppets,using hand movements to control theirs, and has yet to further strengthen her abilities to mentally command them. Any further cuts would not appear with her mark and will not regenerate wounds given by her. The capacity as to how many she can bound is up to 10, the flames shown of her tattoo will begin to fill themselves up with a solid color, and when it is all filled, she becomes much more weak. Tons of energy is required to handle it.

: Energy Absorption : Yue is able to gain energy without having to consume/eat, by using the jewel upon her head, it literally takes life force from living objects/things around her. Although only usually freely appearing when she is almost depleted of her own energy, it takes much concentration if she were to have it appear earlier. By taking life energy from what's around her, up to a radius of about 24 feet, she could have plants wilt, people die and have the ground become barren, all while it reinforces her healing process. If more concentration is added, her range could reach farther, and could have a specific target in mind, but takes twice as slow. Bigger objects take longer for her to take its energy. She could use excess energy to heal others, not that she'd really do so.

[Some say the reason for her youthful appearance is because of this ability. If its true? She doesn't tell.]

Personal History: When her existence was created by the Beast, she obediently follows all orders given, but doesn't technically stay in one place. Despite enjoying her frequent relocating from each part of the world, she always reappears to serve the Beast, whether or not it interferes with her playing around with others' lives and such. She's fought in many wars, victorious from her obsessive, merciless need to be so and strong strategic play. Her battle scars are little, as she makes sure that none are to be seen or known, and while she's not serving the Beast as it commands, she keeps her strategy thinking in practice by destroying others' lives painfully and slowly.

Other: n/A

DISCLAIMER: Before I am accused of "art theft", I do not, will not, and can not own the following images presented. They're copyrighted and are owned by their respective and original artists, not me. I did not get written consent from said original artists, and should they find this, and wish for me to take this down, I shall. They are not mine, and I will respect their wishes. If you are the original artist, please notify me immediately if you wish for it to be taken down. It is of my apologies.

So begins...

Qiuyue Cheng's Story